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Tim Harris
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Who ìs your hero?
My brother 'ohn ls my hero. Ee ls u llre fghter ln
Albuquerque und hus helµed me ull ulong. My
What are the challenges you jace workìng at the
vhen there ure u lot of µeoµle ln the restuurunt, lt ls
hurd to keeµ lt ull together! ve get reully busy. 8ut the
chullenge of belng busy ls u good µroblem to huve.
\ou do a dance bejore goìng ìnto the restaurant
everyday. What excìtes you on a daìly basìs?
8elng wlth ull of my customers. Seelng them wulk
through thut front door ls the MCS1 excltlng. Lon't
forget ubout the hugs though!
ls there somethìng you can share wìth us about
yourselj that no one else knows?
lt wus very hurd to get to where l um. 1here wus u lot
to overcome.
Do you stìll compete ìn the Specìal Olympìcs. What ìs
your javorìte part oj competìng?
Lolng my best. l ulso love the teum work. My teum ls
reully uwesome.
ls there a specìal someone ìn your lìje? Would you lìke
to get marrìed and have chìldren one day?
My Clrlfrlend vhltney. She ls u very sµeclul µerson to
me. ve huve been dutlng for u yeur now but huve
been frlends slnce Llementury school. l vlLL murry
her someduy!
Do you have a best jrìend?
Ashten ls my 8est frlend ln the whole world. She wus
my lnsµlrutlon und suµµort through hlgh school und
hus been my best frlend slnce.
What do you lìke to do when you're not workìng?
Lxerclse! l workout everyduy. l ulso love sµendlng tlme
wlth my glrlfrlend.
What advìce would you gìve to chìldren wìth Down
Syndrome about reachìng theìr goals and dreams?
Stuy ln school. lt ls very lmµortunt. Also never ever
glve uµ. 1ry 1ry 1ry. lf you cun dreum lt, You cun do lt!
Where can our readers connect wìth you onlìne?
My fucebook µuge ls www.fucebook.comjtlm.monkey.
You cun ulso Reuch me on my webslte ut
www.tlmsµluceubq.com. Send me u vlsh!!
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