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Ceenu Luvls ls known for her qulrky churucters
ln flms llke "8eetlejulce," "1helmu und Loulse,"
und "1he Accldentul 1ourlst." She won un Cscur
for her µortruyul of Murlel Prltchett, but lt's her
role us u mother thut lnsµlred her lutest und
most lmµortunt work. vhlle wutchlng
chlldren's shows wlth her duughter, she sturted
to notlce thut there were fur fewer femule
churucters thun mule churucters ln klds
Muny of chlldren's entertulnment ls flled wlth
negutlve gender bluses und stereotyµed
behuvlors. Chlldren leurn to ucceµt the
stereotyµes reµresented. vhut they see uñects
thelr uttltudes towurd mule und femule vulues
ln our soclety. Slnce chlldren tend to wutch the
sume shows und movles reµeutedly, lt results ln
those negutlve gender stereotyµes thut ure
belng lmµrlnted over und over.
1he Ceenu Luvls lnstltute on Cender ln Medlu
ls the only orgunlzutlon worklng ln the lndustry
to show the need for gender bulunce. 1he
objectlve ls to sturt µroduclng u vurlety of
femule churucters, turgetlng chlldren ¡¡ und
under to move uwuy from gender stereotyµlng.
"Cur lnstltute ls worklng to chunge these
hurmful µerceµtlons by uslng educutlon,
trulnlng, struteglc guldunce und udvocucy
µrogrums from wlthln the entertulnment
lndustry, to ulter how glrls und women
ure refected ln medlu. ln uddltlon we use
educutlonul µrogrums und reseurch to
teuch µurents, chlldren und educutors
how to uctlvely und crltlcully vlew whut
they're wutchlng,' Luvls stutes.
Geena Davis
Fights for Girls and
Gender Equality

Life According
to Sam
At the uge of two, Sum 8erns
wus dlugnosed wlth Progerlu,
the µrogresslve uglng
dlsorder so rure thut fewer
thun z¸c chlldren ln the world
huve lt. Els µurents, Lrs.
Leslle Cordon und Scott
8erns, were told thut there
wus no treutment or cure,
und they should slmµly enjoy
whut llmlted tlme they hud
wlth thelr son. 1he uveruge
llfe exµectuncy for u chlld
wlth Progerlu wus thlrteen.
Leslle und Scott were not
wllllng to glve uµ so euslly
und set out on u journey to
suve Sum und ull the other
chlldren wlth the dlseuse.
reveuls the remurkuble world
of Sum 8erns set ugulnst the
buckdroµ of hls µurents'
relentless µursult of u
treutment und cure for
Progerlu, lncludlng luunchlng
the frstever cllnlcul drug
trlul, whlle ulso muklng the
most of thelr tlme together us
u fumlly. Llrected by Cscurª
nomlnuted flmmukers Seun
llne und Andreu Nlx llne.
k fkKllY'S fl6h1 10 Sk¥£ 1h£l8 S0d

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