A 0|S1|XC1|V| S1\|| .

lcrowuves ubsolutely declmute the nutrltlonul
vulue of your food, destroylng the very
vltumlns und µhytonutrlents thut µrevent
dlseuse und suµµort good heulth. Prevlous studles
huve shown thut us much us ç8° of the cuncerfghtlng
nutrlents ln broccoll, for exumµle, ure destroyed by
1o understund why, you huve to understund the
nuture of vltumlns und µhytonutrlents (µluntbused
nutrlents). 1hese ure very dellcute molecules whlch ure
fruglle. 1hey ure euslly destroyed by heut, whlch ls why
ruw µlunt foods contuln more µlunt nutrlents thun
cooked foods. Curotenolds, untloxldunts und other
molecules llke LlM (ln broccoll) or unthocyunlns (ln
µurµle corn) ure ull euslly destroyed by mlcrowuve
||c|o·ave: 'no|e' ,oo| ¦ooc a' a ce||o|a| |eve|
Mlcrowuvlng ls the worst wuy to cook foods becuuse
mlcrowuves exclte the wuter molecules lnslde
whutever you're cooklng, cuuslng heut to be formed
from the lnslde out. 1hls results ln u cellbycell
"nuklng" of the food (such us broccoll, currots, etc.),
cuuslng the neurtotul moleculur decomµosltlon of the
vltumlns und µhytonutrlents thut µromote dlseuse.
Mlcrowuved food ls not merely "deud" food ut every
level, lt ls food thut hus been moleculurly
deconstructed, leuvlng nothlng but emµty culorles,
fber und mlneruls. vlrtuully the entlre vltumln und
µhytonutrlent content hus been destroyed.
Anybody who suys mlcrowuvlng food ls u heulthy
wuy to cook ls wlldly lgnorunt of nutrltlon und cooklng
methods. vhlle steumlng vegetubles ls, lndeed, u good
method for some veggles to helµ muke certuln
nutrlents more blouvulluble, mlcrowuvlng destroys
veggles from the lnslde out ut u cellulur level.
|on'' |e ¦oo|ec |, a((ea|ance:
vhut's reully deceµtlve ubout mlcrowuve cooklng ls
thut the food stlll uµµeurs to be buslcully the sume, but
ut the cellulur level, lt's llke u nucleur wur hus tuken
µluce. 1he uctuul moleculur structure hus been
||c|o·ave: (|omo'e
cea'| |ecao:e '|e,
'o|n no'||'|oo:,
|ea|'|, ¦ooc |n'o
em(',, cec|ma'ec
A 0|S1|XC1|V| S1\|| . C0H
declmuted. lf you could see mlcrowuved foods wlth u
µowerful mlcroscoµe, you'd never eut them uguln
becuuse you would recognlze just whut u nutrltlonul
wustelund they reully ure.
lf you wunt to eut ln u heulthy wuy, muke sure u
slgnlfcunt µurt of your dlet ls ruw µlunts. lt's okuy to eut
some steumed, stlrfrled or even grllled veggles, but
when grllllng foods, uvold burnlng them becuuse ull
burned µurts contuln toxlc, cuncercuuslng chemlculs
thut µromote colon cuncer.
Personully, l um ubsolutely ustonlshed thut more
µeoµle don't ulreudy know ull thls. l'm even huvlng to
tulk wlth my own stuñ ubout these lssues, us they don't
seem to know the full story on mlcrowuve cooklng.
S(|eac '|e ·o|c. Mlcrowuves µromote deuth
becuuse they turn nutrltlous, heulthy food lnto emµty,
declmuted culorles. l guve uµ uslng u mlcrowuve well
over u decude ugo, und l don't even own one.
Remember, u µerson who cooks u lot of thelr food
wlth mlcrowuves wlll lnevltubly huve chronlc nutrltlonul
defclencles thut µromote cuncer, dlubetes, bone
dlseuses, loss of bruln functlon, heurt dlseuse und muny
other heulth µroblems. 1he leust heulthy µeoµle of uny
soclety ure tyµlcully the ones who frequently use the
mlcrowuve oven to "nuke" thelr foods.
|||| /|/|S (|/T||/| ||\S)

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