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Under the sµlrltuul lnfuence of the
"Slnglng Rlver" us Nutlve Amerlcuns
culled lt, the muslc of Muscle Shouls
ls some of the most lmµortunt und
resonunt of ull tlme. "l'll 1uke You
1here," "8rown Sugur," "vhen u
Mun Loves u vomun," "l Never
Loved A Mun the vuy 1hut l Loved
You," "Mustung Sully," "1ell Mumu,"
"loduchrome," und "lreeblrd" ure
just u few of the tens of thousunds
of trucks creuted there.
At lts heurt ls Rlck Eull who
founded lAML Studlos.
Cvercomlng crushlng µoverty und
stuggerlng trugedles, he brought
bluck und whlte muslcluns together
to creute muslc thut would lust for
generutlons whlle ulso glvlng blrth
to the unlque 'Muscle Shouls sound'
und the rhythm sectlon '1he
ln thls movle legendury urtlsts
lncludlng Arethu lrunklln, Creg
Allmun, 8ono, Clurence Curter,
'lmmy Cllñ, Mlck 'ugger, Lttu
'umes, Allclu leys, vllson Plckett,
lelth Rlchurds, Percy Sledge, Steve
vlnwood und others beur wltness
to the mugnetlsm und mystery of
Muscle Shouls und why lt remulns u
globul lnfuence toduy.
|oca'ec on '|e |an|:
o¦ '|e Tenne::ee
||ve|, |o:c|e S|oa|:,
/|a|ama |: '|e
on|||e|, ||eec|n¸
¸|oonc ¦o| :ome o¦
'|e mo:' c|ea'|ve anc
ce¦|an' mo:|c |n
/me||can ||:'o|,
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