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Austrullunborn µhotogruµher 'umes Eouston hus
µurtnered wlth Clobul Creen USA und Mllk Studlos
to creute Natural 8eauty, u book of celebrlty
µhotogruµhs thut wlll be dlsµluyed ut the Mllk
Cullery ln New York Clty through Muy ¸.
1he book conslsts of ¡zc µortrults of eco
consclous celebrltles und models, lncludlng Lmmu
vutson, Adrlen Crenler, Llle Mucµherson, 8rook
Shlelds und Chrlsty 1urllngton.
Eouston lncorµoruted nuturul elements lnto muny
of the lmuges, thut were lnsµlred by the beuuty of
1he Natural 8eauty Project ls u globul cumµulgn
creuted to rulse uwureness for the envlronment und
sustulnuble llvlng. Proceeds from the book sules und
suµµortlng lnltlutlves go to beneft Clobul Creen
New York bused Eouston hus shot udvertlslng
cumµulgns for L'Creul Purls, Lonnu lurun, Eugo
8oss und CAP, dlrected commercluls for Cllnlque
und EUCC 8CSS, und worked wlth celebrltles such
us Eugh 'uckmun, 'esslcu Albu, llrsten Lunst und
Cute 8lunchett.
Clobul Creen µromotes lnltlutlves for sustulnuble
energy und solur µower, recycllng µrogrums, und
rebulldlng eñorts ufter uccldents or nuturul
a ¸|o|a| cam(a|¸n
c|ea'ec 'o |a|:e
a·a|ene:: ¦o| '|e
env||onmen' anc
:o:'a|na||e ||v|n¸
eco ¦av:

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