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hen usked why Cne Vìnd
jor ßesearcn wus dlñerent
from other orgunlzutlons,
Putrlck lennedy resµonded: "Cne
Vìnd hus one overrldlng goul: to
brlng mujor lmµrovements ln
dlugnostlcs und treutments for
bruln dlseuse wlthln ten yeurs. 1he
only wuy to do lt ls to chunge the
wuy we conduct reseurch. 1here ure
muny greut orgunlzutlons und
lnstltutlons dolng thelr best for the
muny lndlvlduul dlseuses of the
bruln. 8ut they ure seµurute, und we
ulm to brlng them together. l co
founded Cne Vìnd wlth Curen
Stuglln lnsµlred by my uncle 'ohn l.
lennedy's chullenge to µut u mun
on the moon wlthln u decude. ve
hud the technology, und we cume
together us u nutlon und dld lt. ve
cun do the sume for bruln dlseuse
und mentul lllness. Cne Vìnd ls
dlñerent becuuse we ure ubout the
whole bruln, not just one dlseuse,
und we see u need for u unlfylng
orgunlzutlon to brlng everyone
together. lt ls tlme for us to
understund the bruln, the fnul,
unexµlored frontler of the humun
body. l tell sclentlsts thut they ure
our ustronuuts ln thls new ruce to
lnner sµuce. lt's u blg mlsslon, to be
sure, und lt wlll tuke the nutlon to
get behlnd lt.'
"ve huve lots of work to do,'
lennedy stuted, "und there ure
muny thlngs we cun ull do to helµ.
As u soclety, we need to tulk ubout
bruln lnjurles und P1S oµenly, just us
we would other lnjurles. lf you
know someone or see someone
who needs helµ, do whutever you
cun to helµ them get the helµ they
need. Cur government hus u blg
role to µluy, too. ve need to µut
the necessury resources lnto the
reseurch thut wlll leud to fuster und
better dlugnostlcs und treutments.
vhen l wus ln congress, l worked
hurd to µuss leglslutlon thut would
µrovlde uccess to mentul heulth
treutment for mllllons of Amerlcuns
us u sµonsor of the Mentul Eeulth
Purlty & Addlctlon Lqulty Act of
zcc8. llve yeurs luter, muny key
elements of thut blll stlll huve not
been lmµlemented, und we need to
huve the µolltlcul wlll to do thut.
Cne Vìnd ls worklng hurd to muke
µrogress there, too.'
"ONF MINÐ wux lnxplreJ by
my uncle john F. KenneJy´x
chullenge to put u mun on
the moon wlthln u JecuJe.
We huJ the technology, unJ
we cume together ux u
nutlon unJ JlJ lt."

CC·lCunuL8, CnL Mlnu lC8 8LSLA8CP

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