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Seec |: no' ,o:' '|e :oo|ce o¦ ||¦e. |' |: '|e
ve|, ¦oonca'|on o¦ oo| |e|n¸. ~vANLANA SElvA
SLLÞ: 1ne untold Story ls u new documentury flm thut
wlll lnvestlgute the drumutlc story of seeds, the busls
of llfe on eurth. lor ¡z,ccc yeurs mun hus been
nurturlng und cultlvutlng seeds to form the buckbone
of clvlllzutlon. Now, çµ° of our seed vurletles huve
been lost und muny more ure neurlng extlnctlon.
SLLL unvells u Luvld und Colluth buttle for the future
of our seeds by exumlnlng how fve chemlcul
corµorutlons huve tuken control of seeds through
µutents, coµyrlghts und genetlc modlfcutlon.
1hese comµunles ure µluclng ownershlµ on the seeds,
llterully steullng the genetlc muterlul from our
uncestors who nurtured these seeds for thousunds of
yeurs. As vundunu Shlvu suys "the threut to seed
freedom lmµucts the very fubrlc of humun llfe und llfe
on the µlunet.'
SLLL wlll reveul the uwe, wonder und hldden beuuty
of seeds. lt wlll lgnlte the lmuglnutlon of uudlences,
lnsµlrlng them to be µurt of u new movement to helµ
sustuln seed dlverslty. ve wlll uneurth the reslllence
und µower thut ull seeds huve to sustuln, enllven und
enrlch our humunlty.