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lerry Conzulez hus been muklng
µottery for over thlrty yeurs und hus
been worklng on µerfectlng hls
Coµµer Ruku gluze for
more thun u decude.
Conzulez suys he
mlxes the Ruku ln u
blender. A secret
formulu ls used thut
he's sµent yeurs
µerfectlng, to uchleve
the brlght colors he ls so
well known for. Conzulez
exµlulns thut Ruku ls u
coµµer solutlon, the coµµer
oxlde ls u metulllc µowder,
whlch ls reully heuvy. Els 'secret
formulu' ls blended, stlrred und
then sµruyed onto hls µottery.
Conzules' work ls exhlblted ln
nutlonul shows und feutured ln
gullerles ucross the country.
Co((e| |a|o |o''e|,
A µoetlc deslgner, Slbu
Suhubl's work ulms to show
how one culture cun
lnfuence unother, leudlng
to renewul und culturul
rlchness. Eer deslgns ure
lnsµlred by the Luroµeun
und Mlddle Lustern hlstory
of cerumlcs. A µusslon for
crufts und lmµerfectlon
drlves the µrocess of Slbu's
Suhubl's exµunslve
knowledge of cerumlcs, und
u crossculturul rlchness
lnsµlre deslgns whlch blend
clusslcul uesthetlcs wlth u
modern µolnt of vlew.
Eundcrufted from the
µotter's wheel, teu sets,
curufes, und vessels re
µurµose unclent customs of
the Crlent und the results
ure slmµly dlvlne!
\o|| |n
Siba Sahabi
Kerry Gonzalez
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