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t mlght seem lmµrobuble thut the
sun hus the ublllty to uñect
unythlng other thun µhyslcul
µroµertles. 8ut uccordlng to
sclentlst und uuthor Lleter 8roers,
lt cun do much more thun thut.
A weulth of sclentlfc reseurch
suggests un ustoundlng correlutlon
between lncreuses ln solur uctlvlty
und udvunces ln our creutlve,
mentul, und sµlrltuul ubllltles. 8ut
don't worry: thls dlsturbunce of the
eurth's geomugnetlc feld lsn't the
comlng of the uµoculyµse÷ruther,
uccordlng to Lr. 8roers und
lllmmuker lrunk 'ucobs, lt's the
duwn of u new eru.
1helr flm, Solar ßevolutìon,
doesn't reully deul wlth the
stereotyµlcul ldeu of "solur µower,'
l.e. solur cells. "ve ure tulklng ubout
the sun und the solur und µlunetury
uctlvlty thut we ure und wlll be
exµerlenclng ln the future und
hlghllghtlng the revolutlonury
nuture of these unlversul chunges,'
'ucobs exµlulns, "ln our flm, we've
curefully documented whut klnd of
eñects und chunges thls solur
uctlvlty mlght huve, not just ln
regurds to the µower grlds und the
electromugnetlc felds, but ulso our
consclousness us u sµecles.'
ve recognlze the sun's µower.
8ut lt's not slmµly u bull of fume
burnlng conslstently u hundred mll
llon mlles uwuy. "1he sun routlnely
goes through uctlvlty cycles, whlch
generully uµµeur us whut muny cull
'sun sµot' uctlvlty, whlch ls ussocl
uted wlth solur fures. 1hese fures
ure essentlully glunt µlusmu clouds
thut sµlt electromugnetlc und geo
mugnetlc rudlutlon out ut hundreds
of thousunds of mlles µer second.
1hls rudlutlon generully goes uwuy,
or cun be dlverted uwuy from the
eurth vlu our wonderful mugnetlc
feld,' 'ucobs detulls.
"8ut lt ls not just u cuse of
mugnetlc energy. l've often heurd
µeoµle use the exumµle of, 'Eey, lf
you stlck u mugnet to your heud, do
you exµerlence uny chunge ln
consclence?' 1here ls u common
mlslnterµretutlon of thls ldeu, thut
ls, 'vhut exuctly does lt meun to be
hlt by mugnetlc energy?'
1hlnk of the eurth surrounded by
u grld of mugnetlc llnes formlng u
sort of drum skln ulmost,' he
contlnues, "Pulses from the sun
slum lnto these llnes or strlngs, und
they begln to vlbrute. vlth normul
solur uctlvlty, these vlbrutlons don't
huve uny µurtlculurly µrofound
eñect. 8ut when you huve reully
µowerful solur uctlvlty, the µulses
thut come ut us cun reully shuke uµ
thls mugnetlc feld, und cun cuuse
some µretty drumutlc chunges to us
und our µlunet.'
8ut thls feld doesn't slmµly
vlbrute÷lt resonutes. "1hese
mugnetlc strlngs surroundlng our
eurth huve u sµeclfc "sweet sµot,'
you could cull lt, whlch trlggers
resonunce ut uround 8 to ¡z hertz.
Colncldentully, thls ls the sume
wlndow thut our mlnds or
consclousness reuch µeuk
resonunce,' 'ucobs exµlulns,
"Physlcs wlll tell you thut when two
objects ure resonutlng ut the sume
frequency, there ls un exchunge of
lnformutlon, whlch ls so fusclnutlng
to thlnk ubout.
Ee fnlshes wlth u mlndshutterlng
revelutlon: "lorget the knowledge
of munklnd ÷ we huve uccess to
the lnformutlon of the entlre
T|e So|a| |evo|o'|on
||||((o \o|'a¸¸|o
8adlo 1alk Show PosL
ºLlfe Changes WlLh llllppo"
1h£ 0kdd 0f k d£d £8k
^forget the knowledge oj mankìnd -
we have access to the ìnjormatìon oj
the entìre unìverse."
· |·ao' ¦acobs
3Y ||||||C VC|T/CC|C