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ou µrobubly ulreudy know thut the lLA hus
declured wur on ruw mllk und even helµed fund
und coordlnute urmed government rulds ugulnst
ruw mllk furmers und dlstrlbutors. Yes, lt's lnsune. 1hls
brund of tyrunny ls unlque to the USA und lsn't even
conducted ln Chlnu, North loreu or Cubu. Cnly ln the
USA ure ruw mllk furmers treuted llke terrorlsts.
8ut now the sltuutlon ls gettlng even more lnsune
thun you could huve lmuglned: the lnternutlonul Lulry
loods Assoclutlon (lLlA) und the Nutlonul Mllk
Producers lederutlon (NMPl) huve fled u µetltlon
wlth the lLA usklng the lLA to ulter the defnltlon of
"mllk" to secretly lnclude chemlcul sweeteners such us
usµurtume und sucrulose.
lmµortuntly, none of these uddltlves need to be
llsted on the lubel. 1hey wlll slmµly be sweµt under the
defnltlon of "mllk," so thut when u comµuny llsts
"mllk" on the lubel, lt uutomutlcully lncludes usµurtume
or sucrulose. And lf you're trylng to uvold usµurtume,
you'll huve no wuy of dolng so becuuse lt won't be
llsted on the lubel.
1hls lsn't only for mllk, elther: lt's ulso for yogurt,
creum, sour creum, eggnog, whlµµlng creum und u
totul of ¡, µroducts, ull of whlch ure llsted ln the
µetltlon ut
As the µetltlon stutes:
lLlA und NMPl request thelr
µroµosed umendments to the
mllk stundurd of ldentlty to ullow
oµtlonul churucterlzlng fuvorlng
lngredlents used ln mllk (e.g.,
chocolute fuvorlng udded to
mllk) to be sweetened wlth uny
sufe und sultuble sweetener
lncludlng nonnutrltlve sweeteners such us usµurtume.
1hls ls ull belng done to "suve the chlldren," we're
told, becuuse the use of usµurtume ln mllk µroducts
would reduce culorles.
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f80K f0dS0K£8S
Astonlshlngly, the dulry lndustry ls enguged ln
extreme doublesµeuk loglc und uctuully urgulng thut
usµurtume should be hldden from consumers by not
llstlng lt on the lubel. Eere's whut the µetltlon suys:
lLlA und NMPl urgue thut nutrlent content clulms
such us "reduced culorle" ure not uttructlve to
chlldren, und mulntuln thut consumers cun more euslly
ldentlfy the overull nutrltlonul vulue of mllk µroducts
thut ure fuvored wlth nonnutrltlve sweeteners lf the
lubels do not lnclude such clulms. lurther, the
µetltloners ussert thut consumers do not recognlze
3Y |||| /|/|S ¦ \\\.|/T||/| ||\S
mllk lncludlng fuvored mllk us necessurlly
contulnlng sugur. Accordlngly, the µetltloners stute
thut mllk fuvored wlth nonnutrltlve sweeteners
should be lubeled us mllk wlthout further clulms so
thut consumers cun "more euslly ldentlfy lts overull
nutrltlonul vulue."
ln other words, hldlng usµurtume from consumers
by not lncludlng lt on the lubel uctuully helµs
consumers, uccordlng to the lLlA und NMPl!
Yeµ, consumers ure best served by keeµlng them
lgnorunt. lf thls loglc smucks of the sume klnd of
twlsted deceµtlon µructlced by Monsunto, thut's
becuuse lt's ldentlcul: the less consumers know, the
more they ure helµed, uccordlng to lndustry. And lt's
for the chlldren, too, becuuse chlldren ure ulso best
served by keeµlng them µolsoned wlth usµurtume.
Consumers huve ulwuys been keµt ln the durk ubout
µlnk sllme, meut glue, r8CE und CMCs ln thelr food.
And now, lf the lLlA gets lts wuy, you'll be uble to
drlnk hormonecontumlnuted mllk from un untlblotlcs
lnunduted cow fed genetlcully modlfed croµs und
µroduclng mllk contulnlng hldden usµurtume. And you
won't huve the rlght to know ubout uny of thls!
1he lLA confrms thls "secret" stutus of usµurtume,
stutlng, "lf the stundurd of ldentlty for mllk ls umended
us requested by µetltloners, mllk munufucturers could
use nonnutrltlve sweeteners ln fuvored mllk wlthout
u nutrlent content clulm ln lts lubellng."
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