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merlcuns ure µreoccuµled wlth youth und
beuuty. Some cun uñord cosmetlc surgery und
ure huµµy wlth the results. Cthers luck the
money for whut they conslder luxurles. Some vlew
wrlnkles us churucter llnes und ure µroud of the yeurs lt
hus tuken to develoµ them. Cthers wlsh for somethlng
better und do not wunt the wrlnkles regurdless of cost
und rlsk lnvolved ln µreventlng or removlng them.
1here ure llfestyle cholces everyone cun muke to
µrevent or reduce wrlnkles und do not cost u lot of
money. Some of these ure µresented below. At uge 8c
l um free of wrlnkles so l know these ln comblnutlon
wlth good genes work.
ll f£S1Yl£ fh0l f£S l dfl0£dfl d6 d8l dkl£S
Souµ hus u drylng eñect und cun be dumuglng to skln
und cuuse wrlnkles. 1hus, some comµunles huve
develoµed ulternutlves to uslng souµ.
Another wuy to remuln wrlnkle free ls to uvold dlrect
sunshlne. Sunllght drles the skln und cuuses eventuul
wrlnkles. 1unnlng beds huve the sume eñect. lt ls best
to uvold sunllght between ¡c u.m. und µ µ.m. dully. lf
uvoldunce ls not µosslble, or you choose not to uvold
the ruys, then, µleuse, use u sunscreen. A sunscreen
should be ut leust u number ¸c to be eñectlve for long
µerlods ln the sun und should be broud sµectrum
meunlng lt ls eñectlve ugulnst both ultruvlolet A und 8.
Another useful uctlvlty to µrevent wrlnkles ls
exerclse. Lxerclse lncreuses oxygen to the cells und
brlngs more blood to the skln. 1he lncreused nutrlents
und oxygen to the skln muy helµ the skln µroduce
collugen thut sturves oñ wrlnkles. 1he oxygenuted
blood ulso currles uwuy wuste µroducts from the skln
lncludlng free rudlculs. Lxerclse ulso reduces stress
und, thus, reduces whut l cull worry wrlnkles whlch ure
most llkely reluted to µoorer llfestyle cholces when we
ure stressed.
Another llfestyle cholce thut contrlbutes to wrlnkles
ls smoklng. Not only ls lt un exµenslve hublt but one of
the most µreventuble blocks to good heulth und
uµµeurunce. Smoklng reduces the oxygen belng
currled to the cells und ulso cuuses wrlnkles uround the
mouth by the reµetltlous motlon of the mouth when lt
mukes the sucklng motlon durlng lnhullng the clgurette
or clgur.
An uµµroµrlute dlet ls ulso lmµortunt to mulntuln
udequute ellmlnutlon und µroµer nutrlents to the cells
und thereby µrevents wrlnkles. Reseurch shows thut
certuln nutrlents wlll helµ µrevent or reduce wrlnkles.
Accordlng to Llluz 2led, R.L., u reglstered dletltlun ln
New York Clty und uuthor of Nutrìtìon at \our
|ìngertìµs, "vhlle certuln nutrlents won't entlrely
eruse wrlnkles, they muy helµ keeµ your fuce more
youthfullooklng und ure less uµt to develoµ dryness
und µremuture wrlnkles. Some of the nutrlents needed
¡) Antloxldunts such us frult und vegetubles thut muy
helµ to correct long term free rudlcul dumuge
cuused by the sun, µollutunts, und stress. Reseurch
concluded thut hlgh lntukes of vegetubles, ollve oll,
und legumes mlght be µrotectlve ugulnst skln
z) Luteln, u µhytochemlcul thut ls llnked to eye heulth
/ |o||:'|c /((|oac| 'o
||even'|n¸ anc T|ea'|n¸
\||n||e: ·|'|oo' So|¸e|,
hus ulso been shown to µrotect the skln from fne llnes
und crow's feet. Cood sources of luetln ure romulne
lettuce, broccoll, zucchlnl, gurden µeus, und 8russels
¸) vltumln C helµs bulld collugen thut muy reduce skln
sugglng und wrlnkle. 1he toµ ¡c sources of vltumln
C ln order from hlghest to lowest ure guuvu, red
bell µeµµers, klwl, orunges, green sweet µeµµers,
gruµefrult julce, vegetuble julce cocktull,
struwberrles, 8russels sµrouts, und cuntulouµe.
µ) Cmegu ¸the skln oll µroductlon decreuses wlth
uglng resultlng ln dryness und fne llnes ln the skln.
Cmegu ¸ olls muy helµ reµlenlsh und reduce the
wrlnkles. Cood sources of omegu ¸ ure: fux seeds,
wulnuts, soy beuns, nuvy beuns, kldney beuns, fsh,
wlnter squush, und ollve oll. lt should be noted
thut soy µroducts ure often genetlcully modlfed so
lt ls best to look for those thut ure non genetlcully
¸) vuter. A luck of wuter leuds to dryness und fne
llnes on the fuce so stuy well hydruted. vuter
currles nutrlents to the skln. Most µeoµle
recommend 8 glusses of wuter dully.
kd1l-d8ldkl£ fk8£ ÷k K0l1lfkf108 h0llS1lf kff80kfh
Some wuys huve been ldentlfed ln whlch our
llfestyle lnfuences the develoµment of wrlnkles.
Eowever, ull usµects of heulth lncludlng wrlnkles ure u
result of hollstlc µrocesses. 8y hollstlc l refer to
mentul, µhyslcul und sµlrltuul uctlvltles ln our dully llfe.
1hus, lt tukes more thun uµµlylng creums on the skln
und uvoldlng the sun to µrevent wrlnkles. lt ls u
comblnutlon of the ubove und other dully uctlvltles
thut cuuse wrlnkles und ulso requlres u hollstlc
uµµrouch µrevent or reduce them.
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