ABNORMAL CONTACTS Contacts anormaux Defects (Civil Engineering Structure) In suspension or guy bridges, parasitic contacts between the

mechanically independent parts that are due to a bad design or bad adjustment of the suspension. These contacts can occur between cables or distinct layers or with a part of the structure, such as: abutment, deck, parapet, etc. ABNORMAL PERMANENT SAG Flèche permanente anormale Defects (Construction) The abnormal sag of a portion or a complete span in the absence or presence of any accidental overload on the entire work. The abnormal sag can be stable or evolutionary and can result from: a geometrical error during construction; an increase of the permanent load, or a diminishing of the bearing capacity of the structure; an accidental loading on a portion of the structure. ABNORMAL TINTING Coloration anormale Defects (Building Materials) Syn. with ABNORMAL COLORING ABNORMAL TWIST (or WARP) OF A SUSPENSION BRIDGE DECK Dévers anormal d’un tablier de pont suspendu Defects (Civil Engineering Structure) The abnormal slope of the cross section of the deck that can be due to the: differential deformation between two layers of cables; slipping of the cable suspension.

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