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Civil Dict D

Civil Dict D

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Published by: Gie Siege on May 11, 2013
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ACETONE Acétone Materials A volatile and flammable colorless liquid, with an ethereal odor and is often used as a solvent

. ACID Acide Materials A hydrogenated compound capable of releasing hydrogen ions (H+). When combined with a base it produces salt and water. Two types of acids are important: chlorendic acid (l acide chlorendique), used, together with the corresponding anhydride for making fire-resistant polyester and epoxy resins manufacture and fungicides; phosphoric acid (l acide phosphorique), which is an oxygenated compound of pentavalent phosphorus, which is used in reactive primary paints. ACID CEMENT Ciment acide Hydraulic Binders A product whose hydraulicity index is unity 1, such as aluminous cement, which see. ACID CLEANING Dérochage Metallurgy Scouring metal parts by immersion in an acid bath. Syn. with STRIPPING ACID ROCK Roche acide Geology An endogenous material containing more than 65% silica (for example, granite) and with a pH lower than 7. ACID SOIL Sol acide Geology A soil whose pH is lower than 6.5. ACID-RESISTANT PAINT Peinture antiacide Painting Syn. with ANTIACID PAINT

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