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Overview Of L’Oreal

Group - worlds largest cosmetics and beauty company Founded in 1909 by Eugene Schueller Controlled by founder’s daughter Lilliane Bettencourt and the Swiss food company Nestle L’Oreal belongs to Cosmetic Industry

Overview Of L’Oreal C.t.d..

has explored the fields of color cosmetics, hair care, hair color, skin care, sun protection, and perfumes. L’Oreal is also active in dermatological and pharmaceutical field, which makes L’Oreal the top nanotechnology patent-holder in United States L’Oreal has global market share of 17%

Brand Under L’Oreal

are generally categorized by their targeted markets Cosmetics are divided in different segments as:
Consumer Division Professional Division Luxury Division Active Cosmetics

L’Oreal India

entered Indian market in 1990, in partnership with MU group with the Ultra Doux range of hair care products  In 1994, L’Oreal set up its wholly-owned subsidiary for marketing its consumer products in India L’Oreal has set up its own manufacturing plant in Pune, Maharashtra

L’Oreal Paris Lip Color

Product Personality
L’Oreal Paris is a women who is: Well educated Confident Women of substance An achiever Clear about her goals in life Gives high regard to herself and wants the best for herself

Product Analysis

Name: L’Oreal Paris Utility: Lip Care Price: Lip Color: Rs560- Rs700 Lip Stic: Rs 700 Liquid Lip Color: Rs800 Weight:

Product Analysis C.t.d….


Lip Color: Round, Lip Stic: Round

stick Quality: Good Styling: Lip Color: Round exterior cover Lip Stic: Pen shaped Cover

Market Presence
Market share: Total Lip Color market in India is 400 crore L’Oreal Lip color market is 75 – 100 crore L’Oreal Paris Lip Color has approximately 20%-22% market share in India World market share of L’Oreal Paris lip Color is 5.3%

Market Presence
Product Life Cycle: L’Oreal Paris is at the second phase of the growth stage:


has increased at 40% growth rate Spends heavily on advertising

Market Presence C.t.d…

as compared before is more widely available It has been constantly launching new ranges in Lip color Many new international players have entered in market in past few years

Market Analysis
Market Segmentation:
Demographics: Sex: Women Age: 27 and above

Market Analysis C.t.d…

Class Personality: educated


Upper Middle Confident, well woman of Standard of Likes to

substance. Life Style: Living is high socialize

Market Analysis C.t.d…

L’Oreal Paris Lip color varies from Rs 550- Rs 800 Positioning: Has positioned itself as high end brand in consumer division and also as affordable luxury Distribution: Distributed through prestige stores and broad distribution channel

Market Analysis C.t.d…

It promoted through various magazines, television advertisement. Entered in direct marketing strategy by contacting consumers via email Also initiated online Beauty Club as a loyalty program to conduct polls and get their

Competitors Analysis
L’Oreal Paris faces major competition from: Revlon Chambor


cluster sampling for L’Oreal Paris Lip color Cluster sampling is sample of respondents chosen from specific areas of the city or the town Taken sample of respondents from South Mumbai L’Oreal Paris does not conduct any kind of Sampling

Data Interpretation
 Sample

of 50 correspondents

Product Launch

Paris will be launching

few new products in lip color segment which is currently in pipeline

Forecasting C.t.d…

Revlon - planning to increase its distribution network and to invest in more of research Chambor: Baccarose - the distributer for Chambor, will continue its direct marketing strategy

Re-Launching L’Oreal Paris Lip color

Reasons for Re-Launch

Awareness Increase sales Improvise marketing strategy Conducting Advertising Campaign

Advertising Campaign

extensive campaign for L’Oreal Paris Lip Color Will go for television advertisement Will also have out of home advertisements like hoardings, at malls on digital screen

Marketing Strategy
Distribution: Will widen distribution network by giving various incentives to distributers, retailers, stockiest etc in order, not to loose self space Product Modification: Will be modifying the product by adding SPF, so that lips can be protected from harmful

Marketing Strategy C.t.d…
Promotion: Will be distributing complementary lip care guide on purchase of worth Rs 1000, that will have tips on how the various brand ambassadors of L’Oreal Paris apply Lip Color on themselves and how they take care of their lips Will be sponsoring and

Marketing Strategy C.t.d…
Social Responsibility L’Oreal will support campaign for safe cosmetics which was started in October 2007 This will help in building consumer confidence, that L’Oreal Lip color is safe

Product Life Cycle Post Re- launch

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