Argentina Military/Govt Secretly Developing Mid/Range Missiles/US Embassy Remains Silent

6:58 am in Uncategorized by AssociationOfTruth Email published by Wikileaks reveals Argentina Government/Military is secretly developing mid-range missiles. Target, possibly the Falklands. April 2, 1982, Argentina invaded and occupied the Falkland Islands, which Britain controlled, and South Georgia. The conflict was a result of a long standing conflict with the UK over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands. June 14, 1982 Argentina surrendered to Britain. Fast forward to the present, Argentine President Kirchner, promises the Argentine flag will be held high at the London Olympics. Once again the Argentine Government raises rhetoric over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands. Could this secret development of a mid-range missile be Argentina’s equalizer in gaining control back of the Falkland Islands? More information on the Falkland War can be found here. More information on the recent escalating rhetoric by Argentina President Kirchner can be found here. The email can be found here. POSSIBLE ARGENTINE MILITARY TARGET: THE FAUKLANDS November 23, 2010, email composed by Reva Bhalla. Reva states “In Dec. 2009, Arg test launched the Gradicom PXC, which used solid fuel tech to launch a little bit over 100 km. The aim now is to improve the Condor II missile (which was reportedly abandoned by the Menem admin in the 90s). The Condor II was supposed to have a range of 1,000 miles and a payload of 500 kilos. The med-term goal, according to this report, is for Arg to develop mid-range missiles that could carry a payload of at least 500 kilos up to 300 km, which would reach the Falklands. Nate, any thoughts on this? Allison Fedirka responded via email: “Falklands are about 300 miles (482 km) off the coast of Argentina. I’m not much of missile expert to comment on the weapon’s capabilities. Rodger says look into this see if they can hit the falklands? Also, to put this in context. Yesterday was a new holiday in Argentina – Dia de la nacionalidad. So there was lots of hype about Falkland sovereignty, etc.” THE US EMBASSY IS AWARE BUT WILL NOT MAKE ANY COMMENTS Michael Wilson response via email: “Argentine Govt secretly developing midrange missiles – Buenos Aires Perfil’s Fernando Oz reports on 20 November that the Defense Ministry is working “in secret”

on the development of a medium-range missile, Gradicom PXC 2009, and tested it successfully in Cordoba last December.The Planning Ministry is also involved in the project and plans to produce the missile on an industrial scale. Nobody in the Defense Ministry wants to comment and the US Embassy said that “we will make no comments.” SUMMARY The evidence clearly shows that Argentina is indeed developing mid-range missiles that are capable of striking the Falklands. As it turns out the US Embassy knows about this and remains silent. Why would the US remain silent about this? What is the US true interest in the Falklands? This can be answered in one word OIL. In an article by the Merco Press South Atlantic News Agency, titled US MAin Interest Is A Stable Argentina Warns Falklands Task Force Head, it states “If as is likely significant oil reserves are found around the Islands then pressure from Argentina will be immense to share in the riches.” The article can be found here. Now we know why the US remains silent about this. To further prove this theory, GlobalResearch published an article titled Oil In The Falkland Islands: Argentina’s Corrupt Governments Will Never Challenge The United Kingdom. The article states “recent estimates indicate that under the Continental Shelf of the Argentine Sea in the South Atlantic, where the Falklands jut out above the relatively shallow waters, there’s around 8.3 billion barrels of oil. That’s three times UK reserves, ranking 15th in global reserves. Not surprisingly, billions of pounds and dollars are rushing in to exploit Falklands oil, so important at a time of growing turmoil in the Middle East and Persian Gulf. Oil giants like Hess, Noble and Murphy (US), Cairn Energy, Premier Oil (UK) and, notably, BP’s Deepwater Horizon partner Anadarko Oil from Houston are all in top gear.UK Exploration, in turn, announced it has already struck reserves estimated around 700 million barrels off the Falklands”. Please read the full article here. The US, once again, is seeking to expand its interests in Oil.
Special thanks to:, Merco Press South Atlantic News Agency, Wikileaks

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