Mayco Plastics Inc. Quarterly Sales Report First Quarter 1.

Introduction As we expected when we entered the field, computer-related products, such as keyboard housings and protective carrying cases, are accounting for a major portion of this upswing. Congratulations to all of you! An initial review of the sales figures for the nation reveals a surge in sales in all of Mayco's sales areas. Major new clients have been added and many new products are on the way. 2. Regional Updates Midwestern Territory After several years of falling sales due to the slump in the auto industry, Blair Williams and his folks have something to celebrate. The recent boom in auto manufacturing has led to renewed demand of Mayco Products in Detroit. Northeastern Territory John Martinson and his group are doing a great job in Nashua. They have secured major contracts for a wide range of new and existing products. Much of this business is coming from Computer Equipment Corporation, a major client of Mayco's. Southern Territory Mark Daley and his group have done a fine job of maintaining relations with Becker's Product Development Division in Boca Raton. They have been working closely with Becker to decrease manufacturing costs. 3. Computer Study A companywide study will begin in March, under the direction of Cathy Donaldson and Bill Schuster in data processing, to determine how to most effectively implement automation in our firm. We will be making a large commitment to productivity gains via computerization sometime late this year.

We want to thank all of you for the outstanding jobs you have done and.4. Keep up the good work! John Smith Regional Coordinator Mayco Plastics Inc. . for standing by Mayco in hard times. 5. You will find the agenda attached to this report. most important. Conclusion If the recovery continues at the current pace. this year should be a banner year for all of us at Mayco. Quarterly Meeting The quarterly meeting will take place in Memphis this time.

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