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GeorgiA 2012

GeorgiA 2012


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GeorgiA Driver's manual 2012
GeorgiA Driver's manual 2012

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Maximum traveling speeds are determined based on the following general rules in

Georgia unless otherwise posted:
30 miles per hour in any urban or residential district
35 miles per hour on an unpaved county road
70 miles per hour on a rural interstate
65 miles per hour on an urban interstate or on a multi-lane divided highway
55 miles per hour in all other areas

These are only general rules. Local jurisdictions, the Georgia Department of
Transportation, or the Georgia Department of Public Safety may deem it necessary
to adjust speed limits based on local conditions, whether temporary or permanent.

Always watch for speed limit signs while driving. Some areas, such as school

zones or construction zones, may be posted for lower maximum speed limits at

certain times of the day or for a short period of time. It is important to pay close
attention to road signs while driving to ensure that when you approach a speed

zone, whether temporary or permanent, you will have suffcient time to adjust your

speed accordingly.

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