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California 2013

California 2013

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California Driver's Manual 2013
California Driver's Manual 2013

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Published by: drivershandbooks on May 12, 2013
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Collisions are more likely to happen

when one driver goes faster or slow-
er than the other cars on the road.
If you drive faster than other traffic,
you increase your chances of being

involved in a collision. Studies have

shown that speeding does not save
more than a few minutes in an hour
of driving time.
Driving slower than other vehicles
or stopping suddenly can be just as
dangerous as speeding, if not more
dangerous, because you may cause
a rear end collision or cause other
drivers to swerve to avoid hitting
your vehicle. If you are in the fast
lane and you notice vehicles moving

- 66 -

to the right lane to pass you, or a line
of vehicles are forming behind you,
the best thing to do is move into the
right lane, when it is safe, and let the
vehicle(s) pass.

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