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California 2013

California 2013

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California Driver's Manual 2013
California Driver's Manual 2013

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Published by: drivershandbooks on May 12, 2013
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Hearing is more important to driv-
ing than many people realize. The
sound of horns, a siren, or screech-
ing tires can warn you of danger.

- 72 -

Sometimes you can hear a vehicle

but cannot see it, especially if it is
in your blind spots.
Even people with good hearing can-
not hear well if the radio or CD play-
er is blaring. Do not wear a headset
or earplugs in both ears while driv-
ing; it is against the law.
Hearing problems, like bad eye-
sight, can come on so slowly that

you do not notice them. Have your

hearing checked periodically. Driv-
ers that are deaf or hearing-impaired
can adjust their driver safety hab-
its by relying more on their seeing
sense and therefore, compensate for
the loss of hearing.

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