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Embracing the Rainbow

Embracing the Rainbow

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Published by Jeremy Green
Embracing the Rainbow
Embracing the Rainbow

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Published by: Jeremy Green on Apr 09, 2009
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When the time arrives that the imposition of the final phases
of the lock down of personal freedoms begins in earnest there will
be resistance. Especially in the USA since of all the humans on
the planet, they havebeen the most deceived, the most pampered
and the most used. Difficult as it is for its citizens to believe,
their national development has been guided and controlled from
the very beginning. The natural ingenuity and creativity have

Embracing the Rainbow


been encouraged and then turned to advantage or “bought out”
and shelved. A particularly appropriate example is the continued
development of sources of energy and transportation that would
end the dependence on oil and coal which would eliminate the
health endangering of both the human body and the planetary
flora and fauna. These are available to be developed very quickly
in the context of the new paradigm.
There is a natural flow of expression that is part of the cre-
ative plan. It is what you might call unchangeable programming
within the human pattern that remains regardless of what pur-
poseful effort is made to override it. Once a goal or objective is
decided upon by a personal choice that seems logical and accom-
panied by a commitment to that goal, it can and is pursued with
all possible intensity, even to the point of giving up the life force
todeath. Methods of torture can and will cause the person to
deny and pretend to give it up, but instead it usually instills it
deeper into determination to resume the pursuit of its comple-
tion at the first opportunity.This is true for those goals that are
both positiveand negativein their energy configuration. Thus
confrontational situations are the logical result. The positive
impetus is pursued through logic and the negative experience
through inability to apply the law of allowance and control
becomes an addictive factor in the imbalance. It is important to
comprehend that perfection is the ability to remain in balance in
the practice of all the laws of the universe that support the expan-
sive expression of creation. This is a process that gives challenge
to participation within what is called eternity. If not for this
monumental challenge, eternity could be boring indeed.
Intelligence is not confined to the human brain/mind. Itis
part and parcel of the potentiality that flows through the process
ofcreation. Self contemplation by any manifested self-aware por-

Embracing the Rainbow


tion of creation, humanity for example, with a basic understanding
of who and what they are in correlation to the expansive flow of
creation, can transcend and remove limiting understandings. This
then opens the awareness to the potential of new understandings
changing the experience of that being entirely. In every way all
experience serves the expansive process of each. Because creation is,
at its potential, intelligence in pursuit of understanding itself, it is
necessary to discern that all beliefs reach a point of limiting the
opportunity to evolve. It is then a perpetual process of transcend-
ing and leaving behind each and every understanding into greater
wisdom. The exception to this is the immutable universal laws that
support the process as a whole. At the basis of these changes is
always greater understanding of these laws, their utilization and the
wisdom gained through the resulting experiences.
Certainly it would seem logical to the inhabitants of this
planet that the time has come to transcend the present experience
and change the beliefs that have focused creation into the experi-
ence of the futureas it sits beforethem. Itis far easier to perceive
the situation at hand and change the beliefs to transcend the
experience before it comes into complete manifestation. The
negative polarity experience is brought about by failure to know,
understand and apply the laws of the universe. You were set
upon this planet without them and denied the knowledge of
them. Those indigenous groups who were on the planet were
learning them through observation of nature. Through the bless-
ing of eternity, all the time necessary, their evolvement was on its
way. Now, even these too have been corrupted. Unfortunately
through the teaching of the theme that natureis to be subdued,
rather than to be your teacher,you weredenied the knowledge
that could have been gained through its contemplation as a holo-
graphic example of the laws in application.

Embracing the Rainbow


Is this saying that technology should be abandoned entirely
and 6 billion people should return to indigenous living? That
certainly would return the planet to 500 million people quickly
through starvation. If living in that way would allow under-
standing of the universal laws, then it would be a worthwhile
experience. However, knowledge of the laws from those who
have both advanced technology and understanding is available to
help, consequently the indigenous alternative would not be nec-
essary. If mankind does not take responsibility to change the pre-
sent intended scenario and the planet itself is required to change
this situation, then technology will be purged and if the planet is
“lucky” indigenous populations will again have the opportunity
to evolve.

The consequences of ignoring this new opportunity to
change the story of this branch of humanity that has been liter-
ally railroaded on to a path thousands of years long which has
stymied their evolvement are not pleasant to contemplate. The
scenario began through breaking the law of allowance and inter-
fering with the evolvement of other humans and requiring them
to remain stuck in “being” rather than becoming. The conse-
quences to those through the law of attraction (what you give is
what you get) was left for it to work in its inevitable way. No
other group was willing to interfere accept in a benevolent advi-
sory capacity, which is all that is allowed within the intelligent
application of the universal laws. Intervention between species
and planets does happen and is admitted here. However, the law
of attraction absolutely works, but within the flow of divine
order,the timing is left to the natural flowof that law within the
intelligence of creation. Tostretch the law of allowance and
interact beyond the advisory capacity is carefully done with much
consideration with regard to far reaching possible effects. This

Embracing the Rainbow


may be extended particularly when a group is evolved enough to
ask for help specifically. The outcry to creation itself, by enough
of the population, is answered by offers to help by specific
groups. However, if the asking group is so closed as to be unable
to recognize the offers, then nothing can be done. In this case,
the outcries for help have been of such duration, and the imbal-
ance of the purposeful negative perpetrators is so great, the whole
galaxy is now focused on this small planet and orders have been
issued to “find a way to answer the outcries.” Thus earth’s pop-
ulation is being presented with the current process and the cur-
rent messages within the presently available communication pro-
liferation. It is our prayer that it will be enough and in time.

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