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Embracing the Rainbow

Embracing the Rainbow

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Published by Jeremy Green
Embracing the Rainbow
Embracing the Rainbow

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Published by: Jeremy Green on Apr 09, 2009
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Itis appropriate to mention again the fact that thereis among
earth’spopulation those who havevolunteered to pause in their
personal evolvement process and place their progress in jeopardy.
This has been purposefully done to assist earth’s inhabitants to
make the long overdue transition out of isolation and back into
greater evolvement and involvement with their galactic brothers,
sisters and cousins. These have assumed the same bodies with the
same random genetic physical expressions that each conscious
awareness on earth assumes at birth. Their motivations for doing
this are as varied as the experiences that allowed them their per-
sonal evolvement. Ingeneral it may be assumed that the benefits
to earth and her inhabitants was considered worth the risk of the
loss of their progress should the opportunity again be rejected. If
earth’s inhabitants choose to remain stuck in their current pattern

Embracing the Rainbow


ofexperience, these beings will remain within that destiny. The
risk is also a great motivator.
There are two reasons for these messages. The first is to
awaken the volunteers and answer invocations for help. The sec-
ond is to provide the focus for the birth of this new paradigm of
human experience for which these evolved beings were willing to
take such great risk. It is for you to know that successful deeds of
valor do not go without reward. It is not at all “egotistical” for
each one that reads this material to give careful consideration as
to whether or not they are one of the “visiting” volunteers. To
ponder this possibility is wise indeed. Knowingness within will
govern awareness of the truth of this possibility and allow con-
sideration of the risk of ignoring it insofar as what that could
mean in the larger picture. Whether or not this is a person’s
truth, to aid in offering the opportunity for humanity to change
its future and return to its rightful place within the creative flow
ofevolvement, is reason enough to volunteer nowas a member
of the ground crew. Creative thought is not limited to any one
group,but is inherent within all self-awareconsciousness. Itis
called becoming!

Certainly the volunteers do not place their earned progress
in jeopardy to simply acknowledge it. They volunteer to assist
their fellow humans to move beyond this present mode of expe-
rience. Each brings their special successful experiencing tech-
niques as a contribution to the birth and launching of the new
paradigm of experience. The logical way to help humanity to
conceive of this new mode of experience is to participate within
the present one so that it can be understood. Inthe midst of the
chaos of imbalance, all volunteers havethe ability to purposefully
remember aspects of recent balanced experience and give guid-
ance with regard to these aspects in the conception of the purpose

Embracing the Rainbow


and outline for the new experience desired by earth’s inhabitants.
These first volunteers are one part of the answer to the prayers
and supplications for help that have been focused to “god”. The
new volunteers attracted to this process and joining with equal
commitment are the return flow of invested energy, reflecting the
exchange that is the dynamic operative quality of creation. It is
the law of attraction in action. As the law of intentional creation,
through the two steps of birthing the new paradigm, is added to
the attraction process, vibratory intensity increases and transfor-
mation toward manifestation into perceivable reality begins.
It is necessary for all volunteers to consider, contemplate and
decide to accept the truth of who and what each one is and then
move on into the fuller completion of each assigned segment.
The first step is to spread the knowledge of the opportunity to
create a new paradigm of experience, keeping the concept simple,
simple, simple!!! Gently inform and encourage many to change
their consciousness from victim to victor through the knowledge
that thought has the power to change manifested creation.
Creation expresses in all experience, situations and circumstances
as well as “things”. Each thought, word and deed through atti-
tudes and beliefs structures everyone’s experience.
Each person every day is surrounded with many opportuni-
ties to offer a different perspective or a word of encouragement
that assists the knowledge and understanding of this basic con-
cept. This is planting the seeds for changes in the mass con-
sciousness. This may seem a small way to begin this extraordinary
change, but once begun in this people to people manner it will
build at an exponential rate. Many areready and waiting to
respond positively nowto carryand spread the change. These
will be receptive because the present mode of life expression just
doesn’t seem right, but no ideas resonate within them for what to

Embracing the Rainbow


do about this knowingness. There is only a sense of being over-
whelmed by the immensity of their situation and the presence of
these discordant inner feelings. These moments are the opportu-
nities to begin to walk the path of your impending new future.
Plant seeds at every opportunity. As you do, you will attract
more opportunities to do so. Now is the sequential moment to
stand in the reality of who and what you are and begin to expe-
rience the reason for being in this body on this planet at this
moment. The alarm clock is ringing. It is time to wake up and
begin living in the joy of creating the new future.

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