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Embracing the Rainbow

Embracing the Rainbow

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Published by Jeremy Green
Embracing the Rainbow
Embracing the Rainbow

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Published by: Jeremy Green on Apr 09, 2009
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Itis through the application of the law of allowance that
mankind will make the final step into the role of the rainbow
“human”.The archetype of the warrior that has influenced the
shaping of mankind’s experience shall at long last evolve into the
ideal of the responsible cosmic citizen. It is perfectly possible to
adventure in a role beyond the warrior. Only other warriors
within the game of conflict welcome warriors. Those who have
evolved beyond walking this dead end path do not welcome con-
flict back into their experience. The freedom to move freely
among those of morerefined development allows for more rapid
advancement. As within a maze, eventually it is necessaryto face
the wall at the end and accept it as the end, and stay there, or to
find the way back to the correct passageway. The new paradigm

Embracing the Rainbow


is a gift that will enable humanity to rise above the maze to see
the true passageway and move quickly into it.
This will not happen without the necessary consciousness
change and the period of focus required through the chaos of the
demise of the current mode of experience that is based on compe-
tition and conflict. The desire for the new experiencing mode
must become a passion that exceeds the inclination to stay within
what is familiar. The realization that something far better waits at
the closure of this experiencing mode must be real within the belief
system and be strong enough to transcend the mass beliefs of not
only millions, but billions. It is through the demonstration of the
power of a combined human focus that blends withthe wisdom of
creation that each will know the truth. It is not to be found in
resistance to the situation that exists on this earth plane, but in
joining with that which is Truth that will bring forth what seems to
require a miracle to accomplish. Unimaginable power will be
tapped in this process. It simply requires changing the focus of the
combined minds of a percentage of mankind. Itis not a majority;
it is an amazingly small actual number of humans on earth com-
paratively speaking, for these will blend with the flow that creates
planets, stars, solar systems, galaxies, and more.
The process is simple. The complication is that it requires
standing and turning into the face of what has been taught for
generation after generation by doing it within each individual
consciousness. It does not require face to face confrontation with
those that continue to teach these untruths. Most do this in sin-
cerity. It is through one to one contacts with those that already
feel discontent with available knowledge at the deep levels of
their personal awareness, that the mission is to be accomplished.
There are more than enough that sense they are swimming
upstream and are ready and willing to rejoin the flow of creation.

Embracing the Rainbow


They wait only to know how to accomplish this change. The
archetype of the rainbow human calls to all for it is like a hom-
ing signal that perpetually sounds in the background of life. It is
like the dinner bell ringing in the distance to come home to share
refreshment and rest with family. In this case, humanity has wan-
dered far from home and has some distance to cover, but it will
arrive there sooner or later, and hopefully it will be sooner!
The focus has been at the very personal level for each mes-
senger as each goes through the process of strengthening his or
her understandings and resolve. It is not easy to commit to a pro-
ject of this magnitude without establishing the intent firmly
within the conscious mind. The mind and the feelings must be
inharmony and balance in order that the resolve is of enough
substance to hold firmly through the period of the shift in con-
sciousness. That which is now new must have time to root and
become the dominant viewpoint from which experiences are per-
ceived and decisions made with discernment. An amazing num-
ber of life situations will suddenly take on newmeanings.
Habitual comments that fit certain situations will no longer be
appropriate and there will be moments of wondering what is
appropriate. There will be rethinking necessary requiring a tran-
sition period. There will be many returns to the messages to con-
template new meanings that were missed when first read. Truth
isperceived within the understanding of the moment and is con-
stantly refreshed as different experiences are contemplated and
decisions are necessary for the discernment needed to establish
new patterns of belief and behavior.
Thereis much to transcend in order that each may stand at the
end of this chapter of the book of evolvement and contemplate not
only a new chapter, but also a sequel. This will be done day by day
and one mind change at a time. The biggest single change is the

Embracing the Rainbow


willingness to read, contemplate and find the personal truth within
with the guidance of these messages. Beyond that, the steps are
small and continuously lead onward to the goal of living the new
ideal or archetype moment by moment. When the new archetype
is embedded within the mass consciousness, the new paradigm will
be birthed into infancy and the adventure will have begun in
earnest. Then you may choose to walk hand in hand with your
family again for you will have returned home for sustenance and
companionship. A worthy trade off for giving up excessive com-
petition, conflict and isolation.

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