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I Alex V Thomas, 2nd semester student of Acharya Bangalore B-School, hereby declare that the Organization Study at KERALA AURVEDIC LTD,ALUVA submitted to Bangalore University in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of Master of Business Administration is bonafide record of summary project undergone by me in the firm and repaired under the guidance of Mr. is the original work done by me and this has not been submitted to any other university for the award of any degree ,diploma, fellowship or any other similar title or recognition. All the data, both the primary and secondary are true to the best of my knowledge.

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R VENKATESHA ABBS . ALUVA. His character and conduct is satisfactory during the study and we wish him all success in future endeavour. a student of Master of business Administration. during the academic year 2011-2013 of this college has completed the internship training on ORGANIZATIONAL STUDY at KERALA AYURVEDIC LTD. KAMINI DHRUVA . in partial fulfillment for the award of Master of Business Administration of Bangalore University. under the guidance of Dr. Reg. DIRECTOR MR. H. No: 11YUCMA011. ALEX V THOMAS .CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Mr.

I accord our deep sense of thanks and gratitude to Faculty guide Dr . Ka mi n i Dhruva f o r h i s v a l u a b l e d i r e c t i o n s e n a b l i n g u s t o complete this project. ALEX V THOMAS REG NO: 11YUCMA011 Place: Bangalore Date: . ALUVA for giving an opportunity to do the project in their organization. I ex p r es s m y ul t i m a t e gr at i t ud e t o t h e God Almighty t h a t h a s b e e n instrument for enlightening us on our academic venture. Last but not least.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT At this juncture. I take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to the KERALA AYURVEDIC LTD. I would also like to express our sincere thanks to Ms S I NI V A R GH E E S E for his valuable guidance and help. I take this opportunity to thank my parents who helped me in making this endeavour a success.

community). An organization study involves the study of the structure and functioning of its department. and levels of analysis. employees.. happy or unhappy measures for a span of life. For a company.e. So the study of people in organization is important for future manager. they have certain common features. customers. Generally. It is vital is study the structure and functioning of successful organization so they will guide directorial towards successful and profitable functioning of the swift changes in the Held of science and technology have revolutionized the organizational system. in hierarchical order thai is engaged in co-operative activities and everyone has identical boundaries. controls its own performance. What is conductive or non conductive for such life span. They are group of people linked together by formal and informal relationship. Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient Hindu system of health care that is native to the . organizational studies seek to control. many factors come into play.” i. Organizing or organization is one of the important functions of the management. "MannagTachhaYairoktam Ayurveda saUehhyate. Whenever people interact in organizations. Organizational studies encompass the study of organization from multiple viewpoints methods. all the organizations arc different but. Modern organizational studies attempt to understand and model these factors. predict. Management is interested in organization mainly from an instrumental point of view.which are to create value for its stakeholders (stockholders. the science which deals with or describes the favourable or unfavourable. is known as Ayurveda.INTRODUCTION An organisation is a social arrangement which pursues collective goals. Like all modernist social sciences. organization is a means to an end to achieve its goals. "liitahitamSukhamDukhaniAyushafasyallitahiam. and explain. and has a boundary separating it from its environment. Such changes have become inevitable to achieve the basic objective of the firm. suppliers.

Thus "Ayurveda" roughly translates as the "knowledge of life'or "knowledge of long life".Indian subcontinent. by Late VaidyanSri. . It is the leading producers of Ayrvcdic Medicines in the country. Kerala Ayurveda Ltd. The wold " Ayurvcda''is a tatpurusha compound of the word derived from its ancient Sanskrit roots. The world health organization recognizes Ayurveda as an alternative system of medicine. pioneered the Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing company in India. It is a qualitative. Panicker. Kerala Ayurveda Ltd(KAL) has come a long way since its inception in 1945.G.'Ayus' (life-life principle. The objective of Ayurveda is to establish the equilibrium when one becomes ill and and to maintain that equilibrium. a philosophy and a system of healing. There are several aspects to Ayurveda that are quite unique: its recommendation will often be different for each person regarding which food and which lifestyle they should follow in order to be completely healthy. Ayurveda is the oldest surviving complete system in the world.K. long life) and 'Ved'(knowlcdge). holistic science of health and longevity. Ayurvedic medicines are botanical in nature and tree from practically any after effect. Ayurveda sees a strong connection between the mind and body.

The study entitled" An Organization study at "Kerala Ayurveda Ltd" has the following scope:1. The secondary objectives are as follows. learn and analyze the objectives and vision of the Organization and the functioning of its various departments. 5. technical know-how. etc. 2. To obtain information regarding strength.1 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY As a management student.It is a detailed study on how the organization works infrastructurefacilities.2. it is necessary to do an organizational study know the various functions that take place in an organization. plant and machinery. How theory is practically implemented in a real life situation . 3.  It would enable the student to get a practical and real life experience of various aspects concerned with the organization and helps to relate it to the conceptsand theories studied in the classroom. 2. The study attempts to understand the performance of different departments.2 SCOPE OF THE STUDY Internship training will help Management graduates to know about the operations of a business concern. raw materials. part of the course and The primary objective of the study is aimed at creating an opporiuivty to observe. 6. capital requirements.  It would also help the future managers face the challenges lying ahead. To know the financial position of the company. To know the market position of the company. lt is a means for bridging the gap between theory and practice. weakness. The working condition in the organization. 4. Opportunities and threats of various departments.

Due productions cannot be collected flexibility. to non availability of cost records details of cost of 3. .. 2.3 LIMITATIONF OF THE STUDY 1. Due to security reason all enquires were not get answered. One of the major limitations is that the time available for the study was limited. 2.

Around 1500 B. social moral and spiritual welfare. These principles of positive health and therapeutic measures related to physical. Ayurveda is also considered as ' Science of life'. Preventive and curative aspects of diseases are considered as important components of the concept of positive health. Ayurveda deals elaborately with measures of healthful living during the entire span of life and its various phases. wisdom and culture) contains 114 hymns or formulations for the treatment of diseases.1 OIRIGIN OF AYURVEDA The classical works on Ayurveda describe it as under: It is that knowledge of life. or responsible for misery or sorrow besides indicating measures for healthful living for full span of life.3. This probably makes it the earliest medical science having a positive concept of health to be achieved through a blending of physical. Making use of systematic careful observation and documenting detailed experiences over the past several thousand of years. Ayurveda or the Indian Science of life originated and developed from this hymns. Ayurveda means the Science of life. which deals elaborately and at length with conditions beneficial or otherwise to the humanity. social and spiritual welfare of human beings. it has also developed a wide range of therapeutic measures to combat illness. Aatharvaveda(onc of the four most ancient books of Indian knowledge. artistic values and spiritual freedom. According to the ancient books of knowledge.C Ayurveda's fundamental and applied principles got organized and enunciated. mental. it has grown into a very comprehensive health care system with two major schools and eight specializations. and. wealth. mental. It has a school of physicians and a school of surgeons referred in literature . Thus Ayurveda became one of the oldest systems of medicine dealing with both the preventive and curative aspects of life in a most comprehensive way. In this sense Ayurveda is considered to have divine origin representing one of the oldest organized system of medicine for positive health and cure of human sickness. health is considered as a prerequisite for achieving the supreme ends of life consisting of righteousness. to factors conducive to the happiness. Besides dealing with principles for maintenance of health.

About 600 drugs of plant. aetiology. The growth of these eight specialties gave Ayurveda another name of Astanga Ayurveda. progenosis. arc described along with their use in this valuable document. It contains several chapters dealing at length with therapeutic or internal medicine. More than 100 kinds of surgical instruments including scalpels.. embryology. which started as a magic-o-religious practice. specula etc. Dissection and operative procedures are explained making use of vegetables and dead* AtreyaSampradaya' abd "DhanvantriSampiadaya" respectively. treatment and medine etc. excision. extraction and bandaging etc. matured into a fully developed medical science with eight branches which have parallels in the modern western system of medicine. are detailed in this compendium. pathology. forceps. It deals primarily with various fundamental principles and theory of surgery. In course of time Ayurveda. animal and mineral origin are'described in it.         General Medicine (Kaya Chikitsa) Paediatrics (BlalaChikitsa) Psychiatry & Psychology ( GrahaChikitsa) ENT and Opthamology (ShalkyaTantra) Surgery (ShalyaTantra) Toxicology (AgadaTantra) Anti ageing and Geriatics (Rasayana) Lugenics and aphrodisiacs (Vajikarana) . this compendium also deals with other branches of Ayurveda like anatomy. Beside. In addition. Ancqually exhaustive ancient compilation. this document also mentions of such other topics as anatomy. SushrutaSamhita exists relating to school of surgery. physiology. The most important and massive ancient compilation of the School of Medicine is known as Charka Samhita. toxicology and therapeutics. It also has a mention of about 650 drugs. scissors. Description of how to go about doing incision.

Nagarjuna was accompanied by Surananda. the ancient "Rishis" or wise men ot" India gathered at the foot of the Himalays. The final product of their effort came to be known as ayurveda. 3. period. Nilyanatha. Including development of newer and more effective medicines. long life. Vajikarana. ShalkyaTantra. Govinda. Vagbhatta etc. . Anantdev. DhutaVidya. Agenda Tantra and Rasayana .Kaya chikitsa. water (jal).C. I hese were used for teaching of Ayurveda in the ancient universities of Takshashila and Nalanda. Yashodhana. were written by the ancient scholars during B. and is therefore termed as the Golden period of Ayurveda. It encompasses eight branches . air (vaya) and space or sky (akash. famous for inventing various new drugs for the treatment of ailments. Their objective was to innovate together the sccrctof leading a healthy. sulphur and other metals were used in conjuction with hebs to prepare the different medications. Kaumarabhriiya.2 DEVELOPMENT OF AYURVEDA Ayurvcdicpractive was nourishing during the time of Buddha (around 550 CB). fire (Agni or tej). ShalyaTantra.) The body is considered as the universe and subdivided according to these five elements and treatment is done accordingly. a Buddhist herbologist. Ayurveda traces its origin to two schools of thought the school of physicians (Atreya) and the school of Surgeons (Dhanvantari). These five elements are earth (prithvi). In this period mercury. The knowledge of Ayurveda progressed a lot during this period. Nagbodhi. Ayurveda is related to the "Five Great Elements' (panchmahabhuta) theory. There is a concept that has been passing down verbally from generation to generation in India about the origin of Ayurveda. sushruiaSamhita etc. and in this period the Ayurvedic practitioners were commonly using Mercuric-sulphur combination based medicines. Accordingly.Compendia on these subjects like charaksamihta. An important Ayurvedic practitioner of this period was Nagarjuna.

acts were enforced for Ayurveidc medicines Finally.232 BC) influenced by the Buddhist teachings. The publication ol' Ayurvedic rormulary took place. Ayurveda again evolved and flourished with the invention of new drugs. Gujarat. I he pharmacopoeia laboratory in Ghaziabad in 1970 was an important establishment. who were practicing surgery along with medicine. It is believed by some practitioners that Chakradutta is the essence of Ayurveda. (Some says raj Vaid of King Nayapala (1038-1055). In this period. beginning in the 1970s a gradual recognition of the value of Ayurveda returned. Progress has become the order of the day for ayurveda and it has gained intemalional recognition. For several decades the reputation and skills of the various Ayurvedic schools declined markedly as Estern medicine and WesternStyle hospitals were built. Ayurvedic Universities in Jamnagar. the scenario becamebetter after 1947. Indian National Congress dis a lot to retrieve its prestige by referring it as a Naional Healthcare System in 1920.Naitonal Institute of Ayurveda in Jaipur.axman Sen.After emerging victorious at the Kalinga War. In 1940. During the regime of Chandragupta Maurya (375-415 AD). and continued to be so until the colonization by the Biitish. Mahatma Gandhi inaugurated Ayurvedic and Unit Tibia College in Delhi in 1921." Ayurveda has always been preserved by the people of India. Madan Mohan Malvia opened and Ayurvedic branch inBHU. In 1927. Emperor Ashoka( 304 BC . . left the surgical invervention and adopted totally new medicinal treatment.Rajasthan in in 1972-73 is a move ahead. banned any bloodshed in his kingdom in 250 BC. However. ChakrapaniDutta (DuttaSharma) wa a vaid Brahman of Bengal who wrote books on Ayurveda such as "Chakradutta" and others. ChakrapaniDutta was the Kajavaidya of Great King I. BHC and few started conducting research and higher education in Ayurveda. Today Ayurvedichospitals and practitioners arc flouirishing throughout all of India. Ayurveda was part of mainstream Indian medical techniques. Therefore many ayurveda practitioners. despite increasing adoption of European medical techniques during the time of British rule. new methodology and new innovations.

several American pioneers helped attract attention to Ayurveda and intluence its growth. the California College of Ayurveda was founded and was the first State-approved practitioner training program in the United States. Rducational institutions arc becoming more established and the Associations are working to give the profession a voiceand address regulation issues. globally. even though. Interest Continued to grow as Indian physicians came lo the United States in the 1980 s. it was founded in 1998. his tamous introductory book on Ayurveda for the general public. as well as scientific documentation of benefits. While the infrastructure of the ayurvedic profession in the United States has developed and improved over the past ten years. The California Association of ayurvedic Medicine is the only established (1997)Ayurvedic State Association in the uNitcd States. There is a steady shift. greater infrastructure is still needed. In the late 1980*5 Dr. lack of modern methods in the production as well as packaging of the pro9ducts.3 WORLD SCENARIO Ayurveda. towards herbal products that are backed by research and which have proven efficiency. The Ayurvedic profession is growing steadily in the United States of America. Furthermore. The increasing incidence of side effects from moern medicine is bringing everyone closer to alternative theraphy. being the oldest system of medicine has not gained the status it deserves in the global market. 3. Ayurveda is likely to continue to grow in America and take its place among the other licensed health care professions.As well the production and marketing of Ayurvedic herbal medicines has dramatically increased. its . The SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional! Cooperation) was formed in 1985. largely as the result of efforts hy the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi organization of Transcendental Meditation.This opened the door of India's ancient healing sciences for may westerns. Deepak Chopra wortc" Perfect Health*. Ayurvedic medicines are available throughout the world. Interest in Ayurveda in the United States began in the 1970s. A non-profit association. In 1955. Today. It is still in operation today. The National Ayurvedic Medical Association is the major body in the United States representing rheAyurvcdic profession. The reason behind this is the low level of Research work.

Entrepreneurs in these countries (mainly in India) seeking to break into the market for natural products have determined. Nepal. Bhuttan. Australia. despite growth trends as high as 20% annually encountered in the late 1990s. in which Gujarat Aymvcda University is also one of the implementing authorities. Premised on a continued supportive policy stance worldwide. The world economy is on the mend.Ayurvedic medicines are produced by several companies in India.4. The Gujarrat Ayurveda University has signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with nine Ayurvedic institutes functioning in Japan.member countries are India. Bangladesh.4 % isw forecast in the baseline scenario for 2010. These countries all have been inilucnccd by Ayurvedic medicine.g. High mountains. the number of traditional Ayurveda practitioners is greater than trained modern medicine professional*. particularly the U.g. Maldives. including many pharmacies in and around Kerala Ayurveda Ltd. northern climate) and arc then exported to other regions (e. Argentina and mers Germany to coordinate and facilitate the globalization of Ayurveda through academic collaboration. World equity markets have also rebounded and risk premumus on borrowing have fallen. INDIAN SCENARIO Being the birth place of Ayurveda. Medical (Ayu) Institute of Russia has signed the MoU with the Government of India. 3. a mild growth of 2. but most of them are small. there is little opportunity for suppliers in one SAARC country' to send finished products to another SAARC or even abroad. with products labeled with the local language. the Netherlands. Earlier. Italy. an increasing number of countries have registered positive quarterly growth of gross domestic product (CiDP). broad and synchronized global downturn in late 2U0S and early 2009. rightly that the demand for traditional style Ayurvedic medicines both inside and outside the region is limited. Trade in Ayurvedic medicines within the SAARC is mostly limited to raw materials that grow in one region (e. lowland southern areas). Because fo the large number of very small factories that try to service the local communities. Pakistan. along with a notable recovery in international trade and glo9baI industrial production. In Srilanka.S. and Srilanka. It is estimated that the total value of product from the entire .. the Indian market place for Ayurvedic products is more established compared to other parts of the world. After a sharp.

155 : 220 62 25 8.000 medical doctors. particularly in the arcasof food and toiletries where they may be some overlap with Ayurveda. In addition to early 4.66. and Zanduwhich together have about 85% of India's domestic market. there are over 1. Reliance on Ayurvedic medicine is heavy in certain regions of India. The key suppliers in Ayurveda are Babur. Such as having traditional herbal ingredients in the composition of toiletries. dollars.812 22. Number of registered medical practitioners : 3.100 2. So that there are today 30 companicsdooing a million dollars or more per year in business to meet the growing demand for Ayurvedic medicine.OOO Ayurvedic practitioners. Number of specialties in post graduates medical training 8.00. India has about 5.Baidyanath.00.195 33. Number of teaching institutions (under graduate) 6. I.000 homeopathicphysiians. Number of dispensaries 3. The industry has been dominated by less than a dozen major companies for decades. Most of the large Ayurvedic medicines suppliers provide materials other than Ayurvedic medicines.Ayurvedic in lnida is in the order of one billion U. The products of these companies are included within the broad category of "Fast Moving Consumers Goods" (FMCG).400 2. joined recently by a few others that have followed their lead. The market for Ayurvedic internal medicines is dominated byChyawanprash. Number of hospital beds 5. May Ayurvedic practitioners in small villages arc not registered. The Indian governeiunent and non-government organizations have collected statistics on the Ayurvedic system in India and the following data about the manpower and institutional aspects of Ayurveda have emerged. 60% of registered physicians are involved in non-allopathic system of medicine. such as in the South west of Kerala. Number of pharmacies manufacturing Ayurvedic medicines In India.70.S. an herbal honey comprised of about 3 donzen ingredients. with amla . Number of hospitals 4. Number of upgraded post graduate departments 7.

and other western countries is Maharishi Ayurveda products. Exports of Ayurvedic medicines ha\e icached a value of 150 million dollars a year (aboui 25% the value of the entireAyurvedic industry in India). The leader in this field is Uabur. With the popularization of herbal medicine in recent decades. and other topical preparations. shampoos. . Products and connot be otherwise exported. numerous species used in making rraditionalformaulas are becoming endangered. traditional formulations. it is mainly obtained in Nepal. Other issues influence the potential spread of Ayurvedic medicines. skin creams. 35 of which are said to be important medicinal. while the remainder of the market is taken up by toothpastes and powders. currently located in Colorado. A variety of individual herbs. about 30% is finished products shipped abroad for direct sales to consumers.(cmblicmyrobalans) as the key ingredient.S. Two of the largest companies involved with providing traditional medicine product arc Himalaya Drug Company and universal medicaments. 120 economically useful plants in India are endangered. An example is Nardostachys (jatamansi). Universal Medicaments has joint venture for scorch and manufacturing of herbal products with Cipla Ltd. which had a 69% market share at the end of 2009. According to one estimate. and the remaining 1U% is partially preaprcd products to be fmsihed in the foreign countries. And Lupin engaged in manufacturing and exports of both pharmaceutical formulation and research based herbal medicines. About 60% of this crude herbs (to be manufactured into products outside India). followed by Baidyanalh with nearly 11 %. Three are serious issues problems with traditional Ayurvedic Medicines in the west. International. which is now permitted only in manufactured.* Foreigners to India bring distressing stores about the status of Ayurvedic medicine education in India. massage oils.5% each. along with the rapid growth in population. and Zandu and Himani (Emami group) with about 7. The biggest supplier of Ayurvedic herb product for the U. which indicates that there arc problems arising in the source country. and proprietary medicines make up the rest of the health products section involving internal remedies.

TheAshtavaidyas.9% in 2009-10. marmachikitsaetc arc the main treatment methods among them. Ayurvedic College Thiruvananthapuram. With a large domestic market.Keala is the only state that practices this ancient Indian system of medicine in its true sense. Now.5 STATE SCENARIO When it comes to ayurveda. In later becomes a property of Kerala Stae and it began to be officially known as a college in 1918.7%. Manufacturing growth has more than doubled from*3. The selfless service of Ashtavaidyas of Kerala played an important roel in the development and flourish of Ayurveda in the past two-three centuries. who are from the Namboodiri or Brahmin caste. There are five Ayurvedic medical colleges under Kerala Government and other sixAyurvedic medical colleges. The fervor of Rajas and the selfless service of Ayurvedicpractiioncrs and teachers made Kerala the cardinal center for Ayurveda. There are also unique methods. .8% was almost same as compared with last year's growth of 6. the Indian Fconomy growth of 6. pizluehil. of Ayurvedic practices developed in Kerala. Keala Ayurveda is much organized than in other parts of India. resilient banking system and a policy of gradual liberalization of capitalaccount. is the biggest one in Inida. Njavarakkizhi. because they were knowledgeable about all the eithtanga or branches of Astanga (eight-branched)Ayurvcda.000 hospitals and treatment centers in the private sector.In 2009-10. A major part of the population depends solely on Ayurveda. 3. They are called ashtavaidays. were once demoted in social status by other Brahmins become they considered it is impure to deal with blood (in surgery) and tocuhing the people of lower castes. Credit growth declined in the later part of 2008-09 reflecting slowdown of the economy in general and the industrial sector in particular. Ayurvedic medicines and ayurvedic lifestyle for treating diseases and slaying healthy. which was stalled by the Maharaja of erstwhile Travancore dynasty to impartAyurvedic knowledge to the members of the ruling family. India will be able to recover from the adverse cttect of globalfinaical crisis and recession.2% in 2008-09 to 8. there is a network 108 Ayurvedic hospitals under direct government control in Kerala and there are more than 2.

clinics. As was custom of those days leading Ayurvedic physicians used to I manufacture medicine for their clinical practice in the same premises with vigilance.G. the company approved the incorporation of a subsidiary in Singapore. skin and beauty care products. KAL also owns and operates a Green Leaf certified Ayurveda hospital at Kochi. including health supplements. KAL has a modreu GMP certified manufacturing facility where it manufactures over 270 classical and proprietarv herbal formulations. and healthcare services and software business.K. incliding therapeutic formulations. Kerala Ayurveda Ltd. Building a new momentum for "Wellness Naturally" within India. boasts of a wide network of more than 40clincs. Kerala Ayurveda Limited was founded over 60 ycarss ago by the renowned Ayurveda acharay Late Vaidyan K. resorts and wellness centres offer a range of Ayurvedic lifestyle products. The company's clinics. It also has a well-established research and . In June 2009. NUTRAVEDA Pte.4. Its footprint spans academies.Panicker in 1945. " KA1. books. LldAVhich will focus on marketing Ayurvedic products globally. formerly Krala Ayurveda Pharmacy Limited. teas. spices." is the only lull spectrum Ayurveda Company in India and is listed on the Bombay Slock (Exchange (BSE). hospital resorts and services. products. and compact discs. Me was a doyen in Ayurvedic system. Kochi and Kerala. KAL was founded on the banks of river Periyai at Aluva. produces a range of 350Ayurvedic medicines. a visionary and a mentor. Its manufacturing facility at Athani. "KAL-Envioning a Healthier Tomorrow" Kerala Ayurveda Limited. KAL. The wellness clinic expansion program is gaining fast momentum with upgraded clinics and a fast devclopingpartshipwith broad based medical centers like Manicpal care and cure. Kerala. KAL has undertakiie the missionof "Evolving Ayurveda" so as to adapt it to the requirements of the modern world without losing its original tradition and* goodness. specialty foods. is an India based company.Thc Company has two segments :Ayuvcda business. Il has a herbarium with approximately 1200 species of medicinal plants.s franchisee outlets and hospitals in various parts ol the country.1 KERALA AYURVEDA LIMITED Kerala is believed to be the land where Ayurveda evolved into the iniemationallyacclamined medical system that is it today.

The group management has foucused its vision "Be the global bridge that delivers the India advantage: for India and form India" byidentifying wellness and Ayurveda as the main elements of this India advantage. The Katra Group.P. Kerala Ayurveda has over 100 Ayurvedic doctors. Ayurvedagram has created a traditional Kerala ethnic ad healing ambience by transplanting 165. Some common ailments for which treatments arc offered include Spondylitics. Ayurveda Hospitals . and Australia. Cholesterol and Age Related diseases. more than half century later. The R &D department has formulated.year old Heritage houses and palaces.200 species. media and real estate where it co-opts strong global partners to ensure world class delivery. Now. Spine& Joint Care. tried and launched various formulations which are well established in India as well as in countries like USA. Stress Management. It has been disigned as an Ayurvedic village with programs focusing on Detoxification. his creation epitomizes all that is modem and state-of-the-art in Ayurveda. the katra Group has prouiotedbusinesss across key strategic verticals.K. Japan. is the majority shareholder in Kerala Ayurveda Limited. Ulcer. the Netherlands.Panicker think of large scale manufacturing unit. Rheumaatism. Anti-Obesity and Lifestyle Disease Manangement. graduates and post-graduates. In addition. This was the beginning of the kerala Ayurveda Ltd. Government of India and has one of the largest herbal gardncs with a collection of over 1. A USS 500milliion enterprise. The Group has invested heavily in Kerala Ayurveda Ltd and Katra PhytochemicalsPvi Ltd. Back problems. the group employs 5.development center approved by the Department of Science &Tchcnology. Rcjuventation.000 people worldwide and supports a network of over 0-000 fanners in India. marine logistics. The growing demand for his medicines made Vaidyan K. Diabetes. The group has a strong professional management team supported by a Global Board of accomplished business leaders with extensive experience in building and spearheading large business across industries and diverse global geographies.G. Sinusitis Arthritic. A portion of all KAL profits goes to support the Asha Foundation which is involved in helping autistic children. The Katra group has built a strategic presence across diverse sectors that mirror India's economic boom. KAL also runs an Ayurveda Wellness Resort at Bangalore which is a heritage property of global acclaim. founded by Ramesh and KatharinVangal. including technology.

To develop cost effective Ayurveda formulations and therapeutic practices for common and chronic ailments with the support of clinical and industrial R& O." MISSION "Grow and be globally most admired for Ayurveda products and services that Delight Customers. To provide medical praclioncrs with cost effective Ayurveda medicines at competitive price. KAL is backed up by advanced technology and highly qualified dedicated staff. 2. KAL is truly on a mission to be the primary choice in Ayurveda globally. Naturarlly. A leading Ayurvedi ccompany today. In spite of the advent of most modern quality control method and material. Today. Still KAL consider it sacred. Cure and Wellness." 1. while delivering Knowledge. 3. growing at a spectacular rale with new clinics. VISION "Delight Consumers with Globally Admired Ayurveda Products and Services That Deliver wellness. and a wellness resort in Bangalore. naturally and effectively.located across South India. 4. To contribute to the further development of Ayurveda as an effective system of health care on the service of international community by adapting modern management methods and techniques. The company is credited with an extensive product range of 300 classical Ayurvedic products and 50 patented and proprietary products with high reputation. 5. To helpAyurvcdic profession to adapt and absorb the latest development facilities clinics and franchisee clinics. they still believe in the traditional sensory' quality control. To use only the best technology and strictly adhere to Good manufacturing practice. Some of KAL's products are on the verge of being patented. . new market stgrategies. Kerala Ayurveda Limited is a major force in health care. new products and new cures.

carry on and manage educational Institutions for Scientific and Medical studies and research. exporting. import. establishing and managing Herbarium and medicinal gardens growing medicinal and aromatic plants and to procure. preparing. running and managing scientific. prepare. Health Resorts. blending. tinctures tablets and capsules. derivatives. and fruits of medicinal value. export. selling." Guiding principles . nuts. processing. dealing in ayurveda Medicines.  To Carry on the business of establishing. conducting and managing hospitals. process. Clinics. Pharmaceutical preparation. Motto of the company "Contribution towards Ayurveda as an effective system of healthcare in the service of community. flowers. extracts. family Welfare Centre-. compounds. sell and deal in Ayurveda Medicinal plants. seeds. formulating. leaves. essences. roots. purchasing. purchase. and institutions for Nursery.  To propagate and develop Ayurveda and other Traditional systems of medicines and medical treatments. progress and efficacy of the Ayurveda systems and other | medical disciplines. Other major objects of the company are  To carry on the business of establishing. Yoga and other systems of medicines.  To establish. Nursing Homes. clinical and fundamental  Research Centres for the advancement. • To carry on the business of manufacturing.Main objects of the company. Mobile Dispensaries. importing. extract. Maternity and Child Welfare Centres. To carry on the business of organizing. Midwifery and para Medical and Laboratory Courses and for conducting short term and logn term courses in Ayurveda. stems.. formulations.

1979 : Kerala Pharmacy started marketing the drugs manufactured by Pensem drugs and Pharmaceuticals (Pvt. Respond promptly to customer needs. x. The division also has taken up the responsibility of setting up a reference library and Ayurvedicsm museum to preserve rare manuscripts and materials of antique value.K. Manufacture products of high quality Focus on the customer in all level of actions. 1985 : The company shifted manufacturing operations to Alhani with mechanized plant . Treat everyone with trust and respect to build a team. An Ayurvedic quarterly journal named and styled as KAL vaidyam is published by this division. ii. audio and video CD's and tapes on Ayurveda for the public and the scientific community. vii. Milestones 1945 : KAL was started by Late Vaidyan K. Product development based upon the market requirement. development and delegation Reduces cost constantly to remain competitive. IV. Develop personnel’s by training. Innovate Continuously to excel in products and services.) Ltd. viii. Pamckenvith 20 employees in Aluva. v. ix. Publication Division KA:. has set up a Publication Division to publish Ayurvcdic materials. Flam through profits to funds growth and diversification Maintain clean safe and healthy environment.i. iii. 1977 : The proprietary' concern was converted to partnership firmon 15-2-1977 to infuse more capital. The division is designed to publish books .G. vi.

10crore. subscribed & paid up capital was 61. In February. 10/. 2005 : Kerala health care Pvt. KNayanar. 206 : The company was taken over by KATRA SOFT. : An Ayurvedic hospital was set up at Aluva named "AmruthamAyurcedic Hospital'. 10/.00.each and issued. Bangalore. 1992 : It was decided to amalgamate two of the group companies namely "Kerala Ayurveda Pharmacy Private Ltd" and "Pharmaceuticals Ltd" to the new company " Kerala Ayurveda Pharmacy Ltd". 1991 : The partnership firm was converted as Private Ltd. 1995 : The shares were lisctcd in CSL and BSE. .000 shares of Rs 10/.each 1997 : The manufacturing Division with modern facilities was inaugurated on 24-05-1997 by Sri. 2007 : 2011 : Jan 29 : Feb 10 : Kerala Aurveda signs MoU with Tata Global Beverages. the Chief Minister of Kerala (with 8 GV and 9 JV Vessels).3% of shares are in dematerialized from with the main object of manufacturing.60. E. 10.00. Companywoth authorized capital of 7. 09-05968.each fully paid up & 65.000 equity shares of Ks. Banaras Hindu University enters into collaboration with Kerala Ayurveda. Its name was changed to " KERALA AYURVEDA LIMITED" (KAL). 1987 1989 : Marketing system planned in full swing. With Reg No. Bangalore. the company made a public issue of 30 lakhs equity shares of RS.with boiler and steam vessel facilities. Ltd. Company and was incorporated by the name " Kerala Pharmacy Private Ltd". 2001 : Ayurvedagram wellness entire jacket an ayurvedic health resort of KAPL commenced its operations in White Field. On that day " Kerala Pharmacy Private Ltd" was incoiporatcd as Public Ltd. Bangalore amalgamated with KAPL increasing its authorized capital of T Rs. 1992 : On 6 ill July the company was registered. blending of medicines in 9 modernized manner.

enhancing immunity and revitalizing the whole bodily systems. rheumatoid arthritis. Manufacturing of Ayurvedic products :Hundreds ofAyurvedic herbs have been continuously used for more than five thousand years in the Indian subcontinent. Eminent doctors as well as trained paramedical staff.Major operations Kerala Ayurveda Limited aims at contributing further to the development of Ayurveda to serve the international community in health care management. Clinics : KAL Ayurvedic Clinics are unique Ayurvedic treatment centres. ulcer. It is also a unique storehouse of Ayurvcdickashayas. skin diseses and other geneial ailments. pro\ idc maximum care to the parient. Clinics Academies Hospitals Resorts Services A. overcoming fatigue. choomamsand patent formulation manufactured by KAL. ghrithams. b. Treatment is available for various ailments like arthritis. Clinics oiler the expert consultation services of experienced Ayurvedic doctors. revitalizing the nervous system. . Manufacturing of Ayurvedic products. improving complexion. f. KAL clinics is not meant for the diseased alone but for others too. These time-tested herbal formaulas have been therapeutically effective in both preventing as well as healing various diseases. d. They have excellent facilities for rendering all types of Ayurvedic treatment. e. B. who may benefit in many ways by nourishing the body. KAL is managed in : a. arishtas. lehyas. sinusitis. promoting sound sleep. c.

E. Education at Ayurveda Academy may be evaluated for use in Hindu University's Master's Degree in Ayurveda Sciences. by the State of Washington and internationally by the International Academy of Ayurveda in pune. Our course content and formats are based on the curriculum offered by leading Ayurveda Universities in India. classroom ' teaching. but also the most comprehensive Ayurveda courses available outside of India. Academies :- The academy is committed to giving you the highest quality Ayuvcdic training. Rejuvenation. Yoga and Meditation Center.S. The instructors who teach at our Academy are experienced faculty. (KAL). Dispensary'. Ayurvedagram has created a traditional Kerala ethnic and healing ambience by transplanting 165-year old Heritage house and Palaces. They are not only academically challenging and intellectually stimulating. all under the personalized attention of impeccably trained staff. physicians and professors from leading institutions. The resort is an Ayurvedic village with Resident Ayurvedic Physicians. Eminent doctors as well as trained paramedical staff provide the best care to the patient. graduates have the option of doing additional internship programs in India D. Therapists a Health Centre. Spine & Joint Care. Residential Heritage Cottages and Vegetarian Restaurant. practical training and clinical internship. Ayurveda Academy is approved in the U. Stress Management. Anti-Obesity and Lifestyle Disease Management schemes.C. Some . The health care programs at Ayurvedagram focus on Detoxification. Resorts :- Set in the quite ambience of Nanire. ALUVA . Ayurvedagram is managed by Kerala Ayurveda Ltd. Hospitals : KAL Hospital. India and the International Holistic Health Institute in Bangalore. Our courses include course manuals.A unique Ayurvedic hospital having excellent infrastructure to accommodate twenty patients at a time and for rendering all types of Ayurvedic treatment. India State Department of Education.

4. Bangalore. The resort employs tradition and time tested remedies of Ayurveda to heal the body and enrich the soul. Manaas and lllams have been recreated to give the perfect ambience of serenity. F. Bank problems. At yogavedagra. Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Centre Pvt.67% 51% Exports KAL caters not only for the domestic requirements. Arthritis. 6. Ayurveda believes in the need for soothing environments as a part of the healing process.Kov ilakant. a part ofAyurvedagram seeks to impart the knowledge of yoga for the purpose of general well being and as a therapeutic to provide relief and cure from specific ailments. I he traditional homes of Kerala Nalukcttu. 7. Ayu Inc. Ltd. Nutravcda PTE Ltd. It is now one of the lending exporters of . Above Operations are under KAL and its subsidiaries This company has seven subsidiaries as on 31 st March 2010 SL NO NAME LOCATION %OF HOLDING 1. CMS Katra Holdings LLC CMS Katra Nursing LLC (Step down subsidiary) 100% 100% 100% 100% 81. Rheumatism. 5. the ambience fo greenery is complimented with architectural splendors of the era bygone.Cholcstergols and Age related diseases. Service:- Yogavedagram. Ayurvedic Academy Inc. 3. Diabetes. Ulcer. Sinuslitis. Ayu National Medicine Clinic P.common ailments for which treatments are offered include Spondylitics.S. India USA USA USA Singapore USA USA 74% 2. Ayurvedagram offers a whole range of rejuvenative and therapeutic programs to suit the diversified needs of its very special guests.

which are located within and outside Kerala. government of Kerala. KAL exports classical as well as proprietary medicines to various countries like USA. KAL also exports Ayurvedic expertise like trained doctors and paramedical staff to various Ayurvedic centers globally Cultivation and conservation of herbs KAL has a vast herbal garden with more than 1.Ayurvedic products. It serves as a conservatory and nursery of herbs. In this group there are hospitals in many places. KAL has 3 hospitals in kerala situated at Aluva. Health care services.) oil massages. etc. Kasargodc and Calicut and outside Kerala at Somajiguda in Hyderabad and Kumaran in Chennai. Japan. skin disease. This division is engaged in the production of bit of healthy seedling and their distribution to fanners with a buy backs arrangement to induce the habit of manufactures of medicine in its farm at Thali. KAL Clinics :KAL clinics are unique Ayurvcdic centers providing excellent ayurvedic services. Malaysia. Ayurvedic hospitals :- Kerala Ayurveda Limited has an Ayurvedic hospital at Aluva. sinusitis. These clnics ensure the services of eminent Ayurvedic physicians and competent therapists. 1. etc. Effective treatment is available for diseases that include osteo arthritis. Switzerland. KAL hospital has been accredited with "GREEN LEAF" certification by department of tourism.000 species of medicinal plants at Kottai. gynecological problems. KAL manages a chain of 70 direct outlets. In addition to this clinic offers Kerala specially treatment like Panchakanna ( five .fold therapy. It is a unique Ayurvedic hospital having excellent infrastructure to accommodate 20 patients at a time and for rendering all types of Ayurvedic treatments. . Rasayana Chikits 2. Apart from medicines. ulcer.

Ayurvedagram is an Ayurvedic resort manged by KAL. therapists. Cholesterol. The health care programs at Ayurvedgram focus on detoxification. Stress Management and several other kcrala therapies. stress management. this ethnicAyurvedic Health Resort has been transplanted from Kerala into 7 acres of herbal garden at Banalore. anti-obesity and life style disease management schemes . Backed by one of India's leading Ayurvediclnslituion. Vcg Resturnnt and an ever-attentive sen ice staff. heritage collages. Rejuvenation. Health Centredispensary. Kerala Ayurveda Limited (KAL). health care dispensary. The resort is an ayurvedic village with rcsidcntayurvcdic physicians. Therapists. Ayurvedagram Ayurvedic Health resort is an Ayurvedic village with resident Ayurvedic physicians. Whether you arc looking for Ayurvedic treatment of a weekend getaway in an Ayurvedic Health Spa. KAL has rejuvenation and theraphy center located at Banagalore. yoga and mcditationcentre. AyurvedagramAyurvcdic Health Resort has a whole range of programs to suit every individuals need.3. Sinusitis. Peptic Ulcer etc using common Ayurvedic therapies suchasPanchakarma. Ayurvedgram Heritage Wellness Centre (earlier known as Ayurgram Health Resort) is rated amongst the lop Five Spas or Ayurvedic Health resorts (Ayurvedic icsorts) in the country and provides authentic Ayurvedic I reatments for specific aliments such as Arthritis. residential heritage collages and vegctariean restaurants. Yoga and meditation Centre. Taking you back by over hundreds of years. India's Garden city. Obesity. it steals you away into a whole new world of ethnic charm. Spondylitis. Ayurvcdagram:- As you enter Ayurvedagram. Rejuvcnnalion.

Branches outside kerala i. F. Prnakulain Njarakkal. Ernakulani Thalayolaparamby. Aluva. K ottayam Thuravoor. R & D wing of KAL has lab for testing drugs. K AL's plant in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified. 8. Palarivattom. Bangalore Chcnnai Madurai Mumbai Hyderabad. hrnakularn 10. 4. ii.2 ACHIEVEMENTS AND AWARDS 1. hmakulam North Paravur. Government of Kerala 4. 3. 9. v. Kuruvilangadu. 5. Allepy. 2.rnakulam Vaikoni. Branches outside kerala i. Kalamasscrv. which is approved by department of Science and Technology. GREEN LEAF certification by Department of Tourism. Branches in Kerala :- 1 2. Ernakulani Tripunithura. 7.Ernakulam Udyogamandal. Knrnaiaka. Bangalore . Kerala Corporate Office Bangalore. 3.4. iii. iv.3 BRANCHES. Head Office Athani. 6.

Guluguluthithain) . 4. Maharasnadi. skin and beauty care products.ii. Classical medicines :- These arc formulations manufactured based on Ayurveda formulatory of India.000 year old sciiplures. Their hospitals.5 PRODUCT PROFILE KAL's manufacturing unit at Alhani. These are developed from 3. Some of them are : a. Chennai Madurai Mumbai Hyderabad.4 NEW LOOK WELLNESS CENTRES Edapally. KAL produces 300 types of classical medicines. The products manufactured in KAL are classified in two categories : 1. Kajasthan Trikuta Nagar. clinics and resorts offer a full range of Ayurvedic lifestyle products. Kcrala produces a range of 350 classical and proprietary Ayurvedic medicines. iv. Jammu 4. v. NCR Delhi Jaipur. iii. Kerala IdiranagarBanglore. Kwathas (Kashayas) RanadiKashayam. KAL follows the traditional method for manufacturing these products. RT Nagar. Bangalore Green Park. NCR Delhi Gurgaon. NCR Delhi Noida. including health supplements.

g.Ajax i. Arishtas and Asavas (Dasamoolam. c. b. c. Katrasoft Katrasoft is the technology division of Kala group. h. Biogest Ghmin Leposem : An anti-infective remedy from nature. . Brahmi Pearl J. Katrasoft operates as a division of Kerala Ayurveda Limited. a multinational company with divrerse in over 15 domains and investments in over 20 companies. R & D division. Some of them are : a. d. Promatil : K. Proprietary medicines :- These medicines arc manufactured based on the formulae developed by the KAL. Pain Killer : Rheumatic Complaints : Vitality for men : Brain Nourisher Energizer Vitamin C e. : A complete liver tonic. f. Sudarsauasavam) Lehya and Rasayana (Aswanthathil ehyam. KAL manufactures 50 types of patent and proprietary medicines. Prostect. Baalarishtam. Mayaxil G. d.Kesini Oil f. e. : A safer appioach to treat diabetes. Logon : An ideal herbal iron supplement with natural : A hair tonic for growth and blacking of hair and for treating dandruff. Rasna Gulgul h. . Agaslhyrasayanam) Ghrita Gulika (Pills) Choorna Taila Kuzhambu 2. The products are clinically tested before launching in market. Ibe if tgcikdest banes ubAtyrveda which is a listed company owned by Katra groups.b.

The center is easily assessable since it is located about 10 kms. Pearce Mr. demonstrations and hand onb training. S. The center is well equipped and conducts various training programs related with avurveda. 4. Panicker Mr.C. Near Kochi in Kerala India. Ramesh Vangal : : : : Mr. Rajagopalan Mr. Krishnamurthy Vice Chairman MD & ECO Executive director Board of Directors . Ronald. K. T.4. 3. 5.7 Company At a Glance Name Business Founder Chairman : : : : Keral ayurvedic Limted Manufacturing Ayurvedic Medicines Late Sr.G.r A. The traiing center. Mohan Mr. George. : The Academy Center to need of : 1. 4. Jacob Dr. Medical Officers Therapists Foreign Nationals Ayurvedic Enerpneurs Ayurvedic Enthusiasts Ayurvedic Medical Representatives Methodology: The courses contain lectures. discussion. Anil Kumar M. K.6TRAIN1NG KAL has started its own Ayurvedic training center in view of propagating authentiuc Ayurveda. K. 2.K. Sonjoy Mohanty Dr. called KERALA AYURVEDA ACADEMY is functioning as an annex to KAL Ayurveda Hospital at Aluva. from the Nedumbassery International Airport [cochin]. 6. M.

rnakulam682 035 Bankers : AXIS Bank Ltd. Cochin 682 025 : Auditors 41/427. Bangalore-560 008 Registered year 1992 : Mathew M/s Maharaj. Rajan& Corporate Office : Chartered Accountant. Subramanian (Alternate to Ms. JunctionPalarivattom. Vangal) Company Secretary : Mr. HAL 2 nd Stage..hi7. Nedumbassery. : M/s Integrated Enterprises (1 )Ltd. Athani P. Zimpel. K.O. : VTI/415. 1134.Ms.683 India Email: info@Kcialaavur\'eda. Raghunadhan Registered Office & Factory 585. Anand. Kerala. Bangalore Registrar A Transfer Agents : . : No. M. Zimpel.\V'ebsitc\Vebsite www . Rajaji Road. G. Vangal Mr. Aluva. Road. 100 Feet Road. Katharin. F. Indiranagar. NcarAbad Metro Motel. Seema. Katharin. I st Floor. Pratheeksha Buildings.kera laavurvcda. S.

Organizing. "PODSCORB" mean planning. Directing. The structure of an organization will determine the moods in which it shall operate and will perform.Every organisation should have a sound organisational structure for the healthy functioning. The structure of an organization is usually set up in one of a variety of styles. KAL's organizational structure is functional. Ordinary description of such entities is a baranch. in which organization stands record level of activities until the organizing part is achieved the company cannot proceeds further. development. work groups and single people. dependent on their objectives and ambience. Budgeting. . Reporting.ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE Organisation is an important place in the Management Concern without a proper organization the companies hierarchy cripples down it is like a blind leading a blind unitl a proper organization and the achieved defining of relationship between management. An Organisational structure is mostly hierarchical concept of subordination of entities that collaborate and to serve one common aim. Functional structure is one which employees are grouped together on the basis of the business function they need to do their job. Staffing. Coordinating. Organisations are a member of clustered entities. Organizational structure allows expressed allocation of responsibilities for different functions and processors to different entities. site.


The departments of Kerala Ayurveda Ltd are as follows:1. PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT 2. MARKETING DEPARTMENT 6. PURCHACE DEPARTMENT 4. SALES DEPARTMENT 3.Functional departments A department is the effect and effective grouping of jobs into meaningful work units to coordinates numerous jobs all for the expeditious accomplishment for the organisation objectives. FINANCE DEPARTMENT 7. HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT 5. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT . Its department grows more and submits are created which in turn add more levels of management the functions of an enterprise are grouped homogenously into different sections .

In KAL there are 3 production divisions. kashayams. KAL manufacturing unit is situated at Athani. lehyas and Kuzhambu etc. Some prior manufacturing process like raw material washing. Raw Durg Division :It is situated at Kottai. The entire process is free from the use of any chemicals. cutting. Proprietary Remedies Division (PRD) :- This division produces patent and proprietary medicines. capital. They are : 1. and etc. 2. Manger deals with coordinating production process and arranging the things for production. used for manufacturing. The finance department arranges capital required for . mostly herbs are.1. Nedumbassery. information and energy into tlnishporoducls and services. Classical Remedies Division (CRD) :- It is the division which produces classic all medicines like arishtas.6. is dumped in this division as per the master formula The raw drug division issues this material to the manufacturing unit. Group manager leads production department of KAL. Aluva.1 PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT Production is any process or procedure to transfer a set of elements like men. The divisions accommodates modern technology withour sacrificing traditional values. It also has a herbarium unit. drying. material. chopping. 1. Manufacturing process is under the vigilant eye of physicians and quality mangers. The production departments collect data from market about lite demand of products.1 PRODUCTION CONTROL AND PLANNING PROCEDURE:Production is an important function of an organization. Over 700 fresh raw materials. medicines. 6.

Dryer 6. it will be send to the store and from the store it will be taken by the marketing department to meet the orders. If they approve that the quality is good. Mixer 5. In KAL. 3. Every month production department will have a meeting with the marketing and finance department. MACHINES FOR PRODUCITON : The machines available in the company are . . 2.D) department for quality control. Concentration Vessels. it will be send to packing section. Tabulating Press 8.production process.searcfh and Development (R &.2. marketing department will tell about monthly plan. then the production planning and control will send requirements ot the purchase departments. After production the product will send to RF. tStrip Packing Machine.production department will receive orders from the marketing department s.1. Then finance department allocates the fund necessary. 1. In that meeting. 6. 7. Granier. Worker :.commission There are 82 workers in the production department. Filling and Packing Machines 4. In these. most of them are skilled workers. After packing. Lxtracton Vessels.


Korea. Russia. 2.2. KAL provides both cash and credit sales. Sales volume is one of the most important Variables affecting profit. 6. Singapore. Export Sales.1 TYPES OF SALES 1. Credit periods arc allowed up to 30 days from the date of sales. mainly in south . The sales depots are run by the company as well as by some external agencies. 6.2 SALES PROCEDURE :The modus operandi is as follows:- .west pan. USA. National sales :- KAL's products are sold in national markets.2 SALES DEPARTMENT Sales Department is one of the core department in any company.K. They have their own deports where all the KAL's products are displayed. :- KAL's products are mainly exponed to Germany. The finished goods after ("inspection are sent to sales department.2. Sales arc carried out directly by Kerala Ayurveda Ltd.6. Local or domestic Sales :- KAL sells their products in al districts in Kerala. Company has its branches and franchisees throughout Kerala. and U. 3. Japan. KAL has its branches in many of the states.

2. ascertainment of the raw materials. Local markets. PURCHASE DEPARTMENT TRUCTURE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR . Purchasing manager leads the purchase department for KAL Purchase manager deals with purchase of raw materiasl. Invite quotation from suppliers. They are : 1. determine the quality and quantity.1 AVAILABILITY OF RAW MATERIALS KAL has one of the largest herbal gardens with the collection of over 1. The particulars of the store indent are entered in the register in purchase department. enquiryis sent in the prescribed enquiry from quoting at the quality. In KAL.200 species engaged in contract farming of herbs and cultivation of herbs under organic farming.4. Direct Purchase from farmers. etc. 6. 3. After checking whether their required specifications are met or not. issue of materials to storem etc.4 PURCHASE DEPARTMENT Purchase department is one of the most important departments in KAL.4.6. this department has a store division and it is managed by a store keeper. purchasing materials are kept in a separate division called Raw Drug Division. Two copies of the store indent are maintained and it consists of the description of the item purchased. Itshoud be signed by the general manager. As a next step of purchase. Purchase is made after receiving the store indent from the store. its quality. 4. There are mainly three ways by which raw materials are purchased by the company.5. purpose etc. 6. This division is situated in Kottai. it is accepted or rejected. Item rare/unit.

5.1 DETAILS ABOUT HR . HR department is concerned with people dimension. job design. such as inviting applications. The 1IR manager and IIR executive manager the dependent functions. appointment of employees. The department also provides enough information to the employees about the company's present state and the further goals. interviews. KAL has a well structure and efficient HR department. IIR department maintains a detailed report about each employee in which past and present performance level will be furnished. safely and multi facets of industrial revolution.PURCHASE MANAGER DEPUTY MANAGER STORE KEEPER 6. The department gives induction training to all employees with respect to their designations. training and motivating their employees. In KAL. 6. It basically includes activities such as HR planning. The HR department in KAL is very keen in selecting. employee remuneration and motivation. The management maintains good relationship with their employees. which plays a major role in the excellent performance in the company and overall successful administration of the organization. training and development of employees is a very important function of the HR department.4 HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT Human resource is the most important asset of an organization and their effective management is the key to success. conducting tests. The 11R department has established several schemes and projects for the appraisal and welfare of the employees. It deals with recruitment of employees. performance appraisal and job evaluation. welfare. etc.

Leaves :- All employees are given leave in accordance with provisions of the Factories Act. 2ndshifl . Number of employees :- In KAL. 3.1. Uniforms :- Workers have uniforms : Navy blue shirt and pants for male workers and blue sarec for workmen. Each worker Inserts his card in electronic punching clock at the tune of arrival and departure.4 pm to 12 am. 19*18. They are : General shift . The details about leave arc as follows :  52 off days. Most of the employees arc females.  13 casual leave. In addition.8 am to 4 pm. The company has two shifts in a day for the workent and a general shift for the officers and staff. there arc 425 employees. . Attendance :- All workmen register their attendance at least 5 minutes before the stipulated shift time. 2. except clerical staff. 4. Workmen attending late are liable to wage deductions on prorate basis.9 am to 5 pin 1 st shift . there are 87 contract employees and 30casual works. 5. Attendance is recorded using punching card system. wear light titling clothes or uniform during working hours as may be prescribed by the company. Shift system .- The company works on the basis of shift.

 Maternity leave. 18 privilege leave. 6. The recruitment policy in its broadest sense is as follows: 1. .5. copmay policies. Selection :The selection of the office staff is based on qualification. To provide programs and facilities for personal growth on the job. FUNCTIONS OF HR DEPARTMENT :Recruitment :Recruitment is one of lite important functions of HR department in an organization. To find the best qualified person for each job 2. Induction :- Induction is the process of introducing an employee to the organization. To offer challenging opportunities for lifetime working career. 3. rules and regulations. The responsibility of introducing an employee will be with HR department. In KAL.2. applications are mainly invited by : Reference by employees External sources: Seniority basis from the existing employees. The performance of the workers is analyzed at the time of training. responsibilities and workers etc. In Kerala Ayurveda Ltd.  Medical leave.

7. Canteen facilities. These are assessed through tests and interviews by experts. Medical allowance 8. 6. 5. the other criteria are efficiency and skill.5. first aid applications 3.Training :KAL provides training for their employees at the time of job. Kerala Ayurveda Ltd. Mask. 1.3. Uniforms 4. demonstration and handles training 6. Executive employees are provided training outside the organization. Drinking water facilities. cap. Every year. METHODOLOGY.The course contains lectures. HR department will enquire with all department heads whether any employee needs training or not. Training will be for 3 days from 10 am to 4 pin Promotion :- In KAL promotion is provided on the basis of performance and experience. WELFARE MEASURES Welfare means faring well.5. Provides various welfare facilities to the employees. Washing facilities. 2. Recreation facility 6.12 HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT STRUCTURE . Except these. discussion.

MD&CEO SENIOR MANAGER ASSISTANT MANAGER WELFARE OFFICER STAFF 6. Marketing managers arc often responsible for influencing the level.6 MARKETING DEPARTMENT Marketing management is a business discipline focused on the practical application of marketing techniques and the management of a firm's marketing resources and activities. . timing and composition of customer demand in a manner that will achieve the company's objective.

Marketing department is one of the most important departments for each and every concern. .D. Karikodc. KAL's marketing Strategy evolves ar4ound its product quality. market manager leads marketing department. Koltackal. Branches are directly controlled by the company. Oushadi Pharmaceuticals. Niche marketing is typically a small market. 6.2. KAL markets their products through their branches and franchisees. The company does not aim at marketing profit by competing with the local manufactures rather it aims at niche marketing. MARKETING STRATEGY The strategy that has been adopted by the firm is customer oriented. AryaVaidhyasal. Thodnpzha. S. 6. Marketing department adopts sales promotion.6. Meeting places a hilarious role in uplifting good sales. Thrissur. COMPETITORS The main competitors to the Kerala Ayurveda Ltd. Pharmacy.Arc : 1. 8.1. Vaidarathnam. In KAL.6. 7. Dabur 2. Marketing does not include the sales of the product but it also involves the awareness about the product in the market. Bodhi 5.Marketing is the first step for efficient sales. Nagarjuna. Malappuram 3. Alappuzha 4. 6. Advertisement and personal selling program and also prepares marking policies. Needs are not well secured.

Ultimately. POSITION AND TARGET MARKET SEGMENT Rather than complete with small scale manufacturers and indulge in profit . National market and Export market. To explore new market of the company's product. KAL is committed to use the latest technology in the field of Ayurveda processing and continuously upgrades its processes. b. As there are products that cannot be duplicated by other manufacturers with low technologies base and product development capabilities.3. OBJECTIVES 1. Effectively with the sales department strategies and of co-effectively company's develop product formulate marketing’s based on feedback. 2.5 FUNCTIONS OF MARKETING DEPARTMENT a.4. KAL commands a sizable presence in its largest segment. 4.6. COORDINATE customer feedback. About 50% of sales constitute interstate sales (local market) 6. price war KAL has taken decision to move up the value scale and offer technology superior products to profitable niche at a premium. 6. to attain company's objectives. It can be said that KAL has positioned its brand in the upper end of the market and target those segments which require the quality often slackened by willingness to pay for its. 5.sapping. 6.6.6. To fulfill the customers satisfaction To increase the'company's sales To distribute quality products in the market. .KAL has mainly three segments : Local market. 3.

To prepare market policies and programs to support the marketing e. f. g. k. They are AGNI and PRIIHV1. gets sales the and departments customer ordered material to his/her requirements. Developing effective channels of distribution. i. Conduct advertising programs. Research in consultation with top management. Arishlas etc.c. PRITIIVI manages the marketing of classical drugs like Kwathas. h.6 GEOGRAPHICAL MARKETS The market can be broadly divided into two :  Inside Kerala Outside Kerala Marketing inside Kerala. Interact logistic with works department. to ensure quality that the control department.6. Gather and convey customer ideas and suggestions to product and services. AGNI markets the proprietary medicines and it also concentrates on allopathic in order to bridge the gap between allopathic and Ayurveda. Pricing Plicies j. Strategic of the company's product. Kerala Operation Branches Distributors Agencies Stocking Doctors . The product marketing is mainly divided into two major divisions. There arc more than 300 classical manufactured And marketed by KAL. Control over marketing staff. 6. d.

Design promotional activities to achieve the targeted sales. . Supervise and monitor the activities of Field staff.  Local publicity  Awareness program  Local brand building program 6. Provide adequate training to Held staff. Preparation of sales budget. Andhra Pradesh.6. 4. Tamil Nadu. They have agencies and deposits at Karnataka. 2.7SALES PROMOTION ACTIVITIES The various sales promotional activities are  Conducting medical camps. Carryout adequate training to field staff.Marketing outside Kerala KAL has an exclusive marketing network. 5.9 DURITES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF SALES MANAGER. 3. 6. agencies etc. Ensure supply of required medicines to distribution agencies and super stockiest. Maharashtra and Gujarat. 1. which covers all of South India and some North parts. OUTSIDE KERALA DEPOT (ANDHRA PRADESH) DEPOT (MUMBA1) DEPOT (CHENNAI) DEPOT (MADURA I) DEPOT (KARNATA KA) 6.6.

employee costs and other administrative overheads in 2008 operational results entered in net loss of Rs. 6.20 lakhs as against net loss of Rs. Preparation of proposals for target based incentives for marketing field staff.7. In KAL. 163. Financial management deals with managing working capital and long term investment. 44. Without finance neither any business can start nor successfully run. 8. Arrange to collect and tabulate data on the market as required.1 SOURCES OF FUNDS The main sources of funds in Kerala Ayurveda Ltd are from : Sales  Issue fo shares. cash flow and fund flow statements. It analyzes the cost of each process and each product. . they also make quarterly and yearly financial reports.7. Performance analyzes Due to significant increase in raw material cost. Financial management leads financial department of KAL.. 9. Accounting works are mainly done through computers using software's like Integrated Info system and Tally 6. etc.609 lakhs in the previous year. preparing financial accounts.  Bank loans and overdraft  Fund raised from public schemes. It includes activities like financial planning. Organizing monthly meeting of field staff. 10. Responsible for collection of payment and outstanding dues.7 FINANCE DEPARTMENT Finance is the life blood of n business. budgeting and other internal control systems. financial department supervise internal audit.

Stores and spares are valued at cost.   Fixed assets :Fixed assets are stated as cost less depreciation.    Employee Benefits / Retirement Benefits Leave Encashent Benefit is accounted on the basis that such benefits arc payable to employees at the end of the year. 1956 II. V.progress arc valued at cost or net realizable value. IV. Gratuity Provision is made based on actuarial valuation Provident Fund contribution is as per the rate prescribed by the related Act. consumables and work . at the rate described in schedule XIV of the Company Act. VI. Fall in value of investment other than the temporary nature is provided for each . III. Revenue recognition :- Sales are net of rebate and discount and include excise duty and sales tax. Inventories :- Raw materials.6. which is lower. Basis for preparation of financial statements :- The financial statements arc prepared under the historical cost convention on accrual basis of accounting and in accordance with policies generally accepted in India. .2 VALUATION OF VARIOUS ITEMS I. Investments :- Investments arc valued at cost. Depreciation is charged on stringht line method.7.


Allocation of funds. Resizing funds. Profit planning To propose accounts. profit and loss account and profit and loss appropriation

   

To propose cash flow and fund flow statements To propose and quarterly and annual financial reports. Supervise internal audit costing, budgeting and other internal control. To analyze and evaluate various trends and net worth ratio, debt equity. current ratio.

To estimate value of assets, current asset and liability.

 To prepare the financial account and then submit it to the top management
for approval.


the financial year under review, the total revenue of the company Rs.204SLacs from l828Lacs in the corresponding previous financial year a "growth rate of 12%. The total revenue including its sub- i on a consolidated basis tor the year is 3330LaCS against 1198. and the ' s mainly on account of restructuring of operations of KAL US order to stem the losses.

The operational results For the financial year ended with a net loss of 163.191 as against a net loss of 394.66Lacsin the previous year, with a marked improvement in EBITDA. The results on standalone basis have become EBITDA positive during the year. EBITDA on standalone basis registered an improvement of 257Lacs as compared to previous year, which in the current years tads at S4Lacs profit and on consolidated basis registered improvement of 844.59Lacs as compared to previous year and now stands at 90 Lacs profit.

6.7.4 DIVIDEND In the absence of profits for the period under review, your Directors are not in a position to recommend any dividend to the members of the company.


The financial year uderreive was a remarkable year for your company in terms of business development as it has opened new franchise wellness centers at Goa, Banagalorc (RR N'agar)& Jammu and restructured its business model by creating partnership with Doctors in India and USA. Your company has alo rationalized organization system to improve productivity and reduce the overheads and these efforts contributed significant reduction of 24 % in overheads during the year.

The company's non-productive assets located at Poolani, Kerala and Puttaparthy were disposed off in order to channelize the funds required for the business and the term loans were fully

repaid during the year and thus substantial savings in interest cost was achieved.

Your Company has invested behind establishing purity of the ingredient supply chain, which ensures standardization, product integrity and consistency.

KAL has invested during the year aggressively on research, aimed at establishing scientific validation for proprietary Ayurvedic formulations and plan to continue the investments on research in FY 2011 -12. The research consultancy income has improved from 122 Lacs to 458Lacs. Showing an increase of 336 Lacs.


Indian Subsidiary During the year under review, M/s Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Centre Pvt. Ltd.Has achieved a turnover of 366 Lacs against a turnover of 345LacS in the previous financial year.

The net profit of the company, after providing for tax has increased substantially to 46.27Laes from 6.30Lacs in the previous year, mainly due to cost controlmeasurcs, despite the globalmcldown and travel advisory warnings issued by western countries including USA.

Overseas Subsidiaries

The combined turnover of overseas subsidiaries was 984.85Lacs as compared to 2426.67Lacs in the previous year, registering a downslide of 59% during the year. Operations of the US Ayu subsidiaries namely Ayurvedic Academy Inc, Ayu Natural Medicine Cline PS and Ayulnc, have stabilized after restructuring and has shown improvement by reducing the losses considerably. The nursing business under CMS Katra Nursing LLC was serverly impacted due to visa retrogression and consequently nurse domestic staffing business was temporarily suspended sicne unviable.






Basis for preparation of financial statements and method of accounting The financial statements arc prepared under the historical cost convention on accrual basis off accounting and in accordance with policies generally accepted in India including Accounting Standards issued by the institute of Chartered Accountants of India.


Use of estimates

The preparation of the financial statement in conformity with the accounting standards generally accepted in India requires the management to make estimates that affect the reported amount of assets and liabilities disclosure of contingent liabilities as at the date of the financial statement and reported amounts of revenues and expenses for the year. Actual results could differ from estimates.

7. 5. Borrowing costs Borrowing costs that are attributable to the acquisition or construction of qualifying assets are capitalized as part of the cost of such assets. In respect of software developed internally the cost is amortized over a period of 5 years. Foreign currency assets and liabilities at the yearend are iransalted into rupees at the rate of exchange prevailing on the date of balance sheet.3. 4. Cost and installation of fixed assets. . Transactions in Foreign Exchange Foreign currency transactions are recorded at the rates of exchange prevailing on the date of the transaction. Depreciation is charged on Straight Line Method at the rates and in the manner prescribed in Schedule XIV of the companies Act 1956. All exchange differences arc dealt with in the statement of accounts. Inventories Raw materials. Treatment income & consulting charges is recognized on completion of each service and consultation and research/healthcare consultancy income is recognized on accrual basis. Revenue Recognition Sales are net of rebate. A qualifying asset is one that has necessarily taken substantial period of time to get ready for intended use. Fixed Assets includes expenses related to acquisition Fixed assets arc stated at cost less depreciation. 6. All other borrowing costs are charged to revenue. whichever is lower. Stores and Spares are valued at cost. consumables and work-in-progress are valued at cost or net realizable value. discount excise duty and sales tax (VAT).

Recoverable amount is higher of an assets net selling price and its value in use. Investments Investments are stated at cost less provision for diminution other than temporary in their values. Revenue expenditure on research ami development is charged to profit and loss account. Miscellaneous Expenditure 1/5 of the preliminary expenses and initial advertisement & sales promotion expenditure are written off every year. 9. 13.07 onwards. . The assets are recorded at the price paid to acquire them.Intangible Assets Intangible assets are recognized on the basis of the future economic benefits that will flow to the enterprise. 10. Leave Encashment Benefit accounted on the basis that such benefits is payable to employees at the end of the year.8. 11. Research and Development. Intangible assets will be written off over a period of their estimated useful lives. Impairment of assets Impairment loss if any is provided to the extent the canning amount of assets exceeds their recoverable amount. Goodwill on merger appearing in the Rook has been amortized in the ratio 1 5 from ?006 . Employee Benefits / Retirement Benefits. Gratuity Provision is made based on actuarial valuation. Provident fund contribution is as per the rate prescribed by the related Act. Capital expenditure on research and development is included as a part of fixed assets and depreciated on the same basis as other fixed assets. Value in use is the present value of estimated future cash flows expected to arise from the continuing use of an asset and from its disposal at the end of useful life. 12.

animal trials and clinical trials. Standardization of treatment and therapies are managed by clinical R & D. The R & D division is presently engaged in drug research. Provision for Tax Income ta and Deferred tax provision for the year is made after taking into consideration benefits admissible under the provisions of the Income Tax Act. has approved this center. Research and Development (R & D) enter of KAL is wells equipped and is engaged in various research activities spanning all the areas of Ayurvedic research.7 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT KAL pays lop priority to Ayurvedic research as it aids the metamorphosis of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom for the benefit of present humanity. Research and Development department takes an active part to expand their business. . research in ago-techniques and which are being manufactured and marketed by KAL. Rseareh and Development department is very essential for every company. clinical research. apart from the active role in agricultural fiedl. R & D Wings plays a vital role in all specific aspects of the company regarding production. New products are formulated by the R & D Wing after intensive research. Government of India. standardization monitoring quality of products etc. The drugs developed by it for specific diseases have established a good reputation among doctors and patients. 6. technology etc. Defrredtax resulting from timing difference' between book and taxable profit is accounted by using the tax rates and laws that are enacted or substantively enacted on the Balance Sheet date. 1961. The department of science and help the company to expand in many ways.14. in which experts in various disciplines are engaged. The deferred tax asset is recognized and carried forward only to the extent that there is a reasonable certainty that the asset will be realized in future. The department also ensures the quality of products of KAL by keeping a close watch on each and every phase of production and by monitoring with its scrupulous criteria. formulation. pharmaeeuticl reserch.

7 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT KAL pays lop priority to Ayurvedic research as it aids the metamorphosis of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom for the benefit of present humanity. New product development. . formulation. Research and Development (R & D) enter of KAL is wells equipped and is engaged in various research activities spanning all the areas of Ayurvedic help the company to expand in many ways. 6. pharmaeeuticl research.6. The department also ensures the quality of products of KAL by keeping a close watch on each and every phase of production and by monitoring with its scrupulous criteria. The R & D division is presently engaged in drug research. The department of science and technology. standardization monitoring quality of products etc. KAL has a vast herbal garden at Kottai. has approved this center. technology etc. Research and Development department is very essential for every company. Standardization of treatment and therapies are managed by clinical R & D.AIua. The company cultivates rare herbs under organic fanning for the manufacture of medicines at its herbal faim spread over 42 acres at Thali in Tamil Nadu. R & D Wings plays a vital role in all specific aspects of the company regarding production. clinical research. apart from the active role in agricultural fiedl. in which experts in various disciplines are engaged. animal trials and clinical trials. The drugs developed by it for specific diseases have established a good reputation among doctors and patients. research in ago-techniques and which are being manufactured and marketed by KAL. Research and Development department takes an active part to expand their business. Government of India.1 Advantages of R & D Raw material development Analytical research Product validity and reliabilitystuido. The lare and endangered species forms a major pan of collections. New products are formulated by the R & D Wing after intensive research. This erves as a eonservatoi and nursery' of herbs.8.

8. .2 FUNCTIONS OF R& D DEPARTMENT     New product development New Process development Waste utilization Pollution Control. Research on these lines is as ongoing process and has standardized agio-technology tor 20 high value medical crops.6. The | nursery attached to the herbal garden is a nodal agency. acclimatization and commercial cultivation of selected varieties are targeted to have better quality raw materials to our products with increased biomas and active ingredients. 6.4 DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF SENIOR MANAGER (QUALITY CONTROL ) :   Control and administer each and every activity of Research and Development. Herbal garden and a herbarium of these collected plants serve as a center of excellence to Ayurvedic doctors. Plant introduction. collected by conducting extensive surveys. which is actually gene with more than 1200 species of rare and endangered medicinal plants. Giving proper guidelines to the subordinates based upon the plants and policies formulated. I Bio chemical evaluation Tor these cultivated species is continuing to fix the optimum period of harvest and to evolve complete quality protocols.3 HERBS FARMING Research and development division of KAL has a prestigious herbal garden. students and research scholars of various facilities and provide awareness to the public about rich herbal heritage.8.8. engaged in the propagation and dissemination of qualii) planting materials to fanners with a buy back arrangement to inculcate the habit of medicinal farming among them. 6.

6. Conducting various studies like anti-bacterial activities and anti-fungal actions of various plants and their extracts. in-proecss and finished goods items based upon the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 6.8. C.5 DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF JUNOR MANAGER (QUALITY CONTROL ):1. D. Checking the microbial counts of various products as per who (World Health Organization) and USFDA. Verifying the documents relating to Quality Control. 3. Conduct test under different areas. B. .8. Maintaining the Standards prescribed by the WHO Routine checking the area colony count in production areas.6 DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF A MICRO BIOLOGIST (QUALITY CONTROL ): A. 2. Reporting to Senior Manager about the activities conducted over there. Checking the standards of raw materials.

Due to increasing population growth rate the demand for the product is likely to be high in near future. The company is situated in a eco friendly and pollution free the field of ayurvedic products they made upon a excellent experience through their stable and efficient operation. Quality: . .Company having a good financial position   The employee turnover is very less. WEAKNESSES :   Growth rate is comparatively low .the company keep on maintaining their products with high quality Technical advancement:.The company is using modern and efficient machines and are keep on changing or modifying machines according to the technology change. The company having a dedicated and very efficient workforce so the industrial relationship and the work environment is so harmonial.SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS:      . Operational experience:. Herbals are considered to be very essential and there is possibility of stable demand. Brand image:. Less advertisement and sales promotion No channel of istribution OPPORTUNITIES :   Company is in lucrative area where there is scope for development and growth.KAL having a high brand image in the field of ayurvedic products so its creating high loyalty customers.

The global demand supply situation is favorable to Ayurvedic medicines. which is the limiting factor faced by this industry from its very beginning.   The lack of facilitating regulations for the Indian medicinal products in most of the countries has been the major hindrance for the growth of the sector.  Reportedly UK.  Absence of adequate scientific documentation is considered to be the basic problem. Export certification of Ayurveda and other herbal products has been along pending demand of the industry . THREATS :- The major challenges faced by Ayurveda Sector are :   Lack of standardization and validation of Ayurvedic products as per the modern trials. Non-availability of right and quality raw materials especially medicinal plants. Ayurveda products being alternative system of medicine have very good potential to win considerable share of world market. Easing the power relations and framing an adequate export policy.  More awareness and acceptance in the western world has increased the demand for Ayurvedic medicines and treatments.  The domestic Ayurveda market is expected to reach around Rs.6000 crore business in next two years in view of rising demand for Ayurvcidc therapy and products. Because of the uniqueness. Sweden Indonesia and USA have already recognized Ayurveda as a health care system and 30 more countries arc on the verge of doing so.  India with it's vide variety of climatic soil conditions has ample scope in gaining a foothold in the global plant based pharmaceutical market. UAE.   Company can expand market globally.

 Industrial dispute : KAL OPHKATCS in Kerala. strikes and lockouts are likely to occur .  Competition : Company faces severe competition from local and international markets.Some of the other challenges are as follows : Scarce resources :The main raw material.  Environment threats :Deforestation and similar environmental threats are a serve problem for the company. which is known for its high labour sensitiveness and hence. herbs.  Government policies :Government policies can affect the entire industry. is a scare resource and is likely to be of shortage in the long run.

 Trailing and development programs may be conduced more frequently.  KAL has a good administration.  In addition to monetary benefits. recognition and appreciation from the superiors may be used to boots employee satisfaction and thereby performance-Recognition of employee's satisfaction is a powerful social reward for most people.  A close watch may be kept on its competitors to study their marketing strategies and products to develop counter . .  It can promote the product through exhibition fair trade. So special course and lectures and confect method of tinning should be conducted  Employee participation in decision making process may be made more efficient.F I N DI NG S A ND S UG G E S T I O N S FINDINGS: The company has a good financial position. etc. SUGGESTIONS: The company can reduce the cost of products.  It has a responsible marketing department .  There is a lack of career growth opportunity in the company.  Employee participation in decision process is good. Is a leading export company to Europe and Asia.  Welfare schemes are not strategies. which is its key function.  Training and development of employees arc not satisfactory.  Kerala Ayurveda Ltd.

which will help tile company lead in the market. KAL products with its comparatively high price and low marketing . After the study of each and every department. is ineffective in the market it is not easy to penetrate into this market segment. It is also clear from the study that the qualities of products arc well accepted. KAL products are having low demad. From the study it is found that majority of the customers are not aware of the product the company can capure large market. but due to the availability of competitive with cheaper priecs. some of the customers are not ready to buy KAL products. Ayuredic products arc increasing their market potential in national and international levels. it is also clear that the quality of the products is well accepted. From the study.CONCLUSION In the development of new technologies. . but due to the availability of competitive products at cheaper prices. Understanding customer's needs plays a vital role in formulating effective marketing strategies. The management has implemented new marketing strategies and products are priced at a competitive price. according to researcher concept latest technology with an efficient work force and proper management is found in Kerala Ayurveda Limited. if it creates awareness about the product through appropriate promotion mix.

com .com www.ayurvcdaacademy.coni www.BIBLIOGRAPHY Kerala Ayurvedic reports. magazines and Journals www.

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