John Bicheno's Top 100 Lean Related Books

Author Ackoff, Russell, Magidso, Addison, H Ariely, Dan Baudin, Michael Baudin, Michael Title Idealized Design The Upside of Irrationality Lean Assembly Working with Machines Publisher Wharton School Harper Productivity Productivity CRC Productivity AmaCom PICSIE Books PICSIE Books PICSIE Books PICSIE Books Harper Business Harper Harvard Managing Times MIT Productivity Productivity Productivity Norton Productivity McGraw Hill Date Serv / Manuf Comment 2006 M&S top level concept design 2010 2002 2007 2011 2000 2006 2012 2005 2009 2009 2011 2003 2003 1982 2002 2005 2005 2008 2002 2012 M&S M M M&S? M&S? M S S&M S&M M&S M&S M&S? M M&S M M M M&S M M much counterintuitive of relevance v good on layout useful on TPM jidoka some unique thoughts Lean for IT people then IT for Lean people best on Shainin quick summary using fishbones all(?) the service tools - integrated updated overview of gurus, tools and six sig not only tools; extensive revision design thinking: the next big thing? learning to see and what we all miss stimulating on NPD, innovation practical lean accounting wiremold an essential re-read every 2 yrs. Yes you. very good introduction a novel on lean & change where toyota came from - v good superb on games: partnership, supply, unions v good on heijunka 9 great questions and 8 principles for scheduling stars *** *** *** ** *** *** ??? ??? ??? ??? **** *** *** *** **** *** ** *** **** **** ****

Bell, Steve and Orzen, Michael Lean IT Bhote, Keki and Bhote Bicheno, John Bicheno, John World Class Quality (2nd edn) Fishbone Flow The Service Systems Toolbox: Lean, Systems, Design Bicheno, John and Catherwood, Six Sigma and The Quality Phil Toolbox Bicheno, John and Holweg, The Lean Toolbox 4th edition Matthias Brown, Tim Change by Design Chabris, Chris and Simons, The Invisible Gorilla Daniel Christensen, Clayton & Raynor, The Innovators Solution Michael Cunningham, Jean and Fiume, Real Numbers Orest Deming, W Edwards Out of the Crisis Dennis, Pascal Dennis, Pascal Dinero, Donald Dixit, Avinash and Nalebuff, Barry Duggan, Kevin Duggan, Kevin Lean Production Simplified Andy and Me Training within Industry - The Foundation of Lean The Art of Strategy Creating Mixed Model Value Streams Design for Operational Excellence

Issue Date: December 2011

Lean Enterprise Research Centre


Thomas Johnson. Mark Hopper. more detail needed best on pokayoke toyotas shocking bureaucracy hidden gems v good on automotive supply chain more accessible & shorter than factory physics tour de force but maths. Chris and Harris.John Bicheno's Top 100 Lean Related Books Flinchbauch. Frits Hopp. Atul Hales. Urban Iyer. Wonderful & easy no mention of lean or systems but THE service book essential skills for supervisors the power of checklists with implementation excellent on systematic cell design its all there all that time ago good content. Wallace and Spearman. Andy Gitlow. Nany and Wemmerlov. John Graupp.would be v good if 200 good review plus detail on Toyota supply good and detailed with CD original on lean accounting & measures history of taylor. stupendous history and warnings about experts looking back and an great look 900 pages! . Jamire and Carlino. Robert (Doc) Harris. H lee and Bruce Anderson Hall. 3rd even better. Kenneth and Hopper. Eli Goodman. C Martin Hino. Howard and Levine. William Huntzinger. Lean **** **** ***** **** **** **** *** **** ** **** ** *** **** **** ***** *** ** *** *** *** **** Issue Date: December 2011 Lean Enterprise Research Centre 2 . Rick Hinckley. Wallace Hopp. IE. Satoshi Holweg. H Thomas and Broms. Robert Guwande. James R Hyer. David Goldratt. Robert The Hichhiker's Guide to Lean Six Sigma for Green Belts and Champions The Goal Strategic Customer Service The TWI Workbook The Checklist Manifesto Planning Manufacturing Cells Zero Inventories Developing a Lean Workforce Make no Mistake! Inside the Mind of Toyota The Second Century Supply Chain Science Factory Physics (3rd edn) The Puritan Gift Lean Cost Management Reeoranizing the Factory Toyota Supply Chain Management Hoshin Kanri for The Lean Enterprise Profit Beyond Measure The One Best Way SWE FT Prentice Hall North River Press AmaCom Productivity Profile books SME Dow Jones APICS Productivity Productivity Productivity MIT Press McGraw Hill McGraw Hill I B Tauris J Ross publishing Productivity McGraw Hil Productivity Nicholas Brearly Little Brown 2007 2005 1984 2009 2006 2011 2002 1982 2007 2001 2002 2004 2008 2008 2009 2007 2002 2009 2006 2000 1997 M&S? M&S? M S M M&S M M M&S? M&S? M M M M M&S M&S? M&S? M M&S? M&S M&S? great short sections on most topics the best no bull on six sigma Classic novel. Patrick and Wrona. Ananth et al Jackson. Anders Kanigel. Matthias and Pil.

Ronald Maskell.anything new? v good on tools people . Ronald Mascitelli. Marc The Box Liker.John Bicheno's Top 100 Lean Related Books Kaufmann. Roy Kennedy. James The Toyota Way to Continuous Improvement Liker. Michael Stimulating Innovation in Products and Services Product Development for the Lean Enterprise Kohn.much (too much?) detail good on repetitive office only. David The Toyota Way Fieldbook Liker. Jeffrey and Franz. Mike Mascitelli. Tom with Don Tapping Creating Your Lean Future State Mann. Karin and Osterling. David Toyota Talent Locher. Lawrence Lean Project Management: 8 principles Levinson. Jerry and Woodhead. Jeffrey and Meier. Jeffrey The Toyota Way Liker. Brian & Baggaley. Darrell Mann. Darrell Mann. Alfie Punished by Rewards Kroemer. Ronald Mascitelli. Fitting the Task to the Human (5th E edn) Leach. Robert Hands on Systematic Innovation Hands on Systematic Innovation for Business Creating a Lean Culture Leading with Questions The Kaizen Event Planner The Lean Design Guidebook The Lean Product Development Guidebook Mastering Lean Product Development Practical Lean Accounting One Small Step Can Change Your Life Technology Perspectives 2004 Technology Perspectives 2006 Technology Perspectives 2011 Productivity Maurer 2004 2004 Issue Date: December 2011 Lean Enterprise Research Centre 3 . not service bit basic but good on heijunka best book on TRIZ best book on TRIZ outside manuf v good for gemba style leadership ohno asked questions… practical for service transactional many good non TPS design ideas more good non TPS design ideas & system best on design outside of Toyota standard on lean accounting A little gem on kaizen ** *** *** *** ** *** **** *** **** *** *** ** **** **** **** ** *** *** *** **** *** *** Luyster.a classic v good on CI with cases . Bruce Maurer. Jeffrey and Meier. David Marquardt. Michael Martin. KHE and Grangjean. Drew Lean Office and Service Simplified Wiley The Oaklea Press Houghton Mifflin Taylor & Francis Advance Projects Princeton McGraw Hill McGraw Hil McGraw Hill McGraw Hill CRC Productivity Productivity IFR Creax IFR Creax Productivity Jossey Bass Productivity 2006 2003 1999 1997 2005 2006 2004 2011 2006 2007 2011 2006 2002 2004 2005 2005 2007 M M M&S M&S? M&S M&S M M&S? M S&M S M M S&M M&S M&S S&M M M&S? M&S? M M&S good on value eng methodology the original Ward / Toyota NPD as a novel why incentives don't work v good a classic on ergonomics good for design & projects wonderful history of containerization philosophy .

overlaps Liker not a book on lean but lots of lessons wonderful basic principles. Phil Rother. pull excellent on non TPS design **** ** *** *** **** *** *** **** *** *** *** **** **** ** ** **** **** **** *** **** **** **** **** *** Productivity / Diamond1978 Gemba Press 2001 AmaCom 2010 Wiley Harvard Celeritas Free press McGraw Hil LEI LEI CC-M publications McGraw Hill Free press Free press Wiley Vanguard LEI LEI Wiley 2008 2006 2009 2007 2010 1998 2001 2006 1998 1982 2001 2007 2003 2008 2004 1998 The Leader's Handbook Japanese Manufacturing Techniques Schonberger. Art Creating Level Pull Smith.John Bicheno's Top 100 Lean Related Books McIntosh. Mike and John Shook Rother. Mike Rother. Mike and Rick Harris Savary. Jeffrey and Sutton. Peter Schonberger. deming still one of the best ever on Lean classic schonberger . R I at al Monden.great mentoring v good on cell.many ideas new insights from the original & still best good & entertaining nonconventional A3 plus PDCA . James and Liker. Actual voices excellent on people. not specific to excellent on PDCA and standard mapping classic but is anywhere like Acme? fair on cell design. Vineet Nicholas. health. John Freedom from Command & Control Shook. Yashiro Morgan. Practical? wonderful warning. John Ohno. H Pffer. Richard Let's Fix It Schonberger. Taiichi Oosterwal. Basic excellent on systems. John Managing to Learn Smalley. Richard Improving Changeover Toyota Production System (2nd edn) The Toyota Product Development System Employees First Customers Second Competitive Manufacturing Management Toyota Production System Workplace Management The Lean Machine (Lean Product Development) Extreme Toyota Hard Facts The Principles of Product Development Flow The Halo effect Toyota Kata Learning to See Creating Continuous Flow The Nun and the Bureaucrat Butterworth Heinemann 2001 Chapman & Hall 1994 Productivity Harvard Business McGraw Hill 2006 2010 1998 M M M S&M? M M M M M M&S M M&S M&S? M M S M&S M M M&S? S M&S? M M the best on changeover since shingo great detail but hard going standard work on TPS design not on Lean but great on service thinking dated still the best blockbuster text on Lean many gems worth seeking out some gems. Jeffrey Nayar.N and Takeuchi. some surprises Great extended case on Harley D design process Toyota history with lessons. Dantar Osono. Preston and Reinertsen. Robert Reinertsen. Developing Products in Half the Donald Time (2nd ed) Issue Date: December 2011 Lean Enterprise Research Centre 4 . Louis and CrawfordMason. Claire Scholtes. Donald Rosenzweig. Shimizu. Emi. Richard Best Practices in Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement Seddon. Taiichi Ohno.

ed) Principles of Mass and Flow Production Womack. J and Jones. Allen C Lean Product and Process Development Wollard. Art Spear. J. Dean Understanding A3 Thinking CRC Productivity McGraw Hill AmaCom Wiley Free press Productivity McGraw Hill LEI Emiliani Free press Rawson Palgrave 2008 2009 2007 2007 1987 1999 2005 2007 1925 2003 1990 2011 M&S M&S M&S M&S? M M M M M M M S short but very good on A3 and PDCA possibly the best ever on process best on measurement readings from wide variety of old but excellent one of the better on TPM the standard on MRPII but Lean? the standard Toyota design ref a great original . Kiyoshi The New Manufacturing Challenge Tajiri. Fumio Autonomous Maintenance in 7 steps Vollmann. Whybark. D Lean Thinking rev edn Womack. Berry.a new Ohno found! first section essential. Frank (Emiliani. Manufacturing Planning & Control Jacobs for S-C Mgmt 5th ed Ward. Jones. Keivan et al (eds) Systems Thinking from Heresy to Practice Issue Date: December 2011 Lean Enterprise Research Centre 5 . Masaji and Gotoh. Durward and Smalley. Steven Spitzer.Best Practices Suzaki. Joe (ed) Lean Accounting .John Bicheno's Top 100 Lean Related Books Sobek. D and Roos. rest cases W&J's best excellent case studies by LERC associates *** ***** **** ** **** ** *** **** **** *** **** *** Chasing the Rabbit Transforming Performance Measurement Stenzel. The Machine that Changed the D World Zokaei.

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