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Piereiale s Dace? Chain Indias let Pre-School Chain Targeting to Middle Segment Features of Hello Kids: Lowest Franchisee Fee No Royalty Fee Low Investment - Higher Return Managed & guided by experienced professionals Around the clock support Combined curriculum of Montessori 6 Nurserypattemn Vegetables My Family “" Celebrations ci Fruits 'ditation Enviror Alphabets ,. Numbers Reasoning Stage Exposure CNY, Ethics Tr rt An Graduation Day Creativity 3 Fingers skills Animals Spo rts hoy Hh Hello Kids Accademic curriculum and innovative teaching at Hello Kids prepare child for academic sucess with unique personality development & self confidence ‘A good combination of Nursery and Montessari methodl of education” : Creative . Exercise & Meditation Hage Crvivowment m b Weeats if Cr lepegport feces .; Regulaw heal heck- Ry Drinking water days rag Stage expowmre Educated. "Maids ( ee... Complete Day Care Trained, experienced, friendly faculty Low child, teachers, Ayas ration - 10:1:1 oll Insfrostructure & Facilty: Rs. 2Lacs - 5 Lacs fee included inthe figure? — Ybs/No ; ‘fol ts red in uni tod to tras 25% of Investment Ausiye territorials rights given to a unit Franchise? Yes/IMo Are mance guarantees given to unit franchbes FOO # § Yes/o What is the et je returi What is the anticipate iad WOW son What is the likely pay back of capital for a unit franchise! 2urs Arve there other investment Yes/No Fyenerty aes 7 (coed ype operty is required franchise veeteoncaty> oppur Floor ayea yequivement? 1 O $4 ft. Preferred location of ae ae outlet? Location Burs Yes/Mo "We are open for Master Franchisee wa