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This guide will help you to create an appealing, original cork board on which photos and memorabilia can be affixed. Your cork board will be made using mostly recycled or reclaimed materials in an easy and efficient manner. This is a basic, straightforward guide; however there is room for some creative divergence.

                  Workbench or table in a clear, well-ventilated work area A Sturdy Frame (from a second hand store or flea market) Heavy duty, Corrugated Cardboard (recycled from an old box) 150-450 Corks, depending on size of frame Safety Goggles Cordless Drill 2 Small Screws (shorter than the depth of the picture frame) Appropriate Drill Bit Liquid Nails® Adhesive Caulk Gun Handscrew Clamps (optional) Hammer Picture Hook Wire 2 Small Picture Wire Loops 2 Picture Hooks Razor Knife or Equally Effective Pair of Scissors Thumb Tacks Personal Photographs and Lightweight Memoirs


Make sure to use a well-ventilated area for varnishing or staining the wood. stop and carefully read the warning or caution notice that follows. Secure them in a safe. NOTE: This step could take anywhere between 2 – 6 weeks. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Let the cork board sit in a well-ventilated area while the product is drying. The same applies while gluing the corks on with Liquid Nails® Adhesive. you will need to visit several different establishments. 2 . NOTE: You may need to talk to establishment owners or bartenders well in advance in order for them to begin saving corks. Be kind and patient and your cork collection will grow more successfully. as they are typically thrown out promptly. If cutting with a razor knife or scissors.Instruction Manual ENC3254 Morgan Flinchum IMPORTANT SAFETY INFO: NOTE: When this symbol appears. do so slowly and mindfully. The vapors emitted by the aforementioned can be potentially harmful if inhaled in excess. Likely. out of the way place when not in use. COLLECTING THE CORKS  Visit local bars and restaurants and ask for as many corks as they can provide. Comply completely with the stated safety requirements. Reusing these corks that would otherwise be trashed is a classic example of recycling which in turn helps keep the environment healthy. albeit to a small degree.

Corks can even be cut in half using a razor knife or good pair of scissors.5 cm. http://en. 3 . it is important to get an idea of how you want the corks to be arranged before permanently affixing them to the board (this will be discussed further in a later section). for a better fit. However. Most wine corks are about 1¾ inches long with a 0. CAUTION: Use extreme care while handling a razor knife or sharp scissors. Consequently.jpg Part of the allure of this original cork board is that it may contain an assortment of unique corks from all over the world. x 2 cm.) diameter champagne corks. left).org/wiki/File:Wine_Corks.5 cm.wikipedia. Work slowly and be mindful to prevent injury. (2.).8 inch diameter (4.Instruction Manual ENC3254 Morgan Flinchum TYPES OF CORKS: Not all corks are created equal! Here is an assortment of the many different types of corks (photo. the sizes range from ¾ size miniatures to bulbous 1 in.

If it makes contact with your eyes or mouth it could cause serious harm. WARNING: Avoid getting varnish or stain on your hands or clothes. It is extremely difficult to remove. Likewise. WARNING: Keep the varnish or stain away from your face.Instruction Manual ENC3254 Morgan Flinchum 2.  Now varnish or stain the frame to your liking. This is an example of a low-cost frame purchased from a thrift store (photo. Wash hands thoroughly immediately after using these products. left). WARNING: Apply the varnish or stain in a well-ventilated area as inhalation of these chemical products is potentially harmful. o Pick one with character that appeals to your personal taste. leave the frame to dry in a well-ventilated area after the varnish or stain is applied. THE FRAME  Obtain an inexpensive yet sturdy frame from a thrift store or flea market. Follow the instructions on the can for applying the particular varnish or stain that you choose. 4 .

and need to incorporate the use of a saw. o Try salvaging the cardboard from an old box. left). WARNING: If you choose to make your own frame. Make sure it is durable and not too damaged. use extreme caution and work slowly. NOTE: It is also possible to build a frame from scratch using four decent-sized pieces of old scrap or drift wood. Maybe the frame you picked out already has an element of antiquity. 5 . ATTACHING THE BACK  Find a piece of corrugated cardboard roughly the size of the frame. If not. It will give it a more vintage quality. 3. CAUTION: Use extreme care while handling a razor knife or sharp scissors.Instruction Manual ENC3254 Morgan Flinchum This is a finished cork board frame with a single coat of varnish (photo. use a razor knife or sharp scissors to cut a piece to the desired size. This will require proper measurement techniques and some type of saw. more noticeably. The dimensions may not be of the correct size. All saws are dangerous and can inflict a serious wound if used improperly. in that case varnishing or staining may not be necessary. The coat will bring out. Work slowly and mindfully to prevent injury. NOTE: Varnishing or staining the frame is optional. the faults and crevices present.

WARNING: Apply the Liquid Nails® Adhesive in a well-ventilated area as inhalation of these chemical products is potentially harmful. CAUTION: Use extreme care while handling a razor blade or sharp scissors. left). This is what the Liquid Nails® container will look like after it has been installed correctly into the caulk gun (photo. Attach four or more handscrew clamps to each of the sides of the frame and cardboard.aidtopia. Work slowly and mindfully to prevent injury.  Run a consistent bead of Liquid Nails® around the back of the frame.   Place the correctly dimensioned piece of cardboard on top of the adhesive. table. http://www. 6 .Instruction Manual ENC3254 Morgan Flinchum   Put the frame face down on a workbench. Connect the container of Liquid Nails® to the caulk gun. WARNING: Avoid getting Liquid Nails® Adhesive on your hands or clothes.html  Snip the end off of the Liquid Nails® container using scissors or a razor knife. or other flat es/index. It is very difficult to remove.

as little weight is necessary. NOTE: There are an infinite amount of possible pattern choices. You now have a surface to adhere corks to! NOTE: When corks are put on and secured. 7 .Instruction Manual ENC3254 Morgan Flinchum This is a typical handscrew clamp (photo. be sure to not crush the middle part of the cardboard with this weight. Retrieve the next day. Thus.   Leave the assembly in a dry. Do not use excessive weight. NOTE: At this point you are just laying the corks out. Do not use an adhesive yet.  Lay the corks out on the board in the desired ews/4288700 NOTE: If clamps are unavailable to you. everything will pull together and add to the structural integrity. left). Also. This is the recommended pattern: a two-bytwo checkered arrangement (photo.popularmechanics. well-ventilated location for 24 hours. 4. http://www. left). it may be just as effective to lay the board and frame fixture on a flat surface and place some weight on top of it. AFFIXING THE CORKS  Plan a pattern. there is room for artistic deviation on this step.

the 2 Small Picture Wire Loops. the 2 Picture Hooks. Let the corkboard dry for at least 24 hours. Also have the cordless drill and hammer handy. Squirt a moderate coating of Liquid Nails® Adhesive onto the front side of the cardboard. in the planned locations. Push firmly on each one and make sure that they fit snugly within the frame.    Place the corks individually. There should be no empty space left. o Make sure the coating is distributed through the entire surface of the cardboard. and the 2 small screws. champagne corks always leaves room for creativity. Shown is an example of the incorporation of champagne corks to fill in the gaps left when creating the pattern (photo. HANGING YOUR CORK BOARD  Gather the picture hook wire. WARNING: Remember to apply the Liquid Nails® Adhesive in a wellventilated area as inhalation of these chemical products is potentially harmful.   Take the corks out. If your pattern does not allow for this. 8 . 5. Using a limited number of larger. the use of different size corks should be employed. but remember the pattern layout.Instruction Manual ENC3254 Morgan Flinchum NOTE: Make sure corks fit securely in the frame. left).

that when the board is hung on the wall the wire remains hidden behind it. 9 . WARNING: Wear safety goggles while operating the drill. and the design of the hooks.Instruction Manual ENC3254 Morgan Flinchum Small Picture Wire Loops. left). and the cordless drill (photo. Small wood fragments or particles can be flung at high speed when using such power tools.  Using the cordless drill. Special precaution should be taken to protect your eyes and vulnerable body parts. The attached picture wire loops with the wire affixed should look similar to this (photo. on the backside. above). a Picture Hooks. o The wire should be taught just so. drill a pilot hole a third of the way down from the top on each side of the picture frame.  Hammer the two picture hooks into the wall at a 45 degree downward angle o This angle. will insure that the weight of the cork board will be adequately supported in its position on the wall. Push the wire through each loop and twist it about itself until secure.   Secure each of the picture wire loops using the two small screws and the drill.

NOTE: Using two picture hooks. Stay alert and work with control to prevent injury. PIN PHOTOS ON THE BOARD  Select photos and memorabilia to put on your cork board using thumb tacks. twice the holding power. Enjoy your new cork board! 10 . and makes it easier to level. instead of one. 6. is advantageous in that it provides more stability.Instruction Manual ENC3254 Morgan Flinchum CAUTION: Take care when using the hammer.  Hang your cork board on the wall.

(2008). (n.jpg [Picture of a handscrew clamp]. Retrieved from http://www. (n. [digital photograph] Wine Corks [photograph].com/home/reviews/4288700 [Picture of Liquid Nails attached to a caulk gun]. Retrieved from http://en.html 11 . R.popularmechanics.wikipedia.d.).Instruction Manual ENC3254 Morgan Flinchum Image Sources: Stowe. Retrieved from http://www.aidtopia.).com/halloween/tombstones/index. [digital photograph].

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