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: Campus

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Subject: [CHETANA] (Pattern) Regd paper pattern of WIPRO

hi everybody,
Sorry guys i can't reply separtely for everyone.so i am sending u r queries to the
I have been asked many ques??
Like the first
how did i apply?
Through Naukri.com,guys get regd at Naukri.com. its really very useful.
The paper pattern?
Consisted of C questions like few programs & u need to tell the o/p of prog,for
this Exploring C & Lets C are sufficient.
Also for english,its simple,example-Passage building,simple synonyms.
its ok if u go through barren.Not very seriously bcos its waste of time.
For puzzels i think by now everybody has finished both editions of Shakuntala
series.I dont whether it is sufficient for the coming test but go through Gearge
summers also.
For networking, tannebaum is sufficient,
Another question was regd Wipro papers available on the net.?
Guys they are all outdated,dont go for physics or chemistry type questions.Be
prepared technically like C,Networking,data structures & puzzels.
And the last question,i.e whether i am a fresher?
yes guys i am also a fresher like u all.
Guys & gals,dont worry,the jobs are for u.If u dont get the job,then who else will
get it.Its for u all.Also wipro is going to recruit 6000 engineers.Happy now.

Best of Luck
Srirang H

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