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Mob ; 9379916625
Email :
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I am making an allegation that Mr.Ashok Kheny has committed crimes punishable under S.420 IPC, Fraud,
I have the requisite evidence to prove that he is punishable for 420, Fraud, Cheating of not only more than 13,871
innocent farmers of Sriranga Patna, Madur, Channapatna, Mandya, Ramanagara & Bangalore district, since the
14-10-1998 KIADB Agreement for acquisition of lands, who have not received single rupee for their lands
acquired for BMICP, even after more then 15 years, (sum of then have committed suicides also) the State of
Karnataka but EVEN the Hon'ble Courts.
Now he has come out with a master plan to cheat the innocent poor people of Bidar, by promising to give
employment to all the youth.
The youth who are unemployed are excited about his offer and are attracted to support Mr.Kheny along with their
Now, let us see what he has been collecting from the youth. 1) Application for employment with their Name,
Address and Parents name. 2) Copies of educational qualification of the youth if they are educated.
After you vote what would be his answer?.
I asked you to make an application and I have forwarded the application. If you have not got your job (which no
one will get for sure) am I responsible?
You may go to Bangalore Once, Twice and then you will stop because by then he may not be in the country
at all. Because if he continues to be in India he knows that he will surely be in jail for the rest of his life, as all the
evidence against him strong and more than enough. Now he will say I have shown to the RO,
Returning Office that I am a Citizen of India, what Abraham is saying is lies. Abraham is Deve Gowda's Dog.
I am not happy about that statement but what can I do, should I also call Kheny a Dog, I'll not do so,
because that will be an insult to the dogs. Coming to the point yes, he has answered one part of my objection/s
to the RO by sayi ng t hat he i s a ci t i zen of I n d i a , BUT, what par t / q u e s t i o n h e h a s n o t
a n s we r e d i s , Ha s h e v o l u n t a r i l y acqui r ed US ci t i zenshi p? Th e RO wh o s h o u l d
h a v e r e j e c t e d t h e nomi nat i on paper, because this objection was not at all answered by Sri.Sri.Sri
Ashok Kheny, yet the RO who is supposed to represent the Election Commission behaved like a person who is
working for a commission. God bless him and his family. The second objection is also not answered by Sri. Sri.
Sri. Ashok Kheny, which is that he is involved in a contract with the government of Karnataka. Again the RO has
rejected this objection too OR was compelled to reject it for an exemplary cost, is better known to him. Now
if you want to vote for Mr.Ashok Kheny in India, who is Ashok K Kheny in the US records, kindly do
so after you ask him the following:
1. Mr.Ashok Kheny will you file an affidavit (not to me or you) before the Election commission and publicly
state as follows - I Ashok Kheny have not voluntarily accepted any citizenship of the United States of
2. Mr.Ashok Kheny can you declare publicly that you are in no way connected with any contract with
the government of Karnataka?
3. Mr.Ashok Kheny can you publicly state that you are not the same Ashok K Kheny found in the US
If Mr. Ashok Kheny makes these three declarations I would request each one of
you to kindly vote for Mr. Ashok Kheny.
If he avoids these three things, you can very well assume/take it for granted that he will not be in India for long
because he will run away from India to hide in the US, because HE HAS VOLUNTIRLY ACCEPTED THE
I may be making false accusations against Mr.Ashok Kheny, but to know more about his real character, next
time you are near him, kindly observe Mr.Ashok Kheny's shadow and you will notice his shadow feeling
ashamed and cursing itself, for being the shadow of the most shameless cheat and a fraud. Kindly observe his
shadows discretely, because it is already feeling embarrassed and disgraced of being his shadow.
Now you decide if your Vote is for someone punishable for FRAUD, 420 and Cheat, who is all set to run away to
the US.
I also request you not to fall into the trap of
Mr.Ashok Kheny and NEVER vote for him.
I am requesting you, kindly not DO NOT VOTE FOR ME !!!
Yours Faithfully
Abraham T.J
Mob ; 9379916625
Email :
An Appeal to the Voter of Bidar South Assembly Constituency
Published by : Abraham T.J
Copies -10,000 Printed by : Guru Graphics Bangalore - 560 008 Ph : 080 25297027
NICE itself is a big fraud on the people from Srirangapatna to Bangalore,
but the present offer of providing employment to the unemployed
in Bidar is a bigger and NICELY planned fraud on the people of Bidar.
Whoever you choose, choose the right man. Create value for your own Vote.
Vote rightly.