The US although very falsely labelled as ‘oldest democracy’ and ‘bastion of freedom’ is in reality a nation founded on a supreme ability

to inflict horrifying and great cruelty on fellow humans plus an unusually large capacity to continuously render or inflict torture on humans held in prolonged or indefinite captivity. Rape, physical assault, wild acts of debauchery, sodomy, plus forced masturbation are part of the repertoire employed by US jailers and interrogators to shatter the morale of captives or jailed humans and reduce them to total human wrecks. This is a much required skill in graduating prisoner handlers for the US military. Non-sexual torture is also additionally used or applied to force captives to release information. This is regarded as putting the call of freedom of information to practical use by US intelligence prisoner handlers. So much for ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’. Both photos shown above are directly connected to US war actions abroad. The US while falsely calling itself a bastion of democracy and freedom rarely cringe at the idea of using force to smash the freedom and right to choose belonging to other humans. In the photo on the right, humans are forced to do stuff US interrogators wanted to watch and record while also making sure that the ‘actors’ give up all sense of freedom and human dignity. The photo on the left is the image of The Night Stalker who once horrifyingly attacked a string of women. His highly inhuman acts were influenced by his cousin who once served in the US military in Vietnam where he had great freedom conducting hard sexual torture against rural women there and even recording the various acts. The ‘actors’ were later disposed of. The world must say NO to future attempts to invade other countries.

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