Japanese sake tasting and dinner with Kenny Koga

Kenny will take you to the Keio Plaza Hotel’s sake bar, Amanogawa, for tasting the hidden treasure brands, and paired dishes selected by the sake sommelier (利き 酒師). For 3 bids Fair value: ¥8,000 each
Kenny Koga

Deutsche Bank etc.Gathering Dinner with the INDONESIAN AMBASSADOR!!! Reza ICS 2012 By attending this gathering. Only JPY 10. used to be involved with this community!! . you will have a chance to talk 1 on 1 with him. ICJ is a community consists of Indonesian expats in Tokyo.000!!! This gathering is held by ICJ (Indonesian Community in Japan). In addition. Batara Eto (founder of MIXI). who works for such companies as Merryl Lynch. this opportunity is really suitable for them who are interested in emerging economies!! You will also have a chance to taste first class Indonesian foods in a very beautiful Ambassador’s residence. MUFG..

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