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Antivirus Softwares it is necessary for users to protect their computers from various types of viruses which are released every now and then. The category of software whose primary objective is to protect the computer from virus attacks is known as antivirus. Antivirus software searches the storage devices of the computer for any known and potential viruses and removes any that are found. Due to the rapid growth of the Internet, it has become necessary for each and every user to safeguard his/her computer from virus attacks. Most of the antivirus softwares include auto update feature which automatically downloads the profiles of new viruses on to the computer from the company’s website. Most of the antivirus companies release the updates weekly or upon the discovery of new potentially destructive viruses. Some of the companies also have virus removal tools specific to a particular virus. Antivirus software can be installed like any other program and executed. They can also be configured to perform automatic scans of the computer by specifying the schedules and automatically download latest virus definitions. Whenever a virus is discovered, the antivirus specialists try to analyse the virus by isolating it. By doing so, they get a better understanding about the effects of the virus and devise a strategy of detecting the virus and removing it. When an antivirus program is run, it checks the computer, it compares the contents of each file with the virus definitions it has and if a match occurs, it tries to remove the virus. If the antivirus program cannot clean the file, it quarantines the file so that the virus does not infect other files in the computer. Every month a large number of viruses are released into the network and it very important for the antivirus program to have the latest virus definitions. Some of well known antivirus software are: Norton Antivirus (, McAfee ( amongst others.