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Course Description Hiring is everything. A wrong hire can be expensive and hard to correct if it ever is correctable. It is for this reason that managers need to be careful about their hiring decisions. This is not easy when candidates are putting their best foot forward and go to great lengths including lying to win the much coveted job. This is why a lot of hires end up with firing and resignations. It is true that a lot of guesswork and gut feel go into hiring decision making but there is a way to be more objective about it. Through this interactive and experiential workshop, the participants will learn how to prepare for a screening task, ask the right questions, probe candidates for the competencies they are looking for and evaluate interviews more objectively. The program includes introduction to the recruitment process and methodologies and a lot of skill practice to ensure that participants can replicate them in the workplace.

Target Participants Recruitment specialists, supervisors, managers and all hiring decision-makers

Facilitators Profile Pat Pascua is a seasoned HR practitioner with over 15 years of experience. She has proven competence particularly in Recruitment and Training. She is also a trained career and personal coach. She is an accredited instructor of DDIs Interaction Management and is also trained in Targeted Selection Administration. A Competent Toastmaster, Pat is an impromptu speaking champion and member of Toastmasters International District 75 Philippines.

Workshop Objectives At the end of the program, the participants are expected to: 1. Define job fit and profile of a right hire 2. Go through the proper way of scanning the resume and using it as reference for the interview 3. Know the right way of using Aptitude and personality test in the interview process 4. Prepare for the conduct of interview 5. Know the important interview Dos and Donts.