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Suzie Ryrie Timetable v4

9.00 TO 9.50

starting week 7 (27th May) Note: w8 G6 camp and w9 Mon public holiday will be made up. Suzie will probably do 3 sessions in term 2 and 2 in term 3. This will be confirmed late term 2. MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY

G1W and G1M Tuesday Prep A,J and K Wednesday

G1J, 1S and 1N Monday


G3C and 3D Monday G3Y and 3D Tuesday

9.50 TO 10.40

G3E and 3/4R Wednesday

11.10 TO 12.00

12.00 TO 12.45

1.35 TO 2.25

Prep S and G2D and 2V B Monday Tuesday Prep F and V Monday


2.25 TO 3.15

G1D, 1B G2L and 2B G2A and 2G and 1P Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday