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The white font against the dark background shows the idea of liberation and the moment of breaking

free because you have unlocked the secret from watching the documentary.

The rusty door implicates failure and the idea of decaying. This shows that without success things are very dark and this makes the audience think about where they are in their lives.

In terms of the uses and gratification theory this falls under surveillance because the poster ad is making an awareness of success so that people can understand and learn to become successful.

Also in terms of the uses and gratification theory it falls into personal identity because in some ways the target audience might relate to Aristote or Jacqui from watching the documentary and feel as though people they dont want to end up like that

The use of the black channel 4 logo shows that this is a subject perhaps what people dont talk about. This could be in reference to success of the people in Kinshasa who are living in difficult times.

This documentary can also fit into diversion because some people may feel the need to escape from certain things and by watching the documentary feel as though they arent that bad compared to someone like Aristote

The use of the gold glow shows hope and the idea that success helps you to have a better life because you are living your dream