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Telecalling Script – Cards

Personal Banking Officer (PBO): Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening , I am__________ calling from ABC Bank, may I please speak to Mr./Ms_________ (If customer is not available take down convenient time to call back) CUSTOMER: Yes PBO: This call is regarding your credit card Payment of your ending card no XXXX. Your outstanding amount is XXXX and your min amt is XXXX we would like to confirm your payment since we have not received your payment. CUSTOMER: I have forgotten to pay. PBO: Kindly confirm when you will be able to make the payment since your statement date is approaching. CUSTOMER: Kindly suggest me how can I make payment or mode of payment. PBO: You can walk into your nearest ABC branch and make cash or cheque payment. Drop your cheque into nearest ATM drop box. You can even make a payment through a link available on our website CUSTOMER: I dont have time to visit branch since my work timings differs. PBO: Thats not a problem Mr.XXXX, in order to help our customers we have a collection executive to collect your payment at a convenient time & place towards your outstanding amt by providing ABC bank receipt for your payment. CUSTOMER: I dont have enough amt to pay my O/S. PBO: Mr.XXXX it is not advisable to make the minimum amt since interest charges will be applicable towards your card. CUSTOMER: Since I am facing some financial problem I would like to pay only my minimum amount and will bear whatever charges are being levied to my card. PBO: Thats fine Mr.XXX. I would suggest you to make the entire O/S amt next month before due date to avoid late payment fee. Your due date is XXXX of every month and your billing date will be XXXX of every month. CUSTOMER: Sure. PBO: Could you please tell me when can I send my executive to collect your payment.