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CS2402 – Mobile and Pervasive Computing Unit I 1. Describe the architecture of GSM SYSTEM. 2.

Discuss in detail the application of GPRS. 3. Define spread spectrum ? explain the concept of spread spectrum in detail. Unit II 1. Describe the architecture of BLUE TOOTH. 2. Briefly describe the architecture of IEEE 802.11. 3. Describe Hiperlan architecture with suitable diagrams. Unit III 1. Explain the Concept of Mobile IP with neat example. 2. Explain pro-active & reactive routing protocol in ad hoc networks with neat example. 3. Discuss in detail the Concept of Optimization in Mobil IP with neat diagram Unit IV 1. Describe the WAP architecture with relevant diagram 2. Explain the role of WWW in support for mobility 3. Describe DHCP and indirect TCP in detail. Unit V 1. Illustrate the applications of pervasive computing. 2. Describe pervasive web application architecture with neat diagram 3. What is Ubiquitous Computing? Explain how it is supported in Mobile Environment