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This Process involves two steps
1. Taking Optical Power Measurement from EMS servers in .csv format 2. Uploading the .csv file into QMSnet


Procedure for copying Optical Power Measurement script to EMS servers
Copy the file OPTICAL.tgz to root of EMS Server. Execute following command for unzipping the file: tar –zxvf OPTICAL.tgz A directory “optical” is created after execution of above command, and required files are stored in the folder.


Procedure for taking Bulk Optical Power Measurement in EMS
Go to optical directory “cd optical” Execute the command to get execute permission “chmod 777” Run the script for taking optical power report .(s) –ems(s)10.116.*.*(s)Y Where (s) space give the IP address of the server

Note: 10.116.*.*

Wait till power report generation is completed (it will create file say, OpticalPowerReport_04_12_2009_10_50_30.csv and will be saved in the optical folder)

2.a) Uploading the .csv file to QMSnet Login to QMS net Go to OPERATIONAL DATA Click on “Upload Tejas EMS data” .

------------------------------------------ .csv file) Click “Start Processing” When the upload is complete.Then click on “browse” and browse for the generated Optical report file(. ‘Upload complete!’ confirms the successful uploading of data.