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I used to visit my cousins, until one day something happened that I will never forget.

It was Friday afternoon when I took the bus to go the usual visit to my cousins. My joy was so great that I was eager to get home to play. This time, however, was very different from the others, because a tragic accident occurred that I will never forget. Every time I went there it was for me a day of rest and play, as we did many interesting things. Getting out of the house, I saw the older of my cousins waiting for me opposite the bus stop. When he saw the bus, he tried to cross the road and an accident happened. A man on a motorcycle overtaking the bus hit him and he fell down unconscious. Immediately the bus driver called for an ambulance and transported to hospital. Luckily he had only hit in the leg and the doctors said that he will recover quickly. He only had to walk with crutches for the next eight months. I hope my cousin recovers quickly and play again like before. I had never before found in a car accident and therefore this accident will remain in my mind forever.