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Commission of Crime Prevention and

Criminal Justice

“The man who removes a mountain

begins by carrying away small stones…”

William Faulkner


In behalf of the organizer members, and the secretariat of the Model of the United Nations
COLONMUN 2008, the chair of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice,
gives you an enthusiastic welcome. At the same time, I want to thank you for your participation
in this commission.

We should always bear in mind that nowadays, human trafficking, transnational organized crime,
terrorism and corruption, are not just problems that we are facing, but also a threat that is
disturbing the welfare of the complete human race. Our mission is to discuss strategies in matter
of criminal law to prevent crime and find justice based on the strength of the practical measures.

I trust that we are going to work together in the best way, so we can reach our goal and make
an excellent resolution for each topic, which can help to solve these problems that need urgent
action and attention. The summary of our effort is the key to make a fair agreement for

It might be important for you to remind that The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
(UNDOC) is a global leader in the fight against illicit drugs and international crime. The CCPCJ,
is a functional Commission of the Economic and Social Council, but also is a commission of

Enjoy your stay in the model and also enjoy your work, because it is privileged. We are sure
that every moment that you spend in this simulation, is going to be very valuable in the future.
Thank you again, and we hope you will succeed in COLONMUN 2008.

Let the action begin!

Estefanía Castañeda Martín del Campo

President of the Comission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice


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