Current Affairs eBook April 2013

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Current Affairs eBook April 2013

Current Affairs eBook April 2013

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Preface ........................................................................................................................................5 Pick of the Month........................................................................................................................6 Margaret Thatcher Former British Prime Minister Died .......................................................6 Connecticut signed Gun Control Legislation .........................................................................7 National Policy for Children-2012 approved by Union Cabinet.............................................7 Chris Gayle: the Fastest Century Maker in Cricket History ...................................................9 SC: Endangered Asiatic Lions to be shifted from Gujarat to MP ...........................................9 Archeologists Discovered Gate to Hell from Ruins in Turkey ..............................................10 International .............................................................................................................................11 President’s two-Day Visit to Mauritius: Major Deals Signed ...............................................11 India signed Enhanced Air Services Agreement with Singapore .........................................12 US asked to Close Guantanamo Prison Camp Immediately ................................................13 Sheikh Hasina Rejected New Anti-Blasphemy Law Demands .............................................13 Prime Minister of India Visited Germany: Documents Signed ............................................14 IMF Slashed World Growth Forecast to 3.3 percent for 2013 ............................................17 National ....................................................................................................................................18 SC Rejected Novartis’ Patent Plea for Cancer Drug Glivec ..................................................18 SOI filed compliant against Google over Mapathon Contest ..............................................19 Number of Judges to be doubled in next 5 years ...............................................................19 President appointed two Judges to the Supreme Court of India ........................................20 SC sought Response from Union Govt. on Anti-Porn Laws .................................................20 Economy ...................................................................................................................................21 Infrastructure Scheme for LWE affected States .................................................................21 CCEA approved de-control of Sugar ...................................................................................21
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Current Affairs eBook April 2013

Current Affairs eBook April 2013

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Govt. achieved FY13 Revised Tax Collection Target ...........................................................21 Govt. Sanctioned 4065.81 Crore to control Water Pollution ..............................................22 Retail Inflation declined to 10.39% in March 2013 .............................................................23 Gold Prices Decreased to 15-Month Low ...........................................................................23 Corporate..................................................................................................................................24 Samsung Emerged as Most Popular Brand.........................................................................24 GAIL signed deal with US firm for LNG Liquefaction Terminal ............................................24 Infosys agreement with European Energy Trading House ..................................................25 SAIL signed MoU with KSIDC and KMML ............................................................................25 SBI to discontinue Free Accident Insurance Cover from July ..............................................26 TVS Motor and BMW Motorrad tied-up to Develop Bikes..................................................26 Environment Ecology ................................................................................................................27 Fossil Called Ichthyosaurs named after Vladimir Lenin.......................................................27 Sea Ice of Antarctica Increasing Despite Warming: Study ..................................................27 Cooling System Power restored at Japan’s Fukushima N. Plant..........................................27 Red Woods Ants Sense Earthquake Before It Hits: Research ..............................................28 Science & Technology ...............................................................................................................29 AMS detected Scope for Dark Matter in the Space ............................................................29 US Government launched New Research Initiative Called BRAIN .......................................29 Exhaled Breath can be as Unique as a Fingerprint: Study ...................................................30 Camera that can Capture Objects at Long Distances Developed ........................................30 Nuclear Capable Agni-II Missile was successfully Test-Fired ...............................................31 Successful Transplantation of Bio-Engineered Kidney in Rat ..............................................31 Sports........................................................................................................................................32 India completed a 5-0 Whitewash of Indonesia in Davis Cup .............................................32 American Serena Williams Topped the Women’s Tennis Ranking ......................................32
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Current Affairs eBook April 2013

Current Affairs eBook April 2013

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Pavlyuchenkova won Monterrey Open Tennis Tournament...............................................32 Djokovic won Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters Tournament .....................................................33 State .........................................................................................................................................34 Govt of Gujarat Introduced Lokayukta Bill in State Assembly .............................................34 Sikkim State Annual Plan for 2013-14 Finalized at 2060 Crore ...........................................35 TWIC: Project Management Agency for Water Treatment .................................................35 Bihar Cabinet gave its nod on Quota for Women in Police .................................................36 Supreme Court of India cancelled 49 Mine Leases in Karnataka .........................................36 News Capsule ............................................................................................................................37 Oscar Winner Author Ruth Prawer Jhabvala died in New York ...........................................37 NIA filed a Charge Sheet against 26/11 Mastermind Abu Jundal ........................................37 SAARC Ministerial Level Meet on Poverty concluded in Nepal ...........................................37 Chile to exhume Pablo Neruda’s body to investigate murder mystery ...............................38 Pran honoured with Dada Saheb Phalke Award .................................................................38 Book: Religion, Law & Society - Across the Globe ..............................................................39 Mahatma Gandhi figured among Top 3 Leaders of the World ...........................................39 Questions of the Month ............................................................................................................40
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Current Affairs eBook April 2013

International. The original Current Affairs eBook for April 2013 is of 256 pages. Every event mentioned is examined on different grounds to make sure that everything is covered about it and none of the details on the issue is left is designed with an aim to ensure that the material provided is useful for candidates of all types of examinations conducted by IAS|PCS. Page 5 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . Sports and Issues of different States of the country to select the best out of all. We will keep you updated every month with a package of finely compiled magazine. www. Banking. MBA as well as Board Exams of CBSE and State Boards. The eBook available on jagranjosh. This is a sample eBook on Current Affairs. Our experts keep a tab on all important events of the world in all platforms like National. Environment and Ecology. The affairs of maximum importance are compiled to help you in revising the important events without much brainstorming activity. from where their exists any percentage of chances of question being asked. So have a look further to find out more. SSC. To find the Original Copy Click here.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 5 PREFACE The Current Affairs eBook April 2013 includes the important happenings of April 2013. Economy as well as the advancements on the frontiers of Science and Technology.

com Page 6 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 .jagranjosh. She resigned from her office in 1990 after she returned from the Euro Summit in Rome. the Former Prime Minister of Britain died due to a stroke on 8 April 2013 at the age of 87. when Ted Heath was the Prime Minister of Britain She was termed as the Milk Snatcher. after her policies and her style of government led to the growth of rebellion inside her party. Thatcher was the Prime Minister of Britain from 1979 to 1990 from Conservative party of Britain and was the first lady to hold the post of Prime Minister. a divorced businessman In 1953 she qualified as a barrister and in the same year gave birth twins named Mark and Carol During her reign in the Prime Minister’s Office. she became the Member of Parliament for Finchley. John Major succeeded her in the office of the prime Minister. North London for Conservative Party and was elected as a junior minister and soon promoted to the shadow cabinet in 1964 after the conservative party was defeated in the general elections She was chosen as the Conservative candidate for Dartford seat in Kent but she lost the 1950 and 1951 general elections from the same seat. Oxford. Lincolnshire She got married Denis Thatcher. she graduated in chemistry and was the only third female President of the Oxford University Conservative Association She got involved with the Conservative Party organization in Colchester. many of the state-owned industries of the country were privatized the initial two companies were British Gas and BT At Somerville College. at that time she was the youngest ever conservative candidate In 1970 she became the education secretary.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 6 PICK OF THE MONTH MARGARET THATCHER FORMER BRITISH PRIME MINISTER DIED Margaret Thatcher. ABOUT MARGARET THATCHER • • • • • • Margaret Thatcher was also known as the Iron Lady of Britain and was born on 13 October 1925 in Grantham. She succeeded James Callaghan from Labour Party and a Member of Parliament from Cardiff South East. while working for a plastic company POLITICAL CAREER OF MARGARET THATCHER • In 1959. after she ordered withdrawal of the free milk for children in the age group of seven to eleven • • • www.

Approximately. when the UK went to war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands in 1982 She retired from the House Of Commons in 1992 MONETARY POLICIES AS THE PRIME MINISTER • To curb the inflation and control the finances of the country.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 • • • • Page 7 She was given the title of the Iron Lady by a Russian newspaper after she criticized the repressive policies of Soviet Union in her speech in 1976 She won general elections in 1979. Besides. 1983 and 1987 after making a successful challenge to the former Prime Minister Edward Heath in 1975 She was in power. 2012. in the US Congress. 20 young children were shot dead at school in December 2012 in Newtown. The policy was approved to reaffirm the commitment of the Government towards the realization of the rights of the Children in the Country as it recognized that every person below 18 years in age as a child. NATIONAL POLICY FOR CHILDREN-2012 APPROVED BY UNION CABINET The Union Cabinet of India on 18 April 2013 approved the National Policy for Children. In addition to a gun offender registry. GUIDING PRINCIPLES LAID DOWN BY THE POLICY INCLUDES www. people with zero or negligible stake in the economy of the nation got a chance to own houses and invest in the shares of the business houses those were owned by the state.jagranjosh. She also allowed the owners of houses in the councils to buy their houses. Maryland's House of Delegates also passed a bill requiring fingerprints for gun buyers. However. As a result of which. which include America's first registry of gun offenders. SHE WROTE TWO MEMOIRS • • Campaigning against the Maastricht Treaty Condemning the Serbian policy of ethnic cleansing in Bosnia CONNECTICUT SIGNED GUN CONTROL LEGISLATION Connecticut's state legislature passed the measures on 4 April 2013. Page 7 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . efforts to pass firearms restrictions are in the process. The state assembly approved the legislation by 105 to 44 after a series of debates. the restrictions introduce background checks on all firearms buyers and a ban on new magazines holding more than 10 rounds. she privatized the state owned industries.

State and Local to respect the children in all their actions and initiatives that affects them. Equal rights for all children without discrimination. THE POLICY AIMS AT • • • • • Purposeful convergence and strong coordination across different sectors and levels of governance Active engagement and partnerships with all stakeholders Setting up of a comprehensive and reliable knowledge base Provision of adequate resources Sensitization and capacity development of all those who work for and with children To give effect to the Policy the Union Government has decided to develop a National Plan of Action and constitute a National Coordination and Action Group (NCAG) for fine monitoring of the progress of implementation of the plan. RESPONSIBILITIES GIVEN TO The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights and State Commissions for Protection of Child Rights are made responsible to ensure that the principles of the policy are respected in all sectors at all levels. www. and these have been recognized as the key priority areas. development. National.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 • • • • Page 8 The right of every child to life. The Government has also created a provision of reviewing the Policy after every five years. survival. nutrition. development. For monitoring and implementation of the policy at state and district Page 8 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . protection and participation as undeniable rights of every child. The policy has identified survival. same type of action groups will be constituted by the Government. The best interest of the child as a primary concern in all actions and decisions affecting children Family environment as the most conducive for all-round development of children The set principles makes it mandatory for Governments at all levels. For development of a child multi-sectoral. interconnected and collective effort is required to be put forward. education.jagranjosh. education. protection and participation. health. The Ministry of Women and Child Development will be the nodal ministry for overseeing and coordinating the implementation of the policy and will lead the review process.

Mumbai Indians. 23 April 2013 34 balls: Andrew Symonds. 7 November 2011 37 balls: Shahid Afridi. Gloucs. Page 9 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . It is important to note that this is the most number of runs scored in any T20 innings. which is one of the highest total in this format of the game. This was also his fourth century in the IPL career. Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Kent vs. but Supreme Court ordered that they should be relocated in order to save them from elimination because of fire or epidemic. which included 17 sixes and 13 boundaries. The political leaders in Gujarat resisted relocation of these lions.Madhya Pradesh. beating Kolkata Knight Riders' Brendon McCullum who had hit 158 off 73 balls against Royal Challengers Bangalore. The population of these Asiatic lions has almost become negligible but because of certain conservation efforts in the state of Gujarat in past 50 years. the population of these lions in Gir forests of Gujarat is 400. Conversationalists too had recommended establishment of second sanctuary outside Gujarat in order to make sure about genetic diversification. Twenty20 Cup. Sri Lanka. Twenty20 Cup. 13 March 2010 SC: ENDANGERED ASIATIC L IONS TO BE SHIFTED FROM GUJARAT TO MP A bench led by Justice K S Radhakrishnan of the Supreme Court of India on 15 April 2013 ordered Gujarat to share the endangered Asiatic lions with its neighbouring state. the West Indies opener. ODI. Pakistan vs. Rajasthan Royals vs. unofficial T20 international. 2 July 2004 35 balls: Louis van der Westhuizen.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 CHRIS GAYLE: THE FASTEST CENTURY MAKER IN CRICKET HISTORY Page 9 Chris Gayle. the total score Royal Challengers Bangalore was 263 for five. Gayle scored a total run of 175 runs in merely 66 balls. 4 October 1996 37 balls: Scott Styris. With Gayle’s performance. Jamaican Chris Gayle also became the highest-ever individual scorer in a T20 game. Middlesex. these endangered lions have been saved from extinction. the highest total in this format was 260 by Sri Lanka. PREVIOUS RECORD HOLDERS OF FASTEST CENTURIES ARE • • • • • • 30 balls: Chris Gayle. IPL.jagranjosh. Sussex vs. hit the fastest ever century in the history of cricket by reaching 100 in merely 30 balls during Royal Challengers Bangalore-Pune Warriors IPL match on 23 April 2013. www. At present. Pune Warriors. 24 July 2012 37 balls: Yusuf Pathan. IPL. Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi holds the record of fastest century in ODI (37 balls) and Viv Richards is the record-holders for fastest century (56 balls) in the Test cricket history. Namibia v Kenya.

Francesco D'Andria also described that this site was a renowned destination for performing the rites of incubation. It was described by the historians that the opening of this gate to hell was filled with lethal mephitic vapors. The results of the findings were described at the conference on Italian archaeology in Istanbul.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 10 Back in 1986. The archaeologists found out Ionic semi columns. the Union Government decided to relocate some of the Asiatic lions from Gir forest in Gujarat to Kuno game sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh in order to prevent extinction of these species. Pamukkale' springs. this site was situated in ancient Phrygian city of Hierapolis. Turkey. also called Pluto's Gate-Ploutonion in Greek and Plutonium in Latin. What number of Asiatic lions should be moved to Kuno game sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh is yet to be determined. Gujarat had earlier opposed Madhya Pradesh’s appeal for relocation of these lions on the grounds of poor record of protection of tiger population in Panna reserve forest. which is now called Pamukkale.jagranjosh. the lead archaeologist described that the gate to hell was discovered by reconstruction of the route of thermal spring. a pool as well as certain steps placed above the cave were also found and they all matched the descriptions of the site described in ancient sources. was the inscription with dedication to deities of the underworld-Pluto and Kore. Historically. www. in a kind of Delphi effect. The research conducted by the team led by Francesco D'Andria. Greek geographer Strabo (64/63 BC-about 24 AD) described that this place was filled with dense and misty vapours and the animals which passed through it. The pilgrims used to take the waters in pool near the temple and slept close to the cave to receive prophecies and visions. professor of classic archaeology at the University of Salento found out that there existed a gate to Page 10 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . ARCHEOLOGISTS DISCOVERED GATE TO HELL FROM RUINS IN TURKEY Italian archeologists in the first week of April 2013 discovered the gate to hell from ruins in Turkey. The gate to hell was known to be the gateway to underworld in Greco-Roman mythology as well as tradition. Gujarat has now been given a deadline of six months to successfully complete this lion relocation. The site had even more ruins than earlier. died instantly. which are said to produce white travertine terraces originated from this cave only. The ruins of the temple. The team of archeologists is now in the process of digital reconstruction of this site. Francesco D'Andria. On their top.

Pranab Mukherjee visited Mauritius from 11 March 2013 to 13 March 2013. He also visited the World Heritage Site. The major points of the MoU were as follows: The MoU was signed for collaboration as well as cooperation in certain areas such as • • Medical Research Health Service Planning Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 11 www. The major points of the MoU were as follows: MoU was signed for collaboration in certain areas and these were • • • • Empowerment of persons with disabilities and senior citizens Exchange of resource persons in the identified fields Strengthening capacity-building of personnel and NGOs in the identified fields Exchange programmes for the benefit of senior citizens. DEALS S IGNED DURING THE VISIT 1. Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the field of health and medicine The Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the field of health and medicine was signed between Minister of State for Home Affairs from India and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade from Mauritius. where Indian labourers first landed.jagranjosh. persons with . Pranab Mukherjee was the chief guest at the 45th Independence Day celebrations of Mauritiuswhich took place on 12 March 2013.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 11 INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT’S T WO-DAY VISIT TO MAURITIUS: MAJOR DEALS SIGNED The President of India. the Aapravasi Ghat. and NGO leaders/ volunteers in these fields Conducting joint research and exchange of research outcomes • 2. Memorandum of Understanding in the field of persons with disabilities and senior citizens The Memorandum of Understanding in the field of persons with disabilities and senior citizens was signed between Minister of State for Home Affairs from India and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade from Mauritius.

Current Affairs eBook April 2013 • • • • • Lab and Diagnostics Drugs and Pharmaceutical products: Traditional Medicine Health Tourism Telemedicine Page 12 3. It is important here to note that Singapore is linked by air services to 12 Indian cities. It is also entitled as per the enhancement agreement that both countries would meet regularly to review air services matters. The major points of the MoU were as follows: The MoU was signed for collaboration in certain areas and these were • • • Expansion of bilateral cooperation in tourism sector Exchange of information and data related to tourism Encouraging cooperation between tourism stakeholders including Hotels and Tour Operators Investment in the Tourism and Hospitality sectors Exchanging visits of Tour Operators/Media/ Opinion Makers for promotion of two way tourism Promoting safe. honourable and sustainable tourism • • • INDIA SIGNED ENHANCED AIR SERVICES AGREEMENT WITH SINGAPORE India and Singapore on 2 April 2013 signed an enhanced air services agreement to build on the existing 216 weekly flights and meet the growing demand for air connectivity between both the countries. www.jagranjosh. It is evident that the demand for air services between both countries is growing continuously so the bilateral air services agreement in this context is basically enhanced to include more capacity Page 12 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . having the most frequent flights to India out of Southeast Asia. Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the field of tourism The Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the field of tourism was signed between Minister of State for Home Affairs from India and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade from Mauritius.

according to which the people who defame Islam or Prophet Muhammad would be punished. with S Iswaran. It is important to note that a lot of Islamists in Bangladesh rallied in Dhaka for demanding the death penalty for people who were guilty of blasphemy. As per the International Laws. Navi Pillay on 5 April 2013 ordered United States to shut down its Guantanamo Prison Camp with immediate effect. the act of US was just not a breach of its own commitments but also of the international laws and standards. Barack Obama pledged four years ago to close down the controversial facility but yet it is under operation. Singapore’s Minister. Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh was present in Singapore from 2 April 2013 to 4 April 2013. SHEIKH HASINA REJECTED NEW ANTI-BLASPHEMY LAW DEMAND S The Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina rejected the demands of Islamists for new antiblasphemy law. the indefinite imprisonment of the detainees by US without any charge or trial was a violation of International laws.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 13 The agreement was signed by Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh and Singapore Transport Minister Liu Tuck Yew. It generally started after the 9/11 WTC attack. It is used for holding men who are captured in counterterrorism operations. He had also discussed the importance of air connectivity in enhancing bilateral trade ties between India and Page 13 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . WHAT IS BLASPHEMY? Blasphemy is an act by someone to insult or disrespect religious deity or show irreverence to holy persons or religion or things.jagranjosh. The Human Rights Chief of UN also claimed that the hunger strike by the inmates of the Guantanamo Bay US Naval Base in southeastern Cuba was a desperate act as well as an element of Surprise. Sheikh Hasina declared that the laws which were existing earlier were sufficient for punishing people who insulted the religion. US ASKED TO CLOSE GUANTANAMO PRISON CAMP IMMEDIATELY The UN Human Rights Chief. As per United Nations Human Rights claim. The Islamists gave three-week ultimatum to Bangladeshi Government for meeting the demands which included tough punishments to the atheist bloggers too. GUANTANAMO PRISON CAMP Guantanamo prison camp was started in January 2002 during bush administration and is a detainment and interrogation facility of the United States military that is located within Guantanamo Bay Naval Base of Cuba. BLASPHEMY LAW IN BANGLADESH UNDER PENAL CODE 1980 www. Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister for Trade & Industry and Home Affairs.

Manmohan Singh visited Germany from 10 April 2013 to 12 April 2013 for participating in second round of Inter Governmental Consultations with Germany. academics. with deliberate intent to wound religious feelings) are related to blasphemy and describe punishments as well. certain documents were signed. Federal Minister of Education and Research from Page 14 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . Section 295 (Injuring or defiling place of worship.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 14 Bangladesh was a secular state in 1971 and became the Islamist state in 1988. • • INTERGOVERNMENTAL MOU ON COOPERATION IN FIELD OF HIGHER EDUCATION • This MoU was signed between M. This MoU intends to facilitate people-to-people exchanges. PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA VISITED GERMANY: DOCUMENTS SIGNED Prime Minister of India. Mangapati Pallam Raju. Under the Joint Declaration. Minister of State in the German Foreign Office. etc.Ed programmes for German language. Minister for Human Resource Development from India and Cornelia Pieper. He was accompanied by delegation including Ministers and senior officials.. • JOINT DECLARATION OF INTENT IN AREA OF CIVIL SECURITY RESEARCH www. Minister for Human Resource Development from India and Johanna Wanka. Mangapati Pallam Raju. with intent to insult the religion of any class). These documents are as follows: JOINT DECLARATION OF INTENT FOR PROMOTION OF GERMAN AS FOREIGN LANGUAGE IN INDIA • The Joint Declaration of Intent regarding promotion of German as a foreign language in India was signed between M. However. the secular penal code is used in Bangladesh since 1980. India would cooperate in introducing B. Under Chapter XV (Offences Relating to Religion) of the Bangladesh Penal Code 1980. and project collaborators. During his visit. This includes students. Also scholarships would be awarded for Masters degree programs and for short stays in Germany with the goal of improving mutual trust and intercultural relations. Section 295 A (Deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs) and Section 298 (Uttering words.

www. JOINT DECLARATION OF INTENT ON DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION REGARDING THE ESTABLISHMENT OF GREEN ENERGY CORRIDORS • This was signed between Farooq Abdullah. Germany. • Joint Declaration for the bilateral " Kooperations Program” of the German Federal Ministry of Food. Minister for New and Renewable Energy. biological risk situations.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 • Page 15 This Joint Declaration was signed between Minister for Science & Technology. urban security. Germany. J OINT DECLARATION AIMS A T STRENGTHENING COOPERATION IN • • • Plant variety protection Conservation of plant genetic resources Cooperation between Indian and German agricultural research institutions and seed companies Joint Declaration of Intent on the Establishment of an Indo-German Working Group on Quality Infrastructure for Cooperation in Page 15 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . The Indo-German research cooperation in this new area intends to fund 5 pilot projects in 2013 with the identified priorities being natural disaster management. Parliamentary State Secretary. protection & rescue of people and social aspects of civil security research. Jaipal Reddy from India and Federal Minister of Education and Research. • This aims to strengthen bilateral cooperation in standardization. India and Gudrun Kopp. Parliamentary State Secretary. Johanna Wanka from Germany. • It also provides for establishing and Indo-German Working Group Quality Infrastructure. Conformity Assessment and Product Safety • This was signed between Foreign Secretary of India and Anne Ruth Herkes. Agriculture and Consumer Protection. State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology of Germany. Agriculture and Consumer Protection and the National Seeds Association of India and the German Association of Plant Breeders This was signed between Ambassador of India and Gerd Muller. conformity assessment and product safety through advancing bilateral economic and technical cooperation. Federal Ministry of Food. intensifying dialogue and promoting coordinated activities in international organizations.

MoU between Infosys Ltd and Bertelsmann Stiftung to support Vocational Education and Training in India. Manipal. Programme of Cooperation between Dept. India & Bavarian Universities Consortium represented by Hof University of Applied Sciences of Germany to establish the IndoBavarian Integrated Bachelors and Masters Programme in August 2013. development of modern competitive railway organization.jagranjosh. • • • • • • • • www. MOU between PSG Institute of Advanced Studies & Professional Training Centres of the Bavarian Employers Association (BFZ). MoU between Deutsche Bahn and Indian Railways for cooperation in the field of Page 16 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . MOU between Hof University of Applied Sciences & Integrated Association of Micro. solar thermals systems. infrastructure building and management.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 16 • This joint declaration aims at fostering increased use of renewable energy in India through technical and fanatical cooperation by way of integrating additional renewable energy generation capacity with the national grid. passenger operations. • The Technical cooperation would be implemented through the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and KfW intends to provide concessional loans of up to Euro one billion over the next six years. LIST OF DOCUMENTS SIGNED ON THE SIDELINES OF 2ND ROUND OF INDIAGERMANY INTERGOVERNMENTAL CONSULTATIONS • MoU between Solar Energy Centre and Fraunhofer Institute for cooperation and exchanges in various areas including solar photovoltaic. MOU between Manipal University. MoU between DB Systel and Centre for Railway Information Systems for cooperation in the field of information systems related to railways. Small & Medium Enterprises of India (SPV formed by Faridabad Small Industries Association) to develop specialized vocational training course. hydrogen and fuel cells. of Biotechnology of India and Helmholtz Association in the area of development of future natural drugs. Madras under the National Climate Action Plan. Supplementary MoU on Research Framework of the Indo-German Centre for Sustainability at IIT.

Due to Bank of Japan’s ambitious plan launched to reflate the economy. China and India is also a reason for economic weakness. The IMF also forecasted that the economic growth will be on its pick by the second half of the year.3 percent from previous forecast of 3. The slow growth rate of the United States region is also a region behind the downgrade of the forecast.3 PERCENT FOR 2013 International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its latest assessment of the global economy released on 16 April 2013 revised its world growth forecast for 2013 and slashed it to 3.6 percent from initial 1. IMF SLASHED WORLD GROWTH FORECAST TO 3. The global economy survived from the crash after defuse of the two largest short term threats to the recovery and they were disintegration of the eurozone and extreme budget cuts and tax hikes in United States. The measures adopted by the world to get out of the financial crisis have been failing due to the bad debt and weak capital hobbled by the banks. Statement from World Economic Outlook Report of IMF IMF in its WEO Report suggested that the Global prospects have improved again but the road to recovery in the advanced economies will remain Page 17 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . IMF revised its forecast because of the continued recession in the Eurozone. IMF in its assessment also expressed concerns over the global fragmentation of the dynamism of the emerging economies and the United States. The U.5% points to 3.3 percent. Economies whose forecast has been lowered for 2013 by IMF • • China's growth by 0.0% Brazil by 0. www. the IMF upped its forecast for the country to 1.2 percent.jagranjosh. The Chief Economist of IMF.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 • Page 17 Contract agreement between Cairn India and TUV Rheinland to set up a state-of-the-art vocational education training facility in Rajasthan. Olivier Blanchard warned that the fresh bailout of Cyprus and weakness of Italy could spark setbacks for the international economy. Brazil.1% point to 8.S growth forecasted for the year 2013 is 1.5 percent predicted in January 2013.0%.9 percent and for Eurozone it is 0. Slow growth in countries like Russia.

The cost of this drug is around 2600 US dollar per month. A bench of justices Aftab Alam and Ranjana Prakash Desai dismissed the patent plea to Novartis on the basis that there was no inventiveness or novelty in the new version of the drug. the Supreme Court of India declared that because the application for patent on beta-crystalline salt did not meet any inventiveness or novelty standard. Glivec is used for the treatment of chronic myeloid leukaemia along with certain other kinds of cancers. In 2009. BACKGROUND Novartis had filed a patent application for the new version of this drug in 2006. Section 3 (b) of Indian Patent Law restricts patents for those products which are against the public interest. The judgment implied that patents in India would only be granted to companies that were involved in genuine inventions. EVER GREENING OF PATENT RIGHTS.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 18 NATIONAL SC REJECTED NOVARTIS’ P ATENT PLEA FOR CANCER DRUG GLIVEC The Supreme Court of India on 1 April 2013 rejected the plea of Novartis. Novartis then challenged this rejection of patent application for Glivec. to patent the updated version of cancer drug called Glivec. In its ruling.jagranjosh. the patent application was also rejected by Intellectual Property Appellate Board. Novartis took its fight to the Supreme Court of India. The generic of Glivec is equivalent to 175 US dollar in India. the Swiss drug maker. and also do not show advanced value over the products which already exist. Subsequently. SECTION 3 (D) AND 3 (B) OF INDIAN PATENT LAW EXPLAINED • • Section 3 (d) of Indian Patent Law restricts the patents for already-known drugs unless and until there is superiority in invention in terms of efficacy. therefore the company’s plea for patent was Page 18 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 .AN ISSUE www. Litigative patenting would be dismissed. Comptroller General of Patent and Design denied the patent on the grounds that only certain changes were made to its existing drugs under sections 3(d) and 3(b) of the Indian Patent Law.

C. unknowingly – if they map some restricted areas that may hamper the security of the nation. maintaining and disseminating the topographic map database of the whole country. The Preamble of the National Map Policy. being unaware of the law of the land would have violated the law. www. As per the compliant from Survey of India (SOI).Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 19 Evergreening of the patent rights refers to the strategy adopted by certain innovators for renewing their patent rights on the products by incorporating only minor changes. SOI FILED COMPLIANT AGAINST GOOGLE OVER MAPATHON CONTEST Delhi Police on 4 April 2013 launched an inquiry against the Internet Giant Google over its contest Mapathon 2013. These minor changes may include adding new formulations or Page 19 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . Evergreening is done by the innovators when the patent is on the verge of expiry. as the activity is against the Indian Policy Guidelines. NUMBER OF JUDGES TO BE DOUBLED IN NEXT 5 YEARS The Union Government of India decided to double the number of sanctioned judges in India in next five years to ensure speedy disposal of cases. the responsibility for producing. A victory in this patent fight would have given monopoly of Glivec to Novartis for 20 years. TERMS AND CONDITIONS MENTIONED IN MAPATHON 2013 CONTEST The Mapathon 2013 clearly mentioned in its terms and conditions that the individuals themselves were responsible for their submissions and consequences that may arise after the maps and content provided by them were posted on the search engines. This exercise of the individuals directly lands the individuals into trouble for violating the law of the land. The contest was conducted from 12 February to 25 March 2013. 2005 states that. With this increase in the number of judges is expected to reach to a mark of 37000 in next five years. following a complaint received by the Survey of India. MAPATHON 2013 CONTEST Mapathon 2013 was a contest created by Google in which it asked the Indian Citizens to map their neighbourhood and send the same to Google for being uploaded on the search engines. the power of mapping and surveying the nation. A letter was also written to Google India’s Office by the Additional Surveyor -General of India R. the activity of Mapathon 2013 violated the National Map Policy and likely jeopardizes the national security interest. Survey of India is the only body that has been provided.jagranjosh. The participants of the contest. Padhi asking the internet giant to stop its activity of map uploading. The Mapathon contest was conducted by Google in February-March 2013. which is the foundation of all spatial data vests with the Survey of India. Rewards to the 1000 best entries were also announced by Google.

mainly those which show child pornography. Information and Technology as well as Internet Service Providers Association of India. The Apex Court issued notices to the ministries of Information and Broadcasting.jagranjosh. The President of India exercised powers conferred to him by Clause 2 of Article 124 of the Constitution of India for appointment of the judges. PRESIDENT APPOINTED TWO JUDGES TO THE SUPREME COURT OF IND IA Chief Justices of High Courts of Punjab and Haryana as well as Madhya Pradesh.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 20 The Chief Justice of India Altamas Kabir and Law Minister Ashwani Kumar on 7 April 2013 during the release of comprehensive agenda for legal and judicial reforms announced that the Union Government of India approved the decision of increasing the judge population ratio from 15.47 per million to 30 per million. The comprehensive agenda was released at the conference of Chief Justices of High Courts and Chief Ministers. The Apex Court described these sites as the major cause of crime against women. Increase in the number of fast track courts for trial of heinous crimes like offences against elderly. women and children is also under the plan of the central government. To deal with small and petty crimes a committee will be constituted by the Government. ON ANTI-PORN LAWS A bench of Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Altamas Kabir on 15 April 2013 sought response from the Union Government on plea to block and ban porn sites on the Internet. in which he explained that it was not an offence to watch obscene videos but it was a major cause for crimes being committed against women. SC SOUGHT RESPONSE FROM UNION GOVT. www. The petition was filed by the Indore-based advocate. Justice Arjan Kumar Sikri and Justice Sharad Arvind Bobde respectively on 10 April 2013 were elevated as Judges of Supreme Page 20 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . in order of their seniority by the President of India. The funds for development of the infrastructure would be released under a centrally sponsored scheme on 75:25 basis. The notices were issued on the petition seeking to bring an anti-pornography law. The appointment of judges will come into effect from the date they assume charge of their respective office. Home Affairs. At present there are 906 judges in the High Courts of India and is to be increased by 25 percent in next three years and 50 percent over a period of five years. ARTICLE 124: ESTABLISHMENT AND CONSTITUTION OF SUPREME COURT Clause 2: Every Judge of the Supreme Court shall be appointed by the President by warrant under his hand and seal after consultation with such of the Judges of the Supreme Court and of the High Courts in the States as the President may deem necessary for the purpose and shall hold office until he attains the age of sixty-five years.

The scheme was being implemented from the year 2008-09 with the broad objective to adequately provide for critical infrastructure requirements that are critical to the policing and security needs in the field. With this there is also possibility that the tax collection may even exceed the estimates because of better-than-expected indirect tax collections. vehicles and any other related items pertaining to Special Forces of LWE affected states. The scheme will enhance the security in the region which would provide an enabling environment for development.82 crore rupees. GOVT. This de-control will raise the subsidy burden to 5300 crore rupees from previous 2700 crore rupees. De-control on sugar will not have an impact on the sugar made available in the Public Distribution System. weaponry. During the 11th Plan period 100 percent funding was provided by the Central Government to the 9 LWE affected states for implementing various projects under the scheme. The de-control of sugar will abolish the rule for sugar mills that makes it mandatory for sugar millers to sell sugar to the Government at a discounted price as well as the limitation on the amount they choose to sell in the open market .com Page 21 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . The proposal includes an added objective of upgradation and critical gap filling of training infrastructure.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 21 ECONOMY INFRASTRUCTURE SCHEME FOR LWE AFFECTED STATES The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) on 2 April 2013 approved the proposal of the Ministry of Home Affairs for continuation of the Scheme for Special Infrastructure (SIS) in Left Wing Extremism (LWE) affected states during the 12th Plan period. The total cost would be 373 crore rupees comprising 280 crore rupees as central government share and 93 crore rupees as state government share on a 75 (central): 25 (state) funding pattern. The total funds were released under the scheme by the central government to the 9 LWE affected states during the 11th Plan period is 445. CCEA APPROVED DE-CONTROL OF SUGAR The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) on 4 April 2013 decided to de-control sugar and did away the levy on sugar mills and regulated release mechanism. ACHIEVED FY13 REVISED TAX COLLECTION TARGET Union government in the Month of March 2013 announced that it has met its revised tax collection target for 2012-13. residential infrastructure. but are not adequately or otherwise provided for in any other scheme. www.jagranjosh.

com Page 22 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . On 31March 2013 as many as 7. It is also important here to note that the fiscal deficit target for 2012-13 of 5. respectively. WHAT IS INDIRECT TAX? An indirect tax can be referred to taxes such as sales tax. For 2013-14. The main objective of the scheme is to restore and conserve the urban and semi-urban lakes of the country degraded due to waste water discharge into the lake and other unique freshwater eco systems. It is imposed upon an individual person (juristic or natural) or on property.65 lakh crore Rupees. Direct taxes mainly comprise of corporate tax and income tax.81 CRORE TO CONTROL WATER POLLUTION The Union Government of India on 5 April 2013 sanctioned 4065. The number of tax returns filed in 2012-13 was estimated around 2. the Union government had revised its direct tax collections target to 5. through an integrated ecosystem approach. a specific tax.81 crore rupees for pollution abatement schemes of rivers and lakes in different states. Uttar Pradesh received 1385. value added tax (VAT).70 lakh crore Rupees. It is a tax collected by an intermediary (such as a retail store) from the person who bears the ultimate economic burden of the tax (such as the consumer).Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 22 Combining (direct and indirect tax collections) the government met the revised estimates.69 lakh crore rupees from budget estimates of 5.95 crore rupees. The sanction cost of projects and expenditure includes the State Governments share under the National River Conservation Programme (NRCP) and the National Lake Conservation Programme (NLCP). or Goods and Services Tax (GST).64 crore a year ago. However the final numbers for direct taxes will be known only after 20 April 2013.68 lakh crore Rupees and 5.15 crore compared to 1. www.5 lakh tax returns were filed. SANCTIONED 4065.05 lakh crore Rupees. GOVT. NATIONAL LAKE CONSERVATION PLAN (NLCP) National Lake Conservation Plan (NLCP) started in June 2001 with a funding scheme of 70:30 fund sharing between centre and state. Of all the states. For the year 2012-13.2% of the gross domestic product (GDP) has also been achieved. WHAT IS DIRECT TAX? Direct tax is a tax paid directly to the government by the persons on whom it is imposed.jagranjosh. The target for indirect taxes was revised to 4.65 lakh crore Rupees from budget estimates of 5. as distinct from a tax imposed upon a transaction. From the revenue side a bit for fiscal consolidation was done. budget estimates for direct taxes and indirect taxes are 6. The government was trying its best to implement the Goods and Services Tax (GST) as early as possible.

on the other hand. Whereas. While the oil companies had deducted the petrol prices by over 1 Rupee. the price of gold.91 percent.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 NATIONAL RIVER CONSERVATION PROGRAMME (NRCP) Page 23 National River Conservation Programme (NRCP) is the centrally sponsored Scheme implemented by the central Government jointly with the State Government on a cost-sharing basis. GOLD PRICES DECREASED TO 15-MONTH LOW The prices of wide range of commodities decreased considerably in the second week of April Page 23 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 .jagranjosh. The prices of the vegetable basket eased from 21.38 percent in March 2013. Aluminium fell down 7 percent and metals as well as palm oil showed weakest prices in several months.39% IN MARCH 2013 According to a data released on 12 April 2013 Retail Inflation declined to 10. Whereas the consumer price index (CPI) of rural population went down to 10. The pollution abatement works under NRCP presently cover identified polluted stretches of 39 major rivers in 185 towns spread over 20 States in the country.55 percent in March 2013.72 percent and the inflation in cereal segment was recorded to be the highest of 17. www. The inflation in oil and fat segment remained at 11. egg and fish remained stagnant at 14. The inflation recorded in February 2013 based on the Consumer Price Index was 10. Gold dropped biggest twoday in 30 days. Decrease in the prices of gold is important because it will lower the import bill of UPA government on account of the gold. Silver dropped 10 percent. RETAIL INFLATION DECLINED TO 10. The decline snapped five months trends of rising with the easing of the vegetables and the protein based items.38 percent and in sugar it was 11.29 percent in February 2013 to 12.65 percent on annual basis. Market observers explained that the prices of gold will fall further to 25000 Rupees per 10 gm because the investors would prefer equities than gold.39 percent in March 2013.01 percent recorded in February 2013.16 percent in March 2013. Inflation in Pulses stood at 11. fell to 15-month low at 26500 Rupees per 10 gm.36 percent in March 2013. the inflation in context of protein based items like meat.33 percent in March 2013 from 11. The retail inflation in urban areas declined from 10. marking the cooling down of inflation to just a little below 6 percent.84 percent recorded in February to 10.

GAIL had signed an agreement with Sabine Pass Liquefaction. the mobile marketing firm. 32 percent people would prefer Samsung over Nokia (22 percent). India. a mobile phone is more of a necessity and therefore the choice of brand does not play an important role. GAIL SIGNED DEAL WITH US FIRM FOR LNG LIQUEFACTION TERMINAL State-run GAIL (India) Ltd on 1 April 2013 signed a deal of 2. In developing countries. Apple (21 percent) and Blackberry (10 percent).com Page 24 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . In the online survey. Nokia and Blackberry achieved preference more in the African nations. Apple and Blackberry. In context with the results of the survey. As far as the developed market of US is concerned. It is worth noticing that Samsung has an increased demand across the world because of the rising popularity of Galaxy S III. Nokia was the most popular brand with 37 percent preference. two-third of the surveyed people relied on phone. a subsidiary of Cheniere Energy Partners of the US. Earlier.6 mmtpa. As per the agreement GAIL will secure its own natural gas and deliver it to the Cove Point pipeline for liquefaction at the terminal and loading into ships brought to the facility on the Chesapeake Bay.jagranjosh. Upstream. one-third people preferred laptops over other gadgets. 32 percent of prospective buyers selected iPhone in comparison to 22 percent for Samsung. Nigeria and Brazil. outside the firms like Vanson Bourne and YouGov.5 mt a year LNG. In India. the mobile marketing company conducted this survey independently. only in Nigeria. US.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 24 CORPORATE SAMSUNG EMERGED AS MOST POPULAR BRAND An online survey conducted recently by Upstream. In developed countries such as US and UK. In developing countries nevertheless. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE DEAL SIGNED www. the founder and CEO and Upstream described that there was a relation between income and the brand affinity. for a supply of 3. The US-based firm is marketing 4. Samsung is a preferred choice. revealed that in developing markets such as Saudi Arabia. Upstream samples more than 1000 adults in these four countries to find out that Samsung was a leading brand in comparison to Nokia. However. Apple is still a popular smartphone. In Nigeria.3-million-tonne (mt) capacity in the Cove Point LNG liquefaction terminal project at Lusby in Maryland. out of which GAIL has booked 50% of such capacity for the period of 20 years.

which is the multinational provider of business consulting. In subsequent phases. • Infosys. Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC) and Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd (KMML).com Page 25 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . Through this MOU. in a phased manner. www. RWE Supply & Trading (RWEST) is a leading. technology. To begin with in Phase 1. is basically associating with RWEST to enable a strategic growth through the transformation of their trading platform. The agreement highlights include consulting and technology services for applications transformation and business platforms. backward and forward integration will be explored for ensuring long term viability of the project. possibilities of setting up of the Titanium Project in Joint Venture in Kerala will be explored by SAIL and KSIDC& KMML.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 • Page 25 • • The deal would enhance GAIL’s scale of operations in the US where the company already have presence through their participation in a shale gas asset in the Eagle Ford basin. RWE Supply & Trading (RWEST). for setting up a Titanium Project in Joint Venture in Kerala. Energy Trading House which provides technology services to transform its trading operations to create business efficiencies and drive growth from new markets and commodities. setting up of a Titanium Sponge and Metal Plant based on supply of Titanium Tetrachloride by KMML will be considered.jagranjosh. INFOSYS AGREEMENT WITH EUROPEAN ENERGY TRADING HOUSE Infosys on 2 April 2013 signed a five-year agreement with a European Energy Trading House. SAIL SIGNED MOU WITH KSIDC AND KMML Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Government of Kerala PSEs. The deal would provide GAIL with an outlet for the gas assets it holds in the US as LNG from Cove point could be exported to nearby markets and also brought to India with necessary permissions. and transition to a managed services model for application management. ABOUT THE AGREEMENT • The agreement is an innovation and gain-share model supported by a joint investment framework to identify and implement innovative business and technology projects that will deliver measurable benefits to RWEST. This deal would also provide GAIL with an opportunity to trade part of the volume in the international market apart from organizing the ships required to transport rest of the volume to India. engineering. and outsourcing services.

www. the State Bank of India (SBI) said the complimentary group personal accident insurance cover (death only) for home and car loan customers will be discontinued on the expiry of current Master Policy on 1 July 2013. however. may opt for the policies being offered by SBI's insurance venture. Earlier this year. BMW signed a long term joint technical cooperation and manufacturing agreement with TVS. SBI General Insurance Company is a joint venture between the State Bank of India and Australia's leading general insurance provider Insurance Australia Group (IAG). Currently. and BMW Motorrad on 8 April 2013 announced a deal to jointly develop Made in India Bikes in below 500 CC segment. did not mention the reasons for scrapping the complimentary cover. Ltd. The bikes developed in a joint collaboration of the two companies will be launched in the market in two distinct variants of which one variant will be badged with BMW and sold in India and international market and the second variant will be badged with TVS and is to be sold in India and the global market as per the desire of TVS Motors. SBI had said it provided personal accident cover to over 7 million of its account holders across the country in association with SBI General Insurance.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 26 SBI TO DISCONTINUE FREE ACCIDENT INSURANCE COVER FROM JULY India's largest bank SBI will discontinue a free accident insurance cover given to its home and car loan customers from July 2013.In a notification to its customers.jagranjosh. SBI said that its home and car loan borrowers. who do not have any insurance cover for their loan liabilities. At Page 26 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . TVS MOTOR AND BMW MOTORRAD TIED-UP TO DEVELOP BIKES The TVS Motor Co. while TVS operates in sub250 cc category of bikes. BMW operates in the 600 to 1600 cc category of Bikes. SBI General Insurance Company Limited is offering an Accident Insurance cover of Rs 4 lakh for SBI's savings bank account holders for an annual premium of Rs 100. The bank. Products developed in the joint-collaboration of the two giants will be rolled-out in the market in 2015 and the initial stage development of these products will take place in TVS current facilities located at Hosur or Mysore.

PLANT Power was restored to part of the cooling system at Japan's tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant. COOLING SYSTEM POWER RESTORED AT JAPAN’S FUKUSHIMA N.3 feet long. paleontologists had named ancient toothy lizard after the name of President Barack Obama. Climate scientists observed that Antarctic sea ice displayed a slight but statistically crucial increase of around 1. it appeared like the dolphin of modern era.jagranjosh. announced that a prehistoric fossil was named after the Russia's Communist revolution hero. The ichthyosaur fossil was dug out several years ago near Ulyanovsk’s village. On looking at its exterior. Ichthyosaurs are the marine lizard which was found in sea in Mesozoic era between 251 million and 65 million years ago. The melted water has comparatively low density which is why it accumulates in top layer of ocean. the Page 27 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . SEA ICE OF ANTARCTICA INCREASING DESPITE WARMING: STUDY A team of scientists from the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) in De Bilt explained in their recent study that the reason for expansion of sea ice of Antarctica is climate change. The ponds cool the fuel (which generates intense heat) and provide shielding from www. level of sea ice in Arctic has been continuously shrinking over past few decades. This phenomenon may be caused because of cold plumes of fresh water which is derived because of melting that happens beneath the Antarctic ice shelves. the Winter and the Autumn. These observed changes were tried to be reproduced in the computer-based climate model. The skull of Ichthyosaurs was more than one meter or 3. in the last week of March 2013. This phenomenon explains why there is an increase in the level of sea ice of Antarctica during these particular seasons. Richard Bintanja explained that sea ice around the Antarctica has been increasing inspite of an increase in the global temperature. In a similar affair in the past. The lead author of the study.S. Leninia Stellans name suggested that it was a unique species of ichthyosaurs. Cool surface water thereafter re-freezes easily during. It fed on mollusks and fish.Vladimir Lenin. On the contrary.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 27 ENVIRONMENT ECOLOGY FOSSIL CALLED ICHTHYOSAURS NAMED AFTER VLADIMIR LENIN Russian Scientists. Leninia Stellans was the name that was agreed upon collegially. The prehistoric fossil is named Leninia Stellans.9 percent per decade ever since 1985.

In case of red wood ants.1C. The temperature of water inside the cooling pool at reactor 3 was 15.jagranjosh. The mighty waves severely crippled cooling systems for the reactors. an earthquake and tsunami severely damaged the plant. This suggested that the spent fuel remained stable and did not pose an immediate danger to the environment. Lead author of the research. resulting to meltdowns at three of them. A team of researchers counted 15000 ant mounds lining the active faults. well below the safety limit of 65C.0 struck the area. Since then Engineers have tried to stabilise the plant but years of work are still remaining to fully contain the disaster and tackle its effects. The behaviour of these ants remained like that and did not come back to normal till a day after the earthquake. 3 and 4. discovered that the red wood ants can sense earthquakes even before they strike. But before an earthquake strikes. Researchers discovered that red wood ants preferred building the colonies along the active faults and fractures where the Earth ruptured. On 11 March 2011. These ants were tracked continuously for three years between 2009 and 2012. RED WOODS ANTS SENSE EARTHQUAKE BEFORE IT HITS: RESEARCH Researchers from the University of Duisburg-Essen. The research of Gabriele Berberich was presented at European Geosciences Union annual meeting in Vienna. The spent fuel remains in the ponds for a year or more. although cooling for the reactors themselves was not Page 28 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . Possibly. Then they went back to their moulds. a rat had damaged the electrics which caused a short circuit in a switchboard and triggering the power cut. It was discovered that the ants underwent the usual activities on the day just before the earthquake. there are chemo receptors for carbon dioxide gradients along with magneto receptors for electromagnetic fields.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 28 radiation. The power cut in March 2013 shut down cooling systems for four spent fuel ponds at reactors 1. Germany. www. Gabriele Berberich described that the behaviour of red wood ants changed considerably before the earthquake above magnitude 2. It was found that the insects can predict earthquakes by knowing about the changing gas emissions or shifts in magnetic fields of the Earth. the ants remain awake and outside the moulds during night.

which is the largest number of positrons measured from the space directly.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 29 SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY AMS DETECTED SCOPE FOR D ARK MATTER IN THE SPACE A group of Scientists on 3 March 2013 announced that the 2 billion dollar. Since May 2011. It is believed that the Dark matter holds the universe together. Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) placed on the International Space Station (ISS) may have detected the elusive dark matter. Italy.jagranjosh. The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer over a period of one and a half year have detected billions of particles and recorded a signal that may be a dark matter. Before this in the year 2008 using the space-based detector namedPAMELA (Payload for Antimatter Matter Exploration and Lightnuclei Astrophysics) Satellite. The evidences collected by the AMS supports the existence of Dark Matter in the Universe but it doesn’t rules out the presence of pulsars. The scientists made the announcement after they observed an excess of positrons in the Cosmic Ray Flux. ALPHA MAGNETIC SPECTROMETER • • • It is the most powerful and sensitive Spectrometer installed in the space It is an antimatter detector placed on the International Space Station and it is basically a giant magnet The AMS is designed for studying the cosmic ray particles that floods the space before they get in touch with the earth and its atmosphere DARK MATTER Dark matter accounts to more than a quarter of Universe mass energy balance. bending of lights around invisible objects and speed of stars orbiting their galaxies that is faster than what it actually should be or can be US GOVERNMENT LAUNCH ED NEW RESEARCH INITIATIVE CALLED BRAIN US government on 3 April 2013 announced a new research initiative called Brain (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neuro technologies) which is designed to revolutionise www. which can be the reason of the presence of elusive dark matter. Dark matters don’t emit any light and hence can’t be seen but it communicates with the rest of the universe by its gravity. Germany and Sweden. PAMELA was launched into the space in 2006 and is a multinational collaboration of Russia. the AMS has identified more than 400000positrons. Few examples of its gravitational power Page 29 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 .

Now. CAMERA THAT CAN CAPTURE OBJECTS AT LONG DISTANCES DEVELOPED Researchers in the first week of April developed a New Laser powered Camera System that can take image of any object from a distance of about one kilometer by creating high-resolution 3D images. and even prevent brain disorders. www. The scientists possess the capability to study individual neurons and figure out the main functions of certain areas of the brain. but a human brain contains almost a hundred billion neurons making trillions of connections. Earlier researches have also depicted that particular kind of bacteria responsible for lung infections or stomach cancers can be detected using the exhaled breath. such as Alzheimer's disease. For example. The metabolites have always been seen as the waste products of the chemistry of someone’s body. and traumatic brain injury. the team is also working along with the pulmonologists for detection of signs of lung-related ailments such as breath cancer. especially for doping tests or anaesthesia. the BRAIN initiative ultimately aims to help researchers find new ways to treat.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 30 the understanding of the human brain. sarcoidosis and asthma. which is why a breath test can be Page 30 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . epilepsy. just like that found in the blood or urine. Breath test is non-invasive as well as immediate in nature. During the study. The BRAIN Initiative will accelerate the development and application of new technologies that will enable researchers to produce dynamic pictures of the brain that show how individual brain cells and complex neural circuits interact at the speed of thought. EXHALED BREATH CAN B E AS UNIQUE AS A FINGERPRINT: STUDY A recent study conducted by Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich found out that the compounds (metabolites) which are found in the exhaled breath are as unique as the fingerprints of an individual. pulse and also the breath are used for diagnosis of ailments. which makes it very promising. The breath test is said to be non-invasive and their results are also available instantly. Uniqueness of the exhaled breath was thus detected. The samples were then run through the mass spectrometer. Renato Zenobi explained that in Chinese medicine in the traditional times. cure.jagranjosh. but the uniqueness of these metabolites was never shown. tongue. The lead author of the study. a device which is used to effectively measure the masses of the chemical compounds in breath. Launched with approximately 100 million US dollars in the President's Fiscal Year 2014 Budget. it could be used for determination of appropriate dosage in anaesthesia. the team took breath samples of 11 volunteers over four time slots of nine working days. The study suggested that these metabolites could be very useful for the purpose of medical diagnosis.

www. It has a launch weight of 17 tonnes and can carry a payload of 1000 kg over a distance of 2000 km. to capture the image of the far away object. solid-propelled ballistic missile.jagranjosh. The 20-metre long Agni-II is a two-stage. The result of the experiment was that the new kidney started filtering the blood and produced urine as soon as the blood supply was restored. NUCLEAR CAPABLE AGNI-II MISSILE WAS SUCCESSFULLY TEST-FIRED The medium range nuclear capable Agni-II missile was on 7 April 2013 successfully test-fired with a strike range of more than 2000 km from the Wheeler Island off Odisha coast. Then the cells were seeded in the correct part of the kidney with the help of a muscle duct that is called ureter as a tube and then transplanted the organ into the living rat from which the kidney was removed. livers and hearts. Agni-II is part of the Agni series of missiles developed by DRDO which includes Agni-I with a 700 km range. The team of researchers was led by Harald Ott. guided by a novel scheme of state of the earth command and control system was propelled by solid rocket propellant system. Further. Agni-IV with 4000 km range and Agni-V more than 5000 km range. The process of kidney transplant into the rat involved taking out a rat kidney and stripping out its living cells by using a solution made of detergent and leave behind a shell made of collagen. SUCCESSFUL TRANSPLANTATION OF BIO-ENGINEERED KIDNEY IN RAT The researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. The results of the experiment had brought human being a step-closer to create lab grown organs for humans. The success of the experiment has laid a way for building replacement structures of lungs. The research on the time-of-flight technology of imaging was conducted by the team of researchers from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. Hyderabad.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 31 The technique on which the camera is based is called Time-of-Flight (ToF) navigation systems for autonomous vehicles. The twostage missile equipped with advanced high accuracy navigation system. In this principle of Page 31 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . a laser beam is bounced on the object and measure the time that is taken by the beam of light to be back to the detector. was a total success. the rats’ empty structure with living cells was repopulated that comprised human endothelial cells that lined the walls of kidney blood vessels and kidney cells taken from newborn rat. Agni-III with a 3000 km range. The last trial of Agni-II conducted on 9 August 2012 from the same base. Scotland that was led by Professor Gerald Buller. The state-of-theart Agni-II missile was developed by Advanced Systems Laboratory (ASL) and integrated by the Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL). The researchers as an experiment transplanted the bio-engineered kidney into rats and discovered that the experiment was successful. United States on 14 April 2013 announced that they had bio-engineered a kidney that can be marked a step-ahead in the quest to help patients suffering from Kidney Failure.

Somdev outplayed David Agung Susant 6-3 6-1 in little over an hour while Yuki Bhambari registered a thumping 6-0 6-1 victory over Wisnu Adi Nugroho. Czech Republic. 3760.115 points to her credit while Russia’s Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka of Belarus got 10240 and 9325 points respectively. 2011 and 2013. Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova has overall four WTA titles of her career. China. 11115 points (2) Maria Sharapova. www. 3790 (10) Caroline Wozniacki. after they took a lead of 3-0 on 6 April 2013. India had already retained their place in the group.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 32 SPORTS INDIA COMPLETED A 5-0 WHITEWASH OF INDONESIA IN DAVIS CUP India completed a 5-0 whitewash of Indonesia in the Asia-Oceania Group I Davis Cup relegation play-off tie in Bangalore on 7 April 2013 as Somdev Devvarman and Yuki Bhambri posted straight-set wins in their respective reverse singles. 6845 (5) Li Na. The doubles title of Monterrey Open Tennis Tournament was won by Kimiko Date-Krumm and Timea Babos. 10240 (3) Victoria Page 32 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . With this.jagranjosh. Australia. Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova won a cheque of 40000 US dollar as well as 280 ranking points. 5500 (7) Sara Errani. Denmark. 9325 (4) Agnieszka Radwanska. 5405 (8) Petra Kvitova. United States. After the victory. 5225 (9) Samantha Stosur. WTA top 10 women tennis players are as following: (1) Serena Williams. 6-2. who defeated Tamarine Tanasugarn and Eva Birnarova 6-1 6-4. She won the Monterrey Open Tennis Tournament all the three times she played it. Belarus. Poland. Italy. Williams has 11. Angelique Kerber on the other hand got a cheque of 20000 US dollar and 200 ranking points. her International-level tournament record remained intact with 15-0. AMERICAN SERENA WILLIAM S TOPPED THE WOMEN’S TENNIS RANKING American Serena Williams was ranked number one in an unchanged top 10 issued on 8 April 2013 by the WTA (Women Tennis Association). Germany. PAVLYUCHENKOVA WON MONTERREY OPEN TENNIS TOURNAMENT Russia's Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova won final of the Monterrey Open Tennis Tournament after defeating Germany’s top-seeded Angelique Kerber 4-6. 5880 (6) Angelique Kerber. She played the Monterrey Open in 2010. 6-4 on 7 April 2013. India stay in Asia Oceania Group-I and will strive to qualify for the World Group in 2014. Russia.

With this win in the Monte-Carlo Tournament. before this Nadal last lost a match on clay court on 8 April 2005 in the Valencia quarter finals to Igor Andreev.jagranjosh. 7-6 (1) in the game that lasted for 1 hour and 52 minutes and for Djokovic. Other important Mexican tennis tournament is Acapulco Open which was won by Italy's Sara Errani and Spain's Rafael Nadal in March 2013. Djokovic ended Nadal’s eight-year reign in the tournament as well as 46 match winning streak in the Monte-Carlo Clay Court Masters tournament. MONTE-CARLO ROLEX MASTERS The Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters is also known as the Gem of the Page 33 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . With this win. The event celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2006 and is first among all the three ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tournaments that are played on the clay court. This is the first Monte-Carlo title and 14th ATP world Masters 1000 titles with overall 37 trophies for Djokovic. Nadal’s eight straight titles in the row is the record for the tournament in ATP. Djokovic defeated Nadal with 6-2. He lost to Nadal in Monte Carlo 2009 and 2012 tournament and became the first player to defeat the king of clay court Nadal in three different finals on clay. DJOKOVIC WON MONTE-CARLO ROLEX MASTERS TOURNAMENT Novak Djokovic on 21 April 2013 defeated Rafael Nadal in the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters tournament at Monte-Carlo. Rafael Nadal of Spain won an Open Era record eight successive title from 2005-2012 and has a staggering event record of 48-2. he has won every ATP World Tour Masters 1000 title except the Western and Southern Open Cincinnati. Monaco. previously he defeated Nadal in Madrid and Rome in 2011. www. Djokovic also ended the 81 match winning streak of Nadal on the clay court in April 2013.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 33 Monterrey Open Tennis Tournament is one among the main tennis tournaments of Mexico. The tournament is a player and fan favourite due to its magnificent location and long tradition of champions.

com Page 34 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . by warrant under his hand and seal appoint a person to be known as Lokayukta. Whereas in the existing Gujarat Lokayukta Act. has brought this Bill in the Assembly. As per the Bill there is also a special provision which gives pivotal power to the state government in excluding any 'public functionaries' from the jurisdiction of the Lokayukta.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 34 STATE GOVT OF GUJARAT INTRODUCED LOKAYUKTA BILL IN STATE ASSEMBLY The state government of Gujarat on 2 April 2013 introduced a bill in the Gujarat assembly which Places restrictions on the primacy of the chief justice of the state high court and the Governor in the matter of appointment of the Lokayukta. power of selection and consequent appointment of new Lokayukta has been vested with the High Court Chief Justice and the Governor. It is important here to note that the Gujarat government on the one hand filed curative petition against the Supreme Court order and on the other. for the purpose of conducting investigations and inquiries in accordance with the provisions of this Act. For the purpose of conducting investigation in accordance with the provisions of this Act. As per another significant provision (Sec 12(8))." reads the proposed section 3 of the Bill. 2013 is put forward to give all the powers of the appointment to a selection committee headed by Chief Minister and wants state Governor to act on the recommendations of this committee. The Lokayukta Aayog Bill. In this report. on the recommendations of a Selection Committee appoint a person to be known as the Lokayukta and not more than four other persons each to be known as Up-Lokayuktas. Section 3(1) of the 1986 Act says. ABOUT LOKAYUKTA The Lokayukta is an anti-corruption ombudsman organization in the Indian states. by warrant under his hand and seal and. the ARC recommended the setting up of two special authorities designated as 'Lokpal' and 'Lokayukta' for the redressal of citizens' grievances.jagranjosh. the Governor shall. the Governor shall. 1986. Also. The Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) headed by Morarji Desai submitted a special interim report on "Problems of Redressal of Citizen's Grievances' in 1966. www. whoever discloses to the public or to the press any information or publishes such information in contravention of the provisions of this section should invite two years' imprisonment and also a fine of two lakhs Rupees.

both urban and rural. State is striving towards higher achievements within the framework of 12th Five Year Plan of the Government of India. The number of persons below poverty line in Sikkim has fallen to a great extent. ABOUT TWIC (TAMIL NADU WATER INVESTMENT COMPANY) The Water Investment Company is the promoter of the New Tiruppur Area Development Corporation. The State needs to match up with the National Average to perk up its ranking. the company will be the devoted for development.13% for the same period.jagranjosh. Sikkim has managed to leverage its natural advantages and central resources to bring the growth rate of its economy and per capita income at successful level. brewing & distilling and pharma companies. operation and maintenance of common effluent treatment plants and recycling of sewerage water and desalination for industrial supply. The plan size was agreed at 2060 crore rupees at a meeting between Deputy Chairman. Poverty ratio in Sikkim has declined by about 10 percentage points. The per capita NSDP of Sikkim has increased by 159. has been well above the National average. Planning Commission.28% from 2004-05 to 2011-12 which is higher than the increase in national per capita NNI of 62. Sikkim is dependent on central transfers & has relatively high level of capital expenditure which has sometimes resulted in very large fiscal deficits. Tourism accounts for almost 8 per cent of the GSDP. mainly helps people bring corruption amongst the politicians and officers in the government service to public attention. the State Government decided to make use of the company’s expertise in water supp ly and waste water management. Pawan Chamling. Many acts of the LokAyukta have not resulted in criminal or other consequences for those charged. in month of April 2013 made the project management agency on behalf of the Government for water treatment and recycling for industry. As per the policy note which was tabled in the Assembly on 4 April 2012. The industrial base comprises of fruit Page 35 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . According to the project management agency.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 35 The LokAyukta. Monthly per capita income of people of Sikkim. The corporation was promoted to set a 185 million litre a day water supply project for the knitwear www. along with the Income Tax Department and the Anti Corruption Bureau. SIKKIM STATE ANNUAL PLAN FOR 2013-14 FINALIZED AT 2060 CRORE The Annual Plan for the year 2013-14 for the state of Sikkim was finalized on 3 April 2013. Montek Singh Ahluwalia and Chief Minister of Sikkim. considered a pioneering public private partnership in the water sector. TWIC: PROJECT MANAGEMENT AGENCY FOR WATER TREATMENT The Tamil Nadu Water Investment Company which is a joint venture of IL&FS and the State Government.

Nitish Kumar. The committee recommended the cancellation of leases of 49 mines that have violated the terms of their license. The court accepted most of the recommendations of the Central Empowered Committee on mining issues in Karnataka. The reservation for women would be in addition to the three per cent already existing for women belonging to backward class.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 36 industry and residences in Tiruppur. SUPREME COURT OF INDIA CANCELLED 49 MINE LEASES IN KARNATAKA The Supreme Court cancelled 49 mine leases in Karnataka.jagranjosh. www. The decision is the follow up of the state’s recent women centric policies to uplift women in the state. The state cabinet meeting was presided over by the Chief Minister of the State. Before this. the state cabinet approved quota of 50 percent in cooperatives for women in the state. The company has handled the consultancy for water supply for a number of local bodies. BIHAR CABINET GAVE ITS NOD ON QUOTA FOR WOMEN IN POLICE The State Cabinet of Bihar on 16 April 2013 gave its nod to the Home Department’s proposal to grant 35 percent reservation for women in the recruitment of constables and sub-inspectors in reserved and unreserved categories of the state. The Central Empowered Committee (CEC) set up by the Supreme Court to investigate illegal mining in Karnataka submitted its final report on 4 February Page 36 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . It also recommended the auction of these leases. The Supreme Court ruled that illegal iron ore mining on the Andhra-Karnataka border would remain suspended till demarcation of the boundary between these two states is completed.

New York after a long illness. The NIA has alleged that Jundal.M. Jundal made many deliberated efforts to recruit people through internet to join LeT for the cause of carrying out terror activities in India. had made deliberate attempts for recruiting different persons through internet for joining LeT and carrying out terror activities in India. SAARC MINISTERIAL LEVEL MEET ON POVERTY CONCLUDED IN NEPAL The third SAARC Ministerial Level Meet on Poverty concluded in Nepal on 5 April 2013. She won her booker in 1975 for her fiction Heat and Dust She wrote 19 novels and short stories during her carrier span of more than five decades She lived in India for a period of about two-decades • • • Her last story was published in the New Yorker Magazine in its March 2013 issue with the title The Judge’s Will.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 37 NEWS CAPSULE OSCAR WINNER AUTHOR RUTH PRAWER JHABVALA DIED IN NEW YORK Oscar and Booker Prize winner writer Ruth Prawer Jhabvala died on 3 April 2013 in Manhattan. DECISIONS MADE www. The representatives from all the eight members of SAARC attended the meet and pledged to reduce regional poverty through strategic cooperation with each other. an adaptation of the E. during 2011 and 2012. ABOUT RUTH PRAWER JHABVALA • • She was a long time member of Merchant Ivory Productions and wrote 22 films for it over a period of four decades Her long association with Merchant Ivory Productions won her two Academy Awards (Oscars) for her work on the films A Room with a View and Howards End. her husband Cyrus Jhabvala and six grandchildren. in 2011 and Page 37 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . Forster novels. Abu Jundal is accused of making recruitments for Pakistan for LeT. NIA FILED A CHARGE SHEET AGAINST 26/11 MASTERMIND ABU JUNDAL National Investigation Agency (NIA) on 4 April 2013 charge sheet against Sayed Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal.jagranjosh. She died at the age of 85 and is survived by her three daughters. the suspected terrorist of the banned Lashker-e-taiba (Let) and the mastermind of Mumbai Terror Attacks in the designated court in Patiala house in New Delhi. the Pakistan based terror outfit.

Zanjeer and Amar Akbar Anthony and many more. He gave a different and unique frame to the negative and character roles of Indian Cinema with his impressive performances. the Principal Advisor to Planning Commission of India attended the meeting. 93. in which he acted alongwith the evergreen hero of bollywood Dev Anand in 1948. The Chilean justice system ordered probe in June 2011 after filing of complaint by the Chilean Communist Party. The poet had won the 1971 Nobel Prize in Literature. Karz. in the arena of acting. on 12 April 2013 was awarded with Bollywood’s highest honour in Indian Cinema Dada Saheb Phalke Award 2012. But his debut in Bollywood happened in the film Ziddi.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 • • Page 38 Formulation of a Common Poverty Reduction Strategy following the end of UN Millennium Development Goals in 2015 The meet that started on 5 April 2013 was inaugurated by the chairman of the Interim Election Government of Nepal Khil Raj Regmi Before the Ministerial level meet. Pran served Bollywood for a career span of more than six decades in more than 350 films and is known for his brilliant performances in films like Ram Aur Shyam. Nobel prize winning poet Pablo Neruda died just 12 days after military coup of 1973. His contribution to the film industry makes him a celebrated actor of the industry. Pran Krishan Sikand. The remains of Pablo Neruda were in a tomb at his home in Isla Negra. Pran got his first break in a Punjabi Film Yamla Jat in 1940 in undivided India. The 1973 military coup had ousted Chile’s socialist president Salvador Allende. he was also a Communist Party politician. PRAN HONOURED WITH DADA SAHEB PHALKE AWARD Legendary actor. He died on 23 September 1973 in Santiago. He brought new mannerism and style. CHILE TO EXHUME PABL O NERUDA’S BODY TO I NVESTIGATE MURDER MYSTERY A team of forensic specialists in Chile on 8 April 2013 began work of exhuming poet Pablo Neruda’s body to find out whether he was murdered or died of prostate cancer. He was renowned for his love poems. He is the 44th Dada Saheb Phalke Award Winner.jagranjosh. It was believed that Pablo Neruda died because of prostate cancer but in 2011. ABOUT PRAN KRISHAN SIKAND Page 38 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . Apart from being the poet. thus bringing General Augusto Pinochet in power. The award is instituted on the name of the Dada Saheb Phalke. the man who made first feature film in India. the possibility of poisoning of the poet by agents of Pinochet regime also came in limelight. Purab aur Paschim. fifth SAARC secretary-level meet was held on 4 April 2013. The Indian delegation that consisted of four members led by Vandana Kumari Jena.

The book also offers insights into a variety of intricate and inter-connected issues of constitutional and socio-legal significance. As per the PwC survey. he received four film fare awards He was awarded the title of Villain of the millennium by Stardust in 2000 In 2010 he was named among the Top 25 Asian Actors of All times by CNN ABOUT THE AWARD The award is conferred by the Government of India for outstanding contribution to the growth and development of Indian Cinema. respectively. Jack Welch.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 • • • • • Page 39 He was born in Old Delhi on 12 February 1920 In 2001 he was awarded with India’s third highest civilian award Padma Bhushan In his career span. LAW & SOCIETY . while Mahatma Gandhi figured in the third position after Steve Jobs. MAHATMA GANDHI FIGURED AMONG TOP 3 LEADERS OF THE WORLD As per the 16th Annual Global CEO survey. (Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela) and consensus builders like Bill Clinton. Jack Welch and Abraham Lincoln. Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln. Tahir Mahmood. in 1940-45 and 195155. The book contains descriptions of foreign and Indian Conference addresses and commissioned papers. Mahatma Gandhi figured among the top three most admired leaders of the world. leaders who caught the imagination of the masses. Among women Margaret Thatcher was the only woman to make it to the top ten (7th position). Law & Society – Across the Globe authored by Prof. BOOK: RELIGION. Former US Presidents Ronald Reagan. Hamid Ansari on 12 April 2013 released a book titled Religion. Churchill got wide appeal and popularity across Western Europe. 5th and 6th positions. a cash prize of Rs. Winston Churchill served as British Prime Minister twice.ACROSS THE GLOBE Book: Page 39 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . Other leaders included: warriors. He came top in France ahead of Charles de Gaulle and beat Niccolo Machiavelli to get the same position in Italy. 37. The book is authored by Prof.Winston Churchill topped the list of 10 most admired leaders. Tahir Mahmood The Vice President of India. An accountancy firm. Nelson Mandela. The award is given on the basis of recommendations of a Committee of eminent persons.10 lakhs and a shawl. Winston Churchill was the most popular choice of all CEOs while Steve Jobs admired in the most number of nations. John F Kennedy and www. a section on Minority Rights in Indian as well as Global Context and more. were at the 4th. The award consists of a Swarn Kamal. Law & Society – Across the Globe. PwC surveyed 1400 CEOs around the world.jagranjosh. Napoleon and Alexander the Great. reformers. leaders though adversity.

Our Future Conference concluded on 11 April 2013 in Paris.6) The Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council (PMEAC ) under the Chairmanship of C Rangarajan on 23 January 2013 presented the Economic review 2012-13. Find what Decisions of High Seas Conference.1) India and Saudi Arabia decided to set up a Joint Working Group to address Nitaqat Law. Where are Falkland Islands located? Describe and discuss the issues of Falkland Islands. Q. French ruler Napoleon Bonaparte was at the 10th position along with Clinton. Find Highlights of PMEAC www. Mention the highlights of the Economic review 2012-13.Current Affairs eBook April 2013 Page 40 Bill Clinton were at 8th. What were the major highlights of the conference? Discuss.4) The High Seas. 9th and 10th positions.2) Falkland Islands Voted Unanimously to Stay under British Rule. What is Nitaqat law? What will be the other major functions of India and Saudi Arabia? Do you agree that Nitaqat law is against the process of globalization? Find what Nitaqat Law is. Find about Falkland Island Decision. Q.jagranjosh. Q.5) Write short notes on the following: a) New Keyboard called KAL Q to beat QWERTY b) Kepler-62f and Kepler-62e c) HFLS3 d) Pig-26 Q. How it will benefit the rural economy of India? Find about the Medi Claim Facility. QUESTIONS OF THE MONTH Q. Mention the main features of medi claim Page 40 Current Affairs eBook April 2013 . Q.3) The Union Finance Ministry on 24 April 2013 launched medi claim facility for the farmers holding Kisan Credit Cards (KCC) issued by Dena Bank.

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