PHARMACY TECHNICIAN Textbook title: Pharmacy Practice for Technicians Author: Jane Dargan & Zachary I.

Hunan Edition: Fourth Edition Publisher: Delmar Cengage ISBN#: 978-1428-3203-21 PATIENT CARE/NURSING ASSISTANT Textbook title: Phlebotomy Worktext & Procedures Manual Author: Robin S. Warekois & Richard Robinson Edition: 2nd Edition Publisher: Sanders Elsevier ISBN#: 978-8141-6-000-358 Textbook title: Mosby’s Textbook & Workbook for Nursing Assistant Author: Sheila Sorrentino & Relda T. Kelly Edition: 7th Publisher: Mosby Elsevier ISBN#: 9780323053679 Textbook title: Taber’s Cyclo Medical Dictionary Author: Taber Edition: 21 Publisher: F.A. Davis ISBN#: 978-0-8036-1559-5 Textbook title: Diversified Health Occupations Author: Louise Simmers, Karen Simmers-Nartker, and Sharon Simmers-Kobelek Edition: 7th Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning ISBN#: 978-1-4180-3021-6 & 3021-X Textbook title: Multi Skilling Electrocardiography Health Care Provider Author: Karen J. Bisendence Edition: 1998 Publisher: Delmar Cengage ISBN#: 978-0-8273-8522-1 Textbook title: Homemaker Health Care Aid Author: Audree Spaty & Suzann Baldeyyi Edition: 6th Publisher: Delmar Cengage ISBN#: 978-14018-3134

Inc.V. ISBN# 978-156637-9628 WB 978-156637-9632 Textbook title: Carpentry & workbook Author: Leonard Koel WB-Thomas A Proctor Edition: 4th Publisher: ATP ISBN#978-0-8269-0738-7WB 978-0-8269-0739-4 Textbook title: House Wiring. Residential Construction Academy Author : Greg Flecher Edition: 2004 Publisher: Thomson/Delmar ISBN# : 1-4018-1371-2 AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE TECHNOLOGY No Required Text/Book Listed is Supplemental Resource for Student Study Textbook title: Automotive Service & workbook Author: Tim Giles & Chuck Rockwood Edition: 2nd Publisher: Thomas Delmar Learning ISBN# 978-1401-812348 WB 978-1401-812355-5 Textbook title Author Edition Publisher ISBN# . Ripka Edition: 3rd Publisher: ATP ISBN# 978-0826-90631-1 WB 978-0826-90632-8 Textbook title: Modern Masonry & Job Practices Manual Author: Colas E.IT/DIGITAL DESIGN Textbook title: Microsoft Office 2007 Author: Pasework & Pasework Edition: 2008 Publisher: Course Technology/Cengage Learning ISBN# 978-1-4239-0396-3 BUILDING CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY Textbook title: Plumbing Design & Installation & workbook Author: L. Kicklighter Edition: 2003 Publisher: Goodhart Wilcox Co.

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