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I dedicate this book to the entire Ebitimi Banigos’ family, who empowered me to complete and practically make it a success.


To my wife, Mrs. Gloria Andy, who gave me a very strong moral support during the times I went through deep researches and sleepless nights while writing this book. I also want to thank Mr. Nick Osuji for his great and inspiring moral support. I thank Mr. Christopher Ewa for his wonderful encouragement. I want to thank Mr. Peter Akpa who made it possible for his wonderful support. Finally, I thank Miss. Archibong, Esther Ukeme who assisted me in editing, paging, etc.


How to Get More Nigerian Customers Today is a compendium of the secrets of trading and making money in Nigeria. The book tells the prospective businessperson what to sell, including where and how, in the complex Nigerian’s market. The 150 million strong and growing Nigerian’s market—the largest in Africa—is receptive to the most complicated piece of equipments and commonplace farm produce, making it a veritable moneymaking opportunity market for any entrepreneur. The key though is in knowing Nigerian customers and their way of doing business, and the ready market to sell goods or services in the six geopolitical zones in the country. As to this, the author did not leave the money-seeking investor wandering in the confluence of the Niger, but takes them right where to sell and make their millions! Author Zulu Author House


Author’s comments I
am a core Nigerian and have spent years observing business activities, in the most promising of the sub-Saharan African’s markets. In the most perceptive manners, which the world’s business community can read, apply, and benefit from the sleekest strategies, I humbly subject myself to reflect, translate, or echo the super Nigerian customers getting revelations, the ways Nigerian’s market itself beams forth. Thus, the use of “I” in this book, does not in any way put me Andy Lawrence Etuk, in the front or as a ‘know-all’, instead, “I” only serves as a mirror or an amplifier of what the Nigerian’s market periodic situations have always demanded to dislodge customers for offered goods or services. NB: In as much as two or three people would be required to be in the process of getting customers you as an individual seller or a given business unit, would be addressed as an organization. In 5 unique parts and 26 rewarding steps, workable formulas, you have practical revelations and super instructions, which would guarantee your success in repeatedly getting customers from the promising Nigerian’s market and spin amazing money.


Table of contents
Contents Pages
Dedication………………………………………………………. . 2 Acknowledgement…………………………………………….... 3 About the book………………………………………………….. 4 Author’s comment……………………………………………… 5

Part 1 Construct a revealing base on Nigerian market’s ………….……… …...12
Step 1
Hot business opportunities in Nigeria…………………..…. .20
Primary information ………………………………..…………………..……. 21 Some major industries and resources………….…………………..…….. 22 Some main exports…………………………………………..………..……… 23 Lucrative opportunities / sectors……………….….…………………….....24 Some major opportunities…………………………………………………... 29

Step 2
Hot selling locations ………………………..……………….… 31
Abia…………………………………………………………………………..….. 33 Abuja……………………………………………………………………….…… 35 Adamawa……………………………………………………………............…. 36 Akwa Ibom………………………………………………………………….….. 37 Anambra………………………………………………………………………... 39 Bauchi……………………………………………………………….……….…. 39 Bayelsa……………………………………………………….…………............40 Benue………………………………………………………………….………... 41 Borno…………………………………………………………………. ……. … 42 Cross-Rivers…………………………………………………………….….…. 44 Delta……………………………………………………………………..…….… 46 Ebonyi……………………………………………………………….……….…. 46 Edo……………………………………………………………………............... 47 Ekiti…………………………………………………………………….………... 48 Enugu………………………………………………………………….............. 49 Gombe…………………………………………………………….….………… 50 Imo……………………………………………………………………..……….. 50 Jigawa……………………………………………………………….….………. 51 Kaduna…………………………………………………………….………….... 51 Kano……………………………………………………………….…….............52 Katsina…………………………………………………………….….………... 53


Kebbi…………………………………………………………………….…...…. 54 Kogi…………………………………………………………………………..…. 54 Kwara……………………………………………………………….………...… 56 Lagos………………………………………………………………….……..…. 56 Nassarawa……………………………………………………………………... 60 Niger………………………………………………………….……….………… 61 Ogun……………………………………………………………………..…....... 61 Ondo……………………………………………………………………..…....... 62 Osun……………………………………………………………………..…….... 62 Oyo……………………………………………………………………….……... 63 Plateau………………………………………………………………….…...….. 64 Rivers……………………………………………………………………..…..... 65 Sokoto……………………………………………………………..…………..... 66 Taraba……………………………………………………………………........... 67 Yobe……………………………………………………………..…..........…..... 68 Zamfara…………………………………………………………..…................. 68

Step 3
Comprehend target Nigerian Customers…………………….…………..….. 69
Understanding customers from Nigerian six geo-political Zones……………………………………………..….…..… 71 Secular categories of Nigerian customers……….……...……………..... 73 The normal Nigerian customers………...…………….….......................... 77

Step 4
Pertinent reasons Nigerians may be resistant…………………..............…….... 78
Some reasons Nigerian customers may resist……….....................,.... 80 The three major reasons Nigerian industrial buyers may resist …………………………………….…………..84 The reasons an organization may instigate resistance……….............. 85 Some instances businesspersons can fuel up resistance………………………………………..……………... 88

Step 5
Learn from booming businesses in Nigeria………............. 90
confirmations made………………………………………………............…. 103

Part 2 Wangle an attractive sales force…..… 107
Step 1 Set a monitoring team…………………………………………. 108


Step 2 Build a workable team………………………………………..... 111
Tips for building an enduring Nigerian customers getting team…………………………………………..………..... 112

Step 3 Integrate competent Nigerian network............................... 113
Tips for building effective networks in Nigeria……………….………. .. 114

Step 4 Charge the sales unit…………………………….…………..... 116
Action powering and efforts sustaining tips…………………................ 117

Part 3 Plot efficient strategies……………...….120
Step 1 Win with canvassing & getting (‘C&G’) strategy............... 127
Plan with derived ‘C&G’ objectives…………………………………….… 129 Maneuver with commonly used Languages in Nigeria………………………………….…………................. 129 Efik language……………………………………………………….……….... 129 The Hausa language…………………………………………….……………. 129 The Igbo language……………………………………….............................. 130 The Yoruba language…………………………………................................ 130 The pidgin English…………………………………………………………… 130 Influence with common local proverbs…………………......................... 130

Step 2
Deriving insight from ‘C&G’ points of contact…………….................. 132

Step 3
Identifying the right moments to implement ‘C&G’ stratifications………………………………..................136

Step 4 Establish obstacles to effective ‘C&G’ exercise..………...137
Some ‘C&G’ obstacles involving individuals of the sales force……………................................................ 138 Some ‘C&G’ hindrances involving their organization………………………..................................... 140


Step 5
Sustain with the actual state of existences (ASEs) Formulas……………………………………………….. 142
ASEs formulas in customers getting process…………………………..…............................ 142 The ASEs of target market(tm)………..…………..……………………...... 143 The ASEs of target customers (tc)…………………………...........……. 143 The AESs of an organizations (org)………..……………………………… 143 The ASEs of sector (sect.)…………………………..……….…………...… 144 The ASEs of competitors (compt)…………………………………………..144 The ASEs of competing organizations(comptorg)………..…………..... 144 Self ASEs (x)………………………………………………………………….... 145

Step 6
Effectively monitoring Nigerian customers getting processes…………………………………………....…. 146

Part 4 Execute super alluring schemes…….. 150
Face A
Marketers, Sales representatives, Commission Agents Etc………………………………………………..…………….......150 Step 1 Market Nigerians from ‘C&G’ basis………..………..…….....151
Damaging marketing research problems in Nigeria…………………………….……………….....153 Valuable information to work with…………………….………………....…155 Interviewing for facts………………………………………………..........…. 155 Sourcing for handy data about Nigerian’s market………………….….. 159 Types of Handy data………...…………………………………….............… 160 Writing customers getting enhancing report………………..............….. 161 Required ‘C&G’ supported marketing tasks…….……..…………....….. 162 Planning for Nigerian’s market fit marketing……………………..……... 163 Winning with Practical ‘C&G’ fitted marketing steps…………………………………… .164

Step2 Canvass tactfully with Nigerian customers…………..........170
Customers at home………………………………...………………..……….. 174 The busy Nigerian customers……………………………………...........…. 178 The general potential buyers…………………………………………....….. 180 11 super hints of turning them in.………………………………….……….196


Step 3
Sell with ‘C&G’ strategies………………………................….197
Using ASEs backed formulas for ‘C&G’ selling………………...……… 199 Being what you sell to Nigerians………………………………....………... 202 Strategizing with your patronage processes……………..….…............. 204 Catching them with payment methods………………………………..….. 205 Selling profitably from shops in Nigeria……………………………..….. 208

Face B manufacturers……………………...……..….210 step 1
Implement ‘C&G’ assisted product design / re-designing concept…………………………..…….211
Designing hot products for Nigerian’s market from ASEs formulas………………………………….. .212 Using the Product designing ASEs of an organization………………………………….…….. 214 Projecting for new product launch in Nigeria…………………….……… 216 Effectively getting new product into target Nigerian’s market from conception…………………….…………. 217

Face C Corporations……………………………………….….. 219
Step 1 Add ‘Nigerian-hunted for-values’ to services…………....... 221
Deriving hot Nigerian hunted for values………………………………….. 222 Millions worth little values……………………………………………….….. 223

Step 2 Absorb customers with ‘C&G’ strategies…………..…...…..229
Absorbing Nigerian customers…………………………………............…. 230 Common customers minds distracters…………………………………… 231 Controlling distractions in offices………………………………............… 233 Tips for maintaining good level of concentration………………..….….. 234

Face D Internet based businesses…………………............ 235
Step 1 Use the internet for Nigerian customers……..…………..… 237
Getting a site ready for Nigerian customers………………………….…. 239


Step 2 Load your e-business treasury strongbox..………............ 245

Part 5 Make them die-hard loyal……….......... 252
Step 1 Build a profitable relationship with Nigerian customers…………………………………….… 254

Step 2
Advertise to sustain ‘C&G’ campaign…………..………..... 256
The Nigerian advert platform…………………………………..……...….… 256 Advert steps to hit Nigerian’s market……..…………………..…………...261 Four rewarding advert options for Nigerian’s market…….…………… 263 Fastening your desired advert results……………………………………..268

Step 3
Promote from ‘C&G’ background……………………….….. 270
Eighteen Nigerian’s market moving promotional steps…….……….… 271 Some great promotions killers in Nigeria……………………………....… 273

Step 4
Make them die-hard loyal…………………………………..…. 274
Making Nigerian customers die-hard loyal……………….…….…………275


Part 1 Construct a revealing base on Nigerian’s market
matter the views, policies, fears and such positions some may take against the Nigerian’s market, one beautiful thing is the market’s ability to reveal within itself the most powerful ways you can get buyers (customers), for your goods or services and make real cool money from it . Then, one may ask, if the Nigerian’s market is there with some super insight on how to make real money from it, why are some entrepreneurs, inforpreneurs, netpreneurs, marketers, traders, corporations, manufacturers, and other businesspersons, not snatching the opportunity to make the money? It is quite true that these folks have dreams of making their businesses grow and constantly yield profits from the expansion of their patronage rate, which definitely would come from the flow of customers and sales made. However, here is a hot ready to exploit market and yet many are not there? Could it be that these folks and organizations have never given it a serious thought to hit the Nigerian’s market? Is it that scare of not making it in Nigeria? Could it be the lack of that depth of understanding of the Nigerian’s market? Or the lack of good enough strategies to undertake selling to the unknown market? Could it truly be the negative information that goes on about the market? Are they just stuck with the feelings that the market is no go area and that’s that? Are there some long standing policies or facilities that are disenabling them? Do they find it difficult for the moment to overcome certain inertial and enter the market? Were they just waiting for the right change of events to occur before exploiting the market?



We could as well conclude that many businesspersons or organizations are not sure or that they simply amplify the level of risk involved to get customers from the Nigerian’s market. They may be scared of risk or are not just sure of breaking even. There must be some reasons for such decisions and this is well understood. For instance, there are many factors that must be considered before getting Nigerian customers actually flowing for your offers today. Among these factors to be considered are: How would you know if target Nigerian customers will be interested in your offers (goods or services)? How would they even know you have those offers right now? What down-to-earth effective marketing, advertising, and other promotional strategies would you use to practically get them flowing for your offers for real? What medium would you even use to practically reach them with your strategies? If they would actually buy from you what means of payment would be the best for them to quickly pay and the money reach you? If they buy once, how would they be made to come back to you again and become loyal? Even if the above is accomplished how would you make the process of getting Nigerian customers very less expensive for you? In essence, how would you cost effectively make your target Nigeria customers flow for your offers right now? Etc. Why not ask yourself one question and that is if there are solutions to what ever problems and difficulties there may be about selling to Nigerian’s market now why can’t I list out these difficulties and find the solutions as my corridor into serious money raking from the market? Inversely ask yourself why you should not acquire a tool that would expose the Nigerian’s market for you like never before and use this as your pathfinder to hit crazy sales and amazing money from the Market?


Whatever, remember that without calculated risk taking the world would have remained the same. Therefore, risk taking clears the path for progress. Progresses in turn yield changes. Changes in a way kill the fear of the unknown. These situations create awareness. Awareness generate from moments of observations, studies, and realizations. Ideas generate from these moments. Good ideas bread improvements, and then risk taking is an essential step for advancement.
Tom Bay & David McPherson a popular speaker and executive consultant in the areas of life management’s team building, and responsibility, were in the same line of believe. In their book, “Change your attitudes”, they indicated that, “risk requires us to make a calculated leap of faith.” They further confirmed their judgment by saying that “Risk is inherent in living; therefore, recognize risk and research it as an essential part of your success.”

I would like to remind you that a leap of faith has to be accompanied with works. The derived works you’d need to put to get potential Nigerian customers to stream for your offers today will make your very acquirements or possessions (knowledge, competencies, goods or services, etc.) manifest and activate improvements in life and somehow become useful somewhere. Thus, risk taking is a calculated leap of faith that is taken for desired advancements. These advancements would usher in changes. These changes could be in form of advanced new positioning, levels of awareness, discoveries, new feelings, beliefs, attitudes, reasoning, etc. In a way, there must be changes before goals or desires could be fulfilled. Further analyses of this would prove that change is indeed a necessity of life in view of growth, relieves or freedom. In his book,
“The amazing law of influence, King Ducan brought our minds back to what happened the period the Voyager II spacecraft went into space, giving back information and pictures from Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, he said “it carried six computers on board with 32k of Memory altogether, much less than one


thousandth of the capacity of today’s average desktop word processor. Why was such a sophisticated spacecraft equipped with only 32K of memory? Because it left this planet in 1977, when the desk top and lap top were only dreams of the future.”

Today computers are far more astonishing, both in capacity and functions. Could you imagine how people would look at it today if astronauts stuck to the tradition of carrying 32K memory computers about? Or how would you feel walking miles to work or school today? How would you feel having to visit every body you need to talk to without the phone? How would it be like to stay without microwave ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, T.V, radio, and other modern gadgets today? Inversely how would you feel to have the privileges of using modern gadgets, ideas, technology, equipments, etc, to run your daily activities? Millions of prospects in the Nigerian’s market would need your goods or services to run their activities to achieve their goals or attain their desires, for positive changes. The market is like a raw precious gem that needs to be refined, in that it has vast vacancies to absorb the advancements of the world’s ways of doing things.
Williams Dauphinais & Colin price Both are leaders in the change integration consulting practice at Water price house where thousands of consultants work with global clients in managing large – scale Corporate transformation. In their book Straight from the CEO, Agreed that most markets are no longer confined to previous situations, when they said, “The world is finally almost whole, for the first time in history. Many of the formerly closed markets are open and needy.”

Talking about change, in order to keep your business dreams ever soaring to reality, you should be ready to undertake the required personal changes in views of the Nigerian’s market and the desired approach taken to harvest the hot ready customers from the region.


“Things get better in life by change, not by chance. For things to change in your life, you need to realize that you must change. Personal mastery is found in taking action. And one of the most powerful actions you can take is monitoring your own attitude and behavior in line with your dreams and goals”. Those were the beliefs and comments of Shawn Anderson the author of “Soar to the top, rise above the crowd and fly away to your dream”.

Thus, if you don’t forget those sickish grasshoppers’ leaps on several deterring opinions, and take the required lump spring into the Nigerian’s market for an amazing change and intensification of business foresight you’d need to succeed today, then somebody else may take the chance and pump in his / her own offers and Nigerian’s market would be shaped in this form. Why not put your advancement into play in the ready to buy Nigerian’s market now and make real money?
Anthony Robbins a leader in the science of peak performance in his book “Awaken the giant within” warned that “you can do anything right, but if secondary gains is too strong, you will find yourself going back to the old ways.”

Eminem a white American rapper put this idea this way, “Lose yourself”. Again, despite the envisioned dimness that may loom, you’d surprise your friends and others around you by starting a sales procession now, into the Market. While going through this, note that obstacles must begin to disintegrate, and things must positively happen no matter the situation. Convictions like this must have lingered in the mind of,
Donald J. Trump a heavy weight in the business world, in their book, “why we want you to be rich two men one message”. Co- authored by Robert T. Kiyosaki to air the view that “You may not have the money at the moment, and conditions may not be ideal, but that doesn’t mean your mind can’t be working on your ideas and paving the way to a better future. Things are rarely perfect and having an active – investor mind will keep prepared and ready for the opportunities that will surface. Give investment a chance in the most comprehensive way you can; look for opportunities in every climate. That’s leverage.”


In support of the above,
Babara sher a therapist and career counselor, with Barbara Smith in their book, “I could do anything if only I know what it was” noted that “If you can make yourself go after a goal when you’re feeling stuck, you will activate and expose- all the resistance that is causing you to be stuck.” In same line of thought they advised that “… we want those messages to blow out their cover, because once you know precisely what you’re up against, you can design a strategy to beat it.”

From whatever angle it may be taken, it would be discovered that as you associate with Nigerian prospects, the Nigerian market itself has that dynamic ability to save you the cost by giving practical answers to what, who, where, how and when your available goods or services are needed. If you have what it would take to make your sales to the Nigerian’s market, then your confidence to hit the market will be solid.
Robert Greene in his book, “The 48 laws of power” Law 14 Recommended that one should “Pose as a friend, work as a spy”. “There is no occasion that is not an opportunity for artful spying”.

To throw more light on the idea of intelligently associating with others for gains,
King Duncan suggested that “One ordinary person with a new idea, new product, or a deep passion about a cause or another, could theoretically send out ripples of influence to 50 people, then 2,500 people, then 125,000 people, and finally 6,000,000 people; thus, within a relatively short time, to the whole world.” Moreover, he went on to confirm that “people usually do not make a difference in this world by accident…the majority of people who accomplish anything in the world are successful because… They are people who go all out.”

From all said, you’d confidently need to cultivate the right frame of mind to establish a base from the integral of the market to learn from, strategize, and control the desired turn out of events, influence your


Nigerian customers getting process, turn Nigerian customers in for your offers, make your preferred volume of sales explosion and then the kind of money you’d need to make. No matter what capacity you are operating your business or what field you may be in, you would need to integrate others even if they are two or more and organize yourself and solidly plan to face this workable money making venture. Thus, you will be rightly taken and addressed as a business organization as you’d be guided to find out how the Nigerian’s market itself has interestingly exposed your required course of action. You can be ever confident as this is a sure to succeed process and not all those quick money scams. The process leading to the explosion of your offers in the Nigerian’s market will start with the establishment of the required intelligence base. This will involve the gathering of data around the potentials Nigerian’s market has and the conditions it generates for offers to explode in the market. Precisely, as intimated, the power lies in sorting and constructing relevant information that would describe your targeted Nigerian customers’ periodic heart conditions and mind sets from the activities going on and fundamentals of the Nigerian’s market. Then, you’d be lead to set up and wangle a very difficult to resist sales front that conforms to the periodic insight provided by the base. This front will carry your offers into the market. There will be fantastic exposures on how this sales front would be equipped with some unique formulated core effective Nigerian’s market oriented customers getting strategies that is sure to work wonders in the Nigerian’s market for you. You’d identify how to establish sturdy positions and instances which your structured sales front would then use to execute some derived killing schemes your target Nigerian customers would completely fall for while your offers get exploded in the market. To make the process a sure money making turnkey you’d discover how to turn your attracted Nigerian customers into a difficult to break up money yielding loyal base.


When you consider all of the above, you will have no doubt that venturing into the Nigerian’s market for customers for your offers today has that capacity of providing you an extensive ethnicity that would bring in a broader scope of complexities, and irregular situations to tangle with. At the end, as previously hinted, the acquired knowledge of how to get more Nigerian customers will in a fiscal face, speed up the thumping down and effective address of most common organizational business problems existing today. Frankly, your knowledge or proficiency of getting more Nigerian customers today will give you competencies in the areas of cost effective: Acquisition of superior knowledge of your industry. Development of such competitive advantages, which are capable of igniting changes, thus placing you in comfortable leading position in your industry. Guidance of your business into the new paradigm of marketing that is evolving. Improvement of your company’s knowledge and insight between relationship, brands, and customers. Creation of focus on the beating of competitors without spending heavily on researches, and acquisition of intelligence on competitors activities. Creation of the floors which are conducive for creative thinking in your organization. Provision of the required shareholders values. Sticking your business on the floor of a truly global one. Thus, it is completely true that from the process of getting Nigerian customers today for your offers and acquiring the “essential change” leading ideas unleashed in this book, you will be imbued with the required competencies to tackle the new face of business challenges that are evolving and effectively deal with any other set of people in


today’s business worlds. In view of the above perspective, constructing your much-required high sales generating informative base would best come from connecting instructive findings or materials and listing the acquired knowledge of the selling circumstances and potentials that are stacked in the followings 5 very revealing standpoints: The hot business opportunities in the Nigerian’s market. The activities and endowments from the hot selling locations. The comprehension of target Nigerian customers. The reasons you may be resisted. How organizations have been getting customers from the Nigerian’s market. There is a need to snitch this opportunity, be on top of it and start this highly rewarding customers getting and moneymaking process through building the desired intelligence base, which you would consult to know exactly what to do in order to push in your goods or services to your targeted Nigerian markets / customers. So, let’s initiate the beaming of the said light on your pathway by providing ideas on how to discover and gather some guiding information about the hot selling opportunities in the Nigerian’s market. Step 1

Hot selling opportunities in the Nigerian’s market
of the obvious ways you’d practically discover hot selling opportunities from the Nigerian’s market are as follows: Flip through Nigerian newspapers online, e.g. visit Visit Nigerian’s market related websites, e.g. Scan through books and magazines about the Nigerian’s market,



trades, and business opportunities. Have a glance on related documentaries. Join Nigerian’s market targeting chat groups, seminars, etc. Ask agents from the Nigerian’s market your goal yielding questions. Interact with yet others around for sought after opportunities. Etc. In essence, while going for customers getting enhancing information the followings would be expected of you: Identify particular markets to sell your ready goods or services. Divide these markets into easy to search segments and gather required information. These market segments should offer you manageable sizes to enter at a particular point in time. Face one or manageable sized target Nigerian’s markets at a time. Pen these down. Then, plan to grow to others as time goes on. The very large size of the Nigerian’s market has necessitated the above. Use some of the common findings bellow to continue building the required informative sales base. Consider these. Primary information For instance, the 923,768 sq km (356,669, sq mi) Nigerian’s market consists of 36 states, which are great sub-market regions themselves. Putting the whole space covered by these 36 major Nigerian’s market regions together, you have approximately 134 persons, or target customers per sq km who are engaged in one business, social, personal, governance, and other activities, which would require the


provision of your goods or services. The Nigerian’s market consists of about 250 noted ethnic groups and around 250 different languages that sustain the emerging and obtainable customs of your target Nigerian customers. The Nigerian’s market is tropical and there are two seasons: the dry season (November to March) and the wet season (April to October). Besides, there is a need to find out the major industries and resources in the market to facilitate your search for what can be offered. Find bellow a list and examine some of these major industry and resources. Some major industries and resources Some of the major industries in Nigeria are as follows: The Agricultural industry. The industry keeps millions of target Nigerian customers busy in most rural areas. Nigerians engage in the subsistence farming most. Automobile assembling, which is carried on in Lagos and other industrialized cities or market regions. Fishing is in almost all parts of the Nigerian’s market, especially in the river line areas. There is Food processing industry carried out all over the Nigerian’s market e.g. palm oil processing in Akwa Ibom market region. Leather works can be found in most parts of the northern regions. Manufacturing of cement is a major occupation in Benue. Manufacturing of fertilizer and soap is carried out in most cities. Lumbering occupies many people in Edo and some other market regions. We have oil and gas processing, petroleum product manufacturing, and related activities in Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Rivers, Kaduna and other participating market regions.


Nigeria also has a wealth of Tie and dying industries in almost all parts of the northern region. Tourism is fast growing in Akwa Ibom, the Cross Rivers e.g. Obudu Cattle Ranch, Edo, Kogi, Lagos and almost all parts of the Nigerian’s market. Weaving is practiced in most parts of the western, the eastern and other market regions of Nigeria. There is the Aso Oke in the Yoruba regions like in Ekiti, Oyo, Ondo Osun, and the George weaving in the east done by the Ijaws and Ibos. Besides the above, you can also search and identify your selling opportunities from establishing how to strategize with and provide needed assistance from what Nigeria exports. Find bellow a list of some Nigerian main exports. Some main exports These include: Crude oil found in Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Ondo, Rivers, and some other market regions. In addition, Nigeria exports refined petroleum products, hides, and skin mostly from the northern region, natural gas, timber from Edo and other market regions, tin, precious stones from Plateau, and other northern regions. However, some sparingly tapped and technologically starved industries and yet to be fully utilized resources will lead to the selling of your goods or services and the spinning of money for you. Let us have a look at some of these hot opportunities and lucrative sectors in the Nigerian’s market.


Lucrative opportunities / sectors These are as follows: In the Agriculture sector, most parts of the Nigerian’s market engage in manual and subsistence farming and are very much eager and would need tractors, incubators, slaughter equipments, irrigation facilities, pest control facilities, seeds, storage facilities, fertilizers, training and other technologically assisted farming facilities to go extensive. The Nigerian Aviation sector, also need development, which would demand your goods or services. For instance, there are many airstrips and domestic and even international airports in Nigeria that need further developments. Training is required for officials, pilots, air hosts / hostesses, cabin crews, engineers, etc. There are opportunities in the areas of airline, airport, aircraft leasing, sales, management, maintenance, and repairs. There are many old fleets in the Nigerian Aviation sector. Nigeria can easily develop to an extent that other African countries will come to her for Aviation and other needs. Also, millions of Nigerians engage in so many ceremonies, and enjoy leisure, historic moments, etc. For instance, the whole of the Nigerian’s market regions daily experience graduations, marriages, naming ceremonies, launching of new products, books, etc, funeral, and other memorable ceremonies. They are increasingly making it a part of their culture to keep memories of these occasions. Millions have a need of, while some envy and would like to be among those who record or have a way of retaining, these memories. Thus, there exists a huge demand and market for all sorts of personal cameras, video recorders, camcorders, etc. With the struggle to improve their standard of living, these things some times become necessities.


The Children’s world must come in, as there are demands for clothes, shoes, toys and other kiddy stuffs in all the Nigerian’s market regions. The Construction sector also provides a great deal of selling opportunities in the housing, roads, and infrastructural fields. For instance, the result of the shortage of secured and standard accommodation and office premises in most Nigerian cities e.g. Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt, where the cost of rent is so high has added to increase the presence of slums and heavily congested areas. These are steadily becoming the mark of most of these cities. Other consequences are poor sanitary facilities like toilets and bathrooms, drainages, proper waste disposal system, good health care, etc. Majority of Nigerians cannot afford most of the available standard premises. Thus, there is need to build several standard houses, office spaces, schools, etc. Apart, millions of Nigerians in the rural areas as well are yearning for their own accommodation and other facilities. Besides, Nigerian’s market demands the construction and maintenances of hundreds of thousands of kilometers of roads. There is a growing need for other forms of infrastructure like stadium, trade centers, city halls, shopping malls, etc, in the cities. These have given birth to the high demand for building materials and equipments in all the major Nigerian’s market regions. For instance, excavators, tippers, metric tones of cement bags, aluminum products / fabrications, roofing products / services, plumbing materials / services, structural engineering services, etc, are highly demanded in all the Nigerian major market regions. These have opened a world of selling opportunities in the construction / building sector for you to explore and make real money. The Cookery and lodging industry has its opportunities as well. For instance, a large number of hotels, restaurants, guest houses, take-away and eat-ins, catering services and fast foods organizations, even millions of households would demand Industrial and domestic kitchen wares to prepare meals for


Nigerians all day through. Thus, a huge market exist for gas cookers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, deepfreezes, deep fryers, electric and normal kettles, steamers, cutleries, dishes, etc. In the Educational sector, materials are demanded by millions of pupils and students. Thousands of schools in Nigeria need educational facilities. Childcare services, training, bookshops, libraries, etc, are needed as millions of young and old Nigerians need to acquire one form of knowledge or the other. In the Fashion industry, millions of young Nigerian men and women in particular seek to be trendy and follow up the latest in the world. As I have discovered, they have the strong desire to look good at all the times. Most of them are the university students, housewives, and the working class men and women. As a result, there is a huge demand for bags, clothes, cosmetics, jewelries, shoes, eyeglasses, etc. Nigerian cities and towns would continuously demand for barbershops, hair salons, modeling agencies, beauticians / beauty shops materials, perfumes, toiletries, hot tubs, spas, saunas, etc. When festivals in Nigeria is brought in, one would come to appreciate the huge selling opportunities there exist almost more than any other time. The whole festivals in Nigeria take some period of preparation and such things that would open doors for traveling businesses, money transfer businesses, tourism, hotel and accommodation, Insurance services, restaurants businesses, etc, in the concerned areas. There are the Argungun fishing festival (a heavily celebrated festival attended by thousands of visitors) in the northern region especially the Kebbi market region. We have the Dobar festivals in the northern part of Nigeria, enjoyed by millions of Nigerians. There are the Egungun masquerades in the Yoruba lands, which attract a lot of attention. The eastern market regions have many festive periods as well which include the Ekpo, Ekong, Abang, Epke, etc, in the Akwa Ibom and the Crossriver market regions. There are new yam festivals, Ogbolo


festival, series of fishing festivals, etc, in the Bayelsa, Rivers, Delta, Edo and other market regions along the river line. Besides, millions of Nigerians in the cities and rural areas regularly need good foods and beverages. Manufacturers of sugar, flour, milk, breweries, distillers of spirits, wines, soft drinks, etc, are highly needed. Also, governmental policies, restructurings / reformations and market liberations have triggered vicious competition in most sectors like the aviation, banking, telecommunications, oil and gas, the rapidly booming commercial and industrial environments of the major cities of the Nigerian’s market. The economic opportunities therein have stimulated more large flows of rural dwellers to urban areas. Millions of Nigerians would need the services of tailors, writers, carpenters, shoe menders, transporters, and so many other services providers. In the Health care sector, hospitals need drugs, equipments, and other medical materials. Besides, millions of Nigerians need good standard of living and would work hard to improve their lives. In millions of homes in Nigeria there are growing needs for Household wares like rugs, lamps, curtains, novelties, interior decorations, furniture, etc. An evaluation of the Internet field will reveal that Nigerians would highly welcome website seeking affiliations, Internet marketing, hosting, web designing plans and facilities that would empower them to sell their goods or services online and receive payments, which would be forwarded through their local banks in Nigeria. Millions of Nigerians would like to work at home with the help of the Internet facilities. Corporations will need software on customers relations management (CRM), Auditing, and others that would help in their web based functions. Besides, cyber café services would be highly patronized by millions of Nigerians in all


the major market regions. The IT/ICT sector will yield wonderful selling opportunities for you to exploit. For instance, Nigerian cities keep seeking for industrial standards and hundreds of thousands of offices need office equipments/facilities to keep their businesses going smoothly. Besides, millions of Nigerians from all fields of works need some of these office equipments for personal uses. They need to communicate with business associates, loved ones, family members, friends, colleges, and so forth. All these have given rise to the demand for computers, laptops and accessories, telephones and accessories, projectors, printers, Photostatting machines, security equipments and accessories, state-of-the-arts office furniture, satellite equipments, business centers, interior decorations, etc, in all the market regions of Nigeria. The millions of Leisure- loving Nigerians who sit to play games, enjoy stories, etc, need more fascinating infrastructure like the Amusement Park, zoos, etc, that can keep them trilled and entertained. In addition, there is frequent demand for party equipments, services, tent renting, storage facilities, etc. In the Manufacturing sector, there are thousands of manufacturers in Nigeria, who are enjoying the dividends of competing in the Nigerian economy. They would need to sustain their competitiveness by buying equipments, chemicals and some other materials abroad. In the Movie industry, millions of Nigerians enjoy the Nigerian home videos and movies from other parts of the world. The Nigerian house of movies the Nollywood have cut an impressive edge for itself in the industry through its achievements and determination to grow further to world’s standards. In addition, in the music industry, the Pman and some recording companies like the Kennis Records have successfully stirred the Nigerian’s musical floors to the world’s spotlight. Some Nigerian artistes are


beginning to be recognized and nominated and even win big awards, like the Mtv base musical awards. Tens of thousands of young talented Nigerians are eager to sing and act and become stars. Their favorite entertainers all the same would trill millions of Nigerians who may forgo these ambitions. Besides, Nigerians love music. They listen to hip-hop, high life, Juju, Afro beats, Reggae, etc. The Nigerian movie and musical industries are deeply yearning for development, especially technologically. These open a large door for the sales of musical instruments, empty CD’s, recording equipments and studios, good movie cameras, movie facilities, training facilities, DVD’s, Hifis, home theaters, musical sets, games, TV’s, etc. Apart from the above, let us look from another perspective the opportunities that emerge from some local industries now in Nigeria. Some major opportunities from local industries include: The full processing and exportation of cassava / products, which include presently available one of Nigerians most stable food the Garri, palm oil, palm kernel, maize, etc, which are grown and found in large quantity in Akwa Ibom and some southern market regions of the Nigerian’s market. The mining and exportation of coal that has a large deposit in Enugu. The cultivation and exportation of kolanuts and cocoa presently grown by the western market region like Oyo. The cultivation and exportation of cotton, groundnuts, sorghum, sugarcane, carrots, ginger, cabbage, lettuce, onions, potatoes, pineapples, millet, and spinach presently grown in large quantity in most parts of the northern regions.


The participation in snail farming that is guaranteed to generate millions of Dollars. The planting, tapping and processing of finished rubber products presently engaged in by your target customers from the Akwa Ibom, Cross Rivers, Edo, and some other costal market regions. The planting, processing and packaging of the spices that can be found in most parts of the Nigerian’s market e.g. tea and coffee grown in the northern region, other spices from Abia, Akwa Ibom, Anambra, Delta, Edo and other parts of the eastern part of the Nigerian’s market. The mining and processing of bitumen, fluorite, gold, iron, lead, limestone, manganese, salt, tantalite, tin, uranium, zinc, etc, that are spread all over the Nigerian’s market. From analyses of the entire points above, you would agree that Nigerians need thousands of more hospitals and many existing ones need improvement, equipments, and medical materials. Tens of thousands of companies would need office equipments and related materials, etc. Millions of consumers would regularly need food items and beverages. Hundreds of institutions and a number of sectors would need services. Millions of end users would need automobiles, computers, etc. Millions of traders, dealers, agents, companies and millions of individuals would need the services of accounting/auditing firms, and software. Hundreds of thousands of business outlets and millions of entrepreneurs would need advertising agencies, tools, software, web links, etc, marketing firms, marketing software, e-marketing tools, e-


books, etc, barristers and legal practitioners, warehousing, etc. Again, from any aspect you may look at it, there exist millions of vacuums to be
filled and Nigerian’s is a confirmed huge, dynamic, ‘hot-ready-to-buy’, lucrative market front that you’d need to enter, get customers, make hit sales and secure an amazing financial strength.

Meanwhile, let me bring one Nigerian saying which affirm that
one cannot sit down at home, and know exactly what’s going on in the market. However, in this era, one can use technologically assisted gadgets (your computer, telephone, opportunities as provided here, etc.), to monitor and somehow be there in the physical Nigerian’s market. So, as we have previously established, a need emerges for you to look into the major market regions, know how to enter, what products / services to sell and where in particularly your offers (goods or services) would be needed most and interest grown, and ascertain what might happen in the physical Nigerian’s market prior entry. The above has necessitated us to bring in the main Nigerian’s market regions for selection as segments to start selling or gather needed sales enhancing information. This is the second part you’d need to build your sought after intelligence base on. Let’s now gain access to, list out and consider some of these presently available practical, hot selling locations that await you in the Major Nigerian’s market regions. Step 2

Identify hot selling locations in Nigeria This step requires you to get into the floor of the Nigerian’s market,
look for, and list those prominent locations that have the activities that would lead to the need of your goods or services.


Note that the entire major markets in Nigeria especially the capital cities or main towns would need the following regular items (offers) from you: Automobiles / parts, building materials / equipments, Bicycles/parts, Chemicals, (for manufacturing of paints, plastics, food processing, etc) Children’s stuffs (cloths, shoes, toys, Clothes), Computers and accessories, Cosmetics, drugs, Electronics/accessories, Educational materials and equipments. Also, farming equipments, and parts, fast foods/beverages, household wares (Lamps, Rugs, Interior deco materials etc.) would be highly needed. Others include Jewelries, Kitchenware (Deep fryers, freezes, Kettles, microwave ovens, refrigerators Toasters, etc.), motor bikes/parts, other machineries/Equipments, power plants, textiles, etc. The following services (offers) would flourish in all the major market locations listed bellow. These are, the Aviation services (travel agencies, etc.), Banking services, Beauticians, catering services, hotel/restaurant services, clearing/shipping services, Construction, courier services, insurance policies, internet based businesses, (affiliate programs, e-books, e-marketing programs, make money at home plans, soft wares, web site hosting, and designing packages, etc.), saloon outfits, barbing and Medical services. Others include, repairs services for automobiles, electronics, equipments, machineries, etc.), transportation businesses, waste management services disposals/ recycling services, consultancy, etc.), Weaving, etc Apart from the above goods or services, some particularly locations need special items and these are listed under these locations. This makes it an all-important step for you to carry out and build your strong Nigerian customers getting intelligence, base on. Just before then, in making this venture effective, get the map of Nigeria from the following links:

32 g Therefore, discover the vastly spread and hottest ready available selling locations in Nigeria. Super selling locations in Nigerian’s market regions Abia Umuahia is the capital of the industrialized Igbo market region. They are Igbos, mostly Christians, from the Eastern part of the Nigerian’s market. From Umuahia board vehicles to the other parts of the region. Presently, Abia has 17 local government areas, to present your offers. They speak one native language. Also, you can aim at getting customers from the local companies, traders, government areas, and institutions like the Abia State University and the Abia State Polytechnic. Besides, there are other market locations where you can get customers from, e.g. the Aba Main Market, which is known for its might in local industries (like shoe making, bags making, clothes sewing, packaging, etc.). This market is very promising for the sales of industrial equipments.


There is the Ariaria International Market, known for its full stock of all sorts of locally made items and imported products (vehicles, building materials, textiles, electronics, spare parts, etc). Customers from all parts of the country come to buy and resell in this market. A large target number of buyers can be reached in this market. There is the Nnewi Market, a heaven of automobile spare parts and a ready market for your auto parts. The New Market in Aba also, is host to hundreds of thousands of goods (used clothes, bags, shoes, household, and kitchenwares, electronic, parts, etc.) You can also reach many resellers here. Further, get resellers from the Eke Onunwa Market in Douglas road by Saint Paul Owerri where they sell general categories of goods. Asnnetu or the Oloeji School Road Market is a big base for automobile spare parts. There are large provisions markets located at Cemetery and Ezuku. There are big electronic markets too at Saint Michael and Uriehabien. Some other markets are located in the following locations: Arochuku, Bende and Ohafia. People are so occupied in the Abia market region that like in other parts of the Nigerian’s market, almost all services one can think of that would help business activities grow will indeed flourish. This market is heavily industrialized. It is one of the major in the eastern Nigerian’s market. Get large numbers of customers for machines and parts, Electronics, Industrial equipments and parts, Computers and accessories, textiles and materials.


In addition, internet based businesses, repairs of machines, transportation business, and other services will boom here. Abuja The Federal Capital Territory (F.C.T) is the center of the administrative capital of Nigeria, Abuja. The territory has the Hausas and full of people from all over Nigeria and the world just as there are in Calabar, Kano, Lagos, Uyo, and other major Nigerian’s market regions. There are nine native languages spoken here and Hausa dominates. You can get hired vehicles to any part of the region from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in the FCT. There are many embassies in the region. The Abuja region is home to as many VIP’s and such diplomatic life that you can get anywhere in the world. If you have anything about diplomatic needs to offer, think of Abuja. There are many companies, hotels, restaurants, motor parks, social groups, clubs, etc, to get target customers. For instance, the University of Abuja is located in this market and is a fine target to fulfill student’s needs with offered goods or services. Besides, foodstuffs other domestic items are available at Zuba, Suleja markets. Electronics, yams, cables, and other essential commodities are available at Ghanghanlad, Wuza, and Iyanyan markets.


You can target traders and other categories of buyers from these markets for your offers. For instance, the Abuja’s market region would be great for the selling of your Cosmetics, Handbags, jewelries, Shoes, Suits, and other items the rich would buy. Besides, beauticians, car hire and rental services, Courier services, Hotel and restaurant businesses, Saloons, financial services, Insurance firms, and such services as will make life easier for the dwellers and visitors of this administrative market region will boom. Adamawa The capital city of this market region is Yola. They are among the northern Nigerian’s market. They are mainly Hausas. From some motor parks in Yola, you can get to other parts of the region. Besides, there are the Yola, and Zaria domestic airports in Yola, and Zaria respectively. In addition, there is the Mubi Airstrip at Mubi from where one can enter the region. They speak 58 native languages in 20 local government areas, which would serve as target selling points. Other locations to target student / young customers are the Adawama State University and the Federal University of Technology in Yola. ( Apart from the above, there are customers targeting markets located at Demsa, Fufore, Ganye, Gombi, Song, Toungo, and Yola. Here are many traditional items at these markets. They would need Animal feeds, food processing equipments, fertilizers, irrigation facilities, slaughter tools, water pumps, and other


items the northern Nigerian’s market would need. Besides, any service that would enhance the activities here would boom. Akwa Ibom Uyo is the capital of this oil-rich and peaceful market region and is one of your major selling points for almost all categories of goods or services. They are mostly the Ibibios, Anangs and Ikonos. In addition, they are members of the South-South Niger Delta region of Nigeria and are mostly Christians. If there were a place to target selling from, I would highly recommend the Akwa Ibom market region. Presently, the Akwa Ibom market has about 20 languages spoken in 31 local government areas, which also are great target markets for your offers. The major languages are the Anang, Ibibio similar to the Efik, and Oron languages. You can get into other Akwa Ibom parts from the Calabar International Airport or from the motor parks at Uyo. Akwa Ibom has one airstrip at Eket used by ExxonMobil. There are many other institutions, companies, villages, community groups, etc, to target for your customers. For Instance, you can get young buyers / users for related goods or services at the University of Uyo (, a hot selling point indeed.


Oil activities make Eket a very hot market for many of offers. Exxonmobil’s presence extends from Eket to Ibrono, making this market region a great selling location. For instance, from Eket, vehicles would take passengers to Udua Ibrono, (Ibrono’s Market) where there is a very large fish market. Tents are constructed and anglers and women live in these tents and run their fishing businesses. These offer a great market for fishing equipments, tents, etc. Besides Eket and Iboron, there are many standby buyers who live in Ikot Abasi, where the Nigerian largest aluminum company is, and where there are fish and related activities. You can sell in Itu where a lot of fishing activities also go on. You can sell your goods at Itam, Ukam, Udua Awan, Aditaga Udo Ebok in Obokakara local government area, and Udua Nzeit markets, where there is plenty of palm oil. There is hot demand for oil milling equipments, palm kernel crackers, shaft separators, agric palm seeds, storages facilities, etc, in the above areas. Some other outstanding target markets to sell are sited at the following towns: Abak, Epe-Atani, Essien- Udim, Etia Ekpo, Etinam, Ibeno, Ibesikpo Asutani, Ibiono Ibon, Ika, Ikono, Ikobo Ikono, Ikot Abasi, Ikot Epene, Itu, Mkpat- Enin, Nsit Ibou, Nsit- Ubium, Obot Akara, Onan, Orikanam, Ukanafun, and Uran. You can get very interesting historic items from these markets. You can get more facts about the region from

This market will embrace educational materials, oil milling equipments and parts, fishing equipments and materials, gray fish grinding machines and parts, and related service.


Anambra Awka is the capital city of this market region, which has 21 local government areas for you to target selling. They are mostly Christians and live in Southeast Nigeria. They have three native languages in the region. You can get into other parts of the market through some motor parks at Awka. One point to reach your target buyers e.g. students is the Nnamdi Azikiwe University (, located in the market at Awka. Onisha is one of Nigerian’s largest markets, and is full of building materials, textiles, drugs, computers, electronics, etc. The market is a great contact for interested agents, traders, and ready resellers for your offers. Other markets are located at the following locations: Awka, Ori Ihiala, and Nnewi. Automobiles parts, Building materials, Computers, Electronics, and textiles will sell steadily in the Anambra’s market. Bauchi Bauchi has many fascinating arts and crafts items. They would welcome other goods or services that will enhance their activities. They are mostly Muslims from the northern part of Nigeria and are Hausas. There are 20 local government areas and about 60 native languages spoken in the market, which represent the kind of culture you will get.


Bauchi, the capital city is a major selling location of the market region. You can get into other parts of the market from commercial vehicle parks at Bauchi. Besides, interested persons can get into the market from the Bauchi domestic airport. In addition, the Azara Airstrip in Azara can be later used. You can target university students at the Abubakar Tafawa Belewa University and other institutions in the market. Some of the major markets in Bauchi, to target customer are located at Atas, Gudau, Bogoro, Darazo, Dass, Gamawa Naigi, Shira Tafawa Belewa, Toro, Warji, and Zaki. These markets are good locations to get interesting locally made items like hide and skins, drums, textiles, etc. You can get more facts about the market from The market is very rich in games. Animal feeds, fertilizers, water irrigation facilities, and related services would flourish here. Besides, Tourism and related services will be very promising. Bayelsa Bayelsa has great selling opportunities in most parts of the region and fine investment openings in the oil industry. They are the Ijaws, and are from the South-South Niger Delta region of Nigeria. They are mostly Christians.


Yenagoa is the capital city of this other oil rich region. There are nine local government areas with 10 native languages spoken. Which market can you target for your customers in Bayelsa? You have the Yenegoa Market that is full of all sorts of items where you can get hot ready customers. From Yenegoa you can take a boat to Akamagboko Market, where the large locally distilled gin market there will amaze you. In addition, you can get fish, plantain, garri, fufu, and other foodstuffs there, another market point you can target customers for related goods or services. Another market that can not be left out is the Ogbea Market where many items can be also sold. Enter the Diebu Market in Towon Brass and discover a lot of marine foods and tourism atmosphere enjoyed by most oil workers in the nearby oil terminals. The market is a place to explore and sell your relevant goods or services. We even have the Amasome village super market, where many electronics and other imported items are sold and they would ever buy from you. There is the fruits garden market at the end of Okija Street where many fruits are available in large quantity. This is another place where you can get target customers for fruit juice extractors, storage facilities, etc. Other important markets are situated at Ekeremor, Ogbia, and Sagbama. Boats, boats engines, and parts, cool rooms and facilities, fishing equipments and parts, Gin distilling equipments and parts, boat


transportation business and such activities will blossom in this market. Benue Benue is a very rich cultural region. They are part of the Middlebelt Nigerians and are partly Muslims and Christians. There are 14 native languages and 22 local government areas in this market. Makurdi is the capital city of the Benue’s market. You can get into other parts of the market from Makurdi. There is a military airport at Makurdi. Benue has deposits of limestone. You can target student buyers at the Federal University of Agriculture Markudi ( Benue has some markets located at Ado, Agati, Apa Buruku, Gboko, Guma, Ala, Logo, makurdi, Obi Ohimimi, Oju, Tarka, and Ukum. They are rich in limestone. Cement manufacturing and related equipments will sell fast in this market. Tourism and surrounding activities will gain flourish here. Borno The culturally intense and historically rich Borno’s market has 27 local government areas and 28 languages.


They are Hausas, from the northern part of the Nigerian’s market, and are mostly Muslims. You can enter other parts of this northern market region from motor parks at Maiduguri. There is the Maiduguri International Airport in the mareket. In addition, there is an active airstrip at Bida. Borno’s people engage mostly in animal husbandry, tie and dye activities, leather works and local trading. There are corporate and other commercial activities mostly in the capital and major cities. The University of Maiduguri ( is a place to reach some students. You can get onions in bags at the custom or Baga Market. In addition, the market has smoked catfish in large quantity. There are cows, goats, and sheep in Casua Shanu Market. Monday Market is a big one where to get electronics, household wares, building materials, and other items. There are streets named after some tribes in Nigeria. The market enjoys a heavy flow of customers from all parts of Nigeria. Monday is a very busy market. Around the University of Maduguri there is the Center gate market with its good stock of upholsteries, chairs, and other furniture, etc. Here you can sell related items. In Bama local government, there is a large quantity of sugar cane, carrot, tomatoes, cabbage, etc. Also, Madagali is a big home of sugar cane.


There are large quantity of beans, groundnuts, onions, cows, sheep, and goats in Ngoruashua and Muna markets. Other markets can be found at Abadan, Askira/Uba, Bayo, Biu, Chibok, Damboa, Guoza, Hawul, Kaga, Kurawu, Mafa, and Magumeri. There are rich cultural items in these markets. There are thousands of target customers in the above market location. You can gather more facts about Borno’s market region from They are hot ready market for Animal’s items, Tourism, and related services. Cross-Rivers Calabar is the capital city of the Cross-river market region, a big tourist center in Nigeria today. They are Efiks and are mostly Christians from the Niger Delta SouthSouth region. Like other Nigerian’s markets too, you can get into the Cross-rivers market from any other commercialized part of Nigeria that is eastern bound and from Calabar get into other parts of the market. Calabar has a busy seaport from where to enter the market region. There is Magaret Ekpo International Airport in the market. Also, in Bebi there is the Bebi Airstrip and the Obudu Cattle Ranch Airstrip in Obudu. Cross-River has about 50 languages spoken in 18 local government areas. There is the University of Calabar ( ) and quite a


number of schools to target students / young prospects for your offers. Companies, social groups, car parts, and villages form another locations and sources to get customers. Besides, there are many target customers from other markets in the region. For instance, we have the junction market in Abapka, where there is Garri, Palm oil, Yam, rice, etc in commercial quantity. There is the Adegum where there are Okras in commercial quantity. In the Akampkpa Market, there is palm oil in large quantity. In the Etim Edem Market in Calabar, there are stocks of clothes, electronics, and other materials. It is a great market to get target electronic and other customers. Akomita Market has palm oil, gin, meat, and cassava in commercial quantity. Obudu and Ikom towns are homes for the “four-corner” market, the place of plantain, bananas, cocoa beans, cocoyam, and palm kernel. There is the Obanigu or the Otanga markets in Ogoja the home of honey, the Tinapa Calabar, the promising African premier business resort. Here, the sales of electronics, textiles, foods, automobiles, cosmetics, toys, books, computers, etc, will indeed flourish. Some other markets to target are located at Abi, Blasé, Boki, Etung, Obubra, Obudu, Yala, and Yarkurr. You can get more facts about the Cross-rivers market from Film making equipments and parts, cameras, Hotels and restaurants businesses, and Tourism will be very healthy in this very hospitable market.


Delta Asaba is the capital city of this oil-rich market place. It is in the Niger delta region of Nigeria and the natives are mostly Christians. You can arrive at Asaba and get vehicles into the city. Also, you can get into the market by air through the Warri Domestic Airport or the Escravos Airstrip in Warri Escravos. There are 11 languages and 25 local government areas in the market. For instance, get yams in Oyoko Abavo Market in Agbor. Also, some markets that are full of different items can be found at Aniocha, Asaba, Ika, Isoko, Ndokwa Okpe, Oshimili, sapele, Udu, Ugheli, and Warri, which are nice regions to get target customers for offered goods or services. Find more facts from the market at Boats, Boats engines and parts, fishing equipments and parts, and Oil service firms, will have deep roots, in this market. Ebonyi Abakaliki, the home of Abakiliki rice, is the capital of this market region. They are Igbos, from the eastern part of the Nigerian’s market, and are mostly Christians. From some other major commercial vehicle parks in Nigeria, you can arrive at Abakiliki and get other vehicles going to the other parts of the market. There are 5 native languages and 12 local government areas in the market.


You can get ready customers from the following locations e.g Abakaliki the rice town, Afikpo, Ebonyi main town, Isielu Ohaozara, Ohaukwu, and Onicha. Rice milling equipments and parts, boiling utilities and related services will explode in this market. Edo The historic and culture rich Benin City is the capital of the market region. They are members of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. They belong to the South-South. They are mostly Christians. Like other markets, you can enter the Edo market from any commercial vehicle parks in Nigeria, arrive in Benin, and get to other parts of the market. There is the Benin Domestic Airport. There are 18 local government areas and 17 native languages in the market. There is the University of Benin, ( in Benin City, one point where you can sure get patronage for your cloths, bags, shoes, etc. There are foodstuffs, Garri, and pepper in commercial quantity at Jettu Market sold on every 9th day. In addition, there are yams, garri in Igala Market in Okoko Edo. Ubiaja Market has lots of yam. In Benin, there is the Oba Market close to Ring Road, the New Benin Market in mission road.


We have the Timber Market along the Lagos Road close to Ugbowo. The Uwelu Road Market is stocked with Masonia & Obobo. The Textile Mill Market is full of Woods. The Wire Road Market by Ewemwen has good furniture to offer. In New Lagos Road, there is the New Benin Market, a home of woods. The major Industrial activities here are lumbering, oil drilling, furniture making, etc. Benin City witnesses thousands of customers who buy wood and finished products weekly. Other target sites where major markets are located are at Akoko, Edo, Equor, Esan, Etsako, Oredo, Orhiouleson, Ovia, and Owan. Carpentry / furniture making instruments, motor saw and parts, lumbering and related services will fit in perfectly in this market. Ekiti Ado-Ekiti is the capital city of this education-driven market region. They are Yorubas and are southwestern Nigerians. Like any other Nigerian’s market region, you can get into the market from major intercity motor parks or their links from Lagos, Ibadan, and other major cities parks in the Nigerian’s market. Presently, the region has 16 local government areas and 1 native language.


Like any other Nigerian University, you can get young and hot ready users cloths, ladies wears, cosmetics, educational materials, and related offers at the University of Ekiti at Ado Ekiti. There are some other major market locations at the Ado, Ado Ekiti, Aiyekire, Efon, Ekiti Ido / Osi, Ijero, Ikere, Ikole, Ise / Orun, and Mobo Oye. There is large quantity of traditional items like the Yoruba’s textiles, the talking drums, herbs, etc from this market. You can get more facts at The market would welcome educational materials and services, and other goods or services. Enugu Enugu is the capital city of this market region. You can arrive at Enugu and get vehicles to the other parts of the market. They are the Igbos and are southeastern Nigerians. Most of them are Christians. There are 17 local government areas. They speak one native language. Hit some target teenage or young buyers at the University of Nigeria Nsukka and the Enugu State University that are located in the market region of Enugu. The Akanu Ibiam International Airport in Enugu is one of the busiest in Nigeria. Some major markets are situated at Agwa, Aninri, Ibgo-Etiti, Isi-Uzo, Nsukka, Udi, and Uzo uwani.


Automobiles and parts, building equipments and materials, medical equipments, and other industrialized items and related tune-ups will work well here. Gombe Discover great selling openings in Gombe the capital city of the market region. They are the Hausas, from the northern part of the Nigerian’s market. Gombe has the Ashaka and Kaltungo airstrips located at Ashaka and Kaltungo respectively from where one can get into the market region. The market has 11 local government areas and 21 languages. Some major markets to target are located at Akko, Balanga, Dujju, Funakaye, Kaltungo, Kwami, Nafada/Bajoga, Yamatu / Deba. There are Animals in commercial quantity here. They would buy items goods that other parts of northern Nigerian market would need. Imo Enter this business-inclined Imo region and discover what huge customer’s base is there. The market is one of the most industrialized in Nigeria. Owerri is the capital city of the market. They are Igbos from the eastern part of the Nigerian’s market and many believe in Christianity. There is the Sam Mbakwe Airport in Owerri.


There are 27 local government areas. They speak only one native language here. The market points to target for buyers include the Federal university of Technology ( ), the Imo state University in Owerri and some other institutions, companies, social groups and motor parks. In addition, sell at the following market locations: Aboh- Mabaise, Ahihazu Mbaise, Ezinhite, Ideato, Isiala, Isu, Mbaitolu, Njaba, Nkwere, Obowo Oguta, Okigwe, Onuimo, Orlu, Orsu, Oru, and Owerri. They would buy industrial equipments, Automobiles and parts, and other plants. Jigawa You can get into the market from any other parts of Nigeria by arriving at the capital city of the market region, Dutse. They are Hausas from the northern part of Nigeria and many believe in Islamic religion. There are 27 local government areas. Jigawa speak 4 native languages. Some markets to get customers from are located at:- Auyo, Babura, Bosuwa, Buji, dutse, Garki, Gumel, guri, Gwiwa, Hadejia, Kafin Hausa, Kazaure, Maigatari Miga, Ringim, Roni, Taura, and Tankwasiu. You will sell items that other pars of the northern Nigerian market would need here. Kaduna Enter the historic Kaduna region and reap from the many commercial activities gong on in it. Kaduna is the capital city.


They are Hausas from the northern part of Nigeria and many believe in Christianity. Enter the market through land and arrive at the major cities including Kaduna from where access to the other parts of the region is opened. Besides, enter the market by air through one of the busiest airports in Nigeria -the Kaduna International Airport. They speak 57 native languages in 23 local government areas. You can target selling items students would need at the Ahmadu Bello University (, the Nigerian Defense Academy, ( and other institutions in the market. In addition, there are many companies, organizations to target customers. social groups, and

Some other major markets to sell in Kaduna are Benin Gwari, Chukuri, Giwa, Igbasi, Ikara Jaba, Jemae, Kachia, Kaduna, Kauru, Kudan, Lere, Makarfi, Sabongari, and Zaria. There is a heavy commercial quantity of Animals, and vegetables in this market. Find more facts about Kaduna at Kano Enter Kano and enjoy one of the richest cultures and business opportunities that would lead to great sales dividends. They are Hausas and from the northern part of Nigeria. There is the Malam Aminu Kano International Airport in the market. Kano is the capital city.


They have 4 native languages and 44 local government areas-- the largest in Nigeria. Kano has the highest population in Nigeria today. And one of the most commercialized markets in Nigeria. As places to hit customers, Kano has the Bayero University ( the Kano State University of technology, etc, in the students’ settings. Besides, some of the major markets in Kano are located at AJugi, Albasu, Bagwai Bichi, Dala Dambarta, Doguwa, Fagge, Gabakuwa, Gaya, Gwale, Isanyawa, Kaba, Karaye, Kiru, Rano, Rimingado, Sumaila, Tofa, and Ungogo. They are very rich in herds and vegetables and would buy items that other parts of the northern and busy Nigerian market needs from you. Katsina Katsina is the capital city of the market and one of the major spots to enter the market. They are Hausas in the northern part of the Nigerian’s market. They have 2 native languages and 34 local government areas. Air route needs are taken care of by the Katsina Airport in Katsina. Some major markets to target are located at Bakori, Batsari, Danjo, Daura Dutsi Faskari, Ingiwa, Jibiya, Kankara, Katsina, Kusada, Musawa, Rimi, Subuwa and Zango. There are cows, Goats, fowls, sheep, and vegetables in commercial quantities in this market. Most of the items that would flourish in the Northern Nigerian’s market would boom here as well.


Kebbi Skim through Kebbi the headland of Dorba and Argungun fishing festival in the northern part of Nigeria and discover those things to sell to the market. They are Hausas. Among the cities, to enter apart from the market locations of Kebbi is Bernin kebbi the state capital. Bernin Kebbi and Tuga Airstrips in Bernin kebbi and Tuga respectively are venues to get into the market. They have 16 native language and 22 local government areas, which stand as your target market floors. Some other major market to target selling are located at, Agaski, Arewa, dandi, Augie,Bagudo, Birriri Kebbi, Bunza, Fakai, Jega, Kalyo, Maiyama, Sukuba, Shanga, Wasugu, Yarri, and Zuru. They are very rich in cows, goats, sheep, fowls, hides and skin, and vegetables. Like any other northern Nigerian market, they are hot ready for your irrigational equipments, slaughters equipments, Animal husbandry facilities, drugs and medical equipments. Kogi Lokoja is the capital city of this interesting market. From Oyingbo, Agege, Ojota in Lagos state you can board Macarpolo bus, mini and other buses, cars to Lokoja or Okene where you will find other means of transportation e.g. taxies, buses, bikes to where you wish going. They can be grouped as the Yorubas / Hausas. There is an airstrip at Lokoja and the Ajoakuta Domestic Air port, at


Ajoakuta, from where you can enter the market. There are eight native languages spoken in 20 local government areas that are also your target market locations. The common and most used languages are Ebira, Igala, Kaba, Ogoti Ebira Koto, and English As another target market spot you have is the Kogi state university at Lokoja. As in all main Nigerian’s market locations, target selling needed items to the hotels. For instance, there is the Dabras Layout Hotel in Okene to sell relevant goods or services to. In addition, like you can do in other market regions plan and use the state owned TV and radio stations to reach target customers in Nigeria. E.g. use the NTA, Kogi / Fm radio Station, Otite Radio Am station, full of loved local content and received by the whole of Kogi, to reach and inform thousands of target buyers from the region about your offers. The two-day Kwechi festival of Ibira land toward December period, would also offer opportunity to sell. Besides, you can target customers from Okene Central Market, which is the biggest in the region. They sell clothes, electronics, building materials, foodstuffs, chemicals, etc, there. There is also the Lokoja Central Market. Here there are markets for electronics, cars, clothes / textiles, foodstuffs, etc. Fishing activities blossoms at the Aingba Market. You can sell goods or services that will enhance these activities.


In addition, you will find palm oil, iron ore, limestone in Okene and sell related goods or services. Some other major markets are located at Adri, Aijumu, Ajaokuta, AnkpaDekina, Ibaji, Idah, Iga lamella, Lokoja, Kabba, Kogi ofu, Okeni, Okene, Olamaborro, Omola Oyi, Rassa, and west Yagba. The market would buy many of your offers. Kwara Ilorin is a good place to make sales as the capital city. They are partly Yorubas and Hausas. The capital city can be a good transit to other parts of the market. There is the Ilorin International Airport at Ilorin and Bacita Airstrip at Bacita from where you can enter the market through air. There are 16 local government areas and 7 native languages. Some major markets and locations to target customers are the University of Ilorin ( ), Asa, Baruteri, Edu, Ekiti, Kalama, Moro, Offa, Okeero, Osia, and Patogi. This is another hot ready market for your goods or services. Lagos Ikeja is the capital city of this most commercialized market region in Nigeria. They are Yorubas. They are among the western Nigerian’s market. There are 20 local government areas and 2 native languages in Lagos.


Enter Lagos by air via the Muritala Mohamed International Airport at Ikeja and the Magbon Airstrip. There are over 10 million people in the state. The region is full of all sorts of commercial activities and it is a market you can easily target to sell your goods or services faster. People from all works of life and other places from the world live in this great city. Thus, there are a mixture of cultures, languages, and foreigners in this city. The most common language in Lagos is the Pidgin English, and then the Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and Efik / Ibibio come along as the most common local content. There are thousands of openings to sell in the Lagos market. For instance, you would get young customers from the University of Lagos (, Lagos state University, Yaba College of Technology, now City University, and the so many other institutions of higher learning in the Lagos market region. Many repair activities, refurbishing work, clothing, etc, are engaged in Lagos. Thousands of buyers from all parts of Nigeria troop into the market daily. We have very busy seaports in Apapa and Tincan. There is the Computer Village, a very large market in Ikeja for used and new computers, mobile phones and accessories of various makers. Besides, there is the Alaba International Market in Ojo, the mother of electronic markets, and a complete one-stop market in Nigeria. Here


you can get musical system of all makes and sizes (hifi, home theater, CD, DVD players, recorders, duplicators, etc.). There are television sets of all kinds and makes. Get electrical appliances / equipments / materials (cables, switches, bulbs, etc.), generating plants / parts, building materials, refrigerators, deep freezers, motor saw, grinding machines, milling machines, household appliances, automobile spare parts, etc. Customers troop in from all over Nigeria to buy things for personal uses or for resell purposes. There is the Idumota Market, the home of textiles, clothes, shoes, bags, drugs, hair products markets in Nigeria. I call it the Dress Master. In addition, there are spare parts, electronics, cosmetics, etc, here. There is the Coker Market the home of building materials. Here you can find all types of building equipments / materials like the cement mixers, cutting machines, etc. We have the Aluminum Village in Dopemu, Agege motor road—the of all aluminum profiles, keys, glasses, drilling machines, fabrication and related activities will do well here. Lawanson refrigerator Market in Surulere is known for its large stock of used refrigerators, deep freezers, and other refrigeration units. In Adekunle we have a big air conditioner market. In addition, there is a very large stock of saves, cabinet, and motorbike of all make. In west Minster Market in coconut area of Lagos, there are hundreds of thousands of imported used items like children toys, clothes, household items, kitchenware, etc. In Ladipo Market, you can get any used or new automobile parts (trucks, cars, vans, Lorries, jeeps, trailers. There is the Yaba Market a haven of used clothes and shoes.


There is the Oshodi Market, a highly commercialized area, also a trade king on its own. The market is full of electronics and accessories, used clothes, shoes, textiles, building materials, household equipments, machineries, etc. The Adeniji Market in Lagos Island is home of all categories of used items and refurbishes. The Berger Cement area of Lagos around the mile 2 is full of all sorts of vehicles (cars, Jeeps, trucks, trailers, vans, Lorries, you name it). The Ikeja area is full of factories and it is where the Muritala Muhammed International Airport is located. Victoria Island is a big corporate empire consisting of so many branches and headquarters of banks, communication companies, insurance companies, advertising agencies, courier service organizations, other multi-national organizations, etc, in Nigeria. Hotels and recreational centers spread around the state to accommodate its teeming population. We have the Eko Hotels, the Sheraton Hotel, the Federal Palace Hotel, and many others. Thousands of hawkers cease the traffic congestion on Lagos roads to sell all manners of products to commuters. They indeed sell repeatedly. In the streets, thousands of traders display one item or the other. Uncover so many kiosks and sheds in front of homes at Ajegunle, Bariga, Yaba, ketu, Surulere, Aja, Ikota housing Estates and so on. There are thousands of commercial vehicles struggling to serve the great population of Lagos.


The whole of Lagos is full of so much commercial activities that the region can be said to be a big trade center and a very hot ready market for any of your products or services. In addition, the market region would serve as a transit to other major markets in Nigeria. There are hundreds of thousands of buyers from other states of Nigeria trooping into Lagos for one business or the other. In Lagos, there are all supporters of the major league in Europe and America. Millions of men in particular watch Premier, Champion league, Laliga matches. Like in other major Nigerian cities, these football fans would buy items that carry their club’s logos. Nassarawa Lafia is the capital city of Nassarawa and is one hot location to hunt customers. They belong to the Hausas from the northern part of the Nigerian’s market. There are 13 local government areas and 29 native languages. There are farming, trading, and other commercial activities in the region. Some of the major markets you can target customers from are located at Akwanga, Awe, Doma Karu Kefi, Lafia, Nassarawa / Eggon, Obi, Toto, and Wamba. They have cows, goats, fowls, and sheep here. Get more facts about the market at Tourism and Animal’s products would move well in this market.


Niger Minna is the capital city of the Niger market region. They are among the Hausas from the northern Nigerian’s market. From the River Niger, you can get into the market through the waters. Through the other parts of the Nigerian’s market, you can get into Minna and go to other destinations. There is the Minna Airport and the Shiroro Airstrip, which will assist air travelers to the region. The region has 25 ready to be exploited local government areas and 38 native languages (representing the cultures) in them. There are many locations and sources to sell to, which include the Federal University of Technology, Minna ( and some other institutions, companies, villages, and social groups. Some other markets to get customers from are situated at Agaje, Agwara, Bida, Borgu, Bosso, Changhage eduti, Gbako Kontagora, Lapai, Lawun, Magama, Mashegu, Minna, Muya, paikoro, Rafi, Tawa, and Washishi. They are rich in herds. Like other parts of northern Nigerian’s market farm products, irrigation facilities and Animal’s products would flourish here. Ogun Abeoukuta serves as the capital city of the Ogun region. There are 19 local government areas. Ogun speak one native language. They are Yorubas. The locations to get customers from are the business centers, hotels, social clubs, schools like the Federal University of Agriculture in Abeokuta (, other institutions, companies and other


markets located at Abeokuta, Ado-Odo/ Otta, Egbado, Ewekoro, Idarapo, Ifo, Ijebu, Ikenne, Ime-ko-afon, Ipokia Odeda, Odgbolu, Ogun water side, Sagamu, etc. The market is another hot one to push in your offers. Ondo The capital city of the Ondo market region is Akure. Like other capital cities, Ondo is one of the foremost customers’ getting locations. They are the Yorubas, from the western Nigerian’s market. Penetrate the market from other parts of the Nigeria through air, land, and sea. Akure has the Akure Airport for air travelers. There are 18 local government areas in Ondo to explore. They have 10 major native languages in the market. Educational materials and related services would boom. Target customers from the Federal University of Tecnology Akure (, other institutions, companies, local government areas, villages, and some market locations at Akoko, Akure Idaure, Ilaje, Ileoluji, which offers cocoa and kolanuts, Irere, Odigba, etc. Like in other parts of the Nigerian’s market, opening of local industries and selling related accessories would boom. Osun Osogbo is the capital city and one of the most commercialized cities in the market from where to target customers. They are among the Yorubas from the western Nigerian’s market.


Osun has one airstrip at Oshogbo for air travelers to get into the market. In addition, you can get into the market from other commercial cities in Nigeria. Presently, the region has 28 local government areas. The market has one native language. You can target customers from the Obafemi Awolowo University, ( at Ife, Ladoke Akinlola University, at Ogbomosho, and the Bowen University at Iwo. Besides, to give ideas of what to sell in Ilesha, there is rice and cocoa. In addition, there are market locations to sell at Atakumosa, Ayedire Ede, Ejigbo, Ife, ifelodun, Igbajo, Ilesha, Ila, Irewole, Iwo, Obokun Oriade Oroa, and Oshogbo. This is historic market region as well and would be rich in tourism development. Oyo Ibadan is the capital of the Oyo marker region. This is the largest city in Africa and the home of the oldest university in Nigeria, (the University of Ibadan, The market region consists of 32 local government areas. They speak Yoruba as their native language. They belong to the western Nigerian’s market. Ibadan has a domestic airport from where you can enter the market. One good location, to target customers is the Dugbe Market. Dugbe


has great markets for electronics, foodstuffs, building materials, textiles, clothes, etc. There is the Ogunpa Market, which flourishes with Aso Oke (traditional Yoruba textile) and other textiles and the gate market, which sells electronics, spares parts and other items. There are building materials in large quantities in both markets. You can enter the Bere Market, which offers traditional drums. The Oje Market is full of foodstuffs, textiles, traditional attires, and other locally made clothing and materials. Other market locations to sell are located at Afijio, Atiba, Atigbo Egbeda, Ibarapa Ido, Irepo Isejia, Iwajowa, kojola Ogo Oluwa, Ona Ara, Orire Oyo, Sai, and in Surulere. Oyo’s market region is the heart of the Yoruba’s origin and like other western’s market region, there would be need for educational products. Plateau The capital and most commercialized city of this windy market region is Jos. You can enter Jos from other parts of Nigeria. They are among the Middlebelt Nigerians. There is an airport in Jos. In addition, there is the Maingo Airstrip at Maiango, which air travelers can use to visit the region. With 17 local government areas, you have a huge prospect. They have 48 native languages. Some locations to target prospects are at the University of Jos ( ), other institutions, companies, and some other major markets located at Barakin / Ladi, Bassa, Jos main town,


Kanke, Mangu, Mikang, Pankshinriyom, Shendam, and Wase. The hilly market region has plenty of precious stones. Mining, tourism, and related services would boom here. Rivers Port Harcourt the garden city of Nigeria is the capital of Rivers. There are 22 local government areas and 23 native languages. Rivers belongs to the south-south Nigerians, members of the Niger delta region of Nigeria. Go into the Oil rich region from other surrounding regions like Aba, Calabar, or Uyo, or use flight from other airports from Nigeria to the Port Harcourt International Airport. In addition, there is a seaport in Port Harcourt from where to get into the market. You can get customers from the University of Port Harcourt ( and the Rivers State University of Science and Technology. Other market locations include the Railway line Market in Port Harcourt (where they sell used clothes, shoes, foodstuffs and a whole lot of household items and essential commodities) and the Town Market where many Items are available for sale. In addition, there is the Nembe Market (water side) in Creek Road where there are a lot of fish, crayfish, shrimps and locally distilled gin. There are the Romokoro and Elele where there is large building materials market. There is also, the Abua Market where there is large quantity of ogbono seed, bush meat, gin, etc, and Ahoada, where there is fish.


Yet other market locations are at Akuku Toru, Asari Toru, Degema, Emohua, Etche, Obio / Akpor, Ogu / Bolo, okrika, Omumma, Opobo/ nkoro, and Tai. Some other institutions, clubs, companies, social groups, / bodies, unions, etc, are good links to sell. Generally, this market would need goods or services from the fishing industry. In addition, Oil services firms would flourish here. Sokoto Sokoto main town is the capital city of region. There are 22 local government areas. It has two major native languages. They are among the Hausa/Fulani from the northern Nigerian’s market. Among other activities, they rear a lot of goats, sheep, cow, fowls, and engage in other types of farming, leather works, tie and dying, trading, tailoring, and such that go on in other northern Nigerian markets. You can catch up with the market from Abuja, Minna, Lagos, and links from other major cities in Nigeria. Take a flight from other major airports to Sokoto at the Sadiq Abubarkar III International Airport. There are hundreds of thousands of hot ready users of goods or services from companies, social clubs, unions, institutions as the Usman dan Fodio University ( There are other major market locations at Binji, Bodinga, dange / shunte, Gada, gudu, Gwada Bawa, illela, kebbe, Kware, Rabah Shagari, Silame, Sokoto, Tangaza, Tureta, Wurno, Yabo, etc.


For more facts about Sokoto visit Slaughter industry and equipments, irrigation facilities, and Animal husbandry facilities would move well in this market. Taraba Jalingo is the capital and one of the most commercialized cities of the market region. There are about 73 major native languages spoken in 15 local government areas of the market. They are Hausas and among the northern Nigerian’s market. Search out the market from some other northern cities of Nigeria. They have an airstrip in Mambila. In all, you can target your customers from the hotels, villages, social clubs, associations, colleges, and other companies. Some other major market locations to target customers in Taraba are Ardo kola, Bali, Donga, Gashaka, Gassol, Ibi, Jalingo, Lau, Sardaina, Ussa, and Zing. For more facts about the market visit Like in other Northern part of the Nigerian’s market, slaughterhouses and equipments would flourish in this market. Animal feeds, Water pumps. Irrigation facilities, storage facilities, fertilizers would also, boom.


Yobe Yobe has Damaturu as the capital. Find this market from direct links or cities from other northern regions of Nigeria. There are nine major native languages spoken in 17 local government areas. There is an airstrip in Nguru. Some of the major market locations are as follows: Adamawa, Borsari, Damaturu, Fune, Gogaran Gugba, Nguru, potiskimi Tarmua, and yunusari. They are also rich in herds and vegetables. Slaughterhouses and equipments would flourish in this market. Animal feeds and Bans, Water pumps, Irrigation facilities, storage facilities, fertilizers, and other items the northern market region seek would be highly needed in this market. Zamfara Gusau is the capital city of Zamfara. The region embraces the Sharia rule. The dwellers are Hausas. Like for any market region, you can get links and make a way into this market from other Nigerian cities. There are 14 local government areas, which represent some major target markets for you to hit. They speak nine major native languages in the region.


Some of the major market locations to target for offers are Anka, Bukkuyum, Bungudu, Chafe, Gusua, Isa, Kiyama, Maradun, Mani, Shinkafi, and Talata / Mafara. Gather more facts about the market at They engage in weaving, trading, farming, etc. They would need the items and services other northern Nigerian’s market need. The above extensive locations confirm the existence of millions of physical ready buyers and a world of opportunities to sell your offers in Nigeria today. The next step is to look at and list out those angles of peeping at the hearts and deeply understanding those you will target as your Nigerian customers. This brings in the next important information needed to build your required customers getting intelligence base on.

Step 3

Comprehend target Nigerian Customers
above would require your organization to establish the enlightening and necessary approach to go through and investigate those vacant windows of seeing things from your target Nigerian customer’s perspectives; realizing these customer’s feelings, knowing their limitations, strengths, likes, dislikes, fears, hopes, goals, beliefs, plans, etc, as would help you create the strategies, and acquire the competences of periodically dealing with Nigerian prospects to provide desired goods or services. Following some analyses, the best logical way you can commence this process of understanding your target customers would be to group them into easy to study and assimilate groups.



Meanwhile, it has been hinted that the periodic Nigerian market’s situations brew
the hearts conditions of target customers more than anything does. Inversely, the conditions of target Nigerian customers’ hearts reveal the positions the Nigerian’s market periodically takes.

By looking deeply into their regular responses to emerging demands in their survival trails and activities therein, you can better understand and maneuver to buy your target customers hearts over for your offers. Again, use the market situations and their prevalent ways of living to establish the information you’d need to build and integrate this part of the sought after intelligence base. For the moment, note that every Nigerian customer is unique and we can never establish as one, the very clear-cut behavior of more than one Nigerian customer. However, we can establish the common behaviors, attitudes, goals, hopes, likes, and cultures of the target customers. Therefore, to ease your understanding of these target Nigerian customers, let’s group them into three categories: (1) those from the six geo-political zones of Nigeria. (2) Those from the secular fields of Nigeria and (3) all those joined from (1), (2), and those not yet treated to form those we can call your usual Nigerian customers. To start with, from the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria, we shall summarize the main groups of target Nigerian customers into only tree zones (the northern, western, and eastern parts of Nigeria). From here we will seek to ascertain their common attitudes, behaviors, goals, hopes, fears, cultures, beliefs and what can be said about them that would help us better understand them. Note: like previously said, the periodic events in these zones affect and generate newer ways of thinking, ambitions, and purposes of living.


At the end, the following ideas would lead to what your targeted Nigerian customers from the six geo-political zones would be like. Note that the figures sited in the following deliberations are only estimates brought in to give you ideas of what the population is like. Understanding customers from Nigerian six geo-political Zones (A) Most target customers from the northern part of Nigeria, approximately 43,000,000, would need businesses to be organized, and operators honest, trustful, skillful, loyal, and expects more direct approach while making offers. They would want your business organization to avoid prying into their privacy. They are organized, caring, calm minded, solid, and generous. The males mostly engage in deep trading. They are great merchants. They would always watch to read levels of sincerity of any dealings and need to be firmly convinced. They are mostly the Hausas and Hausa -Fulani. Their cultural background is very interesting. They are down to earth cultural and have some core values therein. They enjoy entertainment (dances, songs, marriage ceremonies, etc.). (B) The western Nigerian customers of about 31,000,000 are business oriented, highly motivated, peace loving, wise, easy-going and cautious. They are merry makers, long talkers, praise lovers, respectful, the most educated Nigerians, dance and music lovers, and highly cultural. They believe in a blend of deities (Christianity, Islam, and paganism).


These people are mostly the Yorubas. They are mainly from the Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, and Oyo market regions of Nigeria (south westerners). One little thing about the Yorubas, which can help us further understand them is if any clash should occur between some one and anyone of them, they are likely to recede to the background and endeavor to gain from the situation. They are very calculative. (C) The target customers from the eastern part of Nigeria consisting of about 27,000,000 are mostly the Anangs, Efiks, Ibibios, Igbos, Ijaws, Isekiris, and other tribes. These tribes come from the Abia, Akwa Ibom, Anambra, Bayelsa, Calabar, Delta, Eboyin, Edo, Enugu, Imo, and Rivers market regions of Nigeria (the South-South and South-East). If you ask me, I would call them the Aro children. They have a domineering or fearless spirit, a strong focus on a particular trade, determined attitude, are bold and loud talkers, and very intelligent, fast thinkers especially about money spinning ventures, ideas, and opportunities. They would enjoy praises, fast deals, and “being-among.” They mostly engage in import / export businesses e.g. importation of automobile spare parts, household wares, electronics, textiles, used clothes/items cosmetics, etc. Like previously mentioned, not minding their ethnicity or the geopolitical zones, you can further understand your target Nigerian customers by grouping them into categories of certain secular customers getting values they offer.


These groups can be identified and established from their common standards of living, ways of life, professions, cultural backgrounds, educational achievements, and experiences, goals in life, and beliefs that are rampant in the Nigerian’s market today. From the above perspective, we will categorize the average Nigerian customers into four obtainable groups: “the value and convenience conscious,” “patient customers”, “core impulse buyers,” and “free buyers.” Let’s briefly go through these secular categories of Nigerian customers. Secular categories of Nigerian customers (A) The first category of the secular potential Nigerian customers can be taken as those who would sternly scrutinize organizations, personnel, products and before allowing themselves to be talked to or be directed / guided in any form for patronage. They would check and seek to balance, the standards, prices, life expectancies, conveniences, and needs fulfilling capabilities of the goods or services before buying. For the above reason, we can call them “value and convenience conscious.” Note from the above that they would require the most captivating methods in terms of marketing maneuvers and the very best they can obtain from an organization. We can call these possible demands “the drive of excellence” from these target class of Nigerian customers. In a way, these excellence-driven customers would require an organization to project those high qualities in ways which would make


them hunt for the same qualities. It becomes a case of customers saying, “I know what I want” and the business replying, “I have exactly what you want at the price, time and place you want it,” and let it be truly so. A deeper study of this group of Nigerian customers would reveal that they would welcome negotiations and explanations that would help them not make wrong or regrettable purchases. They would somehow be on guard and appreciate the best to be delivered. In most cases much are expected of them from where they have responsibilities. In some cases these customers are accountable for a given body’s (organization, club, social group, institution, etc.) purchasing needs. Thus, direct major buyers like the rich potential individual customers, Industrial buyers, institutions, governmental agencies, representatives, and corporations in Nigeria justifiably dominate this class of customers. (B) Let’s take this other class of hoarded customers in Nigeria as those who wait for the right time, conditions, and financial strength to buy in order to solve certain biting, persisting, frustrating problems or fulfill other pressing needs. It would be realized that as they patronize, these customers would have one or a mixture of the following nature namely, ego to raise, pride to glow, class to sustain, responsibilities to shoulder, and goals to attain. For their consistency in keeping wide-opened, eyes and ears clued to the grounds and waiting for information about any available opportunity to buy what they had wanted and preferably, at a reduced rate, now we can call these “the patient customers.”


For Instance, most Nigerian women who save and plan to buy wrappers and other textiles, bags, shoes, jewelries, etc, for occasions belong to this class of buyers. Salary earners, most unemployed business-minded Nigerians, students, and youths who set certain targets for themselves are among this class of customers. The age group of these customers class is 15 – 65 years. (C) There is another class of customers we can call the “core impulse buyers.” These customers have some strong gratifications that drive them to hunt for the latest in town. At times, they buy because they have come across and instantly believe they need or feel attracted to, and make a hasty decision to buy certain. This means that these Nigerians can buy what they did not plan for, provided they suddenly develop a strong desire, or are strongly inspired, motivated, driven by curiosity, and feel rigorously steered to own or obtain the goods or services you may offer at a given point in time. Most of these Nigerian customers would like to impress others, be among the first to know, use and give out, be among admired class of people and make fast money. Most female Nigerians between the ages of 15 – 65 and thousands of business-loving and Internet-friendly young Nigerians between the ages of 12-40 belong to this class.


(D) Lastly, there is this class of Nigerian customers who are just there without belonging to any of the above groups of buyers. For instance, some would be in class A and move to B when they feel it is necessary. One thing about these customers is that they could have their minds easily changed by friends, family members, colleagues, and circumstances. It would be discovered that they would like to join the bandwagon than any other class of Nigerian customers. We can call this class of Nigerian customers “the free buyers.” Believe me, there are millions of free buyers in the Nigerian’s market today. Besides the above, we can categorize your target Nigerian customers based on their age groups, dwelling places (city and rural), direct occupations, and from that bases establish their common characters. For instance, goods or services can be aimed to directly hit the Nigerian children, babies, women, middle class men, old men, old women, and the young irrespective of the above categories. There are millions of students in Nigerian universities, colleges of education, polytechnics, corporate class (men and women), traders, job seekers in the active class of Nigerians of over 54,000,000 to target, and about 52,500,000 dwellers in the urban areas and about 87,000,000 in the rural areas waiting for offers. This class comes up for their basic or common needs, which your offered goods or services could fill.


The mergence of these common needs with the market’s situations can lead to the understanding of your target customers. Now let’s stop for a while. If we analyze all of the above, you would identify certain findings as representing that of anyone that can serve as your targeted average Nigerian customer (the normal Nigerian customers). As a summary, let’s have a look at this. The normal Nigerian customers • From whichever angle it may be viewed, your normal Nigerian customers would be discovered to be somehow secured, contented if he has enough to eat, shelter to stay, clothes to wear, time to play, health to work, jobs to be occupied with, reasons to love, pride to glow, etc. • Inherently millions are dependent on one deity, superior power or the other. Depending on their attachment to what they worship and for which these customers are subjected to, they unconsciously, subconsciously or consciously tend to reject any other thing that promises to give them total independence and freedom of choices, protection, directions and provisions other than their object of worship. For instance, approximately 75,000,000 Nigerians mostly in the northern and some western parts of the Nigerian’s market are Muslims; 60,000,000 mostly from the Middle belt and the eastern and western zones are Christians of which 4,000,000 are Roman Catholics and 15,000,000 from all over the Nigerian’s market have their indigenous beliefs. Their religious beliefs have a great effect on their choices of what, when, how to buy and sell. From the above situation, they yield to curiosity, fantasy, and adventure. • They believe in hard work and are business inclined, ready to pick up any moneymaking opportunity. • They love entertainment (songs, dances, plays, games, etc). • They are cautious, smart, intelligent, always on guard, very


watchful and ready to pick any indication of insincerity. • Millions (especially the women) would be comfortable concealing their true feelings from those who may seek their opinions. • They would hate intimidation and when the hit is on them, they would likely find a subtle way to pay back. • They rarely allow problems to bother their minds and have a strong focus on what they wish doing. For instance, Nigerians are among the happiest people on earth today. You know, the above findings bring to our minds the belief of many
councilors in the field of human relations. That is, to fit in hearts capturing incitements you’d need to learn and avoid what would strip off your maneuvers, by deeply understanding that one. This forms another eminent platform to identify, build on, and work with.

We are aiming at the identification of slippery customers getting grounds, which can be derived from the establishments of the reasons resistance, could emerge from the market. Again, as materials to build the intelligence base upon, the Nigerian’s market has clearly called for the establishment, usage and has hinted the right positions to take in order to pick up these reasons as they may spring up their debarring heads. Let’s see how you can detect and institute these hints for your customers getting intelligence base. Step 4

Pertinent reasons Nigerians may be resistant
you are called to look into the diverse available sources and from time to time be in those capacities of gathering the most common complaints, constant fears, enduring wishes, frustrations, common dislikes, lasting hopes, expectations, and established criteria for target Nigerian customers patronage. And in case of industries, the hunt should be for sustained cultures, common industrial incompetence / lacks, policies, etc. Then, place the right tools in order to swiftly, conveniently, accurately and effectively identify, then establish what



will logically or judiciously cause your target Nigerian customers to raise anything within themselves to prevent your implemented marketing / selling maneuvers (customers getting maneuvers) from having any effect on them, especially as would lead to patronage. We can call these, the pertinent reasons Nigerian customers may be resistant. We shall consider these reasons for resistance from the three backgrounds of sellers, (1) Those who sell offline, (2) Off and online, and (3) Those who sell online. It is important for the success of your business to build the required intelligence base with these reasons as a part. These reasons will aid you to generate the periodically needed knowledge of what to avoid, reject, plan against and destroy along your organization’s customers getting process. This has priceless customers getting values.
Shawn Anderson, the author of “Soar to the top, rise above the crowd and fly away to your dream” puts it this way “Success become probably when you REJECT failure and all momentary set backs that could impede the ultimate achievement of your dream.”

With the previously mentioned three backgrounds in mind, we will focus on resistances toward the traditionally-formed and web-based businesses from the following four angles of thought: Some reasons Nigerian customers may resist. The three major reasons Nigerian industrial buyers may resist. The reasons the organization may initiate resistance. (Here we shall see how the organization can cause resistance from their web sites.) Some instances sellers can cause resistance. Let’s reflect on these one after the other.


Some reasons Nigerian customers may resist 1) The majority of your targeted Nigerian customers have inborn ways of reading business presence in their territories. Believe me, they will really know about any business than could be thought possible. For instance, I often sit down among some people in drinking parlors in most public places, brainstorming, chatting about businesses, and seeking to understand Nigerians deeper. In the process, I discover how much the local people know about businesses or companies that operate around them. The point is, if for any reason they happen to spot something wrong with what your business provide for them, know in good faith that there would definitely be a “wave of murmur” or gossip about the identified flaws in the market. Should there be anything wrong with the manners of operations and your organization feels it does not just matter; these “waves of murmur” can be the unseen predator that is capable of hunting down the positive impacts of your organization’s marketing activities. Strikes, panics, distresses, lose of confidence, mistakes, ignorance, confusions; some least expected circumstances, etc, can trigger off a strong wave of murmur, what we can call the hidden predator of exceptional marketing. If this predator should swing into full action, your organization should be sure of losing many potential customers from the targeted Nigerian’s market. 2) The differences between a salesperson’s, marketer’s, or market executive’s (a noticed or observed seller) and the Nigerian customers’ educational backgrounds, orientations in life, standards of living, ages, levels of awareness, levels of responsibilities, etc, often trigger some marketing undermining reactions. We can call these reactions “flashes


of sentiment.” With the effects of beliefs, pressures, disappointments, economic situations, and things as these, these “flashes of sentiments” can grow into jealousy, anger, feelings of dejection, and other ill attitudes, that may linger in the minds of these customers while marketing or selling to them. These situations are often encouraged by the careless ways some salespersons or marketers canvas, or their incapability of effectively reading situations before approaching potential customers, swiftly identifying indications of the emergence of “flashes of sentiment” and bridging the communication gap. This sort of situation would often get worse as most target customers may not let the seller or others know why they (the customers) fail to yield in for patronage. 3) One can also note that some TV commercials, adverts on papers, magazines, billboards, etc, in a way avoid centric Nigerian content in their programs. By core Nigerian content, we would be looking at reflections of the hub of Nigerian masses ways of lives in commercial activities. I mean what is practically obtained from the core Nigerian’s market situations. Most commercials in Nigeria have averagely been portraying the rich class life styles, which revolves around the western cultures. It is true that many Nigerians are deficient in reading and writing the English language, but they have effective ways of getting information across among themselves. Nigeria warmly embraces and seeks to lead the persisting gentle awakening breeze that is blowing across the African market.


This is affecting the average Nigerian customer’s acceptance of what they believe is not part of them. The Nigerian masses have strong values for their locales. They would inherently protect these. In fact, they are shedding off some conflicting western cultures. Even if they would need technology, they need their values along. Yes, Nigerians are consciously making changes (culturally, religiously, habitually, educationally, socially, and politically and other ways of living.), which are packed with centric –Nigerian contents. Promotional, marketing, or sales activities not carried along by this breeze of changes can initiate bases for resistance. 4) Racism and prejudice can render your organization’s marketing maneuvers unsuccessful. There are many ethnic groups in the Nigerian’s market. If your organization promotes offered goods or services through one particular ethnic group, there is likely going to be a stumpy outcome, unless the organization intends targeting a particular class of Nigerian customers. Not remaining neutral or common when targeting the general Nigerian peoples and wish to expand thereafter can cause a serious resistance in due course. 5) The Nigerian’s market is superstitious as reflected in their ways of doing things, attitudes, and expectations. Assuming your organization has a shop in a given Nigerian territory, where the belief exists, note that customers may not like to pass under the rope to patronize. Many of target Nigerian customers believe that handing over any item with the left hand would yield evil. Salespersons who fail to note this


may face a tangible passiveness in response. Most Nigerians believe that what happens in the morning can affect the way the whole day goes. They apply this to the beginning of weeks, months, and years. Thus, you demand the customers to make a buy on Mondays or the mornings, the customers may believe that the spending will continue the whole day, week, and so forth, thus remain reluctant. As a result, with poor timing would come a degree of resistance. Some customers believe that eating snakes, bats, cats, snails, dogs and some other animals are abominations. Others deify these animals while others in other parts of the country eat them. The point is, if a territory, town, or city that promote these beliefs are targeted and revered, hated, or avoided colors are used (e.g. red, black, white), animals (e.g. black cat, snake skins in bags, shoes, belts), slogans, pictures (e.g. half naked women, etc,), characters in adverts / marketing or selling maneuvers are employed, there will be resistance. 6) Shyness is another thing that can lead to resistance. For instance, some high salary earners would not like to bring themselves down in the public, to buy what they believe belongs to the low-income earners. This class of customers would be shy to buy if offers are sold in the public or very open place. They have their ego to protect. Nigerians like belonging to certain class and would do everything to protect their interest there.


Apart from the above fact, if research is on, some shy potential customers may hide resourceful hints, which would have put the marketing strategies on a winning phase. At the end, your organization would experience a tangible degree of resistance when marketing or selling from recommendations made from weak researches. 7) Most Nigerian customers may be already scared of an organization’s price tags. They may imagine that the price would be high and rail against going near your offers in the first place. 8) If the customers begin to feel that your offered products are not suitable for the season, their climatic conditions, weather, or geographical locations, they may find it unwise to patronize. Imagine selling raincoats in the hot northern part of the Nigerian’s market and low axis cars in erosion- affected parts of the Nigerian’s market. These are just a few among a host of other reasons you may be resisted by your target individual customer. Apart from the above, Let’s face the three major reasons possible industrial buyers may discontinue. The three major reasons Nigerian industrial buyers may resist 1 There are a number of unfriendly organizational and governmental policies (like limits, standards, conditions, like bans, licenses, etc.), which will cramp the efforts of most industrial buyers to get what they would have required. 2 Most potential industrial buyers find it very difficult obtaining loans from banks. Thus, they cannot buy most of the products they would have needed. 3 In Nigeria, there is a huge lack of technical knowledge of most


industrial equipments. Of course, many engineers lack the knowledge to operate or repair some equipments, which their organizations would have bought from you. If these organizations must buy, they must bring in expatriates from the country of origin of the equipments. Therefore, even if these organizations need some of the equipments, it would make a whole lot of sense not to buy due to the huge cost associated with the maintenance and even the shipping. Thus, they would seek the alternative. Now, let’s consider some of the reasons your organization may initiate resistance. The reasons an organization may instigate resistance These are: 1). Your organization’s belief that some information published by foreign media about the literacy level, health, hunger, and other ratings of the Nigerian’s market, are wholly true. You must have heard or read of discouraging figures of negative situations and circumstances in the Nigerian’s market. For instance, you would have heard or read that certain millions of Nigerians die of some sorts of illness every day, go hungry, cannot read and write, etc. We can call these figures “monstrous- numbers.” For the sake of clarity, these figures are there but not as painted when viewed from a sales generative standpoint. In a sense, these “monstrous-numbers” have taken a huge number of possible Nigerian buyers from passive organizations.


It does this by creating the illusion in the organization, that these huge figures of potential buyers are not there, capable, ready, literate enough, are ill, unhygienic, etc. I have nothing against these numbers. The point is that they are killing the motivation your organization would have otherwise put forth to examine and explore the Nigerian’s market. Why the blame on your organization? It is very simple. Instead of being scared out of competition from the Nigerian’s market, your organization would have used the “monstrousnumbers” provided by some institutions to establish the required target customers or potentials they have to hit in the Nigerian’s market. For example, if twenty million Nigerians are unemployed, instead of counting these as those who do not have the financial power to buy, take them as established number of prospects that can be targeted as resellers, affiliates, or vendors of offered goods or services. At the end, foreign-based investors or organizations who depend on and believe as limitations the inherent insinuations of the “monstrousnumbers” will find it difficult to establish what, how, when, and where to start any business in Nigeria. In addition, they may put forth feeble efforts that can lead to Nigerian customers considering them as insincere and as a result, a good degree of resistance will set in. If your organization pushes to enter and sell but is really hit by the scare of the “monstrous-numbers” their activities would be stymied and the average Nigerian customers are very likely to read any feeble efforts and would be exposed to resisting the organization.


2). The lack of awareness can make your organization miss out of the Nigerian’s market. For instance, if your organization has a well designed web-site, but lack anybody or means in the Nigerian’s market who would make known the website to as many potential customers as possible, then there would be a kind of relaxed attitude to get your unpopular products or services. In all sense of it, the lack of using affiliates, agents, marketers, representatives, and others who already know the target Nigerian’s market inside out will cause your organization to lose millions of potential customers. 3). The lack of convenient shipping and handling facility would make your organization’s products uncomfortable to purchase. Industrial buyers in Nigeria have a strong yearn for cheap, fast, and convenient means of conveying their consignments to them. Poor facilities and your organization’s inability to convey consignments will discourage targeted customers from buying. 4). The failure of your organization to create and make popular the advantages and the opportunities associated with offered goods or services can make Nigerian customers passive about patronage. 5). The fear of taking risk from all aspect of it is another factor, which can cause your organization to lose out from the Nigerian’s market. 6). The above point can be exhibited by designing web sites that primarily have no intensions of serving customers from the Nigerian or African markets. For instance, in their web site(s), your organization can reflect the above by depicting, referring, uncaring, and discriminating approaches


from published policies, terms of use, conditions of services, etc. Some would even elude convenient means of collecting payments from Nigeria online. Others fail to get soft wares, and other e-products to orient with the needs of most Nigerian users. And 8). Failing to make proper arrangement e.g. door to door delivery, with courier service organizations that have presence in Nigeria for shipment of parcels to customers. Apart from the above, there are several instances you as the individual businessperson or the seller can originate resistance from Nigerian customers. Let’s throw some light on these. Some instances businesspersons can fuel up resistance 1) Experts in the field psychology affirm that the hereditary background has a way of influencing a person’s level of perceptions, methods of doing things, attitudes, and beliefs. If you as an individual inherited the spirit of not taking things so seriously, a negative perception of the Africans can easily have a way into his / her heart and be noticed through displayed behavior. This will find another way to affect the level of acceptance of the Nigerian customers. Besides, sickness, relaxed attitude to work, procrastination, some less appealing attitudes or behaviors, can be inherited and at the end negatively influence the ways targeted Nigerian customers would view them. These are capable of fronting some real amount of resistance. 2) Indiscipline on your part can negatively affect the way your target customers would accept you.


3) The social, political, and economic influences from your neighborhood have ways of affecting you individually and hence your success height when marketing. 4) Racism, prejudice, or tribalism can even emanate from you individually as the seller if you are indoctrinated while staying and operating from areas that promote racial discrimination. From this foundation, other environmental influences can sneak in and shut off your minds from embracing and accepting the backgrounds from where you can better strategize and hit target Nigerian customers. 5) When you fail to channel you, energy, aura, or spirit into the venues where customers would be positively attracted for offers and both goals, resistance can set in. Conclusively, the above cases reveal one fact; while going for your business or selling goals, you need to project, identify, and engage in Nigerian customers desired, required, expected, needed, and accepted business activities. The market’s situations call for that. The Nigerian’s market has thousands of existing business organizations that have adhered to these sorts of demands and are now making real money and attaining other heights. There is a strong need for you as an interested seller to look at these organizations and derive the common criteria they have been sticking on to get their customers flowing from the Nigerian’s market. The list of these criteria or self-scrutiny hints would add to structure your required intelligence foundation for evaluating Nigerian customers getting strategies.


Step 5 Learn from booming Businesses in Nigeria method I yielded to for this was to look into the major sectors in the Nigerian’s market, studied, and listed out many complaints, fears, disappointments, expectations, limitations, reasons for resistances, nature of the average Nigerians who make use of the available goods or services in each of the sectors. Analyzed and established common needs, hopes, desires, etc, of customers in these sectors. Prepared a list of what they would require as criteria for their repeated patronage. Then I looked again into the sectors to select some business organizations (one for each sector) that have gone through many odds and directly heeded these criteria for patronage and are getting flows of customers. At the conclusion, I prepared a list of confirmations made by booming businesses in the cross section of the Nigerian sectors, as the lessons taught or criteria for patronage set by the Nigerian’s market. From the above background, you can prudently use the behaviors of successful business organizations in Nigeria, to periodically plan, establish, and plot your survival track by dealing with the target Nigerian customers as required, while pumping your offered goods or services into the market. Let’s look at the findings I made so far. For instance, AVIATION VIRGIN NIGERIA They were previously Nigerian Airways, but in the year 2004 they began floating as Virgin Nigeria. This was after the federal government secured 51% and Virgin Atlantic 49% of the organization.



With the standards, cognate experience, quality service delivery and other great airline disposition of the Virgin Atlantic merged with the determination, focus, and zeal of the new birth Nigerian contributions to the new airline, Virgin Atlantic has already comfortably secured one of the foremost airline positions in the industry. For instance, in the field of product designing, they launched the online payment system in July 14, 2006 to facilitate easy and convenient payment for their customers. In all, the standard they adopted from Virgin Atlantic, the friendly and decent operating environment one can enjoy now, the great oversight of the chairmanship of Conrad Clifford, the magnetic advertisement programs, among other factors, are getting Virgin Atlantic on the verge of becoming one of the most reliable airlines in the world. BANKING INTERCONTINENTAL BANK PLC The Bank got into the floor in 1989 as a merchant bank under the name Nigerian Intercontinental Bank Limited and launched business with paid up ordinary share capital of N12 million. In five years from its time of commencement, it soared to the most profitable merchant bank in Nigeria. In 2002, Intercontinental was listed the Nigerian Stock Exchange with a fully subscribed IPO of 283,995,000 ordinary shares. During the pre consolidation period in the Nigerian banking system, they selected and merged forces with banks that have great values in what they wished to retain as their strength. They went with Equity Bank limited, Global Bank plc, and Gateway Bank plc. One fascinating thing about the bank is its determination to retain the same brains behind its oversight and other activities. For instances, as at the time of completing this book (September 2006), Intercontinental


still had the same board of directors that started the bank with them. That coercion of their labor force has yielded great rewards. For instance, they remain one of the biggest banks in Nigeria today. They are regularly recharged with innovations, service development, and product brands introductions (they have the highest number in the sector). As at 2006, they had N51.7 bn capital base. This kind of financial strength has backed and stimulated their interest in SME financing, mortgage, capital market, insurance, etc.

BREWERIES GUINNESS ‘The Black Uncle’ (the name I call it), Guinness, initiated its operations in Nigeria through trade importation and distributions in the forties. It grew to the point where the demand for it was outstanding. To handle the situation it took the initiative to build its first breweries at Ikeja in 1962. Besides, persisting in brewing the rich dark tasteful and very enjoyable beer, Guinness has been involved in the activities of Nigerians, to sustain their competitiveness. They go the extra mile to blend what they have (their blackness in particular) with the culture of the consumers, and register a serious eagerness to stay and play in the hearts of the consumers. For instance, with the support of their parent company Diageo Plc, Guinness is known for the promotion of Nigerian arts and culture through their series of sponsorship of art competitions and artistic works.


Today Guinness brands include foreign extra stout, Guinness Extra smooth, Harp, and Malta Guinness.

Let’s consider the way Nigerian Breweries Plc has been striving to comply with the market criteria for patronage. NIGERIAN BREWERIES PLC This organization was incorporated in 1946 and remains the pioneer and the largest brewery in Nigeria. I noted the will of making use of the available opportunities and taking charge of events while making themselves relevant to the industry in them. In their kitty, they have Star larger beer first brewed in 1949, Gulder the Ultimate in 1970, Maltina in 1976, Heinekens that re-entered Nigeria in 1994, legend stout in 1992 and Amstel Malta in 1994, Gulder Max in 2006. Nigerian breweries Plc has demonstrated a great deal of interest in the education of Nigerians. They also extend their helping hand in sponsorships of sporting activities. In Gulder Ultimate Search an adventurous and entertaining program like Big Brother Africa, enjoyed by millions of Nigerians, Nigerian Breweries have removed doubts that they are eager to spend their earnings with their target market. Everybody practically gets involved and this has helped bring Gulder to its esteemed position in the Nigerian’s larger beer world.


Besides, Gulder, Star the “bright one” in the Nigerian’s larger environment, has sponsored some musical talent hunt shows where many of less privileged upcoming musicians believe is a sure part to stardom. Apart from the local TV stations, these shows appear in the Cable as well, making the average consumer feel big seeing their favorite beer rise. Nigerian Breweries has demonstrated that entertainment, leisure, and relaxation with chilled beer is a perfect blend for events. Their promotions, marketing strategies and tactics, etc, merge to make their other positions as above more rewarding in the Nigerian beer market. CATERING SERVICES EF SAW THE EXECUTIVE For out door-catering services of international standards, great foods spreads, exceptional service delivery, well-trained, mannered, and dressed workers, and competitive charges, one cannot fail to tip the Executives if one has encountered them somewhere. I had witnessed them in action several times and observed the commitment of the entrepreneur. She is a dynamic, caring, well exposed, and highly skilled person. She always gets directly involved, and has through persistency, focus, and determination, run the organization, and the result is the unique class of services that her customers have enjoyed. They have indeed made themselves “the and for the executives” There is another name in the industry that has been adhering to certain criteria for patronage. This is Mr. Biggs, but this time it is in the restaurant field.


MR BIGGS Mr. Biggs is a subsidiary of UAC foods in Nigeria. When you talk of Nigerians’ most common and favorite restaurant, Mr. Biggs must come up. For instance, with over 175 restaurants in 48 cities, and still growing they are the largest retail foods business in Nigeria. They make wonderful the eating experiences of families, children, corporate bodies, and adults in general. They identify the moments they can make most sales and take charge of the events there in. For instance, they take advantage of children’s days, valentine days, Muslims festive periods, charismas / new year day, etc, to offer their highly esteemed consumers with Convenient tasty snacks, African and continental meals, ice creams, drinks delivered promptly by gorgeously and neatly dressed personnel in attractive and hygienic premises. COMMODITIES UNILEVER NIGERIA PLC Unilever are brands leaders in Nigeria. They are makers of Omo, the king of detergent powder in Nigeria, Key Soap which is listed as one of the items required for marriages in some parts of Nigeria, Close up tooth paste used by most students, and homes, and Lux Beauty Soap. Other products are Pears Baby Products found in hundreds of thousands of homes, the old Vaseline a petroleum jelly loved by millions of Nigerians, Lipton, the yellow label chief of teas in Nigeria, and the enduring Blue Band Margarine. Uniliver continuously make their products more appealing, reachable, in prices, and sizes, for which millions of customers can afford.


For instance, to meet up with emerging standards obtained from the market, they keep improving the designs of packages and wraps, the scents, and the texture of their products. Another thing is the availability of Unilever’s brands in now over 250,000 outlets in Nigeria. Moreover, the company’s links the major distributors to the company’s Head office in Lagos for one central control. They have proved themselves to be there for customers. COURIER SERVICES DHL They go deep into the Nigerian’s market and carry along customers. For instance, they make calls to confirm the delivery of parcels. It is not an understatement that DHL has proved to their numerous users that they are dependable. Like the others, they continue delving into the Nigerian market background to operate. Now DHL operates in 73 Offices in 32 cities across Nigeria. Two hundred and twenty vehicles serve its customers from its ground operation, which reach every nook and cranny of the Nigerian market. DHL has two Boeing 757 airbus that come in daily five times a week from Brussels bringing materials for west and central Africa. It is this kind of commitment to serve that attracted my attention also. ELECTRONICS AND TELEPHONES LG This former Gold star electronic manufacturer established in 1958, changed its name in 1995 to LG.


LG has ventured and grown big in Nigeria with a spread of many of their products like air conditioners, refrigerators, handsets, TV’s, musical systems, and other household appliances into all Nigerian major markets. In addition, they made themselves known by offering corporate and other customers with prove of steady income credit facilities. These customers pay in agreed installment. Today LG has its presence in most of Nigerian major electronic markets. Apart from LG, Nokia has been making a remarkable impact by following the direction offered by the Nigerian phone market. Let’s focus on the phone market to discover what Nokia has been doing to ensure continuous patronage. NOKIA Nokia has built a strong relationship with Nigerians by integrating Nigerian content into their products and having the most brands that give Nigerians an extensive spread to choose. For instance, the ‘E’ and ‘N’ series (N73, N90, N92, N93i) and many others are all wonders. The packet of Nokia phones, the accessories, and the compliance of the chargers to Nigerian’s voltage output (220-230V) is convenient. Nokia is the first manufacturer to introduce local languages like Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo as options on their mobile phones. Its spread in the Nigerian market made it sell one billion phones in Lagos, Nigeria, in September 2006.


Truly, they have blended well with Nigerians and Nigerians deeply feel Nokia. They have stood behind businesses, relationships, and families in Nigeria. FOODS AND BEVERAGAGES CADBURY Cadbury, the king of chocolate in Nigeria, has years of experience in the industry and the Nigerian market. They know the treats that get Nigerian children demanding their products. They are the makers of loved Bournvita, Choko Milo, TomTom, among other great products. They know whom their major consumers are and play in levels that periodically favor these consumers. Cadbury’s brands speak better for them. They also engage in packaging their products to match the budgets of any Nigerian consumer such as the small sachet Bournvita and the refillable pack. COCA COLA Coca-Cola launched its presence when it was incorporated in November 1951 to bottle and sell carbonated non-alcoholic beverages. In a market like the Nigerian’s, they knew beverages would sell a lot. Coca-Cola identified the opportunity it was exposed to and was willing to stay in Nigeria and exploit it. Before the recent boom in advertisement Coca- Cola had taken the initiative and had been in the front seat.


That early stage of serious advertisement is among what got CocaCola’s other strategies working. That periodic customers’ sustenance information they spew into the market through their adverts. Today Coca-Cola has 16 bottling facilities around the country and reach their customers through 82 distribution warehouses and 200,000 distribution outlets with the head office at the Lagos mainland at Ebute- metta. HEALTHCARE AND MEDICINE FIDSON HEALTHCARE LIMITED They recognize and play by the rules and get the right permits. For instance, Fidson is one of the foremost pharmaceutical manufacturers in Nigeria—producing over 106 products. However, one cannot manufacture 106 products without Nafdac and/or other standard regulatory agencies in Nigerian to come all over one. For instance, Fidson is registered with the National Food and Drugs Administration, (NAFDC). Fidson has modern systems in two separate factories. They engage in packaging and printing, and their products are of high quality and are affordable. They take control and establish good grounds for their operation. For instance, They have their own task force to ensure they protect their products from adulterations.


MAY & BAKER NIGERIA PLC They look within and put in order their organization for effective operations in the Nigerian’s market. For instance, they fuel the spirit of innovation among their staffs through innovation employees’ awards, which commenced in 1997. As a health care organization, they employ qualified disables into their system. This has warmed them in the hearts of millions of Nigerians. In 2005, they injected billions of naira into their major food factory located at Otta, Ogun state. They became African’s first private vaccine production company by acquiring 51% share in Bio vaccines Nigeria limited, in partnership with the Nigerian federal government. They went further by investing heavily in setting an Anti- Retroviral (ARV) plant to produce drugs for HIV / AIDS. The company secured a forum to gain further recognition and reach the hearts of many Nigerians in the industry by taking the initiative of bringing about the M & B Awards. This award is in collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria. They give awards for professional excellence in pharmacy practices by recognizing exceptional accomplishments and supporting the study and practice of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences in Nigeria. OIL AND GAS SHELL Today in the Nigerian oil and gas sector, Shell stands out as one of the major players. Even if it has clashes with local communities it operates from, shell has a good record of being socially responsive. It is the only company that publishes the tax and royalties it pays the Nigerian government.


However, in the area of corporate responsibilities, in 2005 Shell introduced the Sustainable Community Development (SCD) in oil producing communities. They went into strategic partnership with the government, local and international development organizations, the communities and other stake holders, to increase the resources that can be offered and empower local communities to take the lead on their developmental issues. Under the SCD program, Shell aims at building schools, hospitals, and other infrastructures. Shell signed $18 million (N 23.4 billion) partnership agreement with the United Nations development Program (UNDP) aimed at fortifying local level governance, biodiversity and health, particularly HIV / AIDS control and prevention. It pumped in $25 million (N 32.50 billion) in community development programs in 2004 and contributed $68.9 million (N 89.6 billion) to the Niger Delta Development Commission. Shell’s concern for local content gave birth to the appointment of Mr. Basil Omiyi as the Managing Director in 2004. TELECOMMUNICATIONS GLOBACOM Glo took the initiative and moved ahead to design core Nigerianmarket starved products, and offered them at affordable prices. For instance, their entrance of Glo into the telecommunications business platform on August 29, 2003 practically ignited a serious competition that changed the standard, method, goals, and scope of telecommunications operations for the all-time benefit of millions of Nigerian subscribers. For instance, Nigerians bought lines for N36, 000. The participation of Glo reduced the price to N250 now (2006). In addition, the denomination of the recharge cards is now N100, N150, N200, N500,


N750, N1000. Glo has the pride of introducing the pay per second billing system into the sector. Also, Glo has the Blackberry, a business enhancing wireless device equipped to send and receive e-mails, good for web browsing, etc, mails from Txt 2 mails, friends and family, pre paid premiums, multi media messaging service (MMS), talk now, magic plus, Glo direct, Glo mobile internet, profit max plus and Glo fleet manager and m-banking. Considering what Glo has done for the Nigerian telecoms sector, it is evident that Glo came in with a great level of sensitivity and swift responsiveness to local consumers’ needs. STARCOMMS LIMITED In October it became Nigeria’s leading total communications solutions providing company thereby providing voice, data and fax. It is connected to many other players in the industry for example the Globacom, Nitel, MTN, Cetel, and multilinks, giving their subscribers an extensive link to reach. They work with others in the industry. That ability to seek and secure enough financial strength to achieve their goals / processes, that commitment to compete steadily, that zeal to seek and take the initiative to deliver the best, the down-to-earth Nigerian market required advertisement programs, etc, keep making them a great name to mention in the Nigerian telecommunications sector today. Besides the above, the followings are some among yet many other organizations / brands that have good command of customers in the Nigerian’s market by heeding some established demands of the market: Beko, ADC airlines, Afrijet, British Airways, Compaq, Dana Groups of companies, Dell computers, Ecobank plc, First Aluminum, Hewlet Packard, Nestle, PC outlets, Sagem, Samsung, Seven up bottling company, and SONY.


Confirmations made As criteria for patronage set by the Nigerian’s market, these organizations have confirmed and demonstrated the need of: Having an extensive presence in the Nigerian’s market and this is mostly marked by the extent of the outlets or branches the organizations in any sector have. Making friends with the target users and market, being positively felt by the target customers. Being generous to the general customers. Not exhibiting the spirit of exploitation. Being customers-demanded standard driven. Designing and re-designing hunted-for products. Adopting target market’s agreeable prices. Being persistent and consistent in executing regular target customers pulling advertisement and promotional programs. Being socially responsible to the target market, e.g. involvement in the main consumers affairs that will make known the organization and be accepted in the Nigerian’s market. Taking risks. Identifying opportunities and taking the initiatives to make available required goods or services. Nigerians working for these organizations are persistently infusing learnt global standards into the common Nigerian’s market backgrounds, which consist of homes, offices, clubs, streets, etc. Therefore, with the presence of so many local and multinational organizations, your targeted Nigerian customers are exposed to a lot of business and marketing norms than you may have imagined. Some analyses of Nigerian’s market reveals that the competitive floors within it operate in pursuit of the emerging global play levels in Nigerian ways. Business organizations are viciously seeking dominance in conformation to these standards. As we shall see, some


things truly exist between them and the business organizations serving them and you’d need to know these. Meanwhile, by interconnecting and relating the listed findings from the above 5 revealing steps, you’d have fabricated a commanding intelligence base to consult for derivations of materials to strategize for getting Nigerian customers to yield to your offers. This system would work as a mirror to check yourself while trying to push in your offers. This is the base I make investigations, derivations and project from. The idea is that when confronted with Nigerian customers getting issues you only need to flash back in your mind the relevant information you have gathered from the listings done in the manners obtained from the above 5 steps. Then assimilate, develop and work with the derived practical solutions which are footed on the findings in the lists. This should guide all your decisions along your customers getting process as you interact with your target Nigerian customers, while attempting to sell your offers. For instance, if you have to sell some software, solar lamps or some kind of equipments to targeted Nigerian market and the customers therein, you’d need to be analytical with the use of the base, i.e. if they would really need you but live in rural areas, have determined spirit to succeed, have certain economical deprivations, are eager to buy, to make money then why not slice the price of your offers, get a means of reaching them, cut the cost of production, be strategically located where you can reach them with your offers and strategize to get them flowing. Conform your customers getting strategies to the demands of the market and you will make real money quote me. Nigerians are not that poor. The fabricated base would help you in analytical directions as this to make your money as we are going to see.


In view of the above and following some analyses, we can in review claim that your organization would need to: Strategically place some strong medium in the Nigerian market that will read and relay feedbacks on discoveries, and then receive messages from the organization to prospects in the Nigerian’s market. Monitor the activities of the business unit to ensure customers’ hearts are effectively hit. Protect the whole organization from negative influences. Run a self-sustaining customers getting system. At this moment, it is logically required that you move an engineered and penetrating sales front (sales force) that conforms to the powerful Nigerian customers getting chirpings or voices (tools), that emanate from the Nigerian customers getting information base into the Nigerian’s market. Again, the information your recommended sales force will need would be as revealed from findings around, the ideas of where to offer your organization’s goods or services. These ideas would have emerged from the acquired knowledge of the following listed findings: (a). The hot potentials found in the Nigerian’s Market. (b). The hot selling locations in the Nigerian’s Market. The activities that run in these locations. In addition, the above position should be planned by the insight of how to maneuver the customers getting activities that generate from your organization’s periodic observations of the followings: (a). The behaviorisms of targeted Nigerian customers. (b). The established lingering reasons the organization may face resistance from the Nigerian’s market. (c). The confirmed customers getting criteria met and proliferating strategies used by successful organizations in the Nigeria’s market.


Meanwhile, many organizations have persistently incurred huge financial loses from recruiting and paying incentives to wrong sales personnel, amending damages caused to customers, acquiring facilities that would not be productive or yield squat results, etc. In order to tackle the above, and for the sensitivity of the Nigerian’s market, as confirmed by your above fabricated intelligence base, there is a need to put up that required more cost effective, focused, selfsustaining, self re-engineering, more result yielding sales front to work with. You’d actually need this front to push those goods or services in your possession into the Nigerian’s market. The next part of “How to get more Nigerian customers today will target the most cost effective, prompt, and sleekest ways your organization can wangle, hit the market, push in your offers and make pure money with the required Nigerian’s market penetrating sales force that is oriented from the above intelligence base.


Part 2 Wangle an attractive sales force
So here we are, the seaming complexity of the Nigerian’s market has
called for you to search for, pull together enough stocks of skills, chambers of foresight, banks of ideas, groups of physical efforts, materials or equipments, and such things and instill into the unit the essential customers getting insight as tools that are generated from the base found in part 1. The unit should be provided with ideas on how to mingle and maneuver with the required customers getting strategies in the Nigerian’s market. Hence, the call for your establishment and wangling of a sure sales generating front that conforms to the demands from the foundation in part 1 as the desired striking sales force. Reflecting the same light as the above,
Dr. Tom Massey projected that “When committed, collaborative individuals with complementary skills work together, a synergistic effect takes place- total performance is greater than the sum of the individual parts. In other words, one plus one no longer equals two. Instead, it equals three or even more in a high performance team environment.”

Footed on the above, even if you are two or three, a team should be ready and empowered to move your offers into the Nigerian’s market. Now, that should not be thorny. One-stop source to start from and structure this team of sales force is the “for-profit” business body you belong, or that which you can create. From analyses, the indicated basic parts you need to create such an attractive sales force are found under the following four steps:


Set a monitoring team. An overseeing Unit from your organization to head the sales force. Build a winning team. An endowed body of the force, which comes from the organization. Get appointees from the Nigerian’s market. The feet of the sales force in the Nigerian’s market. This will lead to the understanding of how to incorporate Nigerians and form a strong Network that will be integrated into the sales force, to initiate a super one. Motivate the team. This would explain the power needed to run the force. These steps will reveal how to inspire the sales force with sparks of motivating insights. This would be like igniting or activating the Nigerian customers getting system. This is how to get it done. Step 1

Set a monitoring team
you as an organization are required to get those who would practically be capable of overseeing the customers getting processes of your organization. This team would lead and keep an eye on the activities of your structured sales force. The monitoring unit should have a head. If you are solo in your business, then be the head. If not already available, there should be sub leaders in charge of researching, marketing, advertisements and promotions, sales, internet functions, product development, customers’ service, and such functions. These sub leaders would supervise the Nigerian customers getting functions of their departments as the need may emerge and report to the head of the unit.



Meanwhile, it is required that this monitoring team acquires initiative strength. This strength need to be conserved by sources and strategies that are a bit stretched out but still based on the same customers getting calls from the Nigerian’s market. For instance, your monitoring unit would need to periodically establish grounds for the advantageous operations of your organization, while venturing into the Nigerian’s market. This can be achieved by periodically gathering relevant pieces of team overhauling information and materials from Nigerian’s market, as found in part 1, your organization, and the present market from where they operate. At the end, they would need to experiment, plan for, and establish the emerging moments in the organization’s overall Nigerian customers getting process that they can project or execute some team building devices established bellow. These can be achieved when members of the monitoring team accomplish the followings as expected of them: Possess a strong magnetic and inspiring personality. Also, be very analytical. Exhibit sound level of self-control when facing difficulties that may spring up from undiscovered target customers getting barriers. Become willing to work as a team, group or in co-operation with others in the field. Go for the identification, establishment, translation, and imbibing of the unit with further solid work plans after enough evaluations, experimentations, and keen observations for the sustenance of the target customers getting processes.


Become a fine creator, innovator, sound dreamer and mind stretcher. Yes, do exceptional things for the Nigerian’s market to yield forth a stream of customers for your organization. Periodically monitor fresher activities and deeply understand subordinates emerging customers getting dispositions. Accordingly, know subordinates strong points and weaknesses at each moments of ‘C&G’ implementation. Make sound decisions that would periodically measure, ginger, and guide, the efforts of all to continue with established target customers getting plans. Reflect that willingness to accept responsibilities for mistakes especially when there is a direct failure to hit the required customer’s delivery standard at a given point in time. Judge fairly when handling cases involving subordinates’ shortcomings. This should be more so when they fail to hit targets or meet expectations as they go for Nigerian customers. Avoid intimidating subordinates from all aspect of it. The above are the secrets most leaders use to succeed in their leadership from the backing of their subordinates.
John Maxwell might have had these in mind when he said, “Those closest to the leader will determine the success level of that leader.”

The above has made it essential for your monitoring team to be involved in the next step of building the required sales force. That is the appointments and building of others from the organization into the unit.


Step 2

Build a super team
a super workable team as part of your sales force would entail the looking into your present business organization from where customers are targeted and integrating Nigerian’s market fitting / well sorted out talents or capabilities of some individuals (leaders and subordinates), to stimulate, complement, and sustain each other’s customers getting efforts. The team is expected to back the monitoring unit, form the basic organization’s mind needed to blast your sales, and spin money. Even if you are all alone in your business get others around you to do one thing or the other in your bid to get customers from the Nigerian’s market to buy your offers. These folks and the equipments required to run the sales force periodically has to be empowered to move ahead under the previously mentioned sales force’s covering. Considering the human resources part of this, it becomes obvious that the members of this team should possess the general qualities listed bellow. For instance, they should be willing and capable of periodically accomplishing the followings: Associating effectively with prospects. Switching on or maintaining opened and the required mind set. Playing along with the team. Accepting discipline. Controlling and putting their personalities to productive use. Deeply understanding their target customers. Tolerating emerging negative customers’ attitudes. Learning and analyzing effectively. Discerning thoughts swiftly. Accepting changes that may spring up from the customers getting process.



As a follow up, your organization would need to consider the following steps for building an enduring Nigerian customers getting team, which would be overseen by the set monitoring unit. Tips for building an enduring Nigerian customers getting team • In conformation to the customers getting chirpings of the Nigerian’s market, establish the organization’s goals for getting Nigerian customers. • Select and establish a team whose needs, wants, desires, goals in life, and such personal pursuits, relate to the established customers getting goals and vision of the organization. • Group the team according to their customers getting goals (What they personally need from Nigerian customers.) • Establish how the work environment would assist in the getting of the target Nigerian customers. • Set targets for the team in compliance to theirs and organization’s Nigerian customers getting goals. • Provide incentives through wages, salaries, recognitions, promotions to higher positions, commissions, etc. • Help them realize their goals and secure achievements through Nigerian customers getting processes. • Create opportunities for others like those in the front office to have a direct contact and experience the team’s and target Nigerian customer’s behaviors, etc. • Use books, videos, learning processes, etc, to teach the team the flexibility of Nigerian customers’ needs. • Periodically provide the team with intelligence on competitors operations. • Establish the time and method of entering. Accordingly set a sales budget for each member or group(s) of the team. For instance, find out if they would need to use sub-domain websites to target different target Nigerian’s markets and such things and prepare them accordingly.


From intense observations, the above establishes the call for transparency within your organization, such that the subordinates (members of the team) would not find it intricate to understand those who take the lead (members of the monitoring unit) in the organization. From the above background, this team and the monitoring unit will merge to form the required control unit that would oversee and influence the activities that go on down in the Nigerian’s market. The idea of this step is for members of the control unit to acquire the cohesive strength and competencies of periodically being in situations to power the sales force for repeated customers getting successes in your organization down in Nigeria. It is then expected that such sales control unit of an organization have ideas of how to incorporate Nigerians themselves and the required tools to complement the entire sales force’s customers getting vigor. The next vital step will provide insight on how to go about this. Step 3

Integrate competent Nigerian network For the integration of an effective Nigerian customers getting network
in Nigeria, your organization through its control unit has to think of and quickly establish those Nigerian market’s compliant strings and netlike connecting outlets and structures, and ready Nigerians that are required to be spread into those strategic locations in target Nigerian’s markets. This network system has to be endowed with effective customers getting baits (appealing features, loved attitudes, magnetic atmospheres, great tastes, and such features). This system would form the required network that will be the sensitive sales striking and money sucking part of the sales force down in the physical market. This network of Nigerians would toil as your customers getting downline in their own territories. They would serve as the arms, feet, and eyes of your organization in target Nigerian’s markets.


As expected, the Nigerian appointees attracted to work in this capacity should have the following abilities, for instance, they should be: Ready to work under the sales force for a long time. Have a rich knowledge of their territory. Able to work without supervision. Able to guide and influence other Nigerians (target customers). Able to generate good ideas. Integrity keepers and trust worthy. Finishing this, the network will act as monitored channels, placed in strategic locations of the targeted Nigerian’s market to pump in customers, and filter in your desired yields. Thus, the proposed control unit of your organization should be made to consider the following hinted tips for building effective sales generating net works in the Nigerian’s market: Tips for building effective networks in Nigeria As the need may emerge, periodically reconsider what is to be offered the targeted Nigerian’s market. How to serve target customers in the market. In essence, find out what targeted customers would expect from the organization. How to identify the available road, sea and air routes in the target market needed to reach them. How to consult with dependable organizations, agents, firms or consultants. We mean working with those who know the target Nigerian’s market inside out as appointees / supervised arms of you the parent organization in the target market. How to recruit interested Nigerians. How to create rewarding affiliate programs / prepare great incentives for appointees. How to periodically educate appointees about the operations of the organization.


How to channel the networks for close overseeing and monitoring of the control unit. Which assistances or tasks of the appointees would easily open accessible contacts and delivery points in the target Nigerian’s market for the sales force to maneuver. How to get distribution outlets built in strategic areas of the target market or have sub-local dealers appointed by the main appointees. These outlets would serve as the information centers / points of contact. For instance, consider how to create such contacts in local government areas, towns, major cities and some relevant markets. How to link up to clubs, trade unions, institutions, corporate organizations and some other contact points in Nigeria as may concern the organization. After making decisions from the above, each part of your network should be located where the part of the control unit of the sales force in your organization can move prepared goods or services safely, conveniently, speedily, and influentially to reach target Nigerian customers. Again, depending on your organization’s offers, the control unit as headed by the monitoring team would periodically communicate and influence each arm of the customers getting network in Nigeria to identify, attract, absorb, and retain target customers. This system would constitute the ideal sales force or sought after focused Nigerian customers getting front of the organization. Therefore, as required by the market’s intelligence, in the bid to save your organization the common huge costs associated in running consequent sales functions, the sales force as a complete unit would need to gather enough informative materials, insight and energy to hold on, compel and re-engineer self, sustain its efforts and precisely reach for goals. They wouldn’t need to give up. They would be facing real and rewarding challenges in the Nigerian’s market. This has to be in their


minds. Obviously, this sales unit of your organization is expected to periodically acquire, polish, and seal customers getting / marketrequired motivations to glint the above class of strength that would be very difficult for competitors, and other deterrents to contend. At this point, it is important to see how the sales force at the margin will encompass the sort of motivation needed to seal the held potency and succeed in the Nigerian customers getting process. Step 4

Charge the sales unit
members of your sales unit are here in required to go down to the intelligence podium in part 1 and gather those necessary and shrewd information that will periodically trigger the unit’s spirit of determination, self re-engineering and the feelings of being in situations that will quickly, conveniently, consciously and inherently beat dangerous inertias, discouragements, fears, frustrations and negative influences. Furthermore, they are expected to seal this by stirring ahead to implement all established fitting exploitations for the getting of target Nigerian customers. At this point, your sales unit in its established channels has to keep reminding itself of the Nigerian customers set aspirations the members need to attain and GO FOR IT while being subjective to the terms chirped by the market. To prove his believe in this of spirit,
Dr. Tom Massey said in, “The Ten commitments for building High performance teams”, that, “When your team reaps the rewards and assumes the risks of doing business they will make a physical, emotional, and mental investment in quality performance”.



Therefore, it will be safe to claim that from the process of evaluating the prospects that are gathered from the Nigerian’s market, the sales force can charge itself by its Nigerian customers getting insights and maneuvers. At the end, they would feel fulfilled helping the organization sell more of its offers, grow in its investments, expand into newer territories in Nigeria, and have greater market share than competitors. Moreover, as spur, while going for organization’s goals, members of the unit can be sure of achieving their personal goals in the process. It is true that from the getting of more Nigerian customers today the members of your unit can make enough money to purchase dream cars, houses, furniture, and go for their vacation. In addition, they can pursue their education, elevate living standard, take good care of children, secure a good future for loved ones and others, making and saving huge amount of money for rainy days. There are many more fulfillments for getting more Nigerian customers today that makes me sincerely believe that nothing should hinder your sales force’s progress toward reaping these. I mean NOTHING. Therefore, while going for their goals members of the sales unit, need to focus and reflect on, the indicated action powering, and efforts sustaining tips stipulated bellow. Action powering and efforts sustaining tips Members of the sales force of your organization would be required to achieve the followings: • Put in mind that the world needs marketers and sellers. As long as the Nigerian’s market is the target, marketing is aimed at a yet to be fully exploited market. This presents an enhanced ground to experiment, and establish many discoveries. Develop a strong passion for the emerging activities. After all, as we have proven, there are great peaks to attain as a seller to the Nigerian’s


• •

• •

market. So why not stay and set interesting records. Realize long-standing dreams from the dividends of marketing and selling to the Nigerian’s market. Become that great ambassador of represented organization or business. Remember that what the members of the sales force are, influence the market and the sales force to make it happen. Be the ‘you for them.’ Establish lasting, warm, rewarding target Nigerian customers getting relationship with the opposite sex that share same dreams and goals. Carry these opposite sex along in the marketing career. Get opinions, share problems, and find solutions together. Experts believe that the opposite sexes always feel a strong attraction for, and attachment to, each other and they can positively influence each other to success, than those of the same sex. Be prepared to join forces with yet others who are facing the same Nigerian’s market with the unit. Share problems as well. Also, find solution together. Read the minds of successful people in the industry who are making it in the Nigerian’s market. Regularly feed the subconscious mind with information about the target Nigerian customers’ behaviors, likes, dislikes, desires, goals, etc. Channel tuned up energy, magnetism, and other resources against failure, opposition, ridicule, discouragement, etc, that may spring their ugly faces from friends, family members and tactically hit targeted Nigerian customers. Make summed positive impact scatter its light all around and seek practical results.

Things as these will help in gaining the periodically needed large hearts to soar in the Nigerian’s market floors and in fact any other market in the world. With the above four steps, an endowed, ignited and set to stir sales force would have been engineered with the essential Nigerian customers getting qualities previously established from the intelligence


backgrounds in part 1. As they move on and as required, your sales force would need to be involved in periodically, inherently, swiftly, more directly, accurately, efficiently, identification and development of fitting strategies to capture their targeted customers. This should be done in ways, which would slice back the virtual monies your organization would have spent on exhaustive trainings, repeated and endless seminars, purchases of materials, sponsoring forever researches, etc. So, it could be you, your computer, other facilities, your affiliates, partners (part of your Nigerian Networks), whatever, your sales force should be spirited, have the frame of mind and be fashioned in the manner hinted in this part of the book. With some analyses of the gathered foundation in part 1 and the furnishings from this part, it is crucial that the sales force under the management of your monitoring team fastens its penetrating prowess with a Nigerian’s market oriented vehicle. This medium should evolve from the Nigerian’s market itself and thus, the most formidable sales weapon to strategize with. In the next part, find out important these very promising Nigerian customers getting tools are. Learn how to plot killing strategies from it. Learn how to gain proficiency of its usage to practically sell those goods or services you have right there with them.


Part 3 Plot efficient strategies
The Nigerian’s market has through the insight we have gathered from
parts 1 and 2 provided the right composite tool as the needed chamber to sort out materials and plot proficient customers getting strategies which your structured sales force will need to push in your offers into the Nigerian’s market. Let’s be a little detailed, for the seaming uncertainties, risks, unfamiliarity, around the Nigerian’s market, the engineered sales force ought to possess the tool that will serve as a medium versed with the Nigerian’s market conditions which are considered necessary to convey itself through out its ways into the floors, moments, state of affairs, precise positions, required to execute highly effective target customers getting maneuvers. Let’s shed light on how to track down the said tool and initiate the plotting of your required strategies in the following fashion. A careful examination of the above, would unveil that we are stirring for effective communications with Nigerian customers, whose “act of customership” change over given periods as newer needs, desires, and goals continue to emerge over periods of continuous interactions among themselves. These events would help us trace the desired tool. For instance, let’s use the incident that normally happens to me in Nigeria, when I ask commercial bikers (popularly known as Okada riders in Lagos Nigeria) to take me somewhere, if the fare they charge is high. On these occasions, I would identify where in Nigeria the rider comes from e.g. Efik-known as Calabar, Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba. If I cannot quickly identify his origin, I would use core Nigerian Pidgin English. In


any case, I use background languages accompanied with the right gestures, attitudes, manners, and styles to plea for consideration in fares reduction. This has been working for me. I often get fair consideration in fares. This system is common and applicable to all situations of buying and selling in the Nigerian’s market. It is what is obtainable in Nigeria. Nigerians would deeply appreciate it if addressed in manners, languages, styles, etc, that identify with their cultures, classes, modes, or situations at a given point in time. If this is the case, then as it truly is, Nigerian flavored words and languages are deeply involved as they make amendments, maintain, and commit themselves, while transacting their businesses and run other activities, along side global trends. Again, this is entirely true. If these frequently used communication flavors exist in Nigerian’s markets, they indeed signify the established styles / manners of saying and doing things along. Hence, your sales force is demanded to reconcile its communication methods with these flavors as its ready structured Nigeria customers getting tool. If it works for Nigerians, it will work for your sales force. There is a need to find a name for this tool. Since effective communications or interactions in forms of trying to convince in Nigerian ways through verbal or written words, when marketing, promoting, advertising, selling, etc, between the sales force and targeted Nigerian customers would be involved, then we can safely tag this tool as the “canvassing and getting” (‘C&G’) tactics. This emerges as an effective, essential, and stunning core Nigerian customers getting tool your sales force must acquire and strategize with.


A leader in the science of peak performance,
Anthony Robbins once adorned the importance of having this sort of strategy, in, “Awaken the giant within” When he said, “In order to keep your commitment, you need the best strategies for achieving results.”

Meanwhile, how can your sales force swiftly, easily, and effectively adopt and apply this fitting and truly rewarding “canvassing and getting” (‘C&G’) tactics to get more Nigerian customers practically streaming for offered goods or services, and make real money you today? Further analyses of the above will prove that some much sought after scientific measures need to be introduced to periodically keep firm hold of this customers getting process in today’s technologically advancing world. In fact, the nature or advancements of the dynamic Nigerian’s market today keep chirping for a more calculable method of getting customers from the region in order to be more effective. Whatever, and talking about change, to streamline the periodically required Nigerian customers getting focus, there is now a strong need to go straight to the intelligence base in part 1, establish some fitting, and down-to-earth formulas to strategize with. In other words, some well-established formulations from the basis of those periodically emerging backgrounds from the Nigerian’s market, that could lead to the identification, evaluations, experimentations and establishments of how, what, when and where the customers live their lives, would periodically endow your sales force with superseding customers getting competencies for your offers.


As it may be noted, the Nigerian market’s base has revealed how to derive these
formulations, from the fact that our discussion so far has been about the seller, target Nigerian customers, the appointees in Nigeria, those in the organization, the competitors, etc. There is one common factor here. When everything turns around, it will be discovered that the element of getting target Nigerian customers today is particularly people.

Meanwhile, from the previous discussions we have made it clear that through communications there is that connectivity and exchange of influences within the circle of the customers, the market, the sellers and the world as a whole. These bureaus brew obtainable changes in businesses as time goes on. In fact, scientists have established that the universe is highly connected and influential that nothing goes on without creating changes in the universal order. For instance,
Dr. Donald Hatch Anderson, professor emeritus of chemistry at the John Hopkins University believed that the atomic structure of our universe is so incredibly sensitive that a person cannot move a finger without changing the relationship among all atoms in the universe.

Whatsoever, if there is no communication or relations there would not be any transfer of influences. However, if there is a transfer of influences while interacting, be it through messages or absolute control (free exhibition of energy or application of force), intelligence is involved. The intelligent direction or focus of energy into some mediums (materials, substances, or means to depict intensions) to obtain desired results (derivations or establishments) would set up the purpose for the obtained results (derivations) of those mediums (materials) separately or individually in that particular time.


Thus, the appropriate distribution and integration of intelligence, energy, direction, and a medium would establish the reason for the existence of that formation as desired by the control source. If there are purposes as established by intelligent sources, there must be limits for guidance of the mediums or formations to fulfill the discerned purposes. If structured limits protect formations to fulfill purposes over given time, then the rate at which control comes about is limited to the extent the formations allow or give the room if there is intelligence involved both ways. The above can be ascertained from the circumstances that back the fights, attacks, camouflages, decoys, and other acts, which animals put forth to protect their territories or generation, as they continue devising means of survival. Thus, if there are motives for certain actions, reason for certain behaviors, goals to attend, desires to meet, and purposes for all activities and materials available, then the pre-existing sources of intelligence would raise all within it to influence and protect its formations unless there is no more reason for the formations to exist over time. Hence, the authority that backs formed events, activities, behaviors, habits, attitudes, displayed by people in a given location can be said to emanate from pre-existing sources that form the intelligence base, which surrounds or influences the environment where these formations exist over given time. This would generate the obtainable periodic heart conditions in a given market region. Also, this is the grounds I base my tips, and other strategies on in this book.


Meanwhile, the superiority of intelligence, would breed enough capacity for the embracement of the inferior source of materials in order to seal negotiations and reconciliations of forces that are aimed at deriving common purposes as desired by the superior. Thus, the source of superior intelligence deserves the ultimate authority to create orderliness. The idea generated from the above is to avoid using unconditional forceful methods in the Nigerians customers getting processes, hence the initiative of subjecting all manners of maneuvers and strategies to the sources of superior market intelligence as could be derived from the base in part 1. Now with the above in view, those facilitating the required ‘C&G’ exercises would be subjected to the periodic environmental factors influencing their human nature. In our case, the said, periodic circumstances make for the nature of existence of targeted customers, the individual member of your sales force, and other people surrounding your process of getting Nigerian customers for your offers over given periods of time. These situations of existences in those particular time are what I humbly wish terming as “the Actual States of Existences” (ASEs) of the elements of effective ‘C&G’ exercises. As it has clearly come to be, the derivations of ASEs’ formulas from the findings
gathered from the periodically implemented fitting ‘C&G’ maneuvers, would more than anything level emerging problems and guide your sales force to repeatedly sell to target Nigerian customers, make real money and secure other achievements.

It is consistent for your monitoring team to fortify themselves, supervise customers getting efforts, sustain your organization’s competitiveness / its advantages, and steer the sales force into the Nigerian’s market, with the periodic fusions of the ‘C&G’ strategies with the ASEs’


formulas. Again, this is a new and promising approach you’d need to utilize even in other engagements. No wonder,
Donald J. Trump in “Why we want you to be rich. Two men one message”. Said, “Precision, instinct and tempo are all necessary in order to become extraordinary.”

Therefore, as it has come to be, the periodic reconciliations of fitting ‘C&G’ strategies with derived ASEs formulas structures the central brain or nucleus-like instrument or the chip of the intelligence base structured in part 1. This would form the complete system where your sales force can periodically consult to identify, zoomify, and project intrigue Nigerian customers getting genders. In a way, this serves as a kind of mind and body that drives the soul of your business and selling processes to the Nigerian’s market. Thus, from a sharper perspective this system will cost effectively and periodically provide every one involved the followings: Knowledge based insight for monitoring the processes and acquiring the facilities from the Nigerian’s market that would prompt the flow of customers. The information for speedy and cost effective derivation of the over all objectives of running adverts and promotional activities into the hearts of target customers. Ability to identify needed materials for the creation of required differences that are competent of attracting a strong loyal base. Secured operational floors to exchange values with customers. Forum to strengthen the internal coherence of the sales force. Insight on successfully riding the waves of change that would be periodically sparked by dealings with the Nigerian’s market. Required grounds to align the personal goals within the sales force with the company’s.


So, here we are. You as a prospective seller to the Nigerian’s market are expected to make more effective the process of acquiring desired financial rain and other blessings with the following revealing step of winning with ‘C&G’ strategies. With this step, we shall breeze in ideas on how to develop, equip your sales force, and maneuver with the above strategic “change imbibing” Nigerian customers getting vehicle. Step 1

Win with canvassing & getting (‘C&G’) strategy
the proposed sales force of your organization is expected to cost effectively, swiftly, precisely and regularly channel the extracted Nigerian’s market oriented instances of interactions into those preevaluated and established areas, which will stimulate targeted Nigerian customer’s interests, gain their supports, buy their hearts over, change their passive or negative attitudes, beliefs, and views. Then, create the right selling conditions that will direct their focus into ways, which will inherently trigger and secure patronage, for your offered goods or services. This reminds me of


a Nigerian proverb that says that you can

only take a cow to the river, but you cannot force it to take a drink. You know, as well as I do that when you discreetly guide a
cow and if it was thirsty it would be glad to take a drink. From the same spot of view, the following six points would provide you with a stage that is conducive to fully understand and gain enough proficiency in strategizing with the ‘C&G’ devices, make amazing sales, and money.


These comprise of the followings, namely how to effectively: Plan with ‘C&G’ objectives. Strategize with commonly used languages in Nigeria. (Efik, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, and Pidgin English.). Strategize with local proverbs. Derive insight from ‘C&G’ points of contacts. And Identify the right moment to implement ‘C&G’ exercises. Let’s establish how this would set out, starting with the planning derived ‘C&G’ objectives. Plan with derived ‘C&G’ objectives Here your proposed sales force is to be guided into the Nigerian’s market backgrounds for the identification of ‘C&G’ enhancing gears like favorite Nigerian dances and songs that portray happiness, achievement, victory, etc, ceremonies such as naming, marriages, funeral, inaugural settings, festivals e.g. New yam, Eyo, Argungu, etc, music e.g. Juju, Fuji, Afro beats, High life, Hip hop, languages, etc. Then, use these to derive and reflect some of the identified captivating manners targeted Nigerian customers would, behave, say, and do things in their over all ‘C&G’ processes. So, in your sales letters, email messages, and other means you’d need to interact with Nigerians as you push in your offers be pure Nigerian to the grass root and see for yourself the wonders this would trigger fro your sales. You will make real money from sales. Don’t forget that, while maneuvering with the same ‘G&C’ exercises, your sales force is expected to make customers feel cared for, appreciated, and loved. These should be reflected in the customers’ beliefs, opinions, and judgments of the sales force.


So, depending on your target class of Nigerian customers (the young, babies, ladies, middle class men, working class, that belong to “the value and convenience conscious,” “patient customers”, “core impulse buyers,” and “free buyers”, etc), the location / target market, and occasion while implementing ‘C&G’ exercises, the sales force should be real Nigerian; be entertaining, talk business, give praises, etc, in appealing and be convincing in Nigerian ways. In essence, as previously portrayed, provided conversations or the conveyances of messages are involved, the choices of language come in. The following would disclose the manners in which you can get the above situations right for your business. Maneuver with commonly used languages in Nigeria As the need may emerge in conversations or letters, e-mail advertisements, etc, the sales force need to beautify the customers minds with those identified sales enhancing feelings derived from the common languages, which the targeted Nigerian customers would enjoy using in their various activities. For instance, the unit should consider using the Efik language. Nigerians enjoy this language in commercial activities, salesmanship, promotions, etc, for the humorous feelings it generates from the accents. Nigerians would like to hear the Efik’s exclamations, see their seriousness, warnings, and calls to action in commercials. Some of the words are Aba diee (how is it), Didia nkpo (come and eat), Abasi (God), Da owo (Mister …), and Dimi (come here). The Hausa language comes into most of Nigerian commercial settings to convey the spirit of unity. Some of the words are Yuuwaa (that is it), Kaii (an exclamation that denotes deference), yaya kasuwa (how is business?), etc.


The Igbo language is also a compelling phenomenon in the Nigerian business world. Some of the words include Nnnaa mennn (Mannn), Ke ije (how is it going?), odie gu (it’s terrible), etc. The Yoruba language has made inroads into the Nigerian business culture and you cannot avoid it. Some of the words include Eka a ro (Good morning), Eku ise (well done), Ekaabo (welcome), Ejoo (please). Most Nigerians in their business activities use the Pidgin English. Some of the words include Oohld boy (old boy), How nooow( how is it?), Shine your eyes ( be at alert), You sabi say (do you know that),Na waooo (its amazing),De tink be say… (The thing is…), No food for lazy man, Man no die, man no rotten (denoting the struggle continues), etc. Besides the above, you can even use the Uroboh Language. This would entail the Warri’s style of communicating. In order to blend well and spice up customers’ interest in offers, integrated common local proverbs along the implemented ‘C&G’ maneuvers. Let’s see the way to achieve this. Influence with common local proverbs Here, members of the proposed sales force are to project the meanings of those proverbs that would help drive home captivating points into the hearts of targeted Nigerian customers as they maneuver with fitting ‘C&G’ strategies at a given point in time. When citing the proverbs, Nigerians begin with “Our elders say…” Moreover, Nigerians believe that these proverbs are words of wisdom and would have their interest drawn to the proverbs when used.


Some of these proverbs and their meanings include: When frying groundnuts for the blind, keep whistling that he may not think you are eating his groundnuts. (Make yourself open when helping to avoid accusations.). When you carry a blind man across a stream, let his leg touch the water that he may appreciate what you are doing for him.(Let he that you are helping feel the impact of what is involved for him to fully appreciate your assistance.). Obe to dun Owo lopa (a delicious or tasty soup is made with money). If you do not eat the oil for the yam, you will eat the yam for the oil. (For the closeness of one thing, the other is carried along.). No matter how hard the rain may fall, it can never wash the leopard’s sports away. (What is natural is complete.). You can never for anger, stand up, pick up, and put your hat on your buttocks. (No matter how angry you may get, you have to place values on their proper grounds.). What the elder sees sitting down, the young cannot see from the top of the tree. (The foresight of the elder is deeper than that of the young.). You cannot sit at home and determine what goes on in the market. (You must be involved in an activity to be able to add a meaningful impact.). When the road to the farm is too far, one will lose pieces of yam on the way home. Etc. From the treated viewpoints, we would discover that the canvassing to get more customers is the process of putting oneself into the targeted Nigerian customer’s shoes, reasoning with, being flexible enough, strategically influencing the turn out of events, and inherently and effectively steering the outcome to strike a balance, which will periodically favor the same targeted customers, one’s organization and the one.


Therefore, for cost effectiveness, consistency, protectiveness, and profitability, in this regards your unit needs to seek and gather some periodic Nigerian customers ‘C&G’ fitting insight from other sources, like the points of contacts in Nigeria. These points of contacts have their ways of affecting the psychophysiology of same target customers, thus, your executed ‘C&G’ maneuvers. As it would align to the above discussions, the acquisition of the periodically required Nigerian customers getting insight will fall on your ability to evaluate the conditions at which points of contacts with your same target Nigerian customers generally subject your established ‘C&G’ strategies over a given time. So consider the next very vital step. Step 2 Deriving insight from ‘C&G’ points of contact.

Here your structured Nigerian network system (part of the sales force
in Nigeria), needs to be guided to get into the most common locations that they can get in touch with Nigerian customers and periodically find out what feelings are created, what attitudes prevail, what standards are kept, and such things. Then, send feedbacks for the monitoring unit to evaluate and establish fitting customers getting strategies. Let’s consider these locations and the customers getting insight they generate. Offices. Office settings of most big organizations are cool, better organized, well furnished, and better cultured and competitive. Dressing codes? Mostly corporate (black suits, great ties, mini skirts, fantastic hair dos and such fads). Manners? Wellbehaved, reasonable, and calculated. The office settings of local traders, entrepreneurs, and petty businesses are always full of


used machines and equipments. Manners? Moneymakingdriven, customers getting focus, yearning for standards and international norms of running business such as IT applications that will expose them to the international community like the Internet facilities. Generally, most offices in Nigeria would be full of all manners of gossips, discussions, chats, paper works, computer operations, phone calls, and the like things. People talk about politics, economies, social lives, events, and what ever. Most offices in Nigeria generate the atmosphere from where fierce, beneficial, harmful, and other forms of competition take place. The locations would be good as targets for selling office equipments and machines, insurance policies, banking products, and Internet business opportunities. Local market places. Thousands of these contact points are full of trading (buying and selling) activities. Market places in Nigeria are always very busy physical situations. They are noisy and full of sellers who are busy looking for, and trying to satisfy, their customers. Buyers on the other hand look around and hunt for better values for their monies. Odors of sold products are obvious. There are pushing and rumbling situations around most physical market locations. People would tend to be time conscious and like to achieve what previously took them to the market location. With the kind of activities that go on in most local Nigerian’s market locations, better results in ‘C&G’ maneuvers can be obtained if efforts are complemented with the use of handbills, short information, promotional activities, etc. Streets .People know the major streets in Lagos and other major cities in Nigeria for heavy traffic. Most often, hawkers are seen running around the streets selling foods, pens, lighters, drinks, and small household wares. Most Nigerian streets are market points themselves. Some passersby are focused on where they are going while others give attention to the traders. Generally, most people in the streets are at alert. They are careful of who talks to them. They are very observant, analytical and carry


monies in their pockets, even though the society is growing a cashless one. Homes. Most householders are relaxed at home and listen. After all, you may be entertaining them at their homes freely. There would be notable spirit of responsibility and caring attitudes. Expect budgets for much expenditure. Except for appointments or orders, monies to buy from you would not flow that easy. Internet. Here one will encounter many impulse buyers. Many visitors to websites are often excited, joyous, curious, entertainment-loving and adventurous set of people. They would really appreciate moneymaking opportunities. In most cases, Nigerian visitors to web sites would love to purchase online but lack e-payment facility. In addition, there is no adequate delivery system, which would get products to them, hence the frequent passive attitudes for online purchases. Recreational centers. Most people here are observant, studious, relaxed, playful, happy, and entertainment loving. They would have a listening disposition but not ready to spend their whole day listening to you. They would welcome your goods or services if these have any thing to do with their needs. There is need to be entertaining when executing your ‘C&G’ exercises. Shopping malls. People here would be busy, doing window shopping, discussing with shop attendants / sales girls and boys. Many visitors to the malls will actually buy one thing or the other. Others may be engaged in decision-making while others may be contemplating on what to buy. Here you can be a little free to execute fitting ‘C&G’ stratifications as people here have a buying mindset already switched on. Business centers. Most peoples, who visit the business centers go there to do one business or the other. Some make photocopies of documents, phone calls, receive calls, send fax messages, etc. They are always occupied with what they are


doing and naturally would like the results to come out positive. Airports. Most people here would be somehow excited, full of expectations. Many would hold monies in their pockets. The focus of most travelers would be reaching their destination. One can book appointments, make friends, get contacts, and make ‘C&G’ maneuvers fit these occasions. Seaports. Seaports in Nigeria are very busy places. Enough trading activities make most ports trade centers. Some Nigerians, go to ports for some business opportunities. Others will give attention to your marketing advances since many businesses go on in Nigerian ports. Cars hire stations. Most potential customers here are very likely going to be eager to get to their destinations. The atmosphere in car hire stations would be a busy one. Getting attention would be somehow difficult but very possible if the one could be brief and magnetic enough. Restaurants. Customers here would be hungry and perhaps a bit tempered. In addition, waiters would be busy / concentrating in serving customers. Generally, attention would be rare as well. In most cases after meals are moments to book appointments. Cinema centers. In cinemas, customers wear exciting faces to some extend. Many potential customers’ moods would be on the good side. Target customers here have their minds made up for fun. Other contact points where ‘C&G’ insight can be gathered from include universities, polytechnics, local government areas, trade unions, manufacturers, and social clubs. Again, the idea is in tracking down and reconciling executed ‘C&G’ maneuvers with the spirit that is generated in these locations.


In other to seal the essence of adopting the ‘C&G’ strategy, when the right contact point is examined, selected and the required ‘C&G’ implementing insight acquired, you as the seller should be ready to identify the right moment to execute fitting ‘C&G’ stratifications. The next step will show how to identify these moments. Step 3 Identifying the right moments to implement ‘C&G’ stratifications

Here your structured sales force would be influenced and equipped
to inherently recognize and be in those identified positions, which they can swiftly, accurately and repeatedly snatch the opportunities from emerging periods of interactions and effectively execute derived fitting ‘C&G’ treatments for targeted Nigerian customers. These moments are when there are commencements of the needs to purposefully engage in the followings: Marketing. Selling. Advertising. Promoting. Robbing hearts with customers e.g. advising, making of recommendations for customers, etc. Receiving target customers. Being socially responsible for target customers. Educating or training the targeted customers. Etc. At this point, we should note that when the right point of contact is selected, the required insight acquired, and the best moment to execute fitting ‘C&G’ stratifications is periodically secured, your sales force would be practically maneuvering its ways to finally hand over your goods or services to targeted Nigerian customers for desired gains.


Meanwhile, have in mind that since the periodic effects of the dynamism of the Nigerian’s market would influence the individual member of your structured sales force, targeted customers, and their present markets situation, your necessary ‘C&G’ tasks are bound to be slippery, sales affected and money and other rewards in danger of being lost. One thing that would ever provide the periodically required “interaction-frictions” is
avoiding the initiation and incidents or emerging situations that are capable of hindering your discerned effective ‘C&G’ stratifications.

From deeper analyses, we would discover that the market has revealed that your structured sales force must avoid certain communication floors to be more effective. However, your sales force cannot avoid what they do not know exist somewhere, somehow and at a particular point in time. Being able to establish the most common obstacles to the effective implementation of adopted ‘C&G’ strategies will graciously qualify your sales force to discern millions of Nigerian customer’s minds and rewardingly consolidate the final selling efforts of the force while projecting to convince same customers. This would mean a lot to your organization. Let’s consider in the next step, this very essential, strengthening, and guiding Nigerian customers getting requirements. Step 4 Establish obstacles to effective ‘C&G’ exercises obstacles to your effective ‘C&G’ exercises entail the guiding of your structured sales force; to search the core market situations as the background in part 1 provides and there after, periodically identify the initiation, development, and emergence of hindrances, which would destroy the execution of procession tasks and great financial rewards of the required ‘C&G’ strategies.



This means that the proposed sales force of your organization is required to be in the right positions to monitor and channel required energy, and other organized relevant resources to equip itself; to swiftly shutdown, decode, counter, negotiate with, and make irrelevant the destructive, intimidating, oppressive, misdirecting, misguiding, and other negative influences from the periodically emerging target Nigerian’s market situations. These situations are the negative circumstances and positions, from which your targeted Nigerian’s market cultures, beliefs, likes, dislikes, etc, brew forth, and aim at pulling down the effectiveness of your evaluated / required ‘C&G’ strategies at a given time.
In the core Nigerian contexts, I would say “shine your eyes”, “no shaking”, hold the bull by the horn, and face your arising ‘C&G’ obstacles.

To make things easier, and give a glimpse of what ‘C&G’ obstacles are common in the Nigerian’s market, let’s consider the followings: (1) Those emerging ‘C&G’ obstacles, which may directly involve the individual member of the sales force and (2) Those emerging ‘C&G’ obstacles, which would involve the organization of the sales force. Let’s consider some of those ‘C&G’ obstacles directly involving. Some ‘C&G’ obstacles involving individuals of the sales force These obstacles are: The temptation to periodically fall into a cheap, easy, short cut ways of marketing and selling to customers without first laying a solid ‘C&G’ foundation. Being intimidated by some imagined Nigerian customers’ negative attitudes /reactions to ‘yet-to-be-executed’ ‘C&G’


exercises. Thinking that target customers will not be interested in the goods or services before approaching and canvassing. Being scared of what may happen if the customer does not want or like the offers. Not being sure of the performance of the products or services against the already existing competitors. Having a blurred focus due to wrong motives for marketing e.g. marketing only to make money and allowing the making of money to eat up the place of exceptional marketing exercises traced from effective ‘C&G’ strategies. Having the phobia of facing the unknown and people. Lacking self-discipline, control, and composition, when facing the Nigerian’s market front. Being unable to use body language accordingly. Not being sure of the importance and dividends of effective ‘C&G’ exercises. Striving to physically market viciously under unfavorable climatic weather and health condition. Talking too much and bragging about what is not practically obtainable or beyond what cannot be reasonably achieved in the field. Seeking to over impress colleagues. Cheaply falling prey to ridicules, teasing, frustration from family members, friends, competitors and others. The inability to learn fast, perceive appropriately, or snatch the opportunity to acquire a career building knowledge.


Poor hereditary background. Allowing the negative side of origin or orientation in life to hit and destroy the mind or courage of implementing effective ‘C&G’ maneuvers. Apart from the above, let’s briefly consider some effective Nigerian customers ‘C&G’ implementing hindrances, which may involve an organization. Some ‘C&G’ hindrances involving the organization Protecting and giving much power to leaders who are naturally hard to deal with people. These sorts of leaders will not take the pains to go through the path of periodic effective Nigerian customers ‘C&G’ exercises. The lack of right foresight and structured tools to coordinate the ‘C&G’ efforts of marketers and other front officers to hit the organization’s goals. The inability to gather the right resources, coordinate situations and recruit people who are down-to-earth marketing driven, and believing that just any body can undergo training to market the organizations products or services. Failing to link other functions, to the marketing activities of the organization. Inability to get down to, and derive practical new product ideas from, the periodically implemented ‘C&G’ maneuvers. Irrationally chasing to beat competitors’ influences through promotional activities that fail to come from grounds, which will secure a competitive advantage for the organization via fitting ‘C&G’ backed operational creativeness.


These problems are solvable, thus surmountable. Meanwhile, knowledge is indeed power. When knowledge is confined, the empowerment it can supply in that instance is denied. Hence, as stipulations previously signaled by the Nigerian’s market, you can take the step of conquering the above and be a real super success by possessing a good knowledge of how the ASEs’ formulas emerge and how to periodically reconcile these with fitting ‘C&G’ maneuvers to create amazing customers getting strategies. This strategic knowledge should not be denied you, and as a result you’d rightly and personally need to dig right down and deeply get to know everything about and effectively use it. Again, the above will in no doubt put a hem on your business cash flow. In fact, it is very clear that in today’s business arena any interested seller to the Nigerian’s market should be able to just beam forth his / her energy, read and discern situations in accordance with what are obtained from the existing intelligence base, the “C&G” strategy and ASEs formulas, and be able to derive and implement the required customers getting lines of attack without going through much processes. In this book we are aiming at that scientific marketing change. Again, talking about the embracement of the required change from all sense of it, organizations are also rightly required to know the techniques of establishing and using these formulas today for all their marketing, promotional, advertising, product designing, and other functions of the organization. So, let’s go for it.


Step 5

Sustain with the actual state of existences (ASEs’) Formulas Here we shall see how you as an interested seller to the Nigerian’s
market can derive the ASEs’ formulas of the targeted markets, customers, organizations, sectors, competitors, competitor’s organizations, and its own. This is like discovering a deep tunnel of treasury and going for the valuables in that the formulas would help you to be more precise in your customers getting maneuvers, hence, saving you the cost while revealing the detailed situations for picking sure monies from sales. Again, you as a prospective seller need to be personally acquainted with how these formulas work. Little wonder in “The 48 laws of power”,
Robert Greene pointed out that “you gain more by finding a rich mine and mining it deeper, than flirting from one shallow mine to the other…”

Therefore, as it may be, before ever going out to canvass, market, produce products, sell to target Nigerian customers, the designated monitoring team of your organization would need to get to the bottom of it, use the following methods of establishing and work with the involving ASEs’ formulas in the process. So, discover, The ASEs’ formulas in customers getting process Here the members of the monitoring team of your organization in particular are recommended to discover how to derive the ASEs’ formulas before experimenting, and guiding with them to implement fitting ‘C&G’ strategies at a given point in time.


This is how I derived these formulas: a. The ASEs of targeted markets(tm) in Nigeria. Take for example, the ASEs of Victoria Island in Lagos. This is taken as the evaluation of the summation of the “environmental-factors” influences Σef (the location close to the Atlantic ocean, prevalent rich style of living of the dwellers, breeze of business opportunities, corporate mind sets, etc.),as they act on the human nature (hn) (the shy, the brave minded, the fearful, the care free, the high tempered, the lazy, the deceitful, the prudent, the wise, the coward, the defensive, etc.) of the population (x) (say 900,000) in the location (l) (Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria) over a given point in time (t) (say the New year period). Derive this as Σ(ef.hnxtm)/t. Where time t can be a given season, certain festive period / events, under certain weather condition, etc, (the period chosen to enter the target market). b. The ASEs of target customers(tc) in Nigeria (the established figure and particular class of those the seller clearly wish to get in a given location(s) e.g. importers of electronics from Onisha, Anambra, etc, potential direct buyers of electronics from some of the major market locations in Nigeria, etc.), as the evaluation of the “environmental-factors” influences Σef (direct or indirect influences of associates, workmates, friends, family members and other people on customers; impacts of social, cultural, economical, political, climatic conditions, the obtainable business beliefs, trends, hopes or expectations, of the territory on target customers), as these act on the human nature (hn) of target customers (x) over a given point in time. Derive this as Σ (ef.hnxtc)/t. Where x is the total number of the potential or exact class of the Nigerian customers you wish to get. c. The ASEs of an organizations (org) (the firm or business body the seller represent), as the evaluation of the summation of the “environmental-factors” influences Σef - impacts of the Nigerian’s market system, regulatory bodies, facilities/equipments or machines backing your organizations operations, competitors activities,


infrastructural amenities, etc., as they act on the human nature (hn) of the coworkers, leaders and all those in an organization (x) as the daily businesses of the organization especially that of getting customers goes on. Derive this as Σ (ef.hnxorg)/t. d. The ASEs of sector (sect.) (the industry you belong to e.g. Aviation, Banking / Insurance, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Transportation, etc.), as the summation of the ‘environmental – factors’ influences Σef (the impacts of prevalent business trends from other sectors, the regulatory bodies policies, governmental policies, religious influences, politics impacts, cultural influences, etc.) as they act on the human natures (hn) of all those in the sector (the whole number of the employees, leaders, shareholders, etc.) who are engaged in the sector (x) in a given location, over a given period of time (t).Derive this as Σ(ef.hnxsect)/t. e. The ASEs of competitors (compt) (those other marketers, salespersons, agents, etc, in your competing organizations) as the summation of the periodic “environmental –factors” influences Σef (the impacts of their organizational cultures, friends, colleagues, family members, beliefs, likes, fears, hopes, events, climate, etc.) as they act on the human nature (hn) of the whole people working in the competing organizations (x) over a given point in time (t) .Derive this as Σ(ef.hnxcompt)/t. f. The ASEs of competing organizations(comptorg) (other organizations who compete with your organization in the same industry), as the evaluation of the summation of the ‘environmental-factors’ influences Σef (the impacts of governmental policies, regulatory bodies policies, social trends, cultural changes, economic situations, available raw materials, climatic conditions, set goals, hopes, fears, uncertainties, etc.) as they act upon the human nature(hn) of the whole people (x) in the competing organizations in the sector. Derive this as Σ(ef.hnxcomptorg)/t.


g. Self ASE (x) you as the seller, (The leader, the sales man, marketer, entrepreneur, proprietor, industrialist, trader, importer, exporter, manufacturer, promoter, individual member of the sales force, etc.), as the evaluation of the summation of the ‘environmental-factors’ influences Σef (the impacts of the sellers regular relationship with friends, collogues, competitors, markets, industries, family members, the impacts of his religious beliefs, hopes, fears, educational background, orientation in life, cultural background, etc.), as they act on the seller’s nature (hnx). Derive this as Σefhnx/t. At the end, the periodic evaluations of the matrixes of the summation of the “environmental-factors” influences, Σef (the impacts of local, state, and global politics, cultures, economies, climates, seasons, trends, hopes, fears, goals, beliefs, etc.) as they differently act upon the human nature of all (hnx) customers, targeted markets, competitors, organization, sector, etc, as all this elements interrelate, influence and regularly go through their various business activities would yield the needed periodic powerful tools to sustain the Nigerian customers getting maneuvers e.g. the periodic ‘C&G’ stratifications. For instance, the Σefhnx…t would project the periodic core circumstances / situations, which previous obtainable and emerging goal-driven attitudes, standards, trends, policies, cultures, habits, likes, fears, hopes, goals, beliefs, etc, generate from. The core objective of this step is to confer your designated monitoring team with the brilliant ability of periodically experimenting with these formulas to gather enough exceptional proficiency, instill in others the same gained dispositions while monitoring the Nigerian customers getting processes over same points in time. From the above background of being precise, and as the need would surely come, the next step will give ideas on how the monitoring unit will stick down the customers getting process of your organization for desired goals using the time factor.


Step 6

Monitor customers getting processes The over all monitoring of the Nigerian customers getting processes
of your organization would require the responsible team to strategically implement some fitting tools in certain evaluated stages of plans aimed at valuing the already exerted efforts, re-engineering its ASEs, and reconciling fitting ‘C&G’ strategies, for the next stage of action. The team would do this as it negotiate its Nigerian customers getting customs with the contingencies of failing to reach same established main customers getting goals over time. Now this gives ideas on how you as a seller can practically seal your customers getting efforts in view of the ‘C&G’ strategies and the ASEs’ formulas. Effectively monitoring Nigerian customers getting processes As a member of the monitoring unit, 1). Clearly establish what you intend achieving at a particular time.

For instance, searching the Nigerian’s market for hot selling opportunities, planning to deeply understand your target Nigerian customers, establishing the relevant reasons you may be resisted, establishing a strong Nigerian customers getting working team, establishing effective Nigerian customers getting network, selling effective with ‘C&G’ stratifications to your target Nigerian customers, etc. Let us take as an instance the plan of selling 10,000 copies of your book through the Internet, within six months. (Say from 10th of June to December 10, 2006).


2). Set an overall plan of how you intend doing this. Here you have to be very specific about the ways you intend achieving your set goals. For instance, you can plan to sell 500 copies of the book through the Internet to each of 20 different target markets, which will consist of corporations, entrepreneurs, traders, agents, business groups, institutions, etc. 3). Establish attainable daily tasks and fix a date, which you believe your goals will be hit. For instance, you can plan a daily sales budget of 100 copies to be sold and set 10,000 copies or above to be hit around 10 June to 18 September 2006. 4). Establish the plans you wish to use to hit your established daily plans. For instance, set the daily marketing method you wish to use to hit your daily budget. For instance, the registering of a customers’ pulling domain name, designing a sticky and sales generating web site, getting a secured, rewarding, and appealing method of collecting payments from your site, writing a strong magnetic sales letter and emailing to opt in email addresses. Then, distributing sales letters to corporations, the joining of chat groups, etc, getting an automated marketing system into your web site, using agents, affiliates, representatives from your target markets, etc. 5). Establish the actual time (say 5 hours a day) you will need to run all your daily tasks or and activities. Also, clearly establish what you would do at each hour, day, and month as the stages you must go through. Arrange these stages of action in


order of importance. 6). Establish effective tools, which will help you to safely, cost effectively, swiftly and accurately implement your plans in each of the stages. For example, from the evaluations of the ASEs of those who will be involved or who will influence the final execution of your set plans in each stage, develop plans-fulfilling/fitting self-discipline programs, regular exercises and mental alertness programs. Then guide and make sure the entire sales force are effectively carried along the plan of actions and goals achieved in accordance with what is obtained from fiiting customers getting procedures. Again, reviewing the above, discloses that being guided by the capacity of the overseeing foresight that can be represented by the periodically reconciled ‘C&G’ strategies, with the ASEs’ formulas, over given time, the customers getting process of any arm of a business organization would become astonishingly successful. It would be like having in ones control some kind of kiss-and-tell scripts of getting Nigerian customers at any moment the need arises. Projecting the same conviction,
Shawn Anderson The author of “Soar to the top, rise above the crowd and fly away to your dream” confirmed that “By monitoring the results of your daily actions, you too, can detect if you’re making progress in the pursuit of your dreams. You will be able to tell if you are moving forward or backward in life. It’s as simple as that- there is no middle ground. Even, those who believe they are maintaining are wasting precious time. The time on their life clock show no mercy as it continues to tick.”

Meanwhile, with today’s technological achievements, and more broken business boundaries, and the speed of the level of awareness, tighter completive play grounds, there is little wonder why business activities are practically having roots on relationship building backgrounds. As we have previously seen, the existing Nigerian market’s intelligence base has persistently been intimating that the maneuvering for getting


Nigerian customers should be on the periodic situations of living of the targeted customers, and that this should circle around the capturing and reconciling strategies with the heart conditions of same customers throughout. So, it can not be said enough that you should be well acquainted, able to use the above described tool while being in the right frame of mind as hinted in part 2 to capture your customers. With the above in mind, organizations aptly need to focus on accurately positioning and reconciling their derived fitting sales functions (marketing, selling, advertising, promoting, etc.) with the previously portrayed Nigerian’s market situations and derived strategies to succeed in carrying offered goods and services into the market. This is the new front that is guaranteed of attracting, absorbing, and maintaining customers and hitting your preferred results cost effectively. So, the next part of “How to get more Nigerian customers today” will provide those fresh explosive instances you can through your recommended structured competent sales force, inherently identify, the emergence of problems, needs, etc, then, establish and be in the right situations, moments to allocate the exact energy and materials and other fitting resources needed to tackle situations, seed fitting capturing schemes into the hearths of millions of Nigerian customers, sell your offers, and finally win them over for your rewards.

You can quote me; with the above exercises you will make amazing sales and money in effect.


Part 4 Execute super alluring schemes
we will concentrate on how you as a Salesperson, Marketer, etc, Manufacturer, Corporation, and those running the internet based business, (the prospective sellers) would practically go under the oversight provided by the ASEs formulas in reconciliations with the ‘C&G’ strategies as a stage to fine tune all required activities of their organization and hit Nigerian customers with remarkable tempting and sure result yielding schemes. This part of the system has four basic faces in which you as an individual seller or a bigger organization can execute some established alluring schemes. Face A, deals with Marketers, Sales reps, and Commission Agents and those who would operate under such capacities. Face B, deals with Manufacturers. Face C, deals with corporations / firms. And, Face D deals with the internet based businesses.


Face A Marketers, Sales reps, and Commission Agents
this first face, we will concern ourselves with those expected members of the sales force of your organization who would be required to implement customers getting schemes under the above umbrella, and how any interested seller can benefit from the same projected lines of actions expected of them. Thus, as revealed by the Nigerian’s market intelligence base following some analyses, the following steps would guide to the derivation of the necessary stratifications to finally hit your sales.



Market from ‘C&G’ bases. Canvassing tactically. Sell from ‘C&G’ floors. Selling from shops. Step 1

Market Nigerians from ‘C&G’ basis
this particular step is on the mergence of the activities of the Marketer and those in the marketing research units. We shall establish the instances for which the oversight of the reconciliations of the ‘C&G’ strategies with the ASEs’ formulas would cradle your organization to success through the major aspects of marketing target Nigerian customers. Based on the above, marketing Nigerians from ‘C&G’ floors involves the flexibility of using the information extracted from the fitting matrixes of the ASEs of the groups of peoples who are responsible for your organization’s already implemented ‘C&G’ stratifications to establish the required tools or schemes to market. This would be an operational move. Hence, the derived schemes should enable the set monitoring team through the designated marketing unit of the organization to discover, evaluate, establish, plan, experiment, coordinate and execute strategies for identifying and checking what, when, why and how to produce, the price to sell and making your offers deeply absorbed into the targeted Nigerian’s markets, and getting customers to pay and satisfactorily use these goods or services as marketing continues. Thus, the ‘C&G’ exercises, by the responsible part of the sales force (in this case the marketing), must be implemented in those strategic channels, through which the overall marketing maneuvers of the organization would periodically, conveniently, accurately, swiftly, inherently and cost effectively, beat all forms of competitor’s undermining activities while soaring for your organization’s ‘C&G’

Our center of attention in


rewards. From analyses of the intelligence base, in part 1 and some established marketing requirements, the following eight dominant perspectives would provide you with the refreshing resources needed to effectively manage emerging states of affairs and put in place the above necessities. These eight viewpoints are: Identifying damaging market research problems in Nigeria. Valuable information to work with. Interviewing for facts. Sourcing for handy data about the Nigerian’s market. Planning for Nigerian’s market-fit marketing. Writing customers getting enhancing reports. Required ‘C&G’ supported marketing tasks. And Winning with practical ‘C&G’ fitted marketing steps. The above requirements, is all about the gathering of the right marketing-driven information to operate. If this is the case, then you’d need a focused marketing research unit as part of the sales force to come on board the system from here. You can appoint some Nigerians or firm in the country to carry this out for you. Whatever, the required marketing research unit of your organization would need to clear your sales unit path by taking some time to evaluate how to properly implement the desired research, avoid some marketing hindrances, and relay back some beeps of information to practically help your sales force have a smooth ride into the targeted Nigerian customer’s hearts / markets.


What ever you’d also need to personally have an idea of how to get this background set for your offers to practically hit the Nigeria’s market, guaranteed. The background for this highly rewarding marketing process can be prepared starting with the identification and avoidance of some common potholes or damaging marketing research problems in Nigeria. Damaging marketing research problems in Nigeria These are the periodically extracted information from the Nigerian’s market background that are established as the relevant contingencies to effective marketing research in Nigeria. Some of these marketing destroying, never-to-be underestimated, track-clarifying, marketing research problems that will likely be encountered in Nigeria include the followings. The time needed to gather information and go through the processes of recording interesting findings, interpreting and executing tasks prescribed from such findings of ‘C&G’ stratifications will be long. This will make some of the facts about the researcher’s findings to lose strength, as circumstances from the time the research commences to the time of completion would have changed. The process of researching Nigerian’s market may be expensive, especially when getting some equipment, remuneration and other materials needed to execute a down-toearth Nigerian oriented research comes in. Nigerians could be difficult to convince about an established goal. The researcher will find it hard to get enough facts to make the marketing research findings accurate. In addition, the sources the researcher may need to gather information and data may be unreliable. There could be exaggerations, underestimations, etc, which will make the use of


some already inaccurate.





The researchers who may collect the required information for the organization will be influenced by certain environmental factors at the period of collection and recording. At the end, if the influences are negative, they may incur omissions, making mistakes, and face some shortcomings and forward partially or completely wrong information. As earlier observed, while going for the required information, and fitting derivations, researchers cannot effectively research, without appropriately reconciling their ASEs with that of the targeted customers, organizations, competitors, sectors, and others in the marketing process to derive the best procedure for a given time. As a follow up, while marketing the guided network in Nigeria, should execute such ‘C&G’ stratifications as would simultaneously help the research unit to establish the most common mindsets, ways of spending leisure, welcoming attitudes, etc, of the targeted customers. The idea would be for the research unit to enter the market to make some confirmations of the periodically forwarded feedbacks provided by the Network in Nigeria from ‘C&G’ stratifications. With the above positioning you can ascertain the information you’d require to strategize with. Based on this, if the research unit decides to gather opinions or data, it may use questionnaires, telephones, and face to face interviews to go for required information. In this regards, find bellow some effective marketing related information that may be needed to work with.


Valuable market information to work with Some of these information include the factors influencing the population growth of the target market, the birth and mortality rate, the sex distribution, the most commonly used languages, the literacy and illiteracy rate, the religious beliefs, popular events and loved games / sporting activities, the dressing codes, the desired and loved foods, colors, music, opinions on goods or services, expectations, etc. Others include the climatic and seasonal conditions, prevalent desires, hopes, likes, fears, level of tolerance, available TV and Radio stations, roads, airports, seaports, etc, as these relate to what the organization would be providing for the market. If it comes to this, in order to effectively interview and reach the hearts of the Nigerian correspondences, and get the truth, your research unit should go for the gathering of facts through ‘C&G’ stratifications. Let’s see how facts can be accomplished. Interviewing for facts First, it is suitable that we quickly establish what would be revealed as facts from the targeted Nigerian’s market. From my findings, facts from a target Nigerian’s market are the well established, proved to be true, existing, real, set of circumstances, situations and information about the researched subjects or objects (the cases) in the market, which will help a seller practically, effectively, conveniently, swiftly, precisely market and sell his or her goods and services to same customers’ base. Thus, when seeking to establish a fact from the target Nigerian’s market, the researcher would need to maneuver with those fitting ‘C&G’ exercises (interactions with correspondences) and gather enough details, which will provide tangible statistical evidences of the verified case as being what it is.


Be aware that the verifiable materials of the treated case, when exposed to examination, have limitations in providing evidences of the truth of its existence. In addition, some verifiable materials that establish a case to be factual are subject to environmental influences and can change at certain points in time and the case ceases to be what it used to be. On the other hand, some verifiable materials stand the test of time to establish a case to be constantly true of its state of existence. For instance, in a laboratory test or experiment, if you add salt, sugar, and water together you will have a completely new substance (a solution) with new characteristics. The characteristics that made salt, sugar, and water to exist separately, no more exist when added together under given situation. Besides, if one fails to protect the tools used for experiments from contaminations the results of the experiment may be poor. In like manner, when the researcher evaluate and establish as facts the existence of some beliefs, attitudes, desires, likes, dislikes, fears, living standards, etc, in the targeted Nigerian’s market, be assured that these findings may no longer be true, as the targeted customers interact with themselves, their physical environment, the Nigerian society, the researchers, competitors, etc. We have previously found that to be so. In addition, some physical structures like roads, buildings, infrastructures, rivers, rocks, and sand found in the targeted Nigerian’s market can cease to exist over some time. On the other hand, an event that had taken place in the targeted market could not be truly proved not to have happened, provided the verifiable evidences prove it happened.


Remember that everything that happens occurs by pre-existing factors. These causes for events at times reflect the purposes of the events, provided there was a direction and control from an intelligent preexisting source. Therefore, to a concrete extend, the facts a researcher may gather from the targeted Nigerian’s market today about a case, is a clear indicator of the purpose of the case’s existence at the given time, provided these facts portray the ASEs of the same case. From another perspective, the effectiveness of the verification of a fact in a targeted Nigerian’s market is the degree of truth about the case, which it attains. This brings out the importance of your engaged researcher to be down to earth when selecting those materials, information, or findings from the targeted customers and market’s ASEs, and these should be done in those ways that will truly reflect the directions of your sales activities from the purposes of the existence of the cases. From this angle, you will agree with me that there should NEVER be speculations, assumptions, careless beliefs, underestimations, misplaced, or imagined problems from the targeted Nigerian’s market while researching. Let me illustrate these further. If I ask the question, when did time begin? What will be your answer? You might miss the answer. The reason this happens is that you may try to place the subject “TIME” in among the common things known to you. What I mean is that, you may try to place “TIME” as what is dimensional (solid). That is what you may take “TIME” as what you


can hold or feel. When you try to place this dimensioned piece of the puzzle, it constantly fails to fit into the gentle indefinite and conceptual “TIME.” What do I mean? “TIME is “TIME.” Think of that again “TIME” is what it is. “TIME” is justified for what it is by perfection. Where perfection is a point set by order and limits to be a just situation. This situation will always acknowledge “TIME” to have been, is and will be. Attributing what does not belong to “TIME,” to it would cause a mental problem. Therefore, as the researchers go for core facts, they should be sensitive to what is actually brewing forth from the Nigerian’s market play grounds, which the other parts of the sales force’s already ‘C&G’ maneuvers would have exposed to the unit. Thus, the set research unit would be expected to do the followings to retrieve needed facts from the targeted Nigerian correspondences they may wish interviewing through the Internet or the Nigerian network: Seek matured minded, intelligent, and friendly Nigerian correspondents to interview. Clearly explain to them what is intended to be achieved from the interview. Make them feel they are actually assisting to execute what will benefit / interest them. Give them the feelings of fulfillment for having served a productive purpose at a point in time, through the information they may provide. Create circumstances that would generate the strong feelings of being among a class others would admire or like to belong. Have writing materials and put down those discerned points, which would help establish facts.


Keep carrying the correspondents along as the interview goes on. If someone who thinks, he, / she is too big to be interviewed by, avoid the person. If the person is the only one, then be tactical; avoid comments that will silently trigger clashes of interests. Switch on those body languages, tones of voice, auras, convincing powers, and other effects, that would help extract from correspondents those effective marketing yielding comments, attitudes, behaviors, etc. Put them in situations that would lead to the reading of their thoughts and be able to complete their sentences, comments, stories, and such effects to get desired points. Besides the above, some occasions would arise when the researchers would need to collect already sourced information while researching the dynamic Nigerian’s market. This can help them to verify some facts and aim at the same research direction. Thus, if it is necessary, they should go for the collection of relevant and up-to-date ready made information with the above background still. Find how to go about this below. Sourcing for handy data about the Nigerian’s market These include, searching for needed information from the existing records of some multinational companies, private, local firms / organizations, governmental agencies, journals, professional associations, and the Nigerian Stock Exchange market. Other sources include, the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Ministry of Labor and Productivity, National Electoral Commission, Ministry of Health, Federal Road Safety Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Chambers of Commerce and Industries, regulatory bodies, in Nigeria, some agencies, institutions, etc.


There are websites where needed information can be retrieved for instance,,, etc.

Types of handy data Some of the ready-made data the researcher may seek to find would include accident rates, mortality rates, figures of Internet users, figures of radio and television stations, numbers of churches, numbers of schools, numbers of students, numbers of unemployed, major roads, numbers of motor parks, numbers of recreational centers. In addition, they may seek to retrieve numbers of companies, profits and lose accounts, growth rate of certain companies, employee’s figures, social responsibilities records, and so on. In order to make it easy to verify that the gathered information above are consistent, and would really help in hitting your organization’s main marketing research goals, there should be representations of gathered findings in easy to interpret, read, and understood manners. Hence, the researcher (s) would need to use tables, codes, symbols to record, package, organize, and represent their collected information from the market in manners, which the over all ‘C&G’ maneuvers of the sales force would have already provided directions. In view of the above, the researchers should be able to compose and write out a good report about the main goal yielding findings. The following will guide researchers to write such a report.


Writing customers getting enhancing report The simplest way of writing an effective marketing research report is to follow the process of writing a book. As experts indicate, the basic things needed to be known are as follows: Work with the settings of the introduction to the report. Here the researcher should give a name or title to the report. If there is a sponsor, or the represented organization should be mentioned. The researcher should be stated and of course, the date the report was written should be written. Compile the table of contents. Here display where one can find the items in the report. For instance, outline pages, sections, subsections, charts, figures, etc. Write an acknowledgement to show appreciation to those who helped in carrying out the research. Mention their names and the ways in which they assisted to carry out the research. Write the details of the research findings in the body of the report. For instance, write out in clear paragraphs what was gone after in the research. State the locations the research took place. State the findings gathered. State the time it took to complete the research. Talking about the taking of right positions, when the above background has been effectively prepared, ‘C&G’-backed research has being effectively sealed, or the need emerges to execute core marketing or introduce a new product into the market, the leaders of relevant units (advert, customers services, marketing, etc.) would need to establish, and consider the following supportive steps of planning for “core Nigerian fit marketing.”


Required ‘C&G’ supported marketing tasks For instance, the members of your marketing monitoring team should by themselves or through experts, secure the followings: • Be able to use proportions, means, mode, variation, standard deviation and other chats, to swiftly, cost effectively, accurately and conveniently analyze and interpret the clear present and emerging marketing situations the organization is exposed to. • Be able to use the information / data from provided ‘C&G’ strategies and ASEs’ formulas to further sustain Nigerian’s marketing fit information system. According to experts, marketing information system is the periodic interaction of people, machines, equipments, and process that are implemented to continue the collection, selection, analyses, evaluation, establishment, and subsequently forwarding of relevant, marketing-sustaining, organizational image-building and other information for use by those who would make further decisions. • Acquire materials and insight from the pre executed ‘C&G’ maneuvers to brainstorm, chat together, engage in discuss groups and derive the required dynamism to complement each other’s efforts and work as a team to stir a strong profitable marketing front as a part of the sales force into the Nigerian’s market. • Periodically liaise with credible advertising, marketing, and other agencies in Nigeria to develop great ad copies / sales letters, jingles, promotional programs, e-marketing strategies, and other activities. • Identify the right time and circumstances to make improvements to satisfy projected customers needs. • Plan an effective monitoring scheme, especially as would hit the over all marketing goals and provide the basis for further relations to superior management team.


In order to make the above more effective, your monitoring unit would need to beef up their marketing control by reconsidering the following established conditions for planning for effective ‘Nigerian’s-market-fitmarketing’. We are talking about preparing for the sort of marketing that would practically turn in customers and help you make real money from the Nigerian’s market. Planning for Nigerian’s market fit marketing To achieve the above, consider the followings: Hunt for the opportunities the organization can quickly snatch in Nigeria to sell. Deeply understand the specific class of customers likely to be faced and their ASEs. Review step 3 of part 1 again for this requirement. Reconfirm how to canvass these customers, the ways they can flow with the organization. Re-establish the standard they would like from the organization, especially as would further prepare favorable circumstances for emerging, effective, sustaining ‘C&G’ exercises while the responsible part of the sales force, markets. Establish the best / appropriate marketing program to execute. Establish the time that the targeted Nigerian customers would continue buying before the offered goods or services become less appealing. Put this down as the surviving strength / weaknesses of the goods or services. Determine what the patronage rate would be like by establishing the level of interest customers would show to the ideas of the upcoming goods or services. Envision the standard the goods or services would need to be for about 80% of your target market to patronize. Establish how the responsible part of the sales force intends beating competitors. Evaluate the required performances by some findings retrieved from the reconciliations of the ASEs of the market, target customers, competitors, the organization, and


the industry the organization belong. Establish which territory / location would push the marketing advances / goals straight to its fulfillments. Establish what would happen if the organization sells directly or through Agents to the targeted customers. Find out the kind of advertisement that would be need to consistently, easily capture, and secure Nigerian customers interest and further trigger the sustenance of their patronage. After securing the above background, the sales force of your organization would need to be geared to take up the practical Nigerian’s marketing steps and dearly win the targeted Nigerian customers hearts, make sales and spin the required money. Let’s project what the sales force would practically do in the real Nigerian’s market field. This is the main thing after all, I mean going right there to hit the customers, making volumes of sales and raking in heaps of monies. This can be achieved by considering what would be involved by winning with the practical ‘C&G’-fitted marketing steps. Winning with practical ‘C&G’ fitted marketing steps The practical ‘C&G’-fitted marketing steps should include entering the target Nigerian’s market and combing for customers through your Nigerian network (part of the sales force) or Internet-backed facilities through, the followings: • Listing and targeting of Nigerian’s market backed customers getting contacts, e.g. by contacting clubs, schools, etc, from your Nigerian front. • Sending of complimentary cards to prospects. • Distribution of hand bills to potential Nigerian customers. • Sending of e-mail messages and sales letters to prospects. • Writing of letters of introduction / proposals to companies and making of offers. For instance, get addresses, contact phone numbers in yellow pages and some websites like

164 • Practically meeting and canvassing potential customers at ‘C&G’ points of contacts. So, after situating your sales force in the above position, your set up control unit and the Nigerian Networks part of your sales force should gather the following summarized ideas of the things that they basically need to do to get customers flowing: For instance, let’s take it that an organization offers, Automobiles and parts, which include that of trucks, vans, cars, jeeps, motor bikes and other vehicles. The control unit should appoint an agent and get a major dealer, or a representative in the targeted market to form part of the network previously established as part of the sales force. Influence the appointees marketing, promotional, and other activities with the strategies found in this book. Let them talk and seal businesses with other agencies or bodies like the National Union of Road Transporters and maintenance carriages / service centers. Others this part of Nigerian’s networks can sell to are local subdealers, or directly to corporations, individuals, communities, local and state governments, other governmental agencies. They should reach out to and discus with managers, community and other leaders, who are responsible for the transportation of passengers and goods. The appointees could be used as contact points to make sales. They should be in the forefront for the organization while the sales force maneuvers its ways of getting target Nigerian buyers.


Chemicals, including preservatives, ceramic stain removers, chemicals for manufacturers of plastic wares, detergents / toilet soaps, creams, drugs, inks, cellophane bags, etc. The control unit should work with appointed agent(s), a reliable consultant, a major dealer, or a representative, as the appointees. Get this or these appointee(s) to contact manufacturer’s associations, manufacturers, trade unions, local industrialists, local dealers, firms, agro – allied industries, etc, and market offered products. Spread the products to local dealers, influence them to sell in shops, have depots away from crowded areas, if the need arises. Computers and accessories like lap tops, monitors, mouse, key boards, soft wares, flash drives, diskettes, complete systems, computer components, printers, scanners, ups, inks, cables, other hard wares, etc. The control unit should work with the appointees. Search the Nigerian’s market, reach local markets, and appoint other subdealers. Influence these dealers to reach their local markets and customers, which include individuals, other small traders, schools, institutions, shop owners, corporations, and governmental agencies. Influence the marketing activities of this network and have them make great sales. Electronics/Electrical appliances, which include TV’s, Hifis, VCD’s, DVD’s, DVD duplicators, digital cameras, Camcorders, Close circuit TV monitors, games, fax machines, photocopying machines, etc. Also, the control unit should get an appointee such as a major distributor or an agent, to work with. The appointee should be influenced to reach out for major markets in


Nigeria e.g. Aba Market, Alaba International Market in Lagos, and Onisha Market. In all, go for local dealers, shop owners, and such customers. Sell to corporations, institutions, individuals, and other small traders. Equipments / accessories, which include heavy-duty plants, power generating plants, farm equipments, milling machines, sporting equipments, medical equipments, kitchen equipments, etc. The control unit of the interested organization can contact and enter into agreement with commissioned sales agents, distributors, consultants, and such companies in Nigeria as appointees. In addition, the control unit must make it a point of duty to implement effective monitoring, guiding, and the like, facilities to influence the required marketing, promotional and other activities of the built networks of appointees in Nigeria. For instance, they control unit of the sales force should get their appointees to work with reliable local banks and make payments easy, convenient for target customers. Open credit facilities with the help of the local bank. Besides, they should establish a reliable media to periodically gather feed backs / required target Nigerian’s market brewed production information, which may be needed to make adjustments, designing or re-designing plans. Whatever the case, the entire sales force should additionally target selling offered products to SME’s, corporations, institutions, or governmental agencies. Foods like can foods, sachet, packed foods, raw foods, etc. Here also, the control unit of the organization’s sales force should through appointees’ device ways of guiding, protecting, directing, and influencing the marketing, promotional, selling, and other customers


getting activities of reliable distributors, representatives, advertising agencies, etc.



The control unit should effectively coordinate the activities of these appointees in Nigeria. The sales force as a complete front should hence target direct consumers, contact hotels, restaurants, boarding schools, etc. The appointees should be influenced to deliver to offices, schools, institutions, construction sites, etc. Household stuffs like rugs, lamps, blenders, microwave ovens, kettles, refrigerators, deep freezers, etc. The control unit should make use of marketers, agents, distributors, or sales representatives to contact local traders, shop owners, Individual buyers, etc. Wears/Cosmetics, including children’s, men’s, women’s clothes, shoes, bags, etc. The control unit should contact and appoint agent (s) or the like arms in Nigeria. Get the appointee (s) to contact shop owners, open special centers close to local markets, local government areas, in popular streets or markets of major cities, get retailers, kiosks owners, etc. Finally, your structured sales force should have started sinking their tentacles into the market and acquire enough resources to equip itself, seal, sustain sales and improve the members’ manners of interacting with prospects. Get more links at page 281. You’d need to go down some more to boost and fortify this activity.


Meanwhile, several studies from many field of interest have revealed that no organization would like to lose its precious customers to any competitor.

Nigerian elders from Akwa Ibom put it this way that the palm
kernel of the poor is precious in his eyes. If an organization knows what it costs it to harvest customers from the Nigerian’s physical market field, it would inherently better strategies to effectively lock them up for loyalty. Whatever, in view of going further down to core fruitful marketing still, some moments must emerge when your organization would need to have sales representatives, marketers and other members of the sales force down in Nigeria go into the market’s points of contact and canvass for customers. This would be done to complement the above marketing strategies. In this regards, one other aspect that must be separately considered is that of using ‘sweet-mount’ as Nigerians would say to pull in and cage all the Nigerian customers as possible. This should be done to complement the above Nigerian fit marketing actions. Again, you should be able to influence your part of sales force in Nigeria to effectively canvass for customers and actually seal up large volumes of sales for you. The next step will guide us to the field and expose the real practical experience there could possibly be with the average Nigerian customers and in consequence, how to release fitting ‘C&G’ strategies to physically pump in these same Nigerian customers.


Step 2

Canvass tactfully with Nigerian customers
we will particularly consider the practical moments your organization through its salespersons, marketers and such members of the sales force, would need to be in the physical Nigerian’s market field to campaign for and get customers for your offers. This is one core instance of implementing the devised ‘C&G’ strategies. As the Nigerian’s market would demand, this sort of canvassing must involve the assigned sales force’s skills of maneuvering with the ASEs of those involved while interacting with prospects.


The salesperson should be able to log on to the ASE mood and get the followings done: (A) (1). Establish his ASE (Σefhnx/t.) as at the time he intends canvassing. (2). Establish the ASE of the targeted customers as Σ(ef.hnxtc)/t. (3). Establish the ASE of the point of contact as Σ(ef.hnxtm)/t in which the prospect is met. (4). Establish the ASE of his or your organization as Σ(ef.hnxorg)/t.. Bring out the relationship between (1), (2), (3) and (4) in (A) as (Σ ( Then, derive the common attitudes, dispositions, desires, standards of living, available amenities and other things as would assist to cost effectively, swiftly, and precisely discern, generate, confirm and


execute the periodically required ‘C&G’ stratifications while pushing offered goods or services to prospects. Also, the step (B) should be considered in order to avoid common destructive flaws, while the salesperson attempts to capture the prospects hearth and seal sales. (B) The sales person should accomplish the followings, namely: (1).Establish the ASE of his organization as Σ (ef.hnxorg)/t. (2).Establish the ASE of other salespersons if any as Σ (ef.hnxemp)/t. (3).Establish the ASE of the available competitor as Σ (ef.hnxcompt)/t.

Then the salesperson should make a reconciliation of 1-3 of (B) to derive the common fears, goals, emerging needs, emerging, expectations, and present obstacles there may be to effective canvassing. In most cases, conversation would come to play. The sort of conversation we aim at would occur when there are verbally aided expressions and conveyance of thoughts, ideas, emotions, opinions, etc, (messages) between the canvasser (salesperson) and the target Nigerian customers as would lead to the sales of your offers under changing conditions. In the process, when negative or counter thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc, blur the targeted customer’s insight of the message your appointed salesperson seeks to get across, the conversation will be ineffective. However, when these arouse the desired result, it will become efficient. Therefore, the salesperson would need to and should be capable of getting down to the Nigerian’s market background, use the ASEs’ formulas and study some relevant activities leading to a suitable time,


conditions and manners of conveying messages through conversations. As a follow up, the salesperson should generate ideas leading to improved conversational skills. These ideas should be developed for effectiveness. The ideas should be regularly checked for consistency as the salesperson implements established fitting ‘C&G’ exercises that would strike a balance between his / her and the customer’s heart yearnings at the particular time canvassing to absorb same customers is on. Through periodic report the salesperson would then communicate core customers getting enhancing findings or other needed data from the field back to the control unit of your organization. As called for by the Nigerian’s market intelligence base, the above would serve as a fresher approach to making presentations, introductions, conversations, and closure of sales today.

Putting it clearer, as would be expected of them, the salesperson is should be intimated of the following traditional requirements in the new face of getting customers while canvassing goes on: Be always relaxed while conversing with the targeted customers. Minds should be cleared of thoughts that presently have nothing to do with the topic or goal that is in focus. Develop a speed that would keep the talk going at constant and “let’s-go-together” intervals. Avoid rushing and mixing words. Avoid too long sentences. Pronounce words clearly and be audible enough. Avoid talking to the targeted customers with something in the mouth. Make sure the eyes convey the messages put forth while looking at your customers. Break at intervals and points where the targeted customers can contribute in the conversation. Prefer being a careful listener than a talker. Be warm at all the times conversation is made. Avoid being too liberal. Instead, take charge of affairs, discern


thoughts, motives for given actions or expressions, feelings, drives, and emotions. Deeply get to know what the targeted customers are heading for, or expecting, before providing suggestions, opinions, recommendations, etc. Avoid anything that would lead to conflict between self and the target customers. The new challenge is to be able to tie up the entire requirements above and use the ASEs to discern and derive the required materials to maneuver with in core Nigerian ways, while going for customers’ hearts. Meanwhile, note that based on our present pursuit one satisfied or loyal Nigerian customer can practically lead a millions worth of sales as an affiliate or so. In addition, it is true that volumes of sales are lost and at the end millions lost to careless talks, hurtful words, silly slogans, misplaced intentions when interacting with, or marketing target customers. Whatever the case, when facing the Nigerian’s market, salespersons are bound to experience or counter many unforeseen events in the field. The following two major divulged perspectives of reasoning will help your appointed salesperson gain the knowledge of down to earth Nigerian ways of using conversational skills, to hit the Nigerians physical market and seal sales. This would be like practically opening the vault in the market to pack tons of money. These are as follows: Winning Nigerian physical market. This is divided into three parts, namely, (a).Customers at home. (b).The busy Nigeria customers. (c).The general potential customers. And


11 super hints of turning Nigerians in. So let’s face it by going to the first exercise. Winning the physical Nigerian’s market fields Nigeria is a free society, and since millions of the targeted Nigerian customers live in heavily congested areas in the cities, especially in Lagos state, Kano, Onisha, Aba, and other capital cities, the designated control unit of your organization can influence the network part (the appointed salespersons in Nigeria), to arrange, and visit these customers at homes. I know this might sound odd but there are certain locations your sales persons would reach and there will not be any clear difference visiting prospects at their homes. Remember that we are really focused on grass root type of marketing and getting your offers across to millions of Nigerian prospects (customers). Thus, if circumstances permit, the time comes or the need arises for the appointed salespersons, in Nigeria to visit, (A). customers at homes let the team take note of the followings: 1). Gently knock at the doors or ring the doorbell and humbly wait for response. For instance, in most heavily populated areas, there are many children, and before a parent opens, it may likely occur that the children might be the first to do the welcoming. A child may run under his or her parent’s armpit and stare at the salesperson as if someone asked it to do so for N 20. If the money is not available to give at each door, have that hearty smile. Use it to keep the temper of most customers down.


Switch on to the ASEs mode, read the situation, and discern the right approach. For instance, greet children warmly. With that, the parent’s attention would have been somehow bought. Avoid over smiling in other not to register some degree of insincerity to the ever-watching parent’s eyes. Be sincere indeed and friendly with children in the field. Study any emerging situation, identify and beat the rising hindrances and intelligently convince targeted customers at homes. 2). Though Nigerians are known to be very hospitable, the salesperson may encounter some occasions when targeted customers would slam their doors against the salesperson’s face and feel disgusted ever seeing him / her around. With such customers, the salesperson is expected to apply solutions from ASEs derivations, while keeping a sense of complete integrity. For instance, the salesperson should study the immediate environment, e.g. the house and the neighborhood, envision the kind of influences the customers might be exposed to, and hunt for motives. Be very considerate and remain happy and bold if there would be need to say any thing. Note, that people have that right to enjoy their privacy. With this in mind, the salesperson should discreetly apologize and tactically say things that will pull back such customers to their senses, which will favor the salesperson’s main goal. Again, protecting the privacy of the customers must come first. Depending on the heat the customer may generate and the time, he / she gives the salesperson to respond, things as this should be said, “I am sincerely sorry for what ever I may have done to hurt you. I really was eager to let you know …” (State the advantages of your product and services, tie the money value, and mention the name of your


product.). I never meant any inconveniences. Be nifty, go for the heart of this sort of potential customer. If the customer does not want to listen to anything, be polite and leave. 3). As a result of some wrong information, personal experiences, untreated complaints and other previous relationship-straining events, some customers may invite a salesperson to their houses, offer them seats, and begin to flatter the salesperson. They may condemn to the extent of forcing the salesperson to lose concentration. At the end of their biting words, they will politely show the salesperson the way out. Who knows if a competitor may have a hand in that case? However, in cases like this, the salesperson is expected to consider all necessary ASEs concentrate and seek to derive the background that must have lead to the reaction of the customer. If given the chance, ask questions. Whatever, confirm to the customers that there would be a sincere work on the complaints. The customer should be given the impression that if not for him / her your organization would have been going about the neighborhood believing that everything is all right. Mention the exact areas of need, which the customer has established. Meanwhile, the salesperson should never ever bring himself / herself down. Moreover, this is where the ASEs mode comes in. From the derivations obtained, maneuver and stick the purpose of the visit into the heart of the customer.


Apply a good sense of humor while expressing what the product can still do for the customer. Seek a way to establish friendship, which could afterwards lead to sales and leave good impression behind. 4). The salesperson will definitely meet some Nigerian customers, who would express deep interest in the offered goods or services, but lack the purchasing power to acquire it. The point is this does not mean that they will not buy later on. If the customers opens up about his financial limitation, find a way of recommending the best option he can obtain the offers, if the organization have provisions for that. For instance, log on to the ASEs mode again, this time hunt for the level of sincerity of the excuse, interest, true bases for the financial limitations at the time. Then, discern the customer’s capacity and offer tailored solutions that could lead to the purchase of the offered goods or services. So, let the customer know the advantages of the offered goods or services still. Let the customers feel that their best interest is at heart. Do not pry into his privacy. Fix a date for returning if the need be. Make friends with the customer and search for some opportunities to get offered goods or services promoted. Generally, in congested areas salespersons should go in groups and be a bit entertaining, make people happy, be very warm and sweet company to be with. Use core Nigerian greetings that would attract attention e.g. Una doo, Eka aro mbiooo, etc. Openly, display products so that those who may peep to see what is happening can have an


idea. Remember that want they think of the salesperson would also be allocated to your offers. Apply other ‘C&G’ strategies and make sure the products or services in effectively promoted and sales made. Apart from meeting customers at homes, while in the field, salespersons may meet those we can call (B). The busy Nigerian customers. Normally, it will depend on what keeps the customer busy before the salesperson can know how to approach to make sales. Also, remember that a working person is very much likely to have a divided mind in what is being offered. Therefore, the salesperson should be in the ASEs mode once again, discern the extend of the importance of what is being one by the customer, evaluate the customers interest in the engagement, read the customers person, smile and commend the work that is done, flow along and be apart of what is being done. Find a way to open conversation and make friends. Briefly trigger interest with financial advantages and hit the points, which will generate sales. The salesperson should always wear a friendly face, since he is likely going to disturb these customers somehow. What to say? Check the following: 1). Assuming a busy family man is met in the neighborhood, he can be approached by saying “Good afternoon sir. I am very glad to meet you this fine afternoon. I am Vincent Bassey, we are personally sharing with our esteemed customers, what I sincerely believe will benefit you in a large way. It is our improved Insurance scheme (mention your product’s name with dignity and pride, along side this let your aura confirm to the customer the importance of the product) from the Meteorite Insurance Company.”


“This brochure here (hand over a bill or sales letter to the busy customer) will explain to you what I am talking about.” Continue this way: “There may be some questions you wish asking us. I will be glad to give you answers to this right away or when I come back to the neighborhood next Saturday.” Or say: “Better still you can give me an appointment and I will come and discus the ways you would personally like us to help you. In all we seek to give your money an outstanding value.” If the customer shows interest, discus further and seal the sale. 2).There are customers who are neat in every aspect. These yuppies are often firm and straight to the point fellows. They are time-driven and would appreciate the salesperson the more if the nail is hit on the head. The sales person should forget niggling about other services / things which is discerned as not going to interest these sorts of customers. For instance, say things as, “I am making this brief call to show you an important product that is guaranteed to put class into your drinking style. It is this Chikas glasses. Do you know why this product is something you must get? You would save a lot of money you would have spent in buying glasses. They do not break if they fall. Besides, the glasses reflect many colors as the prism would when light rays hit it. In night parties, you will find them to be very fanciful, making your celebrations very interesting. We have a very limited stock of these. The set of 4 here would cost you a promotional price of N 1,500 only.” The idea is to tailor your offers to match the person of the customers to capture the busy customer’s interest.



Some customers may put on faces that can discourage the salesperson on the spot.

The salesperson may discover through “put up-faces” that these customers do not exactly know how to tell him / her (the salesperson) to go away from them, but they would be glad if the salesperson leaves them alone. They may only stage manage the face of a thing and pretend to be doing something in order to keep you off. The ASEs should be handy here as well in order to derive exactly what to do. For instance, the salesperson should not try to delude these customers by saying what the offers are not. Instead, the skeptical customer should be tackled with convincing warm smile and words. The salesperson here is expected to be bold all through. Words like this can help reach the salesperson’s goals: “We are encouraging our dear customers to come down and give us the opening to make a very little amount be of great value for them, as they investigate the powers of this ‘Teeth’s World’ tooth paste. My brother (or sister) you see, when it touches your teeth, believe me something good happens to your teeth. To cut a long story short, we are just so concerned about getting people to know that we are down to earth about securing a lasting solution to most dental problems in Nigeria, starting with as little as this. Take this free trial sachet of the toothpaste from me (hand it over) and tell us your true opinion by filling this form here. This large size will cost you a promotional price of N 180.” When marketing those who are busy the salesperson should never be a bug on them. At the same time, the salesperson should try to make it as fast and tactical as possible. Throw in money saving or making opportunity the offer has. Be entertaining to a considerable and relevant manner to the approach and presentation. Go for the sales of offers.


All we care about is they can buy. So why waste the opportunity of talking to them. Besides, the busy customers, there are those we can class as belonging to (C). The general potential buyers in the field (those the salesperson meet on the streets, offices, parks, and other contact points). As a salesperson in cases as these, remember to be in the ASEs read the persons of customers, read drives, the influences of the place of contact on the customers and derive what you discern would give him joy, fulfillment, pleasure, pride, etc. Then establish the common situations that would benefit both of you. From these derived bases, blend with the customer and run your marketing or whatever. Remember you would be out to not only sell but also gather appointment, create contacts, study customers’ behaviors and send back your reports or feedback from the field.

For instance, if folks are targeted on the streets, and the salesperson happens to meet somebody just walking along, why, if the person suites the salesperson’s assessment, there could be an approach, but the salesperson would be expected to be cheerful and have a “let’s keep walking” attitude. In all, customers should be made to feel the reasons the approach is made as being very important. Note that many Nigerians will be on guard if the salesperson has to meet them in a quite street. Therefore, a busy street should be chosen where the salesperson can get many people who would feel secured to some extent. Moreover, the salesperson should never be forward, but shrewd.


There should always be a well introduction of self and the company. Then the next cause of action taken as would lead to sales, as the following illustrations would give you ideas of what to do at similar portrayed situations. So, now put your self in the salesperson’s shoes in order to have the feelings of what you’d need to project to your part of sales force down in Nigeria. For example, 1). While walking alongside the customer, described above, you may use words as, “We are combing the neighborhood this fine evening for some nice people who would appreciate a lasting solution to their investment problems. I am talking about making real money, for a life time”. (Allow a brief interval for comments). “Money Wise Investment Corporations is directly affiliated with Safe Trust Bank Limited and we tailor our services to completely meet up with your personal financial situations. Here is our brochure. It will explain precisely how you will personally benefit from our scheme.” If the customer shows further interest, you can follow up and at the end try to get his telephone numbers and address by giving him a small card to fill (if there is provision for such) and promise that your company would immediately follow up to see how they would render a personalized service. If possible, try to seal your sales or get leads. 2). You will meet some customers, who will not know exactly where to place you. It is attitude sort of a thing that must be stumbled upon.


They may wear inquiring faces as if they are recovering from the powers of hypnosis. They would not know whether to run, stay, or talk with you. If you meet such one as the above be calm. In some cases, you will discover that they seem to be smelling their own mouth. Go into your ASEs stuff and make your findings and stratifications. Then, with suitable manners fire your fitting heart capturing weapons. For instance, stare at these folks convincingly and never scare them, to confirm their fears, etc. Inject your points and startle them to reality. Look at them with the intend of bringing them to their senses, while conversing. At the end, go for your main sales goals. 3). You will come across a number of customers who were once in the marketing swing or the same field you presently are in. Unless you keep a stronghold on what you were doing, expect being deviated from your goal. These retired agents, representatives, salespersons, and the like people, have a wealth of experience to glow, if you allow the whole time for that. At times, some of their comment can weaken both you and other potential customers. Remember, that you are not discussing your professions; you are promoting and selling your goods or services. Be very confident but do not be a killjoy when dealing with them.


You may meet these fellows if you arrange and catch an appointment with a decision maker in an office or so. So, if you meet up with two or more people other than the one you planed to discuss with take charge of the outcome and go for your goals. Again, if any one keeps telling you about what he knows about marketing, the economy, politics, social events, etc, be careful of what you say in return and turn every occasion back to the purpose of your call. Get your orders, hook up to leads, and promote your products and company. For instance, if a customer talks about his stories as a marketer say things like, “I am so happy to share from your wealth of experiences. There are so many things, which I believe I have gained from you. Things are really changing, but we must learn from the past.” While keeping your up building stare fixed at them, use words as, “If not for the limited time, I would have loved to enjoy myself chatting with you. I have to make other people come to realize the great benefit, financially, socially and so on of using the furniture made by the Specter Furniture Company, which this flyer here explains, this is one of the greatest discoveries yet” (Hand over an explanatory material to your derailing customer, if you have one. Follow his response and if others are listening, you can continue, “You see, this chair has the technology to read your impulses and registers your level of stress at work. This will make officers know when to have a drink, rest, break, and so forth. This development will make businesspersons have a controlled work program the more. And we assure that fruitful / profitable business activities will generate from this.”


If there is no interruption and they continue to pay attention then continue, with something like this, “You see the chair’s arms and the cushions are made up of some sensors with electronic fibers that can read your blood pressure from your hands, back and buttocks, even with your suits on. An electronic metal is at the back of each design this reads your heart beats and rates it accordingly. Furthermore, a small sender that could be put on your desk, or any table about 10 meters away from the chair can receive all these messages and emits waves at interval, which you may receive by a central computer screen that will translate everything into understandable graphics and figures.” Break for any question or response from your customers. If there is no question yet, continue making your product a must buy. Say things as, “You see frustration, work stress, fatigue and so on will be better managed by most companies who have the foresight of acquiring this product. Besides, companies will save whole lot of monies, energy, and time and work output will be high. Specter Furniture has developed more furniture for homes, offices, hostels, hospital, etc, which you can take advantage of.” Commit the customers with your offer. For instance, you can give them a special coupon, which will attract some given percentage of discounts if brought to your company. Hit the purpose of your call. 4). Still talking about people who may be derailing and being in company with others, you may come across a customer who would talk endlessly and say things that have little or nothing to do with what you have in mind. Use the ASEs to read the customer, before following up with the derived fitting ‘C&G’ maneuver. If you find the customer to be the trendy type, or who attaches importance to the way he or she looks, then say things as, “I am making a brief stop over here and I am so glad to meet up with you. I really mean what I am telling you. I would


like to have your opinion about this handbag from the Women Gem Production ltd. You can continue this way, “Some ladies I met at Makombo Street claimed that this hand bag is scientifically supreme. One Mr. Dele at Ate Nkambi Estate said that he would have loved the bag to be a little old fashion. (Use other people’s testimonial comments).You see, the Women Gem Production ltd. is very focus about what you feel. And we make our products to last for a long time and yet fit the emerging tastes and budgets of our target customers. You see, your pride is our joy. After all, why is it that we work so hard day and night? Spark up your life, buy the very best for your self.” If the customer is still interested or others are listening, you can continue this way, “Why don’t you have a look at the bag yourself?” (Allow the customers to handle and inspect the product). Commit the customers to buying while your product is still in their possession.

From this angle, say touchy things like, “As I am looking at you right now with the bag, you look so sweet indeed. Apart from my marketing quest, you truly deserve this one. And I see nothing stopping you from making it yours for good with a token of N 1,000.” Follow up the customer’s response, and close your sale. 5). What if you stumble by two fellows who are in intimate mood? If they engage each other with passion or so that you discern you will be a nuisance do not disturb. However, look for and operate from those favorable circumstances or if they will give you a minute attention to stand firm on your sales grounds and briefly say what you have to offer.


Remember to complement their mood in any way you can with your tailored offers. All the same, if they look at you with eyes that may transport you to the moon and forget you there for good that is an indication that they would not like your company. Comments like this can be so helpful, “Una well-done oooo my dear brother and sister, God no go allow me put over the bar within him don put together, Am so pleased to have come here this moment. (Keep your bold steady acceptable stare.) There is something, which I believe you will never want to miss under whatever circumstances. It is not about moneyoooo. It’s about people who really care.” Paste their minds as if you were appealing to a judge who would not listen. Continue, I am showing people a better way to eradicate skin diseases. Doctors have tried the best they can but it amazes me why we still have skin cancer. I have a product that will go down and destroy the whole agents that cause skin diseases from your blood stream. “Talking about scientific advancement, see for yourself the new rap scare skin-care cream from Beakers Cosmetics Limited. The direction inside will explain the wonders of the cream to you. At the end, you know we just want people to have this and money should not be their problem, so this one here will cost you only a token of N 200.” Do not be demoralized if the customers intercepts you and say he / she is not interested at all in what you are saying. However, if the customer seems to give you a little more time, conclude quickly by sayings things as “Your friends, workmates, school mates, family members, and other associates will be so glad and will never forget your fine initiative if you offer them the opportunity to make use of this product. Believe me when I tell you that.”


Find a way to make friends, get leads, and if possible make your sale. 6).You may meet some moody customers in the field. These customers may be experiencing some form of emotional disturbance. I do not think they would like to be disturbed any further, not even with your great goods or services. This does not mean that some cannot give you a chance to run your sales talk. Inmost cases, you can end up selling to them. Note that it depends on what has really happened and your tactics before you can sell to these kind of customers. The main target should be to open the door for revisit. Therefore, the safest thing is snatching the gains you can from these sorts of customers while identifying and making use of the slightest emerging permissive situation. For instance, express your condolence, while being bold and calm. Do not be completely thrown down with sympathy. Instead, study the customer in the case; evaluate the measure of strength he / she displays, and approach accordingly. You can put on a weak disposition, pretend to be so touched, if you were not in the first place. Be on the customer’s side and let him / her tell you the true situation of things for you to be able to evaluate their strength to contain the pain. Comments like this can help, “All I can assure you is that things like this happen to us daily. At times, no matter the strength we may tend to have, some problems can be so devastating. The fight to remain strong must move ahead. How we all yearn for a happy stress-free life.


It pains us so much that things like this keep straining our happiness often.” Wait for a response, then you can continue, “If not for the problem you have, I would have introduce this electric heater to you. It warms the house to the desired degree.” If you discover that the amount of attention you draw would permit, then go on with a complete concerned attitude to attempt making sales, collecting contacts or leads. Remember anybody you meet must be made useful. 7). Take it from me; there are customers in the Nigerian’s market who would find it hard to make a buying decision without anything attached to it. Some of these sorts of customers may know exactly what they need or want but would not just feel like making it known to you. This psychology will affect whatever they hear from you. Some of the ways to identify them, are some limp on many opinions and in their hearts things as these brew, “Should I buy this product now or tell this salesperson to come back later on”? “Can this product really do what it claims or is this salesperson here to rip me open”? “I can not allow myself to be cheated by this fellow here.” “How am I sure the company will not close down one day after selling their fake items to me”? One thing about these customers is that they know exactly what is in their minds, and what they will soon decide to do as they may bend their heads to the left or right. Some may even protrude their lower lips, blinking their eyes at several intervals as they find ways to get what they may need or appreciate


from your offer. Be in your ASEs frequency, see what you can derive from the situation, and execute fitting C&G’ maneuver to guide the customers aright before the customers may decide wrongly. For instance, in a way, be like them, shake your head to the left and to the right as if you are in agreement with what is in their minds while securing in the customers mind the authenticity of your offer, projecting your integrity and your organizational image, etc. Use comments like this to hit your marketing goal: ‘Nnnaaa, You see most handsets that come into Nigeria have one problem or the other. It is very bad for these companies to push these products into the public. Moreover, after a buy in a short time, one cannot enjoy making or receiving calls. Why must you keep on flinging away your hard earn money? How long will one keep changing phones in these hard times? Na waaoooo. (Say this as if you have just delivered him from death itself) You see the new antronics (let all your actions show that the product deserves to be given a trial) CT07 is truly an ace in today’s striving African communications market. You will never need any other handset than the antronics CT07. With all humility, I ask you to give it a trial.” (Say it as if you have just saved the customer from drowning and sound as if you are giving him a piece of advice and raw cash.) Wait for response, then continue like this, “Hold it first, while I show you some great features it has,” and then hand over the product to your customers as if it were gold. Explain effectively as you feel would help you get a positive reaction from the customer and tactically go for your sales.


8). There are yet others in the field that you will find in groovy mood. Allow the fire works in their minds to keep blasting. Let the roisterers continue in the mood. Avoid talking too much. All the same, be watchful since some of these yuppies may have staunch principles they would never dare break, not even in a skittish atmosphere. Some of them may not just be on the side of spendthrift. In all be brief, blend with them, and hit your sales goal. 9). At times, you may need to pull an instant attention in your field or talk to more than one person at a time in a more modern office or the like environment. For instance, you can pick up target customers who are in a relaxed mood or in their break time, sometimes in a crowded place you. In this case, go down to the ASEs floors, study the faces around, do some psyching, you can wear a worried face as if you need a direction or a kind of assistance, just to attract their attention and swiftly throw in your presentation. Say, “Good afternoon all, I am Godwin Eyo, from… (Introduce your company as if it is very important for your customer to know it) I could not but stop here to show you a product that will interest you.” Pose and put on a look that suggests you are bringing out an important product. Be swift and happy about it though. Pull out your product and with bold attitude show your customer with clear royal undertone. Say, “The CT3000 pocket computer is a simple, affordable, necessary wonder. It works as a mobile phone with wireless Internet access. It is a digital diary too. You can even send fax messages from it. While you


are busy using the device it has an inbuilt system that will receive and store up calls. This it can also do when it is in off position.” If time and circumstances permits, and especially when the salesperson is in corporate premises, go on with something like this, “You only have to press the ‘mgs’ button and it will display the stored messages on the screen. With this ‘vlm’ button, you can have the messages read to your hearing. “Besides, it has a standard dictionary and can translate many languages including Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Efik, English, French, Hausa, Igbo, Spanish, Yoruba, and others. All you’d need to do is to type out your text and if you intend translating, press the TLNT button, keep pressing to your desired language. Press this fax button here and your message will be ready to be sent. Dial the number of your correspondence. “When the green light here blips, you press the OK button, a special code area will appear at the button left corner under your text. If you enter four characters, which must comprise of two numbers, you have protected your messages. Press the send button your message will go. Moreover, if it is successful, a notice will flash telling you ‘message sent.’ In addition, your correspondence will receive this through his fax machine well printed out. Also, if you desire to send the same message to a mobile phone of someone else, press the ‘bck’ button and the whole messages will be back. Press the ‘mbp’ button and the mobile phone function will appear and your text ready with the codes. Enter your receiver’s phone number accordingly. Then, press this send button here, your new correspondence will receive your messages. If you want to, after some time, you can delete the messages from your correspondence’s mobile phone by pressing the ‘bck’ button, which will take you back to your messages, then, press the ‘scry’ button the security function will appear with a space for phone numbers. Re-enter your correspondence’s phone numbers in the provided space. Press the ‘OK’ button again, some codes, and the numbers of the correspondence will appear in the screen under the security functions.


Then, finally, you press the send button and wait a while. If successful, a message will appear on the screen saying, ‘message deleted from…’ (Let us say 08052694269- your correspondence mobile phone number). If not successful, a ‘wait please’ message will appear on the screen. Moreover, when set a ‘try again’ message will appear. Then, you press the send button accordingly.” Now, you try to see if your customers have any question or comment. Depending on what happens, you continue, “We are connected directly with International Telecommunications Incorporations (ITI) and via their satellite, we make it easier for you to link up with many reputable telecommunications companies around the world like the AT&I, gTN, Z-net, OCI, etc. So, you can make and receive calls and send messages from any where on earth.” “You talk about re-charging made easy? You have it done for you already. Just press the ‘web’ button and the Internet service will load up speedily. Go to our website and click on the ‘order page’ link , this will open, then enter your credit card information, phone number, and other information on the provided form. Order for the “Air time” credit you desire. Then click on the ‘order now’ link. Wait for some time then involved line in your CT3000 device will be credited”. When you are about to close your sale and mention the price, put on a mood that will make your customer(s) feel he / she or they are about to enjoy the revelation of a top secret. Then you can go on this way, “You know what; there are indeed countless service / businesses you will effectively, conveniently, profitably and quietly do with this durable device. Honestly, due to the high cost of production as in this case, solid parts and the well tested quality of this million naira worth product, our company thought at least getting their monies for the production and a little administrative cost back. This will help us produce more of it for others who will be wise to exploit the many advantages the thousand-naira weekly generating product will offer. Considering the above, you will only need to give us N 50, 000 for one, and we have a generous discount for those who


wish to buy more than one. You can even be our representative or commissioned agent, and enjoy a great deal of incentives’”. Note: the above product idea is the intellectual property of Afromart Integrated services limited. Contact if interested in working with it. Find a way to seal your sale. 10). At times, you may have to address a small group of customers in a rural. Your organization can plan and have you make presentations in small weekly markets in villages, in organized exhibitions in town halls, in village squares, etc. Depending on the size of the crowd, you may find it difficult to really comprehend what is brewing in the minds of these potential buyers. Whatever, the ASEs would help you before hand derive common attitudes, likes, fears, hopes, expectations, and such things as would enable you pin down their most accurate drives, what would make them happy, proud, joyous, fulfilled, etc. While the presentation is on, pay attention to those areas that can trigger sudden changes in disposition and address customers accordingly. In all, while giving sales talks, understand the customers periodic ASEs, identify the one who you feel will be most agreeable with you. Focus on this one most of the time in your mind to gain that zest, enthusiasm, power of conviction while talking. What do we mean here? Address the group as if you are addressing one real person in the group, which you have in focus.


Again, the above is recommended if you have a wide rage of products to promote or a special service, which will be beneficial to a certain community, club, etc. Before you start anything, introduce yourself with all happiness; look as if the moment is the best in your life. Introduce your company. For instance, you can say things like, “I am Terry Etuk, from the Electro World Incorporation. I am so glad to be with you this afternoon. I have this lamp to show you today. The lamp will help you a lot in the night in this community. And would help you save approximately N 300 that you would have spent on kerosene a month, provide convenience for you, and would save a lot of money as you can enjoy the surpassing brightness it would provide and use it to do your weaving and other works in the night. You see, all you have to do is place it under the sun and spread this handle, open like this (demonstrate to your group of potential of buyers) this photocell will be exposed to the sun.” “Leave it until it is fully charged. Then you can use it around in the night. When fully charged, it can serve you for 48 hours. You have a guarantee of 1 year. You see the amount you will save for self. You can buy this one from me now for a promotional price of N 200.” If there are other products, introduce them as well and at the end find a nice way to close your sales. Your sales front in Nigeria must be able to use strategies as the above to get prospects to flow for your offers. When the above instances are analyzed, we can summarize the following as the hints the salesperson can use to overcome the targeted Nigerian customers in the fields and turning them in. Let’s ponder over these.


11 super hints of turning Nigerians in. These are, as a salesperson when approaching, presenting, conversing or closing sales, from the ASEs background, (Establish the common interest, and purpose for existence, from the ASEs of the customer, the immediate point of contact, the market, competitor, your organization, yourself, etc. to derive common sales enhancing hopes, likes, goals, beliefs, attitudes, etc.) accomplish the followings: Set a clear goal or purpose for what you want from the targeted customers and the conversation. Be decent in your approach as you converse your way through. Avoid the careless use of words, slogans, and point less jokes, arguments, lies, exaggerations, and irrelevant proverbs. Make sure the targeted customers really feel you. And that the newer beliefs, opinions, cultures, attitudes, moods, emotions, and other dispositions are favorable for those kinds of decisions, which would lead to the regular buying of offered goods or services. Let your tone of voice, kinetics or body languages e.g. the movement of your eyebrow, smiles, frowns, licking of your lips, nodding of your heads, the tapping of your finger, and such actions, help drive into the hearts of your customers the point you are reaching for while conversing. Regularly use a warm spirit while conversing. Never be afraid of the customers, but be respectful of them as you converse. Be entertaining as the need may arise; especially in those ways that will swiftly help your potential customers come to realize the importance of patronizing you. Never stage a show or make a public demonstration without first trying and proving it workable. Never guess an answer or cover up with irrelevant issues when questions come from your customers during a conversation. Create the feelings that you are offering the customers opportunities and rare privileges while promoting your goods or


services in conversations. Put all your analytical ability on while conversing. Be able to read your customers and make use of what you feel will please, give them joy, peace of mind, etc, to win them over. One other aspect you’d need to apply the above would be when you or the relevant part of your sales force would need to practically engage in selling your goods or services to targeted customers. It is therefore very significant that we through the next very important required step examine how you as an interested seller can tidy things up and maneuver your way through the actual process of core selling practice. The kind that would seal your target customers hearts to offers and secure the money making process of your organization. Step 3

Sell with ‘C&G’ strategies
mission here would entail the creation of positive impressions of your sales force, goods or services, organization, as the sales force interact with same customers by periodically executing fitting ‘C&G’ exercises, and portraying hearth capturing images until your offered goods or services are finally handed over to the customers, be it from your organization’s website or physically. Here the responsible part of your sales force (the unit of those who are directly involved in the process of actually handing over your offers to the customers) is expected to swiftly and inherently identify those emerging moments to intelligently guide, protect, direct and tactically influence your already attracted Nigerian customers’ views, beliefs, fears, and other characters to finally pay for and obtain your offers as they maneuver with ‘C&G’ exercises established in step 2 of this face. Therefore, you as the seller with your set team would finally sell with ‘C&G’ strategies when there are exchanges of values from pre-



evaluated / discerned customers maintaining manners that may occur in those moments you would exchange feelings, express gratitude, give assurances to, and serve same customers through delivered goods or services. Selling with ‘C&G’ strategies, in this regard would require your positioned seller down in Nigeria (your appointee if the need be to have one in this view) to sensitively choose and put into action those discerned customers-pulling gestures / body languages, tunes of voice, auras, etc, while going through each stage of the process of finally exchanging your offered goods or services for profit. What we are looking at is the use of those fitting ‘C&G’ exercises to make confirmations that the targeted Nigerian customers pay for, pleasingly use your offered goods or services, and periodically remain in situations that will make them feel strongly attached to the seller, offered goods or services and your organization from wherever the seller get customers from in Nigeria. Some analyses from the Nigerian’s intelligence base with evaluations of the ASEs formulas, stipulate the following seven points as capable of providing the forum to heed directives for effective selling as a seller maneuvers with the ‘C&G’ strategies. These points of deliberation are as follows: Using the ASEs’ backed formulas for ‘C&G’ Selling. Being what is sold to Nigerians. Strategizing with patronage process. Manipulating with how your sales emerge. Catching them with payment methods. Selling profitably from shops in Nigeria. To start with, let’s consider how you can use these ASEs’ formulas for ‘C&G’ selling.


Using ASEs’-backed formulas for ‘C&G’ selling Here, the you or your appointed seller down in the Nigerian market, should inherently be capable of using the evaluations of some ASEs’ formulas to hit the above by developing and personally maneuvering with such ASEs’ backed effective ‘C&G’ selling strategies that would fit the organization’s emerging selling requirements at certain points in time. For instance, the seller would be expected to do the followings: (A) (1). Establish his ASE as Σefhnx/t. as at the time he intends selling. (2). Establish the ASE of the targeted customers Σ ef.hnxtc)/t. (3). Establish the ASE of the exact market as Σ (ef.hnxtm)/t he wishes to enter. (4). Establish the ASE of his or your organization as Σ(ef.hnxorg)/t. Find out the relationship between (1), (2), (3) and (4) in (A) as (Σ Then, derive the true or common selling enhancing desires, hopes, likes, fears, standards of living, curiosity, available infrastructure and such other things as would assist to cost effectively, conveniently, swiftly, and accurately identify, plan, develop, experiment and execute the periodically required ‘C&G’ stratifications while selling offered goods or services to the targeted Nigerian’s market. Also, the seller should consider step (B) to avoid common mistakes, develop greater selling insight, better strategize to beat competitors, be sure of saving cost and doing the required tasks accurately.


(B) He as the seller should accomplish the followings, namely: (1).Establish the ASE of his organization as Σ (ef.hnxorg)/t. (2).Establish the ASE of his employees or colleagues if any Σ (ef.hnxemp)/t. (3).Establish the ASE of the available competitor Σ (ef.hnxcompt)/t. The seller should then make a reconciliation of 1-3 of (B) to derive the common desires, likes, hopes, fears, goals, emerging needs, emerging, expectations, and present obstacles to effective selling strategies. Then the seller would be able to effectively derive those great ‘C&G’ maneuvers (as those manners he would need to canvass, talk to, convince, and inform targeted customers.), which will always give your organization a winning edge while going through the process of handing over offered goods and delivering rendered services to same targeted Nigerian customers. While going for the above, your designated overseeing unit of the sellers whether you are a big organization or just an individual would be required to use the following points to lock home your organization’s selling activities. (1). Establish the whole plans leading to the sales execution (sales budget). (2). Divide the sales budget into attainable segments.

(3). Establish the economic procedure of attaining each goal in each segment. (4). Establish the actual time the seller is expected to spend on executing the procedure in each of the segment.


(5). Evaluate and identify the projected time when there would be need to make amendments, change plans, fall back to contingencies of the unit’s set plans. (6). Record the time the seller would be expected to spend on the contingencies of the original plans or processes. (7). Record the actual time, which the total plans will consume.

(8). At the end of each of the plan in each segment, the seller in expected to record the differences between the actual time spent and the stipulated time he is expected to have used to run through the set plans. (9). Establish ways the seller will gain in each of your segments of plans, especially in terms of speed, accuracy, finance, flexibility, etc, before or while still undergoing the process of selling to target Nigerian customers. (10). Establish the approximated volume of goods or the frequency of demand for services that would fully be required by the targeted class of Nigerian customers. (11). Find out the price, which a specific class of Nigerian customers would like to buy from the organization. In addition, adopt a price that will aid those who meet offered goods or services at the first time to pay instantly. (12). Adopt a method of payment that will inherently trigger the urge of the targeted class of Nigerian customers to buy and feel satisfied. (13). If the organization is in the retail line, it should plan selling a mixture of brands that the targeted Nigerian customers will feel involved in the process of satisfying themselves as they go through the process of inspection, sampling, description, etc, to patronize. The customers should be given choices.


(14). Organizations in the retail field should periodically decorate its selling points of contact like shops, websites, etc, in such ways, which will offer something new or interesting for the customers to appreciate. However, the seller must keep reflecting target customers pulling images as he tactically sells and continue selling repeatedly to these customers’ base. In all manners that it could be done, let the periodically evaluated fitting customers pulling images complement the executed ‘C&G’ strategies. Therefore, it is essential for the seller to be become what is sold to the target Nigerian customers. Let’s examine how sellers of your organization can meet up with this Nigerian market’s call of being what is sold to the customers. Being what is sold to Nigerians Your placed seller in Nigeria is expected to have a deep knowledge of your goods or services and glow from the reflections / perspective, which the same customers would really appreciate and need your same offered good and services to be.

From the consideration of the lessons learnt from understanding Nigerian customers, the criteria they have set for patronage, the reasons Nigerian customers would be resistant, other factors and their ASEs, one would discover that what customers buy has a direct relationship with why they buy. From these findings, your target Nigerian customers would buy your offers in order to have relieves from certain biting, pressuring, uncomfortable, distressing, shameful, undermining, destructive, and regressing, conditions, as these may turn out to be.


From the above perspective, they buy in offered goods or services those projected advantages that would finally lead to the fulfillment of their desires, expectations, aspirations, etc. At the end, they periodically derive moments of pleasure, happiness, joy, comfort, fulfillment, pride, etc. These we can call the properties of satisfaction (‘POS’). In a way the above ‘POS’, are the core products they would buy from your offered goods or services. These ‘POS’ are also the ingredients the seller needs to project from offered goods or services while selling. In different emerging target market situations, the structured control unit of your organization would need to evaluate from the ASEs’ formulas and establish newer required ‘POS’ and influence the sellers in the sales force to project these to the market in all instances of selling. Therefore, it could be observed that the art of being what is sold to the customers is a process. In order to gain control and positively influence this process from the beginning, the seller would be prudent to review the whole processes the customers would need to pass through before patronizing. Then, understand how they feel before buying, have the insight of what they undergo to patronize and project discerned captivating images along side fitting ‘C&G’ maneuvers. This has made it important for the seller to have a glimpse of and utilize the basic processes the average Nigerian customers would pass through to patronize an organization.


Strategizing with patronage processes Here the seller is required to follow up each point of action that the targeted Nigerian customers would take to patronize your organization, and execute fitting ‘C&G’ maneuvers along each step to hand over offers. For instance, millions of your target Nigerian customers will consciously or unconsciously make inquiry about your organization, offered goods or services, the seller’s origin, and such things to verify and be sure, before making a buying decision. Some may get across your organization’s offers, advert, sales letters, hand bills, etc, and decide to check the organization out. In some cases, the process of quotation would come in. In other cases, the seller would be required to issue invoices. In addition, payments delivery notes and the process of issuing a receipt may be required. The seller would need to maneuver with evaluated ‘C&G’ exercises from these instances to better get them become satisfied, sticky and generative buyers. From the above floors, there will be clear guide-revelations, solid confidence acquisitions, identification of more precision-driven circumstances, usage of more cost effective compliant situations and the execution of better reward yielding ‘C&G’ strategies, if the seller periodically develops fitting ‘C&G’ stratifications that would favorably coordinate the activities surrounding the method through which target Nigerian customers pay for offers. By itself, these points of consideration would lead to some very important course of action to get target Nigerian customers today. Consider how to go about these under the following heading.


Catching them with payment methods It is no more news that millions of Nigerians would patronize and make a fortune for an organization if they have access to such facilities that would make possible for them to conveniently pay and make use of the organization’s offers. In order to effectively sell to these customers, the seller would need to establish and work with the factors that affect the methods through which the customers will decide to pay and crave to / remain loyal. The above situation brings about another perspective, which the seller will need to use the ASEs’ formulas to identify, plan, develop, establish, strategize and implement periodically required fitting sales driven ‘C&G’ strategies. It is the process of using fitting ‘C&G’ influences (how the seller interacts as he sells) in these angles, to influence and secure the targeted Nigerian customers’ positive feelings, judgments, decisions, and perceptions, as they pay the seller before and after a sale is closed. Consequently, before adopting a payment method the seller would need to consider and plan to operate with the following factors, namely, The amount involved, the present distance between him (the seller) and the targeted Nigerian customers, the time involved for the whole selling transaction to be completed, the nature of the services rendered, and the kind of goods offered. Other factors are the economic situation of the targeted Nigerian’s market, their beliefs, cultures, hopes, fears, likes, dislikes, the environmental influences, etc. Let’s explain further by using the time factor as an example. Now assuming your organization is selling e-products (affiliate programs, ebooks, soft wares, hosting plans, and other information products / services.), through the Internet, the targeted customers would like to buy and pay right on the spot. There are ways the seller in this case would need to convince, educate, and encourage the customers (as ‘C&G’ strategies) to use certain available, affordable, and cashless or electronic method of payments.


Note that the electronic method of payments can be used, if in the sales letter the seller calls for the customers to “act now…” or motivate / encourage by “why wait…,” “get your… now,” “click here and get a discount,” etc. (in a way these are some kinds of ‘C&G’ maneuvers that can move customers to prompt action.) The provisions of appropriate facilities should back these ‘C&G’ stratifications. For instance, the organization should accept the credit card from Nigerian’s banks, like the Ecobank’s master card, Access bank’s Visa cards, ATM cards from Nigeria, or other Nigerian used facilities like the Western Union money transfer system, at this stage. If your organization has affiliates as customers, they them to sell and get accumulated points e.g. 5, 100…20000, etc. that can be converted to optional organization. This method of paying can be useful Internet-based businesses. can encourage 10, 15, 20… buys from the for affiliates in

Besides the above, let’s take it that your organization is selling heavy equipments like big power generating plant, milling equipments, tractors, vehicles, large quantity of building materials, or other items that would need shipment. The customers would feel save and cared for if your organization coordinates a convenient way of transferring the money involved for payments and of course they would appreciate the choices of checks or bank wire and other transfer system that are tailored to fit their ASEs at the time they would need to buy. The point is opportunities, as these should be snatched to push in comments that can buy the hearts of the customers. For instance, inform the customers of what have been gone through for them to pay easily, the organizations commitment to serve, the standard of offered products, etc. Apart from the above, your organization can adopt a cash method of payment if it works with its network and have appointees as a retailer, branch, distributor, a representative, an entrepreneur, a shop owner, etc, based in Nigeria.


Altogether, your organization would require this method, if it sells directly to target customers, or requires the customers to pay immediately for a service directly rendered or item(s) purchased and the amount not being too heavy. Now, note that while an average Nigerian customer pays cash for something, he will likely feel that the seller have cut off a valuable part of him. Therefore, while executing fitting ‘C&G’ strategies let the customers feel they have spent their monies wisely. Some other ways your organization can chose for payments include the use of the international money order, stamps, cashiers checks, traveler’s checks, etc, in hotels, restaurants, vacation / resort centers, holiday camps, amusement / recreational park, or use the storm pay, e-gold, etc. As a whole, in sale letters, home pages, etc, of web sites and at each point in which the seller wishes to collect monies, for offers, the seller is demanded to be able to carry the targeted customers along through the following ‘C&G’ strategies: Assure the customers of the safe delivery of ordered goods as they pay. Periodically provide timely warnings about emerging dangers that may lead to lose of monies. If there is an arrangement for it, clearly instruct, educate, convince, and guide the customers to the usage of alternative methods of payments, which the organization may have developed with a reliable local bank in the target market. Project the advantages of using the recommended method of payments. Let the customer never feel he has lost anything buying from the organization when he pays. Monetize the value of what the organization has for the customers and intelligently explaining these to them. While going through the process of selling, and at all points of


collecting monies, convince the customers of the organization’s commitments to serve them better. Besides the above, as established from the Nigerian’s market base, there is yet another point for executing fitting ‘C&G’ maneuvers, which we need to mull over Remember that Nigerians are physical people. Millions of your target Nigerians customers are accustomed to sales that are made from shops and since you as an interested organization are required to have an extensive outlet / sales network in Nigeria, it is worthwhile to separately treat the case of selling from shops and establishing the following effective ‘C&G’ selling fulfilling points. Besides, your organization would need to have an idea and some controls of what its appointees do in their shops if the need arises to open one or have shop owners in malls or so, sell the organization’s products from shops in Nigeria. Selling profitably from shops in Nigeria To enable it properly achieve the above, as demanded by Nigerian’s market, your organization would need to take the following steps: Choose and be in locations that have enough interest in offered goods or services. From the evaluations of the ASEs of the location chosen to have a shop, periodically establish the kind of cost effective decorations, which will keep appealing to the perceived customers desires, hunted-for-values, etc. For instance, use colors, slogans, styles of furnishing, the periodic method of product arrangements in shops, shelving methods, and such exercises to capture what the customers would really admire, enjoy, be pleased to see, etc. Train appointees (sales girls and boys) to reflect the image of the


business. For example, tailor and channel staff’s decorum, dressing and grooming, and attitudes to the evaluated target customer’s ASEs. Moreover, always aim at making the same customers come back through the adopted convenient method of payments. As the need may arise, adopt a delivering system that will always keep the organization on a competitive edge. While delivering, be sure to use strong convincing words to reflect the above instance. Avoid stocking expired, damaged, or inferior quality products in shops. Keep assuring the customers about the shop’s determination to continue providing quality goods. For example, as part of ‘C&G’ exercises, tell the customers the shop’s awareness of the dangers involved in selling inferior goods and the shop’s hatred of this, and what the organization has done and will keep doing to avoid it. If there are already existing unions, make sure the organization joins them. That makes it necessary to have a shop among the common chains of shops that sell the same thing as that of the organization. Moreover, permits, certificates, membership tags, and other requirements should be pasted in open places like the walls where the customers can see. Make it a point of duty to keep carrying the customers along with mind capturing conversations and other fitting ‘C&G’ exercises. For instance, sales boys or girls should NEVER FORGET their “thank yous”, “welcomes”, “pleases” etc. Selling from shops would give your organization a solid grip of the Nigerian customers today. So far, it has been about selling and making money. In order to make the establishments in this face work very accurately, and our sales very large, let us come down to the situations the other parts of the system need to place themselves, starting with the face B


of our scheme.

Face B Manufacturers
our focus would be on you the big Manufacturers, all those who run small industries or legally produce something which the Nigerian’s market would need. The steps bellow will spawn ideas on how to operate and hit the market with your manufactured products. Meanwhile, as we have established the interested manufacturers would need to carry out the followings: Look into the Market as found in “hot selling locations” in part 1and find out customers prominent activities or industry in that location. If these go with what is produced, then plan to locate an arm of your organization in that spot. The cost of production in Nigeria would be so low and profits rising if the unit is located in the region. If assistance is needed in this view contact Arrange and appoint Nigerians as distributors. Prepare a web site and target Nigerian customers from this site. Arrange with a Nigerian Bank to have monies forwarded or make payments easier for Nigerian customers to effect. Again, Afromart Integrated Services would help in this aspect. Arrange with a good shipping company for conveyance of goods. Engage in ‘C&G’ assisted product designs and re-designing. Monitor the activities of appointees in Nigeria. In the field of manufacturing, the Nigerian’s market has thrown light, on how offered products will periodically take shapes which the market would always yield in, through the insight provided by the ASEs’ formulas and evaluated ‘C&G’ strategies. Interested manufacturers



seeking to pump products to the Nigerian’s market need to be in this position before the other schemes as established in face A, would have greater impacts. Let’s conceive this from a look at how you as the manufacturers can design or re-design products to fit and make great sales in the Nigerian’s market. Step 1

Implement ‘C&G’ assisted product design / redesigning concept As required by the Nigerian’s market, this entails the designing / redesigning of products for your targeted Nigerian’s markets / customers from the conception of ideas that are gathered from the periodic findings and feedbacks of your engineered sales force. These would be as issued from the well-established and executed ‘C&G’ maneuvers and as overseen by the responsible marketing / product development units of your manufacturing organization. These can be secured from the insight provided by the right matrixes of the ASEs’ formulas. The following four central stages has being signaled by the intelligence base as going to guide you the manufacturers to get into the Nigerian market’s background again for needed materials for designing hot products for the market. These are: Designing hot products for Nigerians from ASEs’ formulas. Using the product design ASEs of your Organization. Projecting for new product launch in Nigeria, and Effectively getting new products into target Nigerian’s market from conception. Let’s see how hot products could be designed for Nigerians from ASEs’ formulas.


Designing hot products for Nigerian’s market from ASEs’ formulas The above requirement can be met by establishing the product design yielding ASEs of the target Nigerian’s market the manufacturer gives a nod to enter. This should be established as Σ (ef.hnxtm)/t. Then you would need to take the following steps accordingly, (Step A). I. Record the number of potential customers as x (those who would likely desire, need and use your new goods). II. Identify the customers’ common activities, trading, weaving, manufacturing, farming, common desires, things enjoyed, loved events, means of livelihood, gossips, songs, entertainments, religious practices, etc. III. Establish the average standard of living of the targeted customers (x). IV. Establish and list the reasons they love and enjoy the things in (II). For instance, find out what really drives them to do what they do or behave the way they do. Check to see if it gives them pride, back up their egoism, put them into an admired /desired class, bring them fulfillment in life, or if it is just a case of being committed to protecting their standards, check if they are after security, etc. V. Establish the time they love and enjoy doing what they do as in (II) above. VI. Establish the common places or contact points they carry out most of the activities they do as in (II) For example, is it in the local market spots, halls, offices, homes, streets, open areas, confined / hidden places, crowded areas, etc. VII.Establish how they carry out their activities as in (II) For instance, look at the plans prior to the activities, the arrangements of things, the methods, the styles, the exceptional processes, etc. VIII.Find out how they really feel about what they would dearly expect from and sincerely wish should happen from V, VI and VII


and list out the derivations or findings. For instance, do they feel exited, tired, freaky, happy, distressed, or uncomfortable? How do they feel about certain policies and laws, which affect their activities? What kind of amendments, changes, and improvements do they really seek and desire to have going through those plans and executing their activities as in II? IX. Establish the whole cost the customers incur to execute their activities as in II. For instance, find out what they spend, the energy, the efforts that are required to go through certain activities, and check the kind of opposition they encounter. Find out what technological shortage has cost them while going through certain activities. Find out the extent of damage that certain forms of discouragement from family members, friends, colleagues, and other companions have caused on their living standards. X. Go down a little more to establish the ASEs of those potential customers. Then list out the many things that can be conveniently, cost effectively, accurately done, and develop these things as products to assist in making the target customers’ activities easier and more convenient for them. Note that after securing the above, the manufacturer could now be said to be taking a stand of delivering the customers from certain projected or discerned difficulties and they (the manufacturers) are stretching an helping hands through their products.

As Nigerians would say, when you carry a blind man across the
river you must let his feet touch the water, for him to appreciate you. Similarly, it will be very proper to get the support of the same customers when designing for them. You as the manufacturer should be prepared to carry the target Nigerian customers along in the process of delivering to them these inherently hunted for goods.


In this case, you will also need to establish, reconcile, and work with the product designing ASEs of your organization. Let’s get an idea of what we are driving at in step B. Using the Product, designing ASEs of an organization (Step B) Here you are required to establish the new Product designs yielding ASEs of your organization as Σ (ef.hnxorg)/t. by establishing how: I. The whole staff strength of the organization can derive their common goals, desires, needs, etc, and how they intend going about these under pressures from certain environmental factors. Find out what they expect from the organization that would help them to realize their desires. II. The exact number of employees that would be responsible for generating new product ideas in the organization. For instance, list out those who would directly face the market. III. The common ‘new product ideas-influencing’ needs, fears, wants, etc, of the involved employees, from their relating ASEs Σ(ef.hnxorg)/t. where x represents this exact number of employees. IV. The blend of the findings in III of (B) above with right conclusions of the targeted customers as derived from section (A) above. V. The strategies that can be periodically implemented to charge those in II of (B) to feel highly responsible to periodically interact with same target customers from ‘C&G’ backgrounds and swiftly identify, analyze, ascertain, record and forward established needs. These needs can be that of bottling some local drinks, change in texture and scent of creams, packaging of local food items, designing of tools, losing monies to unsecured processes of payments, and staff performances at work. Let all these come from the market and lead to new product ideas generation and the subsequent blue print development.


The above listed points in (A) and (B) will provide the responsible part of your sales force in Face A with the intelligence to establish what to say, the ways to talk, the manners to convince, the confidence to educate, guide, protect and positively influence the targeted Nigerian customers. These are forms of product designing / re-designing materials that are extracted from ‘C&G’ strategies. In a nutshell, like we have previously established, the responsible arm of the manufacturers are expected to look deeply and record how the potential Nigerian customers go about doing things, the discomfort they encounter, the disappointments they regularly face, the fears they always nurse, and the hopes that lighten up their hearts. Go further and troubleshoot for the areas these target customers would always have clashes of interests with the organization through its customers getting processes, find out the areas where the targeted customers fail to heed the ethics / rules set by the regulatory bodies of the sector played in. Then, spot and record those instances, which they inherently provide insight on how the organization can help to make things easier for them. This would be an example of the new products ideas we are talking about. From this angle, the next coherent requirement would be how the product can be produced and launched into the Nigerian’s market. In a way, this can be termed as the projection for new product launch in Nigeria. From a study of the above procedure and logical conclusions, find listed below some steps as guidelines to help you project for a new product launch in Nigeria as the need may emerge.


Projecting for new product launch in Nigeria As willed by the Nigerian’s market backgrounds manufacturers can project for new product launch in Nigeria by finding out the followings: How to go about achieving what the targeted Nigerian customers would need and how the commercialization of this new product in Nigeria would go from the ideas, how this would assist in the growth of the organization. How to derive from the periodically implemented fitting ‘C&G’ strategies, the intelligence, or insight needed to confirm the requirements for the many new product Ideas. How to get the new products proposals ready from the ideas. How to establish the possible profit portrayals of the proposals. Ways of implementing fitting developmental / restructuring exercises within the organization, which will get the new products ideas into the market. The processes of establishing the new product categories from the whole ideas, dividing the market into parts of manageable seizes where these new products would serve. How long the products would last from these ideas. The impact, which the new products entrant would have on the targeted Nigerian’s market.

After the above position has been establish, you would be expected to get into the practical process. From further analyses of the Nigerian’s market background in view of manufacturing, like the product design and re-designing criteria established by the market, we can take the steps below as the most effective sequential guides that would lead manufacturers to practically get a hot needed (new) products, ready and launched into the ever ready to buy Nigerian’s market.


Effectively getting new product into target Nigerian’s market from conception To achieve the above, you as the manufacturers are by yourselves or through experts are required to carry out the followings: Effectively analyze and list out 10 most viable / lucrative groups of these new products ideas. Develop these 10 ideas into well-packaged business models. Further, scan these 10 developed models in view of the organization’s / Nigerian’s market’s front functions. Select and arrange these lists of ideas in order of priorities, leading to the sustenance of the already evaluated and established competitive advantageous focus. Pick up each one of these viable new product models or concepts and develop how to produce the product. Establish the costs of producing it, put in place who would participate in the course of production, and the time it would take. Then, go ahead and produce an example of what the product would be like (Experts call this the prototype.) Weigh the prototype for acceptance rate in the targeted Nigerian’s market. Establish the prototype’s ability to beat competitor’s products, its consistency to generate profits from perceived loyal customer’s base. Establish other strategies that will test the market and possible performance of the products. Establish the practical commercialization plans for the product e.g. establish the launching processes in manners, which will evoke further interest and speed up the rate of sales. Effectively time and monitor the processes against the contingencies of the original plans as the product finds it way into prepared Nigerian’s market. Whatever, your organization is into, (the manufacturing of beverages, medicines, textiles, machines, equipments, electronics, building materials, etc.), note that millions of potential Nigerian customers


would always yearn for, and heartily welcome technological improvements, employed facilities, and so on, to ensure that they secure relieves from pressures, discomfort, inconveniences, frustrations, fears, etc, as time passes on. There are those hunted-for colors, designs, improvements of performances, life expectancies, etc, that you can identify needs for in many parts of the Nigerian’s market and design or redesign products to fulfill. Inversely, you would need to re–examine those offered goods for compliance to centric market’s patronage criteria, especially in the area of technology. Then, get them into the market and make real money. For instance, you can produce special local spirit (gin) testing cup, with long handle for those in the Bayelsa, Edo, and Rivers markets, fish preservative tray (Mini iced coolers), for those in the Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross Rivers, Rivers and other fishing regions. Solar lamps, power generating sets, etc, for many rural regions of the Nigerian’s markets. Others can improve on and manufacture Plastic Ayoo games for the Yorubas, and other interested regions. Special plastic that can replace clay pots for almost all rural regions of the Nigerian’s market, specially designed baby carriers, etc, for growing potential mothers from all parts of the Nigerian’s market, babies washing baths, special packaging machines for local foods items e.g. Ugu(melon leave), bitter leave, Afang, spices, etc. Those in the IT field can get soft wares to help Banks get better records of their customers and help in their customers’ relations management, (CRM). For some hot product ideas that will hit the Nigerian’s market, contact the Afromart Integrated Services limited at They have a rich list of products that would ever explode in the Nigerian’s market for many sectors.


Whatever the case, you have the goods that are required, desired, or hunted-for, or which are periodically structured from the Nigerian’s market backgrounds or ASEs’ oriented, you’d need to periodically and inherently search, identify, establish and effectively maneuver target market’s provided venues and get these into same target market as established in face A of this part. Having come from the above background, to sell to the Nigerian’s market, the manufacturer would have conformed to the idea,
Brain Tracy in his book “The 100 Absolutely unbreakable laws of business success” portrayed when he said, “Market success comes from concentrating single mindedly on selling to those customers you have segmented as being the ones who can most benefit from the unique product or service features you offer in your area of specialization.”

With all of the above in mind, let’s bring in the face C of the system and focus on the corporate world and how they would roll money from patronages from the Nigerian’s market.

Face C Corporations and firms
we will concentrate on you as a corporate organization and others who render services that may be interested in or are seeking customers from the Nigerian’s market. Before going further, be reminded of the fact that no matter how this could be achieved, the Nigerian’s market demands that an organization has a presence in the market. The branch of your organization in Nigeria can represent the presence. Apart from that, your organization could enter into partnership, or be associates with other organizations that can protect its interest in the Nigerian’s market. This should not be difficult.



The followings need to be considered in order to cut cost, stay out of problems with the authorities, while pulling a steady flow of customers from Nigerian’s market: How your organization would get required documents from the authorities if it intends to be alone. For instance, organizations should know how to get needed licenses, permits, registrations, and other documents from the relevant commissions like the corporate affairs commission in Nigeria. How to equip its office to attract target customers. How to monitor the administrative costs. How the organization would effectively run the needed advertisements. How it would market with distinction as required. How to monitor the customers getting processes. How to make the organization’s selling activities down to earth and result-yielding. If the need arises, how to create a web site and dedicate it for target customers from Nigeria. How to work with appointees in Nigeria and direct customers to them for services. How to cost effectively add haunted for values. How to cost effectively absorb customers from offices. Judging from the above perspective, the two steps in this face will draw your corporate organization’s attention to the key positions it would need to stay, put into operation, and make its formulated Nigerian customers getting schemes as found in face A or as stipulated above ever successful and rewarding. Let’s check out the first of these steps.


Step 1

Add ‘Nigerian-haunted for-values’ to services
leaders of the drafted control unit of the sales force of your organization are expected to look into the target customers ASEs Σ(ef.hnxtc)/t to acquire those value-yielding expectations, fears, hopes, attitudes, cultures, beliefs, etc. These should be used to establish those fitting styles of delivery or standards of running businesses. These values are to be added to the organization’s services. The targeted Nigerian customers should inherently deeply appreciate, periodically derive joy, pleasure, pride, and happiness, (‘POS’), upon usage of such services that are based on these values. At the same time, the customers should feel steered to repeatedly use the same services. Finally, the customers should believe that they have shrewdly spent their monies and efforts to secure these services. Thus, you as an interested organization would be expected to add to your services those established fitting things that would technically empower your targeted customers financially, socially, morally, and emotionally more than they can get elsewhere. Then, tailor these to effectively yield desired sales peak. No wonder,
John C, Maxwell said, “One of the greatest rewards of adding values to people is that it comes back to you multiplied.”


Yes, even your organization’s financial statue will grow from this perspective of value-adding mania. Some analyses from the Nigerian’s market intelligence base has established the following two showground of progressions, as needed in order for you to swiftly, cost effectively and profitably take the position to generate the idea, identify, and add these values, namely:


Deriving hot Nigerian “haunted-for” values, and Millions worth values. Now let us get to the first step. Deriving hot Nigerian hunted-for values The following steps will guide your corporate organization to the capacity of deriving the kind of values Nigerian customers would die for. For instance, the fashioned responsible leaders of your organization would need to use the ASEs to carry out the followings: • Establish the customers’ prevalent problems and situations of living in the sector your organization is playing on e.g. fear of delays, hopes of getting quicker results, the frustration in the process of achieving their goals, and pride, etc. • Establish the moves or extent, which the regulatory bodies in the sector have gone to solve some of these problems e.g. the laws, rules, permits, licenses, registrations, and so on, which will determine what extent the organization can go in rendering its services and offering its products. • Clearly establish the core-competencies, cultures, and policies of your organization, which has to align with the solutions and fulfillment of the needs and yearnings of the target Nigerian customers. • Form a committee with the task of evaluating, developing, and listing possible solutions to identified problems. Translate the findings from the above stages into your organization’s ASEs. With the above in focus, the drafted monitoring unit of your organization would need to look within the organization again to establish those little good things the target Nigerian customers would not have expected from the organization but would ever value. These values are required to be changing as newer ways of running activities emerge or are foreseen. For their significances, these can be


called millions worth little values. Let’s assume your organization has some contact points or network (its presence) in Nigeria, some of these evaluated as important or periodically required values, are as established bellow. Millions worth little values These would include the little things your organization would be capable of achieving through rendered services to captivate Nigerian customers. They are in two ways, the things accomplished from (A) your physical offices, and B Your website. The point is as these values are added your customers should through their established expectations reveal what next they need in the future. In effect this is an operational thing. From your physical offices or contact points in Nigeria, your organizations can inherently derive ideas of these projected values when they continue performing little things as the followings: Provide a system, which would coordinate, evaluate and establish value added yielding inter, intra, extra departmental activities. These activities would be in those ways, which will periodically generate those images that would elevate the target customers’ expectations beyond what competitors would offer. Create into the minds of the customers, the organization’s determination to beat emerging difficulties and continue the provisions of what they need. Let them be convinced that the organization is solidly structured, governed, and empowered to deliver those satisfying services at any time expected of it. Letting the customers appreciate the efforts the organization put to serve them. Let the customers willingly, confidently, speedily, convincingly acclaim the quality, quantity, price, images, standard, etc, of what is provided for them to be above what they had previously judged it to be. Then maintain the status quo.


Provide services in manners your targeted Nigerian customers will believe that the services cannot be obtained anywhere else. Pour light drinks (not spirits) into glasses for esteemed customers in banks or other corporate offices. Establish appealing ways to address the customers e.g. use target market’s required or evaluated customer’s desired style of talking. Clean customer’s dusty shoes on entering the offices. Have doors opened for customers by well dressed, friendly and happy looking, guards. Have brief cases and other loads carried and carefully kept by security guards for customers. Keep writing materials in receptions and other open places in offices. Have drinking water in the receptions. Provide the convenience of purchase. Provide after sales services, 24 / 7 customers service office. Pay surprise visits to the homes of customers. Gather their views about offered goods or services, cultures, policies, etc, and give them gifts. Now from the websites your organization can get ideas by: Maintaining a 24/7 and responsive customers’ service unit e.g. having phone lines that would always ring, chat links that work, servers that would never crash, etc. Offering trial version of the services. Adopting a very convenient to use means of getting paid. Securing a fast and safe means of delivering goods or services. Promptly approving or disapproving request. Being more physical as time goes on. Not allowing auto responders to do everything. Writing personalized email messages, thanking and expressing commitment to serve. Establishing caring policies. Educating customers about the usage of certain services. More


on the web business requirements are established in Face D of this part of the book. Besides the above, there are some generally required things some sectors expect from organizations in it and you’d need to consider these in order to derive fitting values for your kind of services. For instance, In the case of insurance companies, the following actions will help added values reach hearts: • Get the customers to pay premiums and enjoy some immediate benefits. Study the provisions of the regulatory body in this aspect, before developing a product that will serve the purpose of achieving the above. • Give out special loans. • Sponsor and monitor the running of small businesses. • Pay school fees and support educational activities of the clients’ children. • Be involved and work with other estate surveyors, banks and other corporate bodies in housing provision for clients. • Be involved in the activities of the customers. • Pay claims promptly. Noting goes into the market faster than reports or rumors of unpaid claims. As a one time insurance agent I know the damages this has in customer’s confidence to continue premium payments. In case of banks and retail banking in particular Here we mean the provisions made for individuals and some groups of people when it comes to savings and current accounts, loans syndications, etc. the banks are required to: • Establish and clearly interpret to its entire staff what the organization wish to gain from the banking business. Link


• • • • • • • • • • •

• • •

these objectives to exceptional customer’s service delivery. Make all the staffs truly feel the trend, in manners, which will make them get ready for periodic cultural blends that harmonize with customers ASEs. Go for leads, links, and contacts and get connected to as many influential persons as possible for patronage through the provisions of fitting ‘POS’. Be politically neutral. Sponsor loved programs. Advertise regularly. Regularly keep customers informed about the banks plans, improvements, responsibilities, etc. Check patronage frequencies, then determine and work with customer’s performance. Develop ways of being swift, confidential, protective, and efficient in providing services. Fund small or medium scale businesses. Avoid politicizing the process. Syndicate loan facilities to favor salary earners. Help local traders, distributors, agents, entrepreneurs, etc, to facilitate credit purchases from abroad. Sponsor the importation of certain goods and monitor the sales in Nigeria. Sponsor product developments of other sectors. Invite ideas from the public, welcome comments from customers, and experiment ways of developing and commercialize these products. Be very open to the public as they come in with their ideas. Get school children to open small special savings accounts. Make these accounts life. Link up various means of paying into these accounts. Make it easy for the unemployed to open an account with the bank. Avoid allowing the customers to register entries when they make deposits. Get cashiers or employ some staffs to do this sort of things if the need be.


• Have a good record of the special customers and regularly keep in touch with them. Use the phone and e-mail to relate with them. • Avoid wasting the customer’s time. Be very prompt when withdrawals are processed. • Keep only naturally friendly and cheerful workers in the customers care desks. Etc. Apart from the above let’s check out how other organizations can add values for which customers would find alluring. Restaurants/Hotels/lodges Those that can be targeted as customers from the above platform would include lodgers (distinguished individuals, top governmental officials, businesspersons, etc, party celebrants e.g. end of the year, occasional parties, etc, conference holders e.g. organizations, institutions, governmental agencies, etc, product launchers e.g. Companies, etc, contest / show holders e.g. beauty contests, fashion shows, etc, workers e.g. busy employees, etc, make it a second home for your customers. Customers would need to be treated with the strictest of confidentiality. Provide what they would need before hand. Be known by the targeted Nigerian customers. Create a silent way of informing the customers of the organization’s presence and services. For instance, join / sponsor popular TV shows and promotional activities of other companies allow customers to win nights of free offers in the hotel, offer schoolchildren the opportunities to win break fast, launches, and dinners. The idea is to operate from the grounds which would make your customers feel like missing out of something if he decides to leave.


To fasten these move restaurants should consider the following points: • Open in big cities and towns close to where there are a lot of business activities and population. Locate where there is a great view of the ocean if available or in heels, where the cityscape can be viewed. Provide exceptional front office settings. • Customers would also enjoy live bands , dancing halls, casinos, parking space, swimming pool car hire services, bureau de change / business service points, acceptance of credit cards, facilities for offices, conference halls, courier services, lawn tennis court, sports and gym halls, small art and craft market, etc. • Let your attendants, stewards and other staffs be very delightful. • Be sure to have great cooks. Provide a wide spread of required (continental and local) dishes. Hunt for that international standard. • Provide tastefully furnished suites, and if located in cities provide international calls connections, internet facilities, great beds, refrigerators, TV’s, good bath facilities. • Provide good security system e.g. let there be close circuit cameras in the passages and open areas like the reception. Use coded / card or digital lock system for rooms. Provide fire extinguishers in kitchens and other important areas. Having secured the above position, the next logically required move is to culture and maintain the general right conditions of absorbing your Nigerian customers. This would make the functions of this system in face A produce guaranteed super results, like turning in money for you. Let’s examine in the next step, the conducts your organization would periodically need to culture through ‘C&G’ strategies to breed within itself the competences to absorb Nigerian customers as uncovered by the Nigerian’s market itself .


Step 2

Absorb customers with ‘C&G’ strategies
absorption of your attracted Nigerian customers with ‘C&G’ strategies are the exercises those who are responsible for directly dealing with and treating customers cases in your organization would cautiously implement in certain moments of the reconciliation of their own and customers’ ASEs, (Σ(ef.hnx)/t and Σ(ef.hnxtc)/t.) to derive both agreeable effective absorption situations. These situations include deriving the right motives, moods, feelings, beliefs, hopes, attitudes, etc, to welcome target customers from Nigerian streets, homes, offices, and other points of contact. They are then expected to tactically conduct the customers into patronage, and retain same target groups of customers as loyal base (the organization’s money spinning platform). Again, the essence of this step is to make sure you do not lose concentration, and in effect customers and money. The major physical locations that your organization can stay and absorb customers would especially be the front offices within the organization. Again, most customers getting efforts would be wasted if the activities that go on in your offices are allowed to roll at will. Meanwhile, take note that if e-businesses are rapidly taking over the traditional offline business settings, websites are becoming the number one public offices from where entrepreneurs, organizations, individuals, etc, can absorb their customers. Apart from the websites, the other offices and holders from where your organization’s can absorb target Nigerian customers include the banking halls, receptions, secretaries’ offices, agents’ offices, order / cashiers desks or counters, restaurants, cyber cafés, shops, customers’ service offices and other points of contacts within your



organization’s network (required parts of the sales force) in Nigeria. So, let’s briefly look at the perceptions the average Nigerian customers would have on your organization’s offices and what absorption ideas can be derived from the analyses. Millions of potential Nigerian customers would take offices as places they can go for information about the organization, directions on how to get offered goods or services, meet some important workers, make buys, make payments, lodge complains, share views, express their desires, wishes, and other expectations. As customers flow in, the following four points would help your organization manage situations for effective customers’ absorptions. These are: Absorbing Nigerian customers. Common customers mind distracters. Controlling distractions in offices. Tips for maintaining good level of concentration. Let’s consider the first point. Absorbing Nigerian customers Some of the ways your office holders (part of your required sales force) can achieve the above in your physical offices are to be in the ASEs mood, take a quick look at the customers for right placements by discerning their personalities, likely attitudes, possible motive of visit, etc, then execute the followings: Welcome each customer with a warm personal touch. This depends on what is read from the customer’s countenance. Even if it may not be necessary, endeavor to wear a warm smile and have a cordial attitude. Offer the customer relief from their problems during your


interactions. Provide seats for the customers. Show concern about the customer’s welfare. With sincerity, ask the customers what area the organization can be of help (if the customer is a new one). If the reason the customer visits is known, go straight to business. Establish the customer’s needs. With professionalism, treat and offer assistance aiming at the pre-established gains for both the customer and the organization. Just as mentioned above and in view of the Nigerian present situation, when some customers come into the office, expect them to be partially or fully distracted. These can lead to lose of tangible amount of monies that could have dropped into your organization’s pocket from patronage. Therefore, it is important that your responsible desks understand and control the circumstances that bring about moments of distractions while they execute fitting ‘C&G’ maneuvers. Find bellow the seven common Nigerian customers’ minds distracters, which your required office holders must resist. Common customer’s minds distracters Some of these are: Most of visiting customers may be so amazed at the state-of-thearts decor in an office, and have their attention drawn to paintings / wall decor, beautiful chairs, lightening, rugs, marbles, etc. Except for hotels, waiting halls, and few others, too much decors in serious business arena may be very distracting. The degree is what I cannot establish. Except targeting a large number of customers, who would love, or are yearning for, and could be lured to buy related products, excessive decors in themselves may just turn out to be an end for visiting.


The animations, some pointless graphics, etc, in some websites can cause a shift of attention from what would have engineered a healthy relationship between the organization and the target customers. Some customers especially the Nigerian women may storm an office and suddenly remember something back home. Most of the female Nigerian customers are likely going to be on the domestic or caring side of life. They would always have their minds occupied by one family, personal or general problem than any other class of customers. Apart from this, some women may come with their babies to the office; expect the babies to take a huge percentage of their mother’s attention than any one treating nursing mothers would. Some customers may scratch itchy spots on their bodies and consequently lose concentration to what was discussed. Some may be ill, sneeze often, cough, feel uneasy, etc. Their poor health condition can also make them loss concentration to what you were promoting or driving at while executing some ‘C&G’ stratifications. Some may sit down, enjoy the chair, or somehow feel uncomfortable to the extent that they keep adjusting their sitting positions and have their minds occupied with what they are presently doing than what you are doing. Some may be busy grooming their hair, trying to improve their looks in the banking halls, waiting rooms, etc, and at the end their minds may be occupied with what they look like or the impression they wish creating than what you have to say if you chose to absorb them from such unfavorable locations. In all, the above make it important for you to be in charge, and make sure things do not slip out of hands while executing your fitting ‘C&G’ strategies. This ushers us to the third viewpoint, which gives ideas on how to control distractions in your office.


Controlling distractions in offices Neurologists believe that the human brain is capable of focusing on a limited number of information at a given time. While conversing with customers or chatting from website, or any other medium, be focused on what you have for them. Check for those lose ends in attitudes that may hinder the improvement of your absorption process as you strategize with ‘C&G’ tactics. Considering the Nigerian factor, the following are some instances of failing to control distractions at the moments of communication in your physical offices: Talking on when your customers are distracted if you are conversing. Commencing immediately from where you stopped after your customer has resumed concentration. Allowing some distracting behavior your customers may put on during a conversation to carry you away. Jumping to a slightly or completely different subject or line of logic after you and / or your customers have just been distracted. Creating distractions yourself, while conversing with your customers. For instance, if you are in your physical office in Nigeria, how long do you toy with that pen in your hand while conversing with your customers? How would you control the distracting activities that may go on in the background if you are using camera in net video? Generally, would it be very necessary to squeeze your fore head by the time you chose to do it? Is it very important to subject yourself to some things that may drive you to impress your customers? Why not take care not to over do it. How kept is your desktop? Do you have a cleaned up customers management / PR manners? In your web site, distractions can occur when you do the followings to your site:


Over loading your website home page. Exchanging and providing so many links to other sites that have nothing to do with what you are selling, in the bid to get more traffic to your site. Providing exhaustive list of people with conversions of how they made from your offers. Uploading enough animations to create a complete movie, onto your site. Remember that if emerging distractions that may occur in your office are not effectively controlled, these will be the foundation of misunderstanding, wrong judgments, wrong intentions and commitments, omissions, etc, between you and your target Nigerian customers. It is the game of right mindsets. You need to maintain a good level of concentration. The moments you begin to feel that you are on top, are the moments multiple camouflaged and lapses would graciously glide into you. As such, the Nigerian’s market is right as the circumstances demand that we treat how you can keep a good level of concentration while maneuvering and absorbing your customers. Find bellow some tips to give you a glimpse of the pivotal maneuvers you can implement to maintain your expected level of concentration while strategizing your way to absorb target Nigerian customers. Tips for maintaining good level of concentration In your physical office, these would occur when you perform the followings: Nurture a good level of confidence and concentration yourself while talking and trying to absorb your customers. Become imbued with the mood that you are the guardian of your


Nigerian customer to his / her satisfaction and the achievement of your company’s main selling goal. Put on the discerned attitude that will evoke your customers back to your track of reasoning if he has been distracted. Realize that the solution to your customer’s perceived problem is at hand, keep assuring them of this at regular intervals. Allow a brief moment to pass to catch your customer’s attention if you note he had lost attention. Then, with a suitable degree of concern, neatly and firmly state to the customer where you were in the discussion and gradually stir back the lost interest and pull your customers in. Findings from all of the above exercises would reveal how to a large extent, part of the Nigerian customers absorption falls into fitting discerned talks, discussions or call it expressions, that will guide, confirm, seal and sustain sales – some kind of ‘C&G’ stratifications. Let’s scan how we can translate and apply these lines of attack from the perspectives established in the next very significant face of this system -using the internet to capture Nigerian customers.

Face D Internet based businesses In two shortening steps, we shall focus on and seek to establish the
vital arrangements your organization, any interested already netpreneur or even a new and interested net enthusiast would make to use the internet to capture Nigerian customers and rake in money. These steps are as follows: Use the Internet the internet for Nigerian customers. Set valuable resources for running your e-business.


You should fall on the ASEs guidance by getting the followings done: (A) (1). Establish your ASE (Σefhnx/t.) as at the time you intends being up for your target Nigerian customers. (2). Establish the ASE of the class of targeted Nigerian customers your wish selling to as Σ(ef.hnxtc)/t. (3). Establish the ASE of the exact market you wish to enter e.g. Lagos as (Σ (ef.hnxtm)/t). (4). Establish the ASE of your organization as (Σ(ef.hnxorg)/t.). Find out the relationship between (1), (2), (3) and (4) in (A) as (Σ( which would relate to your planed web based business. Then, derive the common motives for choosing the internet, desires, hopes, likes, fears, standards of living, curiosity, available internet facilities and the like things that will assist you to cost effectively, conveniently, swiftly, and accurately discover the right materials, verify, design, experiment and put up a killing web site to carry your offered goods or services into the Nigerian’s market. Also, consider step (B) to identify and avoid common pitfalls, and better maneuver to beat your competitors. (B) Accomplish the followings, namely: (1).Establish the ASE of your organization as at the time you intend being up for Nigerian’s market as (Σ (ef.hnxorg)/t.). (2).Establish the ASE of those you engage to do one thing or the other in this net biz thing as (Σ (ef.hnxemp)/t.).


(3).Establish the ASE of others who are running such business as competitor as (Σ (ef.hnxcompt)/t.) Then, make a reconciliation of 1-3 of (B) to derive the common desires, standards, class, likes, hopes, fears, goals, emerging needs, emerging expectations, and derive and work with the problems of running such a web site for Nigerian’s market. Let’s consider what all this would involve from the first step. Step 1

Use the internet for Nigerian customers
is the act of going down to the core Nigerian’s market backgrounds and using the ASEs to derive fitting materials and insight to maneuver and legally use the facilities of the Internet to reach, positively influence, attract, absorb and maintain millions of customers from the target Nigerian’s market. For instance, there are hundreds of thousands of Internet connectivity in Nigeria, well over 750,000. Millions of Nigerians go to Cyber cafés to browse. These users include students, the young unemployed, and some company workers who enjoy the provisions of the Net, made available by their companies. These millions of potential customers mostly between the ages of 12 65 have common curiosities, adventure, and are money and business seeking. Therefore, they form a great base to hit and turn things around for your organization’s Internet-based services. Permit me to go a little deeper. I have observed that among this age bracket are those Nigerians referred to as “the Yahoo boys.”



These boys are very smart and would do anything to elevate the economic situations of their lives, get the fun of swindling their unsuspecting or innocent victims, enjoy the realization of the effectiveness of certain Internet marketing facilities such as bulk emailing, impress their associates, and feel great finding a source of income. Emerging governmental agencies like the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) keep hunting and picking up these boys. The whole truth is, so can you.

Just again, as a Nigerian proverb would say, when you scold the
hawk for picking up the chick, you scold the chick for being careless and so exposed. For me, I would be in the opinion of scolding the owner of the chick for not providing food in a conducive environment for the chicks to eat and stay out of danger. You find all manners of goods or services on the Net. Some innocent and sincere-hearted ones just get there to help themselves while others are there to seize opportunities to defraud. The point is this, if some of the Nigerian yahoo boys discover genuine Internet
businesses that would indeed yield them cash, they would become wonderful sales apostles of your organization.

Thus, do a lot of splendid work by getting a Nigerian focused moneyspinning website ready for your target Nigerian customers. If this site can get Nigerians flowing in, be sure that it can as well capture other target African markets. First, go for Nigerians!


Getting a site ready for Nigerian customers Here your organization would need to derive relevant customers pulling criteria from target Nigerian’s market base and maneuver with the facilities of website to attract and absorb same customers repeatedly. In all, the followings should be done: Think of what is to be offered the target customers. For instance, Nigerians would deeply appreciate online businesses that would lead to genuine moneymaking opportunities. They would need ebooks that would really help them to make money, goods that would be of standard and generate income for commissions made from sales if they are chosen as agents. Get ideas and good help from,,,, Register a domain name that would capture the minds and concerns and specific biting needs of your target customers. For instance, ‘Home business for,’ ‘Real money for,’ ‘affiliate plans,’ ‘every body can,’ ‘collect payments’, ‘now ready made 4’ etc. Get a good hosting package. Get a great, dependable, 24/7 customers service host. There can be nothing more frustrating than when your site is always having trouble. There are thousands of promising hosting packages on the internet. Ask google, yahoo, and other search engines. For instance, you can use, for both domain names registrations and hosting plans. When writing sales letter or in the welcome or home page, give Nigerian customers solid assurances and guarantees and be convincing enough. Remember to use direct approach. The use of bold characters would portray a determined, straight to the point feelings into the average Nigerian customer’s minds. Own a magnetic, sticky website e.g. install get paid to read email


advertisements. Avoid endless links and talks in the name of making the Nigerian customers remain in the site; be precise. Remember they hate stories. For whatever is sold, provide the money value and in other cases, some points that can be converted to purchases or money being paid into their local bank accounts in Nigeria for providing the organization with the email addresses of real ready Nigerians who would finally buy offered goods or services. Make payments easy, safe, swift, and convenient. Use the bank wire transfer method of payment, western money transfer system, and other services that would be friendly to Nigerians. Make the shipping and handling (S/H) swift, door-to-door and safe. Use a courier service company that knows the target Nigerian’s market inside out and that is known and respected by your target Nigerian customers. Find merchants for collecting payments online that would favor the methods used by the targeted market and customers. These merchants should be those who cut across the globe indeed. For, and instance,,,, are good for verification. If the need arises get a third party into the site to run the organization’s selling. These should be dependable and capable of constantly forwarding payouts in good time. They should have enough facilities to make the organization’s business hitch free and flourishing. For instance,, are good for your verification and trial. Provide affiliate packages in the site to run the sales as well. Provide everything that would enable them to make money like coordinate e-marketing facilities that would make your affiliates really make sales. Provide facilities for them to get commissions from their down line to few levels or so. Make payouts to your affiliates easy and fast for them. Make it easy to fill the forms. Guard against frauds, spamming and other Internet ills. Make it


part of the organization’s policies to protect its clients, and in the disclaimer make it clear that the organization would terminate the terms of contract at will should any of the affiliates delicately run against the customers’ protective measures. Also, be frank about discontinuing with any affiliate who violates the standards of running business on the Internet. For instance, get ideas and those who are ready to run the affiliate program stocked with everything for you from,,, Market the site in different ways on line. For instance, use the banners, free classified ad sites, summit the ads to sites that can get the ads to thousands of search engines, summit url to sites that can take it to millions of promotional sites. Purchase e-zine advertising that focus on the African market especially the Nigerians. Exchange links with those who can carry your organization everywhere online. For instance, get assistance from, Download and use email extractors that comply with the Internet standards of bulk emailing. Check out Buy good bulk e-mailing facility for me this is the very best way of making money. I would advice you to get those who can run everything from their own server for you to be on the safe side. If your organization needs to be more secured it can pay for few bulks of emails addresses. If there is need to be more economical get those who would charge only once for a life membership. They should give access to their facilities at all times. Search google or yahoo for more results on e-marketing. For instance, consider the following,, Write and freely publish articles that aim at empowering the target Nigerian customers.


The Guardian and some local newspapers, Cool 96.9 FM, Rhythm 93.7 and 94.7 FM can carry your organization’s web addresses to millions of ready Nigerian customers. List your organization’s web and other contact information in yellow pages and other directories that are used by millions of Nigerians. For instance, get listed in From ASEs’ backgrounds add great values to their lives from the rendered services. Have local contacts or agents such as Afromart Integrated Services limited to distribute or relay buying / business information back to your organization. Therefore using and marketing through the Internet reminds us of most e-goods or services your organization can offer target Nigerian customers. For instance, the organization can sell affiliate programs, have make-money-at-home opportunities, web hosting facilities, emarketing soft wares, auditing, and other soft wares that are beneficial to corporations, other great soft wares, web designing facilities, goods and some other services. The core issue now is in making the offers more attractive and centric Nigerian’s market driven than those of the competitors may make. Your organization need to make things easier for it to remain in the above position. Subsequently any interested net business need to build a resourceful link to keep sorting out valuable materials for its course of action. This may represent the organization’s very necessary e-business treasury chest or handy storehouse. The next step offers ideas of what needs to be executed to keep such a resourceful link precious.


Step 2

Load your e-business treasury strongbox This step is prepared to give you ideas on how to pack resourceful
stuffs into your e-business treasury chest as one who runs an internetbased business to get customers from the Nigerian’s market. The treasury strongbox should be regularly updated with the latest tools. This is aimed at helping the organization or a ‘fresher-to-the-net’ swiftly conform to the required standards periodically needed to carry the customers along. This preparedness would periodically sharpen the focus of the organization and make responses to needs quicker. This should not be a difficult to understand and use chamber. I keep and regularly update this kind of chamber myself. The following would give ideas on how to organize the strongbox. For instance, give headings and list out sites that would help in that field. For your web sites,

Your domain names
It is a good idea to have your domain names hosted by sites that, provide many great cgi scripts for you to strategize with free of charge. After all this is internet, you do not need to pay heavily for services that are almost everywhere. 1 Some host cgi on their own servers to relieve you of the trouble of learning how to install cgi or even have it enabled on your server. Note that some of these sites may place adverts on your


sites, after all, they must gain from their fine gestures. Check out for ideas. 2 For cheap registration fees. Check out 3 If you need to, be a host and buy a large space or something like that for a very little amount then resell this to your Nigerian customers. Check out hostica .com, they may have something that would march your budget.

For integrated e-business services
Think of getting a secured top quality internet business services at very low prices or free. If you chose a site to work with, make sure they have exceptional customer service and money back guarantee. For the large market you may target, some of the site’s services should include copywriting, web design, website analysis, domain and web hosting solutions. You can just become affiliate to such. For instance, check out the services of safe internet services from If you have none, plan to get fax messages from around the world delivered straight into your email box. That will boost your potentials. You may not spend heavily for this, for instance you can even get needed services free. consider If you have an archive and member sites you must try to carry your customers along and inform them of moments of changes or updates in your web site. Get the help of change detection at, it's completely free! Give your site some security. Visit site that would help you in many forms of protection. For instance, check out Use sites that offer great useful web building and support services in the hope that you would upgrade to higher standard. You can seek for and benefit from a free side of Mailing List program and Web Polls program that’s great for researching new product ideas. Get licenses to use the trail version.


Check the effectiveness of the words you chose for your web pages. This is important for you to have that desired results. Look for sites that can help you prepare great keywords free if possible. I would advice that at some point you should incorporate a business. In addition, if you have your very own product or have written a book try to get patent and copyright. The following sites would be very helpful to you. It is best you get a site for bits and pieces for your web sites. For instance, you can visit,, and To protect your computer from thieves, visit

Get hot selling or missing products to sell
In all, get hot selling or missing products to sell from your sites. This is where the Nigerian’s market comes in very handy. Afromart Integrated Services Limited offers you a wide range of products from the Nigerian’s market, which you can sell and make real good money. This is real, sweet to know and legal. The idea is, from your very own web sites you can get Nigerians themselves to be affiliates and sell from sub domains. So check out what some of the major Nigerian’s markets have to sell and incorporate these to your sites accordingly. Besides, you can get products to sell for Nigerians from,, and


For e-books
Find more about e-books about marketing, making money online, etc, from results from search engines. If you can write for yourself go ahead. You would need to edit, protect, get blogs and get your books actually spinning money from the internet. If you need help for editing your e-book, try,, and Protect your book from thieves. For instance, get security help from Get good designers if you are not sure of getting it right your self,, and try, You can create blogs for your e-books. For help visit Plan to make money from your e-book’s blog, get ideas from, If it happens, that you need it, you can get e-books creator and pdf generator free from For your e-books submissions If you wish to use the services of e-book submission sites, try the following site,,,,,,,,, and


For Money making opportunities
If you need to get some money making opportunities that can set you financially free and perhaps let some others have these opportunities, then you can get affiliates from the Nigerian’s market to run your sites that have these programs. For instance, Try,,,,,,,,,,,, and If on the line, you need some operating capital to start something up you can try

For e-marketing
Affiliate programs Here we facing how you can spend some money and get serious affiliate programs running on your sites. If you are interested get sites that have almost everything needed to make it as an affiliate merchant. For instance, consider the following sites,,, and

You can get third party and exchange your links to sell your products for you.


E-mail marketing If this need emerges, use, etc. For Bulk emailing Visit,, and Get email addresses from You can even use the services of world email Directory and world pages search for email addresses globally. Try, and If you need soft wares to blast to the world you can get some at,,, and Search engine submissions Submit your url to search engines like the Yahoo, google etc. Visit this site and you will find it very interesting, Auto responder Visit the following links for ideas, and You can use the services of t-mail to get your email messages translated. This would give you an edge in understanding the languages of others who may not understand English. I like this stuff, especially when one is dealing with the international community. Try, Pop ups You will find these sites very interesting, and


Ezines For instance, Install the “Opt-In Automator” program on your web site get this at Learn from others for instance, visit, Forums Ask the experts about internet marketing. Join great forums. and Check out You can ask search engines and you would have a wealth of resources to help you fill your storehouse and hit the Nigerian’s market better. If you have any question or need any help, please do not hesitate to contact They would help you to build your opt-in list from the Nigerian’s market, make your classified Ads, Newsletters, articles, press releases reach the heart of the Nigerian’s market. Also, they would help you get your advert, offline marketing, Video messages (in DVDs, VCDs and so), to reach and stimulate sales from your target Nigerian’s market. You can be linked to market forums in Nigeria with the help of Afromart Integrated services. After getting the chambers ready, and as a summary, in the real Nigerian’s market floors, your organization would need to practically do the followings to harness its exploit of the internet-based business for target Nigerian customers: Appoint an agent as a component of the structured sales force in Nigeria. Monitor your appointee from findings established in this book. Establish all necessary connections between the organization and the Agent, for payments, and delivery of offered services.


Get this appointee to print handbills or brief magnetic sales letters that carry your complete contact details and that of your appointees. Your appointees should gather and use mobile phone numbers, addresses, websites, e-mail address, or other forms of contacts of prospects. Get the appointee to appoint many cyber café owners as sub agents and distribute printed materials to these cyber cafes. . Also, distribute handbills to business centers, schools such as polytechnics, universities, markets, corporations, etc. Advertise as well in widely read Nigerian business enlightening magazines like the Success Digest and Internet Entrepreneur. Again, let the whole appointees make a great offline marketing to carry along targeted customers as established in face A of this system. By the number of subscribers to the telecoms service providers in Nigeria, there are millions of mobile phones owners to target. In addition, there are hundreds of thousands of e-mail addresses and tens of thousands companies that operate in Nigeria to hit. Meanwhile, you should be in the right situation, the right frame of mind, use the right strategies reconcile your organizational functions and finally execute schemes which will inherently, cost effectively, pull customers, help you close sales and make real money from the Nigerian’s market. So, it is a new core selling and money making extravaganza in the Nigerian’s market, which you should never be carried by the tide, though.


In fact, there is something we would need to consider here, that is being too busy selling to Nigerian customers might elude your organization’s focus to the truth that members of its required sales force may run out of energy, effective strategies, the right form, zeal, or such required Nigerian customers getting endowments. The sad part is if the above is allowed to take place, silly things can take the place of the organization’s sales growth and profits maximization. For instance, wrongly timed advertisements and promotional programs that would be run at these sorts of moments may never fully lead an organization to desired results. The lingering of these situations can comfortably culture a hidden ground where negative influences would backfire to affect the speed of sales growth. Reaching and sinking the required deep relationship building roots into the heart of the market would then become very difficult. At the end, monies will inherently be lost. Based on materials and findings from parts 1, 2, 3, and this part of the book, the Nigerian’s market has established how your organization can keep its over all foresight and morals constantly high and maneuver from positions which your attracted and absorbed customers will inherently never feel and want to go back to the ‘free-for-all-grabme’ market. It would do this by cost effectively aiding your organization to set an easy to run and maintain Nigerian customers getting and money-creating turnkey from the redirection and reframing or assignment of newer heart-sealing core objectives for building relationships, advertising, and promoting. These are the revealed instances of keying the hearts of customers to your offers. In the next part, 5, all these would be placed on the stage of “make them die hard loyal”. Here you would discover how loses would be dramatically reduced, functions more result yielding, and moneymaking systems secured on a generative platform.


Part 5 Make them die-hard loyal
the responsible members of the sales force of your organization would need to seal the hearts of their customers, by implementing the required strategies which will make same customers on their own battle back oppositions, rush back and stick to the organization come what may. It should not be difficult. Those expected to carry out any task in the expected line of function should keep managing situations, influencing circumstances, and ensuring that they meet certain required conditions as discussed in the previous parts of this book. Everything should be aimed at preparing the right heart conditions. Causing events to favor the turning of the target Nigerian customers into a powerful base of those who would be ready to move along with the organization to any length, bear with it, feel strongly attached to it, pull others to it, make the whole customers getting and money producing process self-sustaining one -making them die-hard loyal. In a way, these responsible parts of the sales force are required to spark the fire within them to plant the right stimulating and appealing worded seeds in the changing hearts of the customers through available medium. In his book,
“How to develop self-confidence for success”. P.C Ganesan said “ the sub conscious mind is the most powerful part of the mind and once any idea gets embedded in it, it works miracles by translating the idea into reality.”


To prove how important the capturing of the heart is from his view,
Robert Greene hinted that “Ignore the heart and the minds of others and they will grow to hate you... The best way to protect yourself is to be as fluid and formless as water, never bet on stability or lasting order. Everything changes.”


Sealing the customers heart to your organization would aid in making them defensive while on the organization’s side and become die-hard loyal. You can be sure that if they were loyal, your organization would be guaranteed of a concrete base to execute the followings: Slice the cost associated in acquiring new customers. Develop the periodically required background to sort out materials, construct, establish, and implement customers getting values like technical abilities and expertise. Gain the periodically required insight to fulfill customers’ expectations more than competitors do. Create a more focused customers getting front among other benefits. From the analyses of the ASEs’ formulas and the entire processes established from our previous parts the angles bellow will provide the simple and firm floors and positions to operate and make the absorbed Nigerian customers die-hard loyal. These four floors are as follows: Build a profitable relationship with Nigerian customers. Idea of making your adverts in Nigeria more effective. Promoting from ‘C&G’ background. Making them die-hard loyal. Use the above medium to tie up everything and secure the followings: Hunt for and improve standards of living of customers. Raise and fulfill hopes. Create and spew emotions. Raise and attract curiosity. Provide adventure. Create and fortify strengths (financially, morally, etc.).


Entertain, be lively, and bubbling when running the business. We will focus on these leaders and those moments any seller may need to be in the above position. So let us start discovering how to achieve the above straight up with the first step.

Step 1

Build a profitable relationship with Nigerian customers
market demands that your organization through its designated leaders, periodically sort out and work with the right relationship building materials (information) as discussed from the previous parts. Then, strategically put together these as it evaluates with the ASEs’ formulas, for creations of the periodic, favorable, bilateral, benefiting essential circumstances, situations or conditions, which will constantly promote the exchange of feelings, thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc, between the organization and target Nigerian customers while values are constantly obtained. The above can be achieved from your website or offline backgrounds through communication dispositions, image projections, and such things, the members of your lead sales force display when sending sales letters, chatting, discussing in forum, advertising, promoting, marketing, selling, etc. Findings from analyses of the background we have come from reveal that your structured leaders can spear head the required unit to periodically achieve the above by: Recommending and championing wholesome, marketing, and effective customer’s management enhancing gossips in the organization e.g. saying up building things about members of the



structured sales force in the organization. Yes, say things that would stimulate them to be effective conversers. Asking members of the sales force mind discerning questions that would help in sustaining their customers’ relationship, maintaining high performance. Do not pry into others privacy while doing this. Occasionally making arrangements to interview selected members of the sales force around to discern what emerging Nigerian customers getting and maintaining ideas that can be gathered to help in the periodic ‘C&G’ stratifications. Making pre- call arrangements and discussing with some loyal or important Nigerian customers, some useful competitors, and other relevant people in the industry. Creating the background from where a good target customers management tools would periodically generate. Getting the responsible desks to pass memos, which will stimulate and encourage the sales force to form chat groups, brainstorming team, etc, to discus some matters about your target Nigerian’s market / customers. Using the company’s bulletins, newsletters, or some sorts of journal if there are such to chip in gathered ideas, comments, opinions, recommendations, etc. Taking care not to incite jealousy, clashes of interest and hatred among the involved groups of people, especially among the employees of the organization while executing the above. Using some available openings in the organization’s means of communication, which can be intelligently tapped to chip in customers-management discussion clauses, phrases, sentences, or anything that will silently spark up a healthy competition, up building admiration / jealousy among the sales force in the organization. Some of the openings that can be used to achieve the above, include the occasions when an organization post on their notice boards or some how get this information across, news about new entrants, transfers, terminations, training schemes, marriages, births, service awards, parties, employees sports, new products launching plans, government regulations,


competitors activities, etc. With the above, the control unit of your required sales force would have cultured a background that projects beneficial light to the target customers’ hearts as other members of the structured sales force carry out other campaigns to seal same customers’ hearts. Also, from the above noticeable background, the sales force as a whole can make its offers reconcile with the ASEs of the targeted customers. For instance, these customers should be helped with your offers to make real money, solve bitter problems, etc. The Nigerian’s market has proved a position as the above as the best to carry the customers along through advertisements and promotions. This new positioning would keep your customers getting platform alive, highly rewarding, interesting, attractive, competitive, deeply noticed and quite alluring in the market. Let’s check from the next step how the right moments can be snatched and used to periodically run such stimulating advert that can buy the hearts of your Nigerian customers and make them ‘die-hard loyal’.

Step 2 Advertise to sustain ‘C&G’ campaign
We would be unfolding the making of your goods or services publicly
known in the target Nigerian’s market in those expected manners, which will further trigger, uphold, and favor the periodic implementations of suitable ‘C&G’ strategies around the same targeted market to make them die-hard loyal. This would be when your organization advertises to put its periodically required ‘C&G’ processes on an imperative stage in the Nigerian customers getting crusadeadvertising platform to periodically sustain same fitting ‘C&G’ campaign.


Thus, depending on your targeted Nigerian’s market e.g. the public, corporate clients, rich class, middle class men, middle class women, children, industrial buyers, Internet-based businesses, etc, your organization’s advertisement programs will have to create the right mind sets / conditions to pin down the hearts of the target Nigerian customers on the periodic offers. While this is on, other members of your structured sales force (salespersons, markers, etc.) would maneuver and carry the disgorged messages into the hearts of the customers they come in contact with. With the above in view, we will focus on three discovered angles of considerations in this advertisement process. These are as follows: How your organization’s networks in Nigeria can aid the running of the adverts and periodically implement fitting ‘C&G’ stratifications to sustain the effects of the program. When Internet-based advert programs aimed at your targeted Nigerian’s market can carry along some expressions that could be tagged on ‘C&G’ maneuvers. And When your organization’s network (appointees) in Nigeria can back these Internet-based adverts, as they implement ‘C&G’ exercises to carry along your captivating messages to the grass root of the targeted Nigerian’s market. In view of the above, three angles of deliberation, the members of your sales force who are responsible for airing Adverts should prepare, evaluate, tune and channel their ASEs, that of the target Nigerian customers, and others involved in the advert process into those backgrounds from where effective ‘C&G’ activities can trigger patronage while sticking customers hearts to your organization. The following four standpoints has been established as going to help organizations firmly achieve the aim of advertising to sustain ‘C&G’ strategies. These are as follows:


The Nigerian advert platform. Advert steps to hit Nigerian’s market. Four rewarding advert options. These options fulfill the following functions: 1. Ceremonial. 2. Creative. 3. Persuasive. 4. Informative. Fastening your desired advert results. Considering the threats that may exist on the Nigerian advert stage, due to ignorance, it would be vital you start up this process by understanding the Nigerian customers yielding advertisement platform, which an organization would play on. This knowledge would help your monitoring unit stir the sales force more effectively to obtain optimal results. The Nigerian advert platform This is just like knowing of the terms of a business and where your profits would emerge from before engaging in it. For instance, by the virtue of the Act 55 of 1988, amended in Act 93 of 1992, the Advertising Practitioners’ Council of Nigeria (APCON) vets adverts activities in Nigeria. In agreement with the Act 55 of 1988, APCON has empowered the Advertising Standard Panel (ASP) to regulate advertisement in Nigeria. Besides, ASP has other counterparts, which back APCON in regulating advertising businesses in Nigeria. Under this category, we have the Advertising Practitioners’ Investigation Panel (APIP) and the Advertising Practitioners’ Disciplinary committee (APDC). With the new amendments of the Act as above, APCON has the added load of monitoring the advertising activities of other regulating bodies. Thus, under ASP, APCON has extended its oversight to the advertising activities of other regulatory bodies like the Central Bank of


Nigeria (CBN), National Insurance Commission (NICON), Standard organization of Nigeria (SON), National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), and National Communication Commission (NCC), etc. In Nigeria, there are rules and set standards in the advert platform, which you should check before running your programs. As it appears, the regulatory bodies only vet to make the platform a profitable arena to play on. To make things easier for an organization, the Nigerian advertising arena is facilitated by credible advertising agencies. Among these is Insight Drey located at GRA Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Insight Grey is an affiliate to Grey worldwide since 1996. The agency has advertised products for Indomie and Nigerian Breweries where they feature Gulder Larger bear, a commercial that is enjoyed by many Nigerians. In addition, there is the STB MC CANN. They have done advert for Zenith International Bank, Nestle, and Peugeot. The CENTER SPREAD FCB in Saw yerr Crescent Anthony Village, Lagos, Nigeria, advertises for Johnson wax products like Nixodem, Raid, Tantalizers, UNICEF, and Zein, among others. There is the SO & U. They advertise for Proctor & Gamble, which produces Always, Pampers, Mr. Biggs, MTN, etc. Apart from the above advertisers, the deregulation of most industries including the media has made the broadcasting environment in Nigeria to be more lucrative and conducive for advertisers to run their programs and hit the desired results.


For instance, some entrepreneurs run commercial radio, television stations, and publishing companies. That millions of Nigerians get desired broadcasted amusements, pleasantness, joy, happiness, fulfilled moments, well-spent leisure, and so forth, are evidences of the fact that millions of them own radio and TV receivers at homes. So, there are some millions of radio receivers and TVs in Nigeria today. The idea is these millions can be reached through the broad casting media. For instance, radio stations like the Cool 96.8 FM, Rhythm 93.7 and 94.7 FM are down to earth in entertaining millions of Nigerians. These radio stations are some of an organization’s sure bets to sponsor interesting programs and / or get advert programs running. Besides, there is the Brila 89.6 FM, a radio station dedicated to sports. They reach millions of sports loving Nigerian listeners also and of course are an organization’s sure bet to advertise its sports goods or services. In addition, many state owned radio stations could carry advert messages to millions of listeners in a particular market of interest. Apart from radio, there are TV stations such as the NTA (Nigerian Television Authority), the station that can get an organization more audience than any other. The STV (Silver Bird Television), known for showing some of the greatest entertaining programs in Nigeria. Others include, the Muri International Television (MiTV), Channels, (the television of the year 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, the only station in Nigeria that keeps reminding me of the CNN and Sky news) and Galaxy Television. Yet other stations as the African Independent Television (AIT), spew out great and wonderful children, educational programs, movies, documentaries, and other programs that advertisers can sponsor to reach millions of customers.


Nigeria even has a cable station, the hitv, where advertisers can reach millions of sport loving Nigerians during the premiership and other soccer and sporting events. In addition, in the print media, there is a wide choice to pick. For instance, there are “This Day”, “the Sun”, “the Guardian”, and “the paunch” newspapers. There are also magazines like the “City People Magazine|, “the Internet Entrepreneur” and many others, which advertisers can use to reach millions of Nigerian readers. There are billboards, bills and other media to advertise further in Nigeria. If the need arises, from the above, your organization can use its network in Nigeria to drag attention to your website. Yes, these customers attentions should be brought to the organization’s www.your company’, and your offers in the targeted market. At the end, through advertisement, your organization can sustain the ‘C&G’ campaign of its sales unit down in the market, while the ‘C&G’ stratifications continues driving home the spewed inciting messages of the advert into your target customers hearts. Using the foresight provided by the ASEs’ formula, we have bellow some four practical Nigerian’s market hitting ad steps, which will get you and your sales unit, solidly organized to effectively, accurately, cost effectively and rewardingly run adverts across to the targeted Nigerian customers and make the further heart capturing schemes continually valuable.


Advert steps to hit Nigerian’s market Your advertisers can achieve the above by carrying out the followings hinted requirements: (A) Identify who would use and / or buy your offered goods or services most. Then, establish their ASEs (Σ (ef.hnxtc)/t) as at the time your organization intends advertising. Know your customers most commonly used languages, their main activities / occupations, attitudes to work, beliefs, their hopes, likes, dislikes, fears, goals, how the general Nigerian’s market situations influences them, as all of the above relate to your offers. Establish what the customers would likely expect from your organization from the above foundation. (B) Establish your organization’s ASEs (Σ (ef.hnxorg)/t) as at the same time it intends advertising. Establish what the organization intends achieving from the advertisement program. Know its financial strength to run the program. Know the ASEs of those who would be involved in the program’s execution. Establish their likes, hopes, fears, beliefs, capabilities to deliver, attitudes to execute the advert program’s related tasks. (C) Establish the ASEs of your competitors in the targeted Nigerian’s market as Σ (ef.hnxcompt)/t to derive the common trends, omissions, commitments, lapses, visions, advertising strategies and other things as would aid the advert to reach desired target. (D) Establish the ASEs of your sector as Σ (ef.hnxsect)/t to derive the common regulations, policies, pursuits, goals, advertising standards, etc, as would help the organization plan and execute a magnetic advert program.


From the above four preparatory backgrounds, your advertisers can consider the manners, which conversations are done, businesses are run, ceremonies are done, etc, in the targeted Nigerian’s market. Then, they can decide if they (the advertisers) would need to drag words, snap out words, spell out words distinctively, be emotional, what body language or other kinetics to use while running planned advertisement programs. Your down line in Nigeria (designated part of the sales force), should carry along these methods of convincing target customers as ‘C&G’ stratifications. Therefore, from the evaluations of the ASEs’ formulas, the advertisers would have derived advert enhancing hopes, fears, expectations, goals, desires, reasons for doing things, attitudes, cultures, beliefs, etc. Then, your organization could fortify its efforts of getting the right ‘C&G’ assisted advert program running, by selecting from the following four rewarding options bellow as initiated by the Nigerian’s market intelligence base. These options are derived from the functions, which they need to fulfill to spice up the ‘C&G’ campaign; this will also add more colors to the slated advertisements and help in securing a meaningful impact and reaching your target customers’ minds more precisely as loyalty origin. These would help keep the heart-capturing dial on the right advert positions. Four rewarding advert options for Nigerian’s market A. The first advert option is that which would fulfill the ceremonial functions. We have this because there would be instances when your organization will be required to consistently face and advertise in some target Nigerian market that would have been acquainted with the organization for a long period of time in their territory.


Normally before running this kind of advert you’d have less competition and / or are the only one serving a particular region in Nigeria. You can run this form of advert for the sake of advertising, breaking a period of silence and just letting your customers know that you are still around. Your organization may need to fasten its relationship with targeted customers and seal evaluated communication gaps. Thus, the organization would need to use words, languages, characters, media, and other resources in those evaluated fitting Nigerian ways (‘C&G’ backed), that will influence and generate the required feelings, fulfill certain expectations, initiate the development of necessary loyal mindsets that will sustain the life of your operations in the same target market, and lead to other selling goals. B. There is this other advert option, which fulfils the creative functions. This advert option would capture hundreds of thousands of the curious minded, “seeing-is-believing,” careful, young minded, target Nigerian customers. The targeted customers should be made to naturally accept what this sort of advert claim as being true and real. Therefore, your advert in this regards should be able to make the customers remember a current or past issue in the territory that highlight the importance of the offered goods or services at the particular point in time that the advert is running. Natural, social, economical, political events, general beliefs of the targeted customers, their cultures, hopes, likes, fears, climatic conditions, living circumstances, or conditions and situations, seasons, etc, could be taped to prepare the creative advert option.


As the name implies, if it is to fulfill the creative function, then your advertisers must be imaginative, be great thinkers, sound analyst and be ready to make things happen from the advert. If the advert is practical, it must contain a good level of truth. If this form of advert sinks down to your targeted Nigerian market and is evocative, then the syntheses of what is highlighted in the advert must suggest the quality of facts. These confirmed facts in the creative advert option should originate from your same target Nigerian’s market through the matrixes of the ASEs of the involved Nigerian customers getting elements, if it must pull customers hearts from the same market. In essence, constructed words in this kind of advert programs should be used to make your target categories of customers feel from experiences, observations, etc, the significance of taking up certain “adverts-goal-driven” actions. Through well-planned periodically implemented ‘C&G’ strategies by the Nigerian network, you should make sure that your target Nigerian customers are involved in finding out the truth about the images, which your offered goods or services spew into the market. Thus, the feelings generated from the advert should make your targeted Nigerian customers inherently reconcile their ASEs to your promoted goods or services. Therefore, you would need to avoid being openly persuasive. Instead, be logical, to some extend emotional, reasonable, caring, bold, purposeful, determined, and unrelenting as your agents, sales reps., marketers, and the rest guide, direct, convince, seal hearts and stimulate same target customers for patronage while the advert goes on. C. The third advert option would completely fulfill the persuasive functions.


Should there be heavy resistance or the like, this form of advert would be handy. It would engineer your potential Nigerian customers to alter their negative and resentful altitudes, feelings, beliefs, resolutions, fears, behaviors, etc, that competitors, enemies, lapses, ignorance and other harms may have created for the organization. For the above kind of customers, and depending on the regulatory body’s rules, you can be pleading or directly saying things to stimulate the needed patronage-yielding, sales-increasing, marketing-responsive heart capturing actions. From this perspective, a well-organized far-reaching debate, a formal argument, press conference, newspaper editorials, spam free e-mail campaign, chat medium, DVD releases, etc, would be some ways your organization can strengthen a persuasive advertisement. When reaching out for these kinds of customers, being emotional may not be necessary. You should avoid looking as if you were begging for anything, no trace of weakness, failing, or running out of control should be shown. Instead, be tactical, establish strong points and be logical, carefully stressing the advantages the offered goods or services have over others. Put in mind that some time would be needed to change these customers’ minds in this group and get the required percentage of patronage. Your Representatives, marketers, agents, affiliates, etc, (members of the sales force), should seal the desired results by being careful, highly motivated, persistent, liked, entertaining, convincing and trusted by the same Nigerian customers in those manners they execute fitting ‘C&G’ stratifications while driving home the effects of the periodically staged


advert programs, which your organization may get going through various mediums. D. Finally, we have the advert option that fulfills the informative functions. This has to come up because there would be some situations when your organization would need to educate, create awareness, and inform your targeted customers about the arrival of your offered goods or services in the targeted Nigerian’s market. In addition, your organization may need to pass a warning to the targeted customers about the activities of imitators, latest improvements in the goods, etc. At the end, you will have to leave your targeted customers without doubt that your organization’s standards, achievements, goals, or offers, are for the customers interest. The loyal / potential Nigerian customers would need to be assured of their safety and the organization’s commitment to eradicate the inferior or imitated products from the market. Therefore, you should avoid praising yourself in other not to be judgmental while running this form of advert. Instead, as forms of ‘C&G’ strategies through your sales force, be clear, entertaining, portray caring attitudes while projecting the advantages your targeted customers have to enjoy for using your offered goods or services. Apart from the above, let’s consider other points that would seal desired results while advertising for Nigerians.


Fastening desired advert results For instance, (1). When running any form of advertisement that aims at the masses, the less educated, business minded, or customers from the remote parts of Nigerian’s market, consider using catchy repeated words to indicate sincerity in the advertisement program. Your repeated slightly emotional words in advert programs can positively affect the psychology of same customers. (2). Others would fall for the use of ASEs’ established target customers heart pulling or magnetic name calling. For instance, the names you give to a product or service can stir up interest in and drive potential customers to patronage, this would be especially so when your agents, marketers, and affiliates carry along fitting ‘C&G’ stratifications. You can paint words to favor and appeal to the obtainable lifestyles, cultures, and attitudes of your targeted Nigerian customers. Depending on the level of trust, millions of your target Nigerian customers would buy words and not your products or the services, if you decorate your offered products well with words. Truly, in advert programs, the power of words through well implemented ‘C&G’ strategies can be tailored to get impulses, minds, etc, of same target customers to hunt for shadowy effects like luxury, love, comfort, peace, justice, security, happiness, health, and humor (“POS”).


Now we can observe that advertisement brings about and sustain many levels of awareness. A sustained awareness program would lead to companionship. Companionship would grow deep interest, favorable decisions for your patronage. understanding and

Inversely, persisting in securing your Nigerian customers’ interest and understanding of your organization’s entity would make your structured sales force, market Nigerians more effectively and customers loyal. Meanwhile, apart from advertising, some occasions would arise when you must promote your goods or services in different Nigerian oriented ways. We need to critically view these. There are many things attached to promoting offered goods or services among other competitors in Nigeria today. Promoting from ‘C&G’ background is a single tool that would facilitate us to understand what is obtainable here and periodically extract highly workable customers-pleasing guides from the target Nigerian’s market backgrounds. In addition, this would practically empower your promotional activities in Nigeria to hit and seal die-hard loyal results. Hence, this becomes some core money making turnkey for your organization today. Let’s consider how you can further promote to get the real imparts from your target Nigerian’s market today.


Step 3

Promote from ‘C&G’ background
those who are overseeing the promotional activities of your organization or those who may need to promote your goods or services (promoters) as a structured part of your sales force, are expected to gather information from the periodic foundations / bases made possible by the regular ‘C&G’ exercises, and then formulate appealing, comfortable perceptions, understandings, and backgrounds, which the Nigerian customers would accept your organization and offered goods or services. Also, these should be elevated to fit your organizational goals. We can call this process promoting from the ‘C&G’ background. Thus, your organization would need to put its other forms of promotional activities into practice in those well-founded / centric Nigerian content manners, which will culture the periodic situations or pre-incited bases that are inherently capable of engineering the required ‘C&G’ tools needed for capturing the hearts of a wide interest groups from your target customers’ base. Again, the goal is to make them buy and be die-hard loyal. Therefore, you will be required to come down to your target customer’s levels of existence to establish and work with their fitting reconciled ASEs in order to find out workable promotions guiding cultural background, beliefs, hopes, likes, dislikes, fears, goals, etc. Carry customers along by fittingly, convincingly, rewardingly and effectively interacting with, talking to, doing things that will continue building a good level of awareness / exposure of your offered goods or services for increments in patronage rate, hence sales, a growing loyalty base, a demanded market expansion, etc. All these should be done in manners your customers would feel happily responsible to generate the hit sales.



From analyses based on our intelligence base, we have 18 steps, which would further help your organization promote your goods or services from ‘C&G’ background and hitting ceiling yields. Now, consider the following 18 Nigerian’s market moving promotional steps. 18 Nigerian’s market moving promotional steps As a summary, you as promoters would be required to accomplish the followings: 1) Establish the promotion-fitting ASEs of your target Nigerian’s market as Σ(ef.hnxtm)/t. Then derive effective promotion-results yielding circumstances and situations as the most loved events, sports, games, entertainments, common desires, emerging promotions supporting interests, likes, dislikes and growing promotions undermining fears, beliefs, hopes, standards of living, etc, which will empower the sales promo to hit its target. 2) Segment the market into groups of distinctive characters and establish how, when, where, why they love what they engage in as in (1) above. 3) Establish the promotional-fitting ASE of your organization as Σ(ef.hnxorg)/t. List out where, why, how, and when the other members of the sales force would do what they love doing most e.g. gossiping, discussing, reading, writing, playing, teasing others, singing, working, etc. Derive their common planned promotionsupporting fears, hopes, sources of joy, hobbies, likes, dislikes, power of reasoning, level of understanding, etc. 4) Arrange the members of the sales force (those expected to carry out other activities of the promotions) into groups suitable to the market. Then, plan to delegate tasks accordingly towards the implementation of the planned promotional activities. 5) Establish the common promotion-empowering ASEs of the members of the sales force and customers. Derive their common beliefs about how the promoted goods or services should help


them, ideas of what the goods or services should be like, what they fear most about the offers e.g. failure to perform as claimed, etc. 6) Establish the promotional fitting images of your offers. Develop those features, shapes, textures, tastes, performances, etc, that will best harmonize with the findings in (5). 7) Effectively reconcile the findings in (5) and (6) then derive the most fitting and result yielding promotional programs for each of the market segments, which specific class of appointees (parts of the required sales force) would be assigned to execute fitting ‘C&G’ stratifications. 8) Cost the promotional program over the time your organization wishes to enter the targeted market. 9) Establish what your organization would stand to gain from the promotional program. 10)Employ cost effective technological application as would make the promotional impacts felt everywhere. E.g. the use of the Internet, mobile phones, etc. 11)Set the program monitoring processes. Let it be in easy to understand and follow stages as shown in part 3 of this book. 12)Let the whole members of sales force responsible for the promotional activities, deeply understand and be ready for the program, which is about to take place. 13)Plan to cover a given area or areas in a particular time. Use different approaches for each Market segment. 14)Establish the right season to execute the program. 15)Play by the rules of the regulatory body in the Nigerian’s market. For instance, fulfill promises. 16)Establish ways you would use the images of the promoted goods or services to alter evaluated wrong beliefs, attitudes, fears, etc, of the same promoted goods, services or the organization if these had existed before. 17)Make plans for the responsible parts of the sales force in an entertaining way effectively interact with, educate, coordinate activities and information customers about those benefits the products / organization have, which will help them hit their evaluated desires, hopes, etc, as in (5).


18)Execute the program in those ways, which will further stimulate interest in the organization’s goods or services. Be entertaining and spark up the generation of desires that would lead to the purchase of the promoted items. Thus, your implementing promotion-fitting ‘C&G’ stratifications in this regards would involve the bridging, fortification, and creation of profitable / sales increasing communication links between your organization and target Nigerian customers. This will provide you with the promotional what, how, when, why and where to say, execute and monitor your targeted Nigerian customers pulling stratifications. Meanwhile, if there are “dos” for the promoters, there are also “don’ts” for them. In order not to lose the preferred results of your promotional activities, you would need to stick an eye on those harmful incidents that can crop up during promotional activities. Some of these are found bellow. Some great promotions killers in Nigeria These include making the promotions, Turn out to be a source of disturbance in quiet areas like Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Government reserved Areas, etc. Insult the sensibility of target customers. Prepare the ground for the competitor to capture the targeted market better. For instance, presenting products with features, which the competitor better has and making a whole lot of campaign about these. Fail to project your organization’s competitive advantages as a weapon to reach the targeted customers’ hearts. Make big promises that turn out to be a lies. Run on without considering the ASEs of your targeted customers


and those involved in the promotional activities. Etc. In view of the above, let us briefly see some few ways you can succeed in making your promotions more effective in Nigeria. The idea of what to do can be generated from the following instances. For example, you can: Put denominated recharge cards of popularly used Networks e.g. Glo, MTN, CELTEL, Starcomms into various kgs of tins of sealed powder milk or products. Put coupons / tickets to watch cinemas, travel to exotic places, nights all-paid for expenses in a five star hotel into packets of detergents, etc. Sponsor school competitions, dreams, plans, etc. Afromart integrated services Ltd. can practically help in running the required promotions for your organization. So here we are, let us seal the making of your customers die-hard loyal with the real face of it, in the next step. Step 4

Make them die-hard loyal
Your organization is expected to periodically execute everything it
discerns from the ASEs’ formulas and the already executed ‘C&G’ stratifications, which will make its targeted Nigerian customers be willing, convinced, feel motivated to repeatedly pay and enjoy using its offered goods or services under any circumstances. Like previously established, by the consideration of the reasons which target Nigerian customers are business oriented, confident, determined, enthusiastic, and intelligent, you would discover that they:


Have pride and ego to protect and glow. Have goals to attain. Seek joyful moments to experience. Conceive desires to actualize. Have wants to pursue. Develop likes to enjoy. Etc. Your organization should reflect these “POS” for loyalty from their goods or services, and activities described in the previous parts of this book and other functions. You should aim at building relationship using the essences of living of your target Nigerian customers with this in focus. These essences of living of your target Nigerian customers keep emerging in different forms over given periods. It has repeatedly been hinted that goods or services, which are periodically tailored and offered to hunt for and hit these essences of living (“POS”) of the target Nigerian customers would put such goods or services on a right course of making same customers die-hard loyal. Projecting from the above perspective, what has been previously established, the further evaluations of the ASEs formulas and the derived ‘C&G’ stratifications that would capture targeted customers, your organization would recapitulate the making of Nigerian customers die-hard loyal from the following practical points: Making Nigerian customers die-hard loyal Divide the Nigerian customers into segments of potential, fluctuating, existing / regular and loyal class e.g. those who provide let us say 0% as potential, those who provide1-20% as fluctuating, those who provide 21-50% as existing or regular and 51-80% as loyal.


Rate the patronage performances / rates of these classes of customers over the total sales the organization makes monthly, quarter monthly, half yearly, and annually. Establish their momentary ASEs. Derive the common findings from the four classes e.g. their loyalty yielding likes, dislikes, attitudes, fears, hopes, goals, cultures, beliefs, etc. Know who your targeted Nigerian customers would respect, would want to please, would never want to let down and who they feel have their best interest at heart most in the targeted Nigerian’s market. Find out what captures their interest most. Open facilities with the above provisions for upgrading these customers into better classes. From the above background, give “thank you” messages, recommendations, free services, etc, to the fluctuating customers. Encourage them to be regular in order to benefit from greater and better offers. Periodically create such awareness that would make those who regularly patronize the organization feel they are in a desired, admired, and respected class of Nigerians. Mention names of outstanding regular customers in your organization’s newsletters, editorials and other reports. These materials should be distributed to as many Nigerian as possible with exciting features. Then tie up and make certain provisions for the fluctuating customers to climb to the level of regularity. Use their pictures with permissions to show others what they have achieved for being a regular. For instance, provide moneymaking opportunities for regular customers, by making them agents. Use some of the loyal customers as contact points / commissioned agents to gather information about the other customer’s expectations. These expectations can be analyzed from the intelligence base in part 1 of this book. For instance, check their regular or persisting complaints, etc. Also, provide special telephone / fax numbers, email addresses, etc, for these regular customers. Let them periodically use these facilities to provide


others with timely / customers pulling information about the organization. Develop the above into some franchising facilities the organization has for loyal customers. Maneuver in this direction and culture grounds that the rest class of customers would note, appreciate what is going on and then tie up their hearts accordingly as promotional activities, advertisements and other forms of ‘C&G’ stratifications explode with all brilliances in the targeted markets. Thus, if it would be demanded be directly responsible for the education e.g. scholarship programs of customers who use the organization’s products over a given period. Give seasonal gifts to the regular customers. Put some inscriptions, marks, points, in coupons, packets of drugs, detergents, drinks, sachets, sealing foils of powder milks, chocolates and confectionaries, caps of tooth pastes, cocks of drinks, receipts of payments made, etc. Then, ask the targeted customers to bring a given amount of these items to the nearest contact points, outlets, or redemption centers for their awards, which may include the following: The pay for their vacations to great cities if they have patronized the organization for a given period. A paid trip to the zoos, amusement parks, restaurants, shows, etc. Let them have free nights and feeding in favorite hotels, appearances in favorite T.V shows and other programs, etc. With ‘C&G’ strategies, make periodic calls to show the organization’s interest in them. In these calls, offer or inform them of the rewards as the above. From the above backgrounds, create activities, programs, etc, and guide them to invest time, energy, money and other resources, in your organization. However, it is taken; the Nigerian’s market has indeed lectured us on how to get customers from it and make real money from the revealing backgrounds the market takes as time goes on.


Whatever, as a summary if you intend selling to Nigerian customers work with reliable firms in Nigeria like Afromart Integrated Services Limited, use the strategies in this book, and get the followings done: For manufacturers or those who have goods to sell, there is a call to accomplish the followings: Appoint and work with reliable Agent(s) or establish a presence in your target Nigerian’s market to market your goods. Have a web site to ease your activities. Affiliate with a Bank in the market. Make proper arrangements for payments for your goods. Arrange for and work with your shipping company to handle your consignments. E.g. mearsk sealand has a good stand in the Nigerian’s market. Moreover, if you desire to use courier services DHL, Fedex and UPS are there to handle parcels. Inform your Nigerian Agent(s) about all your armaments. Create awareness for your products in Nigeria. For instance, carry on and coordinate an extensive marketing, advertisement and promotional campaigns as described in this book. Influence Agents’ marketing activities. Attract good orders. Ship your products accordingly. Monitor your activities and continue creating newer grounds, competitive advantages, and strength for yourself in the market. (Target and move into one market after the other). For Corporations or those who are interested in rendering services for the Nigeria’s market, the followings are required: Appoint Agent(s), enter into partnership, get affiliates, have your small branch to establish your essential presence in the market. Get a web site ready for your activities. Work with a local Bank. Influence the activities of your base in Nigeria. Add newer values to your services.


Continue absorbing and retaining customers with exceptional customers care functions that could be derived from this book. Stretch your core competencies in the areas your competitors would find it very complex and expensive to match. Create awareness for your activities as found in this book. Monitor your activities and control the turn out of events as much as possible. For internet-based businesses, the followings are expected: Build a Nigerian’s market complaint web site. Have Appointee(s) in your target Nigerian’s markets. Influence your appointees’ activities. Work with local Bank. Adopt a compliant and easy to use method of online payments. Work with reliable courier firm for shipment of products. Effectively educate customers on usage and your programs. Continue creating awareness for your programs. In summary you’d be required to take the following steps in order to effectively get customers for your offers from the Nigerian’s market: Build a customers getting foundation with the indices or materials from the core controlling factors of the Nigerian’s market. Periodically upgrade and examine the base for derivations of grass root effective customers getting insight. Organize a group of capable individuals and other resources that are conformed to the Nigerian intelligence base as a focused sales front (your sure sale generating force). This sales force should come from the market focused department of your organization. Instill in the sales force the valuable insight periodically generated from the intelligence base.


Allow the sales force to be involved in the process and acquire the knowledge of devising down to earth Nigerian customers getting instruments (strategies). Guide and provide the sales force with some core instances through the relevant arms and functions of your organization to execute killing customers getting schemes. These schemes are the ‘C&G’ strategies executed through fitting matrixes of the ASEs formulas that are carried through the relationship building, advertising and other promotional platform. This platform will key in the marketing, canvassing, selling, and other Nigerian customers getting functions of your organization. At the end, you’d derive the strongest common grounds to be project some very powerful magnetic influences through the images of your self goods or services, and organization into the hearts of your target Nigerian customers. This should be aimed at engineering your same customers to periodically come across, swiftly identify the importance, possess the strength to acquire, and almost effortlessly secure your offered goods or services to usher in relieves from some debarring situations / conditions and hitting the realization of desires. With this you will practically make pure money from sales from the Nigerian’s market. Quote me. Thus, with the 5 parts of this book, any seller wishing to make real money from the Nigerian’s market would have been instilled with the intuitive strategic sense of getting customers from the market. This is achieved by fine-tuning the seller to inherently understand how to use the blends of the periodically required ‘C&G’ strategies from the fundamental matrixes of the ASEs formulas to hit desired achievements. Today, this provides an authentic new front to operate and run businesses profitably. It is a change driven course worth any business consideration.


Yes, with the help of this book, at a snap any market front member of your organization should be able to switch on to the frequency of swiftly reading, identifying, establishing, and deciding to implement vital changes in strategies, attitudes, views, beliefs, and competencies, while venturing into the Nigerian’s market for your selling and money making opportunities. Use the following links to get more information about businesses, companies, and opportunities in the Nigerian’s market :,,,,,, www.naijasearch/,,,,,,,,,,, etc. Again, work from the above backgrounds and make real cool money from the Nigerian’s market today. For any assistance, you may need about getting buyers for your goods or services feel free to visit Or call Andy on +2348052694269.