Name: __________________


Date: _____/ _____ / ______



A. Put in the missing words.
1. Jack is still working. → Mary told me that Jack _____________ still
2. We’re going on holiday. → My neighbours reminded me that they
_____________ going on holiday.
3. You can’t believe this story! → She warned me that I _____________
believe _____________ story.
4. My car broke down yesterday. →David explained that _____________
car had broken down _____________.
5. What are you doing here? → She asked me what _____________ was
doing _____________.
6. Where will you take me? →She asked _____________ he _____________
take her.

B. Report the following statements.
1. “You are a bit fat. You need to go on a diet.”
John told me ______________________________________________________
2. “ I don’t know where I left my purse. I am always losing things.”
She said __________________________________________________________
3. “Call an ambulance! The accident was serious.”
Someone told me __________________________________________________

C. Report the questions.

1. “Are you listening to me?”
Sarah asked ______________________________________________________

C 1. “How long have you been living here?” Joe asked Melissa __________________________________________________ 5. were 3.2. because the accident was serious. his/ day before 5. 3. was 2. . couldn’t/that 4. “Did you see John yesterday?” He asked her _____________________________________________________ 6. Where/ would B 1. Someone told me to call an ambulance. do I needed to go on a diet. I/there 6. 2. She added that she was always losing things. She said she didn’t know where she had left her purse. “Do you agree with me?” She asked me _____________________________________________________ 3. She asked me if I agreed with him. “Can we use the dictionary for the test?” The students asked ________________________________________________ Answer Key A 1. “Will you help me?” My mother asked me _______________________________________________ 4. Sarah asked me if I was listening to her. 2. John told me that I was a bit fat.

The students asked if they could use the dictionary for the test. 5. . He asked her if she had seen John the day before. 4. 6.3. Joe asked Melisa how long she had been living there./ My mother asked me to help her. My mother asked me if I would help her.

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