Stop the St. Louis City Smoking Ban!
28th Ward Alderman Lyda Krewson has proposed an ordinance in the City of St. Louis that bans smoking nearly everywhere. Smoking would be banned in:
• All restaurants , bars, bowling alleys, casinos, pool & bingo halls • Private clubs & organizations (VFW, union halls etc) • Work vehicles, trucks, machinery and parking garages • Current designated smoking areas in work places and job sites

Penalties: $500 fines and liquor license revocation!
St. Louis doesn’t need this smoking ban! 50% of St. Louis restaurants are voluntarily smoke-free. Affordable air filtration is available to make the air of the smoking-allowed venues cleaner than the air outdoors!

To STOP this ban

YOU must call today!

Your Alderman: (314) 367-3779
Board of Alderman President Lewis Reed: (314) 622-4114 Mayor Slay: (314) 622-3201
For more info: Bill Hannegan: (314) 367-3779 Tony Palazzolo: (314) 630-5332

Economist warns ban will close City bars and cut 1 in 5 City bar jobs!
Don’t let this happen to Your St. Louis City Bars!
Please copy, post and distribute this flyer!

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