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Prepositions of Place and Location 2009

Prepositions of Place and Location 2009


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Fill in the missing prepositions
Fill in the missing prepositions

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Published by: VeronicaGelfgren on Apr 10, 2009
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Prepositions of place and location



1. There are three small red shelves __________ the wall. 2. There is a striped blanket __________ the bed. 3. There is a heart-shaped pillow __________the bedside table. 4. There is a red chair __________ the computer table. 5. There are three round rugs __________ the floor. 6. There is a lilac sheet __________ the bed. 7. There is a red square pillow __________ the bed. 8. There is a coat hanger __________ the closet. 9. There is a green plant __________ the room next door. 10. There is a beige storage unit __________ the bed. 11. There are some colorful wooden flowers __________ the vase. 12. There is a computer __________ the desk.
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