Dear Friend, Be a MAN.

This three-word sentence was one of the most important elements of the Charles Atlas Dynamic Tension course. First assembled in the 1920’s and sold through mail order, the course didn’t just teach exercises. It talked about attitude and what it takes to be somebody. Atlas may have been the most famous person to use the “M” word ... but a quick gander through other old-time sports and fitness books will show that authors of the early 20th century actually thought about what a MAN is ... or more importantly, what a MAN can be. Books on wrestling, boxing, jiu-jitsu and judo were often referred to as the “manly” arts. And each time the word “MAN” or “MANLY” is used, the reader gets an injected sense of possibility. The “M” word makes you imagine what you can become if you simply buckle down and follow a daily fitness regimen or combat-oriented art ... or devote yourself to any other worthwhile endeavor. Today we see the exact opposite approach being used. A number of martial arts are sold under the pretense that you do not need to be a “Man” or “manly.” “You don’t need to be tough. Strength, fitness and conditioning are not necessary. Technique is all you need.” Funny, isn’t it? Commercial successes of today appeal to the inadequacy of an individual but offer no internal solutions. Everything is external.
“You don’t need to be ‘A Man’, just use our flashy technique.” “You don’t need to be ‘A Man’, just take our supplements.” “You don’t need to train hard , just take steroids.” “You don’t need to be responsible for your life, it’s other people’s fault.”

In today’s world, how often do we see the words “MAN” and “MANLY” used? Never. Part of this may be that men of today are afraid of what women might think. And I understand this. But it is neither sexist nor chauvinistic for men to think of and work toward becoming an ideal MAN. I believe a man should be a MAN. It is only natural. Whether you are a man or woman, however, I believe it is a crime to dumb

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” Even dear old mom used to come up with ways to get me to stop. We go out into fields of seed corn and strip the 2 www. take cowardice (another word we don‘t hear to much anymore). Preceding me were four brothers and a sister.” Another used to laugh at me and call me “muscle bound. I merely imitated what I saw on the Olympics. I had muscles all over the place and for the first time in my life. But not my brothers. Part of the reason why I got interested in fitness in the first place was because I was the sixth of seven children in an Irish Catholic family. As Thoreau wrote long ago. He MEANS IT. after he whooped me pretty good. it was three years before I had my chance. doing nothing more than my best imitation of the old-time clean and push press. we have a choice.” Sure. I ignored them enough to keep doing what I was doing . One of them used to say. I screamed loud enough to wake the neighbors. But there is something different about Matt.and to model and emulate what other successful people have done. Each summer. to ask for help from those who can help you . At the age of . I’m going to kick your ass. But because bigger brother was off to college. Given the Celtic love for fighting. I began exercising three times per week. I had no books around to read about what I was doing. I decided I had had enough. It is a sad and pathetic waste of human life . you can imagine how many ass-kickings I got as a boy. But the eldest son. It does. It also takes guts to admit that you want “something more” out of life. “Every young kid says this kind of thing to his older brothers. it takes guts to run on your own gas. however. who had just returned from the army didn’t.” Yes. in two more years.. We can act like a man or we can act like a coward. I did. people complemented me for how I looked.” He laughed.. “Just wait. “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.. It takes guts to invest in yourself.. Within six weeks I was not the same person. It takes absolutely no guts to live in quiet desperation. Let me give you some real life examples from my own past with the hope that these will stir your soul to rise above yourself and become more than you think you can be.down your skills and tarnish your dreams in order to be liked. Iowans in my part of the state do something for the big bucks that is downright insane. and all too common. “Whatever you can lift with both hands I can put up with one. WHEN YOU BECOME A MAN Whenever we are faced with an uncomfortable situation in life. but also made a vocal commitment to one of my siblings. Sean. He took my mom to the side and said. One afternoon.mattfurey.

As he approached from behind I turned around to meet him face to face. From there I started throwing punches while heavy expletives rained upon him. Suffice it to say that his car door opened and he tore after me.” ..tassels off the female rows. My mom and our dog came running from the house.and so I carried on with my unspoken dream of “good money.. Most people would contract 40 acres..well.. The dog starting biting on my leg and my mom and my brother’s friend pulled me off.. it’s his nature to sting. So one afternoon when my brother was dropping me off at home. And when it came time for me to receive my share of “good money” . thinking he was going to whoop me just like old times. That was the last time the bastard ever tried to physically bully me. “good money. “See you later penis breath.m.which was only $100 more than anyone else on the crew..” At the time I didn’t know the phrase. his friend came running from the car to help out. pulling and walking . He crashed into me and instead of me getting bowled over. Sure. But I’m always loaded for bear when he’s around. when it was still cool. “Could you please turn the alpha to numerics for me” . My mother insisted that I needed to help my brother. pack a lunch and drive a half hour to find the field we were contracted to clean. He was in big trouble.. We’d get up at five a. By that time the sun was blistering our skin and the mosquitos were chomping on our flesh. and exchanging insults with the others in the pack. Sensing my brother’s inevitable destruction. this was a pretty good chunk of change back then. Like a scorpion. The corn stalks would be wet with morning dew and our clothes would get soaked as we walked down half-mile rows and pulled on tassels. My brother insisted that he would pay . he still tries. he thought it would be fun to entertain his friends by saying. Being that the entire job took two to three weeks.imagine my surprise when I was paid only $350 .. 3 www. After a few minutes rest we’d head back. too..” To this I replied “. At the time the company paid about $110 per acre. Oh yeah . A half-mile row would usually take two hours.” Meanwhile my brother went back to college so he could party with his friends. let’s leave that one out. I took the crew out each morning and we did all the work.. I STILL remember. I wanted to get my own contract and hire my own crew.mattfurey. I locked him up in a tight bear hug and tossed him to the ground.

In fact.. I’m also in favor of fisticuffs. but the point of all of them is simple: Be a . He started using one finger. You are going to be tested throughout your entire life. Yet. He begged me to get off. Now I know all the moralizing about how the bigger man walks away and all that gobbledegook. I grapevined him with my left leg to keep him down and told him he should just give up now and go back to class. I said I would so long as he never bothered me again. I grabbed him by his thick curly hair and knocked his head into the brick stall a few times. How you deal with each test is what’s important. There are many other stories I can tell. Knocking the living snot out of your worst enemy has a transforming effect on relationships. Realizing this conversation wasn’t leading to an amicable resolution. at a track meet. Once I had my bear hug I wrestled him to the ground. As his hand moved forward the next time. gratitude and forgiveness are fine and dandy . He began pushing me in the chest with his hand. At the same time.mattfurey. he asked if I had any t-shirts and other goodies .. A few weeks later.Love. He promised.. and from only two swings.. “Come on. Still fearing for my life. But when I turned around the tough guy was staring at me. my friend’s brother and our dog would have let me pummel the bastard into submission that afternoon. saying. But the fact of the matter is this guy went home for three days to recover . I was leaving the stall. “What are you going to do to me?” he questioned. 4 www.. Blood poured. The hard surface delivered one helluva inrtoduction and the tough guy lay humbled. in triplicate. I timed it perfectly. The school’s toughest man followed me into the “john” after lunch. I’m pretty certain that if my mother.and I’m all in favor of them. This made him even more determined to egg me on. if need be.. He was a fearsome striker and a week earlier had given his cousin 13 stitches inside and 14 stitches outside his mouth . he told me he was sorry for picking the fight and we became friends.. which was made of brick and had no doors. that all would be well between us.” I told him to stop pushing. Most of the time you become good friends afterward.. the last time I saw him. I grabbed his hair again and turned his face toward the ceiling and popped him in the nose. I immediately crowded him so that he couldn’t punch me. and during that time he came to the conclusion that I wasn’t such a bad guy after all. He insisted that I let him up so that he could beat the crap out of me. I gave him one more chance to stop. My right foot punted him in the gonads. A case in point took place when I was a junior in high school. and he bought everything I had with me.

mind you. but I’m not necessarily suggesting you be that way. should I become a chameleon and be what they want me to be? Naaahh. I’ve often told my students here in Tampa. Take trees for example. “The reason why so many people are unhappy in life is because each day when they get up and look in the mirror. Not part. I call that a landslide. however. We do in politics.. right? Why not in real life?” I sincerely hope that those who listen to me and read my words like what I have to say .. that help others. and the rest don‘t. Not everything. You just don’t care if anybody likes you or not. you can . but if they don’t . LANDSLIDE Over the years. but it is also to your benefit to have less specific but highly empowering goals. I don’t think so. There are rewards for being straightforward and there are slings and arrows. It doesn’t stop at 50 feet because the other trees don’t like him.. Being able to look in the mirror and know that I’m on a never-ending journey toward the fulfillment of goals that make sense to me.mattfurey. They’re never going to amount to much anyway. It doesn’t get to a certain point and say. work on doing it to the best of your ability. and that are worthwhile and good ... “If there were only a million people on this earth to hear what I have to say or to read my writings.. I do believe. Let the naysayers squawk and flutter around in the chicken coop. the person staring back is not particularly good at anything. “I love your style.that is what I’m all about. that part of being A MAN is saying and writing exactly what you think.” 5 www. I wish I could be more like that. Sometimes it is prudent to keep your yap shut . Being a person of character is most important. You just say what you think. goals that help me. Every single tree in existence grows as high as it can. huh?” Let yourself grow and become all that you can become. Having specific goals can be motivating. “This is pretty good. so why pay attention to them? Long ago I remember hearing the renowned business and motivational writer Brian Tracy saying. My advice is simple: Whatever you want to do in life.000 of them approve. a number of people have said to ... There are so many that one of the tests in life is choosing what you’ll focus your energy on. A California Redwood doesn’t grow ten feet when it can grow 100. and 510.” Well.You don’t have to accept every test. but you’d be surprised how many people never say or write anything that they truly believe because they’re afraid that someone out there won’t like it (or like them).

while working on sustaining the business I was in. and that I could. My real goal was to be a writer. Sadly. my friends. When I started out in business at age 23.mattfurey. big way. 1996 was horrible. Sometimes I get orders from places like Darussalam. I had it published in January of 1996. they pass this philosophy on to young men and women and make them emotionally impotent. A person who cannot touch his nose in a bridge. And if you’ve succeeded in one area of life. And so.. So I studied what I needed to succeed and I made it . that applying the same principles to business that I applied champion wrestler was the key. Financially speaking. I practiced the craft of writing. But there are other reasons.. But I DID KNOW how to succeed . It IS IMPORTANT TO BECOME GOOD AT SOMETHING. By 1998. but because I had suffered through adversity before and come out on top. So when I ask myself. you can use that success as a springboard to success in other areas. it took to I figured to becoming a know to In 1987 when I began a personal fitness business. a country that I had never heard of. I had no idea what succeed. and in a big way. become 500. were the dark times worth it? .I nod.There are those today who don’t “feel” it is important to become good at something. But those who apply themselves and give it all they have will eventually get good at it.. and it does in a big. My wife and I really suffered during that time. I have yet to meet the person who excelled at Combat Conditioning right from the start. A maximum of 10 Hindu squats can. I wrote my first book. I had in the back of my mind that I was only going to stay in that career for 10 years. Perhaps the most important is that success breeds success. through diligent effort. I had the confidence to carry a torch through the darkness. Oftentimes I was an emotional mixture of fear and confidence. I was being put to the test . I was no longer training people for a living. The Martial Art of Wrestling. 6 www. There are no “Instant Successes” in this field. In the fall of 1995. I worked with a few people here and there. How does all of this tie into fitness and conditioning? It does. Today my books and videos are read and viewed all over the world. but our publishing company was the major force. Knowing that you have succeeded in one endeavor gives you the CONFIDENCE to try other things. can learn how. If for no other reason than that it makes you feel good about yourself. I was trying to balance two careers simultaneously and was unable to completely focus on one. 1000 or more..

Each of these physical successes is also a mental breakthrough. Hope to meet many of you there.S. Most people never even start. Accomplish the most important of all goals.. You’re not one of those people. Matt Matt Furey P. And a MAN knows that he can accomplish whatever he sets his mind on. I’ll be in Dayton. Just get started and you’re halfway there. And each success leads to another and another and another.Take Names.. contact me at 813 994 8267. the building of your health . Each success gives you that good feeling when you look at yourself in the mirror. What will you set your mind on? I have confidence in you.mattfurey. For more information on the event. Until next month . Kick ASS .com . Ohio.. for a seminar on May 20. and the rest is not far behind. Success in fitness and conditioning will transform a weakling into a MAN.. 7 www.

God Bless you for your fine book and your willingness to share your knowledge. but I'm already hooked. It shows great interest on your part to help others. A friend of mine that practices ju-jitsu invited me to his school and I wanted to test my "video knowledge" against his black belt teacher. maybe pop and crackle because that's what my body was doing when I tried to bridge or do Hindu push ups. I'm considering (upon your invitation) going to your school and practice catch. three of them.F.: Fantastic Bob. When I read about your book I thought I would start cranking those babies out. and always considered myself very athletic and strong. to enter their challenge (maybe you have heard from them already). Hi Matt. after seeing the videos.. WOW! I've worked out all my life and stay in fair shape. One thing I've noticed is that in just a short time.S. but also very sad that I could not find a good teacher to practice my grappling. THANKS. Lately I called the company E. Thanks for your letter. and I got very .A. Your friend.. and honestly. I feel very energized and for the first time I did the back bridge touching my nose.mattfurey. I've got a lot of work to do.. Yes.. Look forward to hearing more good things from you. I'm going to order your videos. Making a large story short. I'll stick to yours. Thanks for answering my letter.grappling" shape and I'm not going back to weights. I won all the matches against him by submission. For the last month I have given up weights in favor of push ups... dips and pull ups.CONDITIONING MAILBAG Matt I got your book. I don't think I will enter the challenge. I bought Frank Shamrock videos. I felt it's a great accomplishment for myself. I keep on exercising. One last thing. It will be a very interesting opportunity to learn catch as Karl Gotch taught you. What I always wanted was to be in a great "fighting . and surpass my "video" skills. reading the book and doing the exercises.. As flattering as this may sound.. Now I'm practicing the Combat Conditioning exercises from your videos and as challenging as they are. 8 www. the same day. When I can bridge for three minutes I'll e-mail you a picture. Combat Conditioning in the mail yesterday. I'm not sure that crank is the right word. I've been doing weight exercises for some time and have practiced grappling techniques (from videos of course). Thanks again. One of the videos contains his exercises for fighting. Bob Adams M.

I smoked that friggin PT test! Guys that I thought were in shape couldn't cut it.F. I am by no means a fitness fanatic (At least not yet). I know you are busy. This time it was a different story. I MADE THE SWAT TEAM! and I have you to thank. Changing my sit-up routine gave a little .: Carlos. Just a word of encouragement to those starting the program. i couldn't do the required number of situps. Carlos Torrens . and pullups.F. If everyone was doing Combat Conditioning. you wouldn't have the edge! Thanks again Matt. I was ashamed and I had no one to blame but myself. I have done the "Magnificent Seven" exercises everyday since then. M. I felt like doing the whole thing over again. My buddies thought I was a sadistic bastard! Gee Matt. I went to a meeting last night and had to stand for over 30 minutes and did not realize my back was not hurting until I got home.. probably from running 10-15 miles per week for 30 years. I could only do 15 Hindu pushups 50 Hindu squats. By the time I got done with the the obstacle courses. but standing for periods longer than 10 minutes would cause my lower back to tighten up and really be sore. Keep working on it and don't listen to those so called fitness expert's comments on the calisthenics.. Ted Epright 9 www.. When we all finished.: Good job Dean Matt. Three years ago I tried out for the same position and made the sad mistake believing that weight lifting would carry me through. and I would shake like a monkey passing a peach seed when doing the back bridge. Matt. Dean Soderstrom M. When I started. Amazing! Thanks for the help.mattfurey.THANKS A LOT. I read some of the testimonials on your web site.I wonder where I could have picked that up from.Banuchi. so I'm going to keep this brief. you must be one tough mother. I am 48 and have developed lower back pain. Look forward to meeting you some day. I figured I was beginning to suffer "runner's back" and did not think too much about it. I'll be substituting your stomach routines to my calisthenics. Good job. ordered your "Combat Abs" book and received it this past Friday. running.

If you want one let me know.. If you have a rotator problem. Strap off the wheel and do 10 more reps 10 www. Stupid fool that I am.F.F. I thought you were just hyping the wheel. Keep doing them and you'll eventually be in charge of the whole operation. 10 reps. I say. this is truly great. barely make it to the kitchen. but I suck it in and squeeze out five more. the device shown in the Hindu pushups & Hindu squats look the same. from my knees. I strap the wheel to my feet.Naples Florida P. As it turns out. I also recommend the rubberized chest expander for shoulder rehab. & I can't wait to get it! Keep up all the great work. It just goes to show how much these exercises help people. Matt. Sweat's already pouring. Then I flip over and do 10 reps of the hamstring curl. Not to bad. I don't use it all the . Not Hindu pushups. I read the newsletter & read that you went through a similar problem with your shoulder & rehabed it with the Power Pushup 2.mattfurey. Well Matt. even if it feels easy. the Hindu Pushups can aggravate it so I recommend the Power Pushup 2 for rehab. Right away. I have a few questions. but I want more. You mentioned that when you first get the Power Wheel. like a kid at Christmas. A few weeks ago I decided to take a short break from Combat Conditioning and do a little weight training based on the protocol of a popular writer espousing Soviet training methods.. They are only $20. I'm spreading the word. Hindu Pushups and bridging. his side press drill has strained my rotator cuff. and it's bigger than I expected. open the box. I use the Portable Power Jumper on the days when I want to add resistance to Hindu Squats.: Ted. NO MORE WEIGHTS FOR ME! Anyway. you weren't kidding. Only when I want to kill myself. or else you'll be "sorer than sore". Ugh! Can hardly do five. Thanks. Jay Setser M. Most of the guys on my shift are switching over to the Combat Conditioning and dropping the weights all together! M. After having read your March 2001 Newsletter ("The Gift"). You do normal pushups with it. Whew! Then I try walking around on my hands. From the pictures in the newsletter.and that's it. What is the difference in the Power Pushup 2 & the Portable Power Jumper? Is it necessary to purchase both for squats & pushups? Also.S. Needless to say.. So I get the PW yesterday afternoon. I go through 20 reps. I'm glad that you have given some bridging alternatives for those of us with cervical bone spurs. My copy of Combat Abs in on order.: Jay. and try some pike pull ins.. to take it easy.

I can't wait to do it again! BRING IT ON MATT!! Thanks a whole lot for everything. Man.. I feeling stiff in my lower back. Oh. You're going to rule the roost. but generally it's just a good story. Dear Mr. I got your name from reading Brook Kubik's stuff and just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your website and books. Matt I just received your book Combat Conditioning and I am very pleased. Take a shower. this ain't that hard I think. Dude. I need a little now and then. but I have no stamina.mattfurey. Thanks for the help. Thank you for the motivation! John Nickless M. I used to do many of the exercises (minus the Hindu squats) when I was a wrestler in high school..F. Just thought I'd let you know I took your advise from two weeks ago and started doing Hindu squats and Hindu pushups in sets. And my upper back. I will eventually as i gain stamina try to buy all that you sell and incorporate it into my workouts. I don't hype . Before I got your tapes and started the Royal court I couldn't do 20 regular pushups.F. I am now doing 200 squats and 100 pushups per day plus two minutes on the bridge. Sometimes it may sound like hype. And my hips. I guess you found out the sore way. Good deal. I have trained as a power lifter for 12 years now and I am as stiff as a board.F.from my knees. I remeber thinking they were dumb at the time and that lifting weights would be a better way to get stronger. I am huge and have great one rep maxes. and I'm walking like I had an accident in my underwear.: John. and while I'm standing. go to work. Respectfully Scott Penning M.: The credit is all yours Scott. Sad part is. Alan Gaa Illinois M.: Alan. Furey. I just tell the truth based on what I know. And my shoulders. Funny that 500 lb bench didn't do shit on the mat! Boy! I was wrong and it is funny that here I am 10 years later doing a calisthenics workout again ( WHICH FEELS GREAT!). While I squatted 940 ( I weigh 375) in the NY state meet last year I am in horrible shape. AND my ABS! Three hours later I can barely move. Now get back to work my friend. But thanks. glad to hear about your experiences. 11 www. my abs and back are so sore right now I think I'm dying.

And it's going to get better and better. Iron Monkey.. Looking back that day to my amazement I was not even breathing hard. This is the best shape and the best I have felt in my life. I have always prided myself in being physically fit running. hamster dance forward and back with reverse push ups.C. jump rope. The funny thing is his max on the bench press is 440 lbs. Just the short time I have been doing the exercise's my endurance. man handled. one leg push ups.. grass hoppers. I have added these to our class workout and we do a routine called Iron Monkey derived from these exercises. I have fought. Hindu push ups..from wall walking kick legs up or have partner help you put feet on wall for hand stand..mattfurey. front lunge.. Half way through he was ready to give up. We done the circuit routine with the jump rope except we alternated (Hindu squats. I will relate to you some of the incidents in which Combat Conditioning has helped me in my job.. front bridge.: Thanks Tom. Nothing cuts the cake like C...from push up position walk sideways Crazy crab. Crab.C... I’m really enjoying it and surprised how hard it is and how good I feel afterwards. I was doing 100 Hindu Squats a day. repeat until nauseated. God Bless Tom Beall Kentucky M..start near wall-Squats(and variations to side and skating).we did variations of these before let me share them with you.can be done forward or backwards. flexibility.F. not along one 40 yards after the car and 40 yards back to my Unit.. What I did was combine them to make a flow routine. martial arts. and weight lifting. has put me in. I work as a Police Officer in my Home Town and it is amazing the functional strength I have gathered from CC. bear walk.same as crab but keep one leg up and hop on the other leg Crippled Crazy Crab. walk down wall stand and continue. Furey I wanted to give you a testimonial for Combat Conditioning... and strength (especially my legs) have increased like never before.. hill climbers.C. Hello Matt I recently received Combat Conditioning . Thank You. finger tip push ups.same as Crazy crab but with one leg up.. bow. bear walk back.).from table position walk side ways Cripple crab. Two weeks later I had put 30 lbs on my bottom rack ... A month ago I was in a foot pursuit of a car.. hop on one leg 12 www. Hindu pushups etc. I have my partner hooked on C.. Crab walks. So I started doing the Royal Court and have been for about three months among other CC exercises.Dear Mr. and even carried people and I'm amazed at the condition C. When I first became a believer.. The Hamster Dance.

.I’ll be ordering more stuff soon and recommending you to others. You did an awesome job putting it together... You didn't put enough redundant chapters on the anal-lock and tightening the buttocks while performing the .. and most important..F.? When I’m sore I usually just do some running.mostly for making me realize I have been road kill for a long time now... You say do some everyday. I’ll send you a video if you want(free. you should know better than that! You're supposed to sell out your own country in the name of out lightly.. and bringing me back to the old school exercises I had stopped doing because so many people say they are dangerous.from push up position lift hands and legs switching ... I'm more than pleased with the purchase.then 1 leg and 1 hand Happy Crab...Spinning Crab.what’s your opinion on working out when you are sore the next day? Should I rest.change from Crab to Crazy Crab starting positions Dancing Crab. Now all I'm waiting on is the Gotch issue (smile).he'll have all the married chicks he wants to get..what were you thinking putting 50 excercises instead of three? Also. I just finished reading it cover to cover and I'm psyched up as hell to get started.USEFUL book.....: Jeff.did you ever end out getting that to work? Thanks for putting together another excellent. Thanks for giving all of us your tips.45 minutes with a heart rate monitor to make sure I’m in a good cardiac zone.. The pictures are cool as hell too.mattfurey.. Best regards.. I have yet to find the word bullet-proof anwhere in the text! Does this mean that I'll have to still wear a vest in a shoot out? What gives man??? I also don't understand this focus on health and functional strength... plus you put way too much of a pro-American slant on things. Zack Ostiguy 13 www. I must say that Pavel's book is far superior.from table position clap hand to opposite foot. you don't see too many like them in glam magazines and other swamp guinnea publications..asthmatic breathing techniques and all! For real......what does it matter? As long as one looks good on the beach and gets a tattoo saying "super hooker". Jeff Burger M. Matt. you are a bonafide stud... Thanks again... I just received Combat Abs today and finished reading scanning through it a few minutes ago... Tsss tsss tssss.

or e-mail at mattfurey@aol. You're just minding your own business. Ohio. he may have to do more than cry “Uncle. Here is just some of what in store for you: • How To Use "Bridging Gymnastics" to Turn Yourself Into an Explosive and Powerful Man • How to Increase Strength. • And much more. Deep down you know you're not. And so . 2001. Then a big thug comes in and starts throwing his weight around. he is in for a surprise.. Whether you hurt the thug or not is up to you. It so simple you'll die laughing. that whooped monster type men on a regular basis. They were passed on to me from Karl Gotch. Everyone is scared. You put him in a Gotch toe-hold. Your heart begins to race. A crippling hold that only a handful of men today know. well. Everyone except you. And I'll teach them to you. • Learn how to easily counter everyone else's leg locks... • How "the Guard" of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu plays right into the Gotch and Burns' toeholds. May 20 On Sunday. Your muscles surge with electricity. In a flash he is on the ground pleading for you to let go. when the bully gets in your face.. In fact. you keep calm and pretend to be just like everyone else. you'll let him go. I'll be conducting a four-hour seminar in Dayton. At the same time. the legendary "Farmer" Burns. With them in your possession. See you there. As a national collegiate wrestling champion and world kung fu champion . Call Matt Furey at (813) 994-8267 today. the Gotch nearside toe-hold and other variations. If he doesn't ." by Matt Furey Imagine you're in a bar . It's going to be a seminar you'll treasure for the rest of your life. I have the secrets.. you'll know what it is like to be a MAN. stronger men say "I Give. • How to set up these toe-holds from different positions. It works every time. perfected them. Ohio. on the Gotch and Burns toe-holds. All you feel is the surge of adrenaline coursing through your veins.Make 'em Cry “Uncle” The secret fighting techniques that make bigger. World champion Frank Gotch and his teacher. May 20. The seminar begins at 1 PM and ends at 5 PM. who just may be the greatest submission artist who ever and enroll .. it was Burns.. And you don't want to miss it.. let me assure you that these holds are far better than anything else you will ever see. If he agrees to leave the party. 14Matt Furey about to make his opponent cry “Uncle” with the Gotch Toe-Hold www. • How your opponent will spin himself into a half-Boston crab toe-hold when you go for the Burns' toe-hold. After that the fee goes to $85. who only weighed 165-pounds. or at a party. You can learn to do the same." The Gotch toe-hold and many other combinations from submission fighting were feared throughout the whole world in the early 1900's. Only $65 when you pay by May 1. These holds will give you the power to rule the roost. Endurance and Power • The Gotch farside toe-hold. The "Make 'Em Cry Uncle" seminar will be held at the Nutter Center on the Wright State University campus in Dayton.

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