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Organization Name Employee Leave Record EMP No Employee Name Grade Basic Salary 700 500 A.L.E 30 30 L. A. C.

L 15 10 2



Notes A.L.E L.A A.L C.L L.W.P O.T

Annual Leave Entitled Leave Availed Annual Leave Casual Leave Leave Without Pay

Total No of Annual Leave Employee Is Entitled As Per The H Actual No of Leave Employee Has Availed Annual Leave, Ca No of Days of Annual Leave Employee has Actually Availed

Over Time


No of Emergency Leave Employee Has Availed/ Taken. HR M used then days may be deducted from Annual leave or Equival No of Days of Annual Leave Employee Has Availed After Uti Manual No of Hours Worked After Actual Working hours to be either or given as cash - depending on company HR Manual Over Time In Days = Total No Overtime earned To Be Add Over Time In Cash = Total No Overtime Earned To be Com By 31st Dec. Only Certain No of Days are Allowed to Be Carr calculated Against Basic Salary of Employee

on Name eave Record L. A. O.T L.W.P Days Cash 0 0 Balance 15 20 0 0 0 0 Encashment 338.7096774 Comments

ntitled As Per The HR Manual Against Each Grade d Annual Leave, Casual Leave, Leave Without Pay as Actually Availed

vailed/ Taken. HR Manual Allows Certain No of Days if Over nual leave or Equivalent to Salary as Availed After Utilizing All Leaves Entitled As Per the HR

ng hours to be either calculated and grated as days to annual leave HR Manual e earned To Be Added in to his Total Balance In Days e Earned To be Compensated In Cash Allowed to Be Carried Forward The Rest is Given As Cash to be ee