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Energy Crisis of the 1970s

Tony G., Matt H., Emma T., Joseph D.

ASSIGNMENT: 1. Read the following article (MESS):

2. List all the facts that you have gleaned from the mess: During the early 1970s, oil prices skyrocketed, OAPEC proclaimed an embargo on oil shipments to the US and Netherlands, Department of Energy was created to relieve the problems created from the embargo. The Yom Kippur war was the cause of the embargo. 3. List any questions you have as a result of the mess: What is the definition of embargo? Why did Arabs embargo the US? 4. Research answers to your questions or any additional facts you have found: Embargo: when one country cuts off trade with another. Arabs wanted to cut off Israels supplies, and since the US was supplying Israel the US got cut off. 5. As a group, we will brainstorm the problems seen as a result of the mess. Follow the rules. Record any problems addressed by the class below: Gas prices increase, America panics, American automotive industry declines. Tensions between US and Middle East and Middle East and Israel increase,

6. Create a problem statement: How might we... reduce the need of oil? 7. Brainstorm solutions for the problem statement your group wrote. Include any creative or unusual solutions! Solar panels Squirrels Hamsters Watermills Wind Emma Electric Doritos locos tacos Doritos tacos locos (if stupid, it was Camerons idea) Bikes Find energy from recycling

8. List the top 5 solutions that have the greatest potential for solving your problem statement.

Doritos locos tacos Doritos tacos locos, solar panels, windmills, trash energy, watermills 9. Determine the 4 most important criteria for a solution to your problem. List the criteria below. Affordability, efficiency, feasibility, reliability 10. Fill in the table below with your solutions and criteria. Put Xs whenever one of your solutions meets your criteria.


Affordab Efficienc Feasibili Reliabilit ility y ty y





Solar Panels

Windmill s Trash energy X watermil



3 2 3


11. Describe the best solution below: Solar Panels 12. Design a plan to put your solution into action! Create an affordable solar panel (sponsored by Doritos Locos Tacos Doritos Tacos Locos), and allow it to store more energy for days with less sun. Start with rural areas, and when funds rise, begin to attach them to more populated areas. Attach them to street lamps and electric billboards to conserve small energy wasted on them. Slowly work up to bigger and bigger products, and eventually have solar panels on most houses. By using solar panels, we can eliminate the need for non-renewable resources and oil from the Middle East.