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Manifesting Revelations

Manifesting Revelations

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Published by Phishna
Revelations is being manifested because so many humans believe the Bible as truth itself. What we believe is made real and we are manifesting trauma on the earthly physical plane as a way to heal a dysfunctional thoughtform.
Revelations is being manifested because so many humans believe the Bible as truth itself. What we believe is made real and we are manifesting trauma on the earthly physical plane as a way to heal a dysfunctional thoughtform.

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Published by: Phishna on Apr 11, 2009
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Manifesting Revelations

Revelations is being manifested because so many humans believe the Bible as truth itself. What we believe is made real and we are manifesting trauma on the earthly physical plane as a way to heal a dysfunctional thoughtform. http://manifestingrevelations.blogspot.com/2009/04/revelationsdecoded.html

Revelations Decoded by Phishna
Look Outside the Box
Imagine zooming away from the planet and looking back at history in fast forward. Imagine you see the wars of history played out and you see those important turning points, those junctions in time when history would turn a new direction. Imagine that you knew that humans were being controlled by memes and genes, the two replicators. I find this helpful in understanding present day reality. We are so caught up in our beliefs and prejudices that we are like the fish unable to comprehend water. We can't see that we are immersed in "end times" because we are obsessed about the Biblical Apocalypse. We have created a massive morphogenic field from our traumatized minds. Our myths blind us to what is really going on, that our belief is causal, that no god is controlling us, that we are the creators of our play. We are manifesting Revelations, we are creating trauma on earth because we are trying to heal from the dysfunctional ideas passed down from previous generations. Quite literally, billions of people are "possessed" by Biblical memes of end times, and that causes the end times to manifest. St. John's vision is actually our program of destruction.

Revelations is a Creative Vision of Justice
Revelation is St. John's judgment on the world. St. John believes there is this god who is watching the earth like a bad play then at the end he gets really

pissed and destroys evil with great paint brush strokes of pleasure, pouring vials of retribution down upon mankind. Then another chapter describes angels singing praises to the Lord for dispensing justice. Revelations is a description of the depravity and sickness of the religious mind, it is the flowering literary masterpiece of the Judeo-Christian death cult: REV 16:4 The third poured out his bowl into the rivers and springs of water, and they became blood. 16:5 I heard the angel of the waters saying, “You are righteous, who are and who were, you Holy One, because you have judged these things. 16:6 For they poured out the blood of the saints and the prophets, and you have given them blood to drink. They deserve this.” 16:7 I heard the altar saying, “Yes, Lord God, the Almighty, true and righteous are your judgments.” The god of the Bible is a judging god. And if this god was just, why wait for humans to torture each other for 2 Millenia in order to get even with evil or humans that refuse to obey his word? Why would this "just" and "loving" god wait such a very long time to wage war on evil? Why not just pummel humans right when they are bad? That's what we do when we catch a criminal, and we are mere mortals. Why create humans at all if in the end you just end up in a fit of rage and wipe civilization out? Clearly some other mechanism is at work that leads to justice, the end times, and the collapse of civilization. Perhaps waiting for god paralyzes us to pursuing justice here and now. Human have killed and tortured each other in the name of Christianity, this is the fact of our history. Why is it that the new savior meme was just as bad as what it replaced? Why aren't we saved? So wasn't the new meme supposed to be better than the barbaric Roman Empire it replaced? History is a testimony of injustice done in the name of god while imagining an end times for doing those very things! Obviously to a rational (non believing) mind the purported cause and effect that believers put forth is ass backwards. Objectively, the believers are torturing others who do not share there beliefs, it has nothing to do with a god or a devil. It's about competition and survival of ideas. There is a modern explanation for the phenomenon of religion, it is the science of memes or memetics. Memes compete for dominance of the psychic space.

Clearly Revelations is St. John's wish of justice that he dreamt up while he was living in decadent Rome and quarantined to the Greek Island of Patmos. Revelations is St. John's judgment on the world. During St. John's time, Rome was an empire in decline just as the United States is today. At the time Rome was busy persecuting the early Christian cult because they correctly believed it to be a threat. John pens Revelations after the death of Paul and the destruction of Jerusalem. All seems lost, the early Christian movement is in shambles, despair reigns amongst the Jewish Roman slaves. He has no idea that Christianity is going to eventually triumph over the Jews and the Roman Empire. John holds the empire in contempt and wishes its destruction. Clearly, Revelations is his wish. It is also a timetable a series of events of vials of wrath being poured out onto all mankind, regardless of who perpetrated the evil deeds. This is a very Jewish idea, after all, St. John is a former judging Jew. Once again the idea of a just god must be questioned, does an all powerful supreme being punish everyone collectively for the acts of a a few? According to the Holy Bible, all are punished regardless of who committed sin, just like the flood myth, all are drowned except for Noah. This is how Jehovah (Jewish mindset) dispenses justice, total obliteration of everything. What is really happening has nothing to do with god. But St. John has no idea about the Theory of Karma, he only knows the memes he was taught. Humans are stuck in bad karmic loops, bad things eventually happen to bad people. If we build a civilization (such as our own) based on principles of greed then it will eventually collapse because it violates Natural Law, not because god gets pissed and judges us. This "the gods must be angry" is primitive tribal idea and it is why the lightning and thunder sky gods must be appeased by ritual sacrifice. In the last couple of decades I've noticed business suited television preachers whole heartedly embracing greedy capitalism yet when the system collapses they blame it on some disempowered third party. Whenever something goes wrong, like the destruction of New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina, the TV evangelists blame a scapegoat like homosexuals. Never do the preachers look into the mirror and see their own greed as causal. So why are the Evangelical preachers, who live in a modern scientific world so perfectly irrational?

The Evil Jew God is the Source of the Trauma
The preachers are crazy because they teach Biblical hate as love. That's the reason, they have committed the worst act of sin against their own self by equating hate with love. The god of the Bible is patently evil. Verse after verse proves it. Yet we are told the Bible is good, it was written by god (who we are told is good), and that we are to obey what it instructs. This leads to insanity, history proves that many of those who believe the Bible turn into monsters and do horrible things. Our Biblically inspired culture is patently insane. Morals are scrambled if you believe Jehovah as just or loving or sane. Jehovah is insane because the tribe that penned the Bible is also insane because of its blinding hatred toward others. Yet Christians claim that we need to have Biblical belief to have a moral society, without their "god" we would be rudderless, without any morals. Many modern day Christians in America support the Iraq war (total death and destruction) yet claim they are moral and "pro-life". So if believers say that the god Jesus ordained the Christian church then how is it that god is off the hook if His church misbehaves? Even worse the Christians doff responsibility for their actions because they claim they are only servants of the "Lord", that god is directing their actions. It's pure psychobabble, loopy logic, circular reasoning. The denial is so deep it is pathological, it seems as if Christians are demonic. Christians, like all people, are responsible for their actions. For instance, blaming the fall of America on a politically disempowered minority group is pathological particularly because it was the believers, who are the majority, could only be the cause of America's downfall! I detail this in many of my essays, that it is the Christians who empower the wicked Jews who have destroyed America morally, financially, and militarily. The Bible god is a fictional character made up for the purposes as a form of tribal control and male dominance. God is a fictional creation from the collective mind of Judaism, god is a he who kills and rapes or does whatever he wants. God is a rogue male, the highest ideal of the Biblical authors. Even in the New Testament, the savior is a male Jew, he is a rogue rebel that's prone to fits of rage. He's so unstable that he gets put to death just at

the start of his career. This is the Jewish mindset of suicidal behavior like the Zealots at Masada (which, by the way, the Jews are still proud of). So if “god” creates “his” church then god is responsible for that church is he not? A proper conclusion about the Bible is that Jehovah is evil because he prophecizes evil by his own church (the Harlot of Revelations) then does nothing to stop the bloodshed caused by His church. The Bible is full of major contradictions like this. They can not be logically resolved because the Bible is simply a book of memes, randomly connected into a matrix, a self reinforcing memeplex that are very often contradictory. The carriers of the memes, the believers, only care about selfishly replicating the memes, not about logic or the consequences of their actions.

The Lie of Prophecy Fulfilled
Christians love to claim that Jesus was the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy. There is absolutely no proof that Jesus even really existed anymore than the Greco-Roman God Zeus. There is another explanation, that the early writers, being Jew liars, were familiar with Old Testament prophecies so they created a fictional character who fulfilled those prophecies as a way to claim authority for their text. That's what they probably did because they also copied the characteristics of the new god from other savior memes circulating in those days. Christianity was a sham from the start. The main character, Jesus, didn't even have to exist. He was plagiarized from other myths (Horus, Mithra) circulating at the time. Then as the Jesus meme gained prominence in the failing Roman empire, the four gospels that are selected are from a pool of writings that matched the prejudices of the Emperor Constantine who was interested in maintaining a viable empire. Christianity became the new state religion, the Roman pagan gods replaced by a Jew god. The characteristics of the Persian god Mithra the primary deity that Paul plagiarizes from to create a new god Jeus: http://www.burningcross.net/crusades/mithra-jesus.html "Mithraism, the religion followed by those who worshipped the sun god

Mithra, originated in Persia about 400 BC, and was to spread its Pagan ideas as far west as the British Isles. In the early centuries of the Christian era, Mithraism was the most wide-spread religion in the Western World, and its remains are to be found in monuments scattered around the countries of Europe, which then comprised the known civilised world. Mithra was regarded as created by, yet co-equal with, the Supreme Deity. Mithraists were Trinitarian, kept Sunday as their day of worship, and their chief festivals were what we know of as Christmas and Easter. Long before the advent of Jesus, Mithra was said to have been born of a virgin mother, in a cave, at the time of Christmas, and died on a cross at Easter. Baptism was practised, and the sign of the cross was made on the foreheads of all newly-baptised converts. Mithra was considered to be the saviour of the world, conferring on his followers an eternal life in Heaven, and, similar to the story of Jesus, he died to save all others, provided that they were his followers." Very clearly Paul's new god Jesus is Mithra respun to a Jewish personality.

Was Roman Occupation of Palestine the Birthing Trauma of the New Savior
What drives a Jew insane? Occupation and control of Jews by a foreign power, especially in their tribal homeland. The Jews believe they are superior so foreign control creates massive insanity within the tribe. Crazy talk? Witness modern Israel that will not allow a Palestinian state, the Jews want total control of the land they are stealing. The Jews will not stop until every non Jew is dead or pushed out of Israel, because Jews are tribal racists. Unlike other Roman conquered areas around the Mediterranean Sea, the Jews revolt in 66 AD against Rome. Over the next four years Roman leaders starting with Nero crush Judea. Jerusalem is burned to the ground in 70 AD. Thus Nero (AD 54 - 68) is the first antichrist and the model for upcoming antichrists in Revelations. The Roman occupation is trauma for the Jews and early Christians, thus their writings reflect their pain. What I find very interesting is that when Northern Judea is conquered, the Jews in the south engage in civil war. A faction called Zealots flees

southward and kills all of the Jewish leaders who wants to compromise with the advancing Romans. Jerusalem is burned, made an example of by Rome, then Masada is also sacked, the infamous legend is that the Zealots chose suicide over capture. The Jews are so adamant about their beliefs that they choose death over compromise. The two primary writers of the New Testament, Paul and John, are living in the empire while Judea is crushed. This is major trauma, like a severe head injury, on the Jewish minds because their whole structure of reality is based on the framework of 'the chosen' superiority status. Paul converts to the new forming meme while pursuing early Christians around 33 AD. Why? That which you resist persists, those new ideas in his head take over. Paul is on a mission for those Jews who believe in Jesus as messiah. Just as now, the shift is on, and the new vibe wins the day, the new meme is more fit. The new meme is forged in the the psychological pressure cooker of Roman dominance, the new meme restores sanity to traumatized Jewish minds. The Jews are saved from themselves, spirit triumphs over ego. Paul is overcome by the new meme, Paul's mind becomes meme possessed, this is what really happened on the Road to Damascus. Paul was "struck down" by the meme. Paul the bullshitter makes up a grandiose story of his conversion (there are 3 versions in the New Testament). Paul says God violated his free will. As a shaman I can tell you firsthand that no "god" forced Paul to convert, Paul converted because he became possessed by a new idea. Even today, many Christians talk about their own Road to Damascus claiming that god made them convert. What bullshitters, like I always say, most people are totally full of shit. Everyone wants to feel special, they want personal attention from god. They're Christian, not because of a choice or free will, but because god forced them to convert. Uh huh.

Paul Invented a Jewish Superhero
Paul invents a Jewish Zeus superhero. Jesus becomes "superjew", a Jewish Zeus, a Jewzeus which I term “Jeus” for short, linking in your mind the name of the Roman pagan god Zeus that was appropriated for the new

Christian meme. What Jeus really is; a projection of what Paul wished he could be, a projection of his ideal self. Jesus (jeus) is Paul's personification of his inner aspirations. The problem for Christians and their "god" is that Jesus left no writings. This is particularly strange since all avatars realize they must pen or supervise their writings. None of the Apostles leave any writings or first hand accounts. It's all hearsay evidence until Paul comes along and starts creating the Jeus character. Paul never met Jesus. Jeus is Paul's super hero, a projection of his ideals, ideas of what he wished men could be. Roderic Dunkerley (Beyond the Gospels): "In none of these various testimonies to the fact of Christ is there any slightest hint or idea that he was not a real historical person." Christians claim that Jesus guided early Christianity, but we have a very recent historical example of Joseph Smith, that a charismatic genius (yet perfectly insane) personality was able to create a new religion even under persecution. Tenets of Mormonism are so bizarre that a rational person has to wonder how it could be one of the fastest growing worldwide religions even today. So Christians scoff at Mormonism yet are blinded to the possibility that the same phenomenon created their faith. Memes are mind viruses that are very powerful and can overcome the host's own mind. Paul is the author of Christianity, it was he who overcame Roman dominance, not the fictional Jesus character. Paul found “the way” by searching out new members, testing his ideas, experimenting with new inclusionary memes, by trial and error. The Judeo meme is respun overcoming the exclusionary practices that severely limited tribal membership. Thus the primary obstacle to replicating growth of the meme is removed. Now any person could be a "chosen one", one didn't have to have a Jewish parents. Christianity is Judaism reformed into an inclusionary memeplex. Thus the replicating success of the tribal memes changed from being very limited to very expansive, like a mutated virus gone wild. Membership is extended to all and thus expansive political power will be eventually realized.

Christianity grows rapidly even under severe persecution, by 332AD it was becoming the official Roman religion. After Rome falls, Christianity overtakes Europe and the Americas. Since Paul hatched his ideas, Christianity took over the world with 2 billion adherents while worldwide Jewry is still minuscule, currently only 0.22% of the world is a Jewish, less than a quarter of 1 percent. The Muslims are another billion, so can you see why the Jews so desperately need a state? The world of ideas is overtaking racism everywhere, and the Jews are holing up in Palestine so they don't have to evolve, or shift, or be positive, or stop their history of butchering and practices of racist evil genocide and especially they don't have to confront themselves.

Why Revelations Keeps Manifesting Again and Again
Consider the thesis that humans are manifesting trauma on the physical plane because they are psychically blocked on the higher mental or spiritual planes. Revelations is being manifested because so many humans believe the Bible as truth itself. What we believe is made real and we are manifesting trauma on the earthly physical plane as a way to heal a dysfunctional thoughtform. For additional information see my essays outlining that the Apocalypse is a healing crisis: Revelations During the Shift of Consciousness (http://phishnapredicts.blogspot.com/) Apocalyptic Resolution of Mass Consciousness (http://phishna.blogspot.com/) Overcoming the False Prophets of Mystery Babylon (http://falseprophetsbabylon.blogspot.com/) Death Cult Memes and the Future of America ( http://deathcultmemes.blogspot.com/) Consider that evolution is thrusting consciousness into higher state of awareness and love. Evil is often defined as ignorance, thus love could be described as higher awareness. Evolution is pushing us into a higher states

of awareness. Yet because of the power of myth, the strength of religious memes institutionalized around the world, many are unable to evolve. Thus the crisis on the physical plane manifests as a way to resolve this psychic roadblock. These waves of healing might be increasing in magnitude and frequency as we approach an unknown deadline, evolution a fractal growth pattern (see http://fractaltime.blogspot.com/). So when the Christian meme was hatched, a vision of its end was also downloaded. Thus the end times tragedy, is played out again and again. Revelations is being manifested because so many humans believe the Bible as truth itself. Every generation believed that they were the chosen ones living in end times, even Peter thought the world was going to end during his life. Paul was expecting the world to end every day of his adult life after his conversion, this adds evidence to my thesis that the Judeo-Christian memeplex is a death cult (see http://deathcultmemes.blogspot.com/).

Previous Manifestations of Apocalyptic End Times (wave repeats)
1. Reign of Nero Nero is a perfect fit for the antichrist, or it should be said that the description of the antichrist is taken from the experience of Nero. Christians suffer heavily under the power mad crazed Roman dictators. Nero's reign is the model for the antichrist that St. John describes in Revelations. 2. Reign of the Catholic Church in Europe Many Protestant faiths believe strongly that the Catholic Church was the Whore of Babylon. The evidence is compelling. So how do we reconcile a near perfect fit of St. John's vision to the fact that the world didn't end and Jeus didn't return? So if the Catholic Church was the Harlot then why didn't the end times happen then? That tragedy didn't end as specified in prophecy because it was only part of a larger cycle and a bigger manifestation would be forthcoming in the next cycle. The cycle will continue until the traumatized minds are healed. Endless apocalypses. The Christians have a problem, how can the Catholic Church and modern apostate Christianity both be the jeweled Harlot, the Whore of Revelations,

who rides the Jew money beast? Both can be if we frame the experience into a timeline of wave repeats, a synchronistic flow of events of trauma based healing. 3. Present Day World, America as Mystery Babylon The metaphoric characters decoded (see http://666decoded.blogspot.com/): the Harlot is the apostate Christian Church, the Dragon is the Jewish debt money system (Federal Reserve and World Bank, IMF), the Beast is the political-military machine controlled by the Jews, the Antichrist is the goy President who is empowered by the Jews (ObamaBush empowered by the Neoconservatives, AIPAC, JINSA). A perfect fit to prophecy wouldn't you say? But because the Christians are unable to figure there own apostasy, that is their love of money and material things, they imagine that the antichrist must be from the Middle East. Nonsense, no Middle Eastern country has a worldwide military or commercial empire like America. (See these excellent articles by an Evangelical Christian who was working for the beast unknowingly: "In Search of Mystery Babylon" Dene McGriff: http://www.the-tribulationnetwork.com/denemcgriff/in_search_of_babylon_intro.htm) This era further refined by Nostradamus as having 3 antichrists. The first two being Napoleon and Hitler, the third present now and could be ObamaBush. The Middle Eastern leader, like Iran's Ahmadinejad (shamanizes into: Ahmed-did-jihad), is fighting the new Roman empire, the Iranians are the "saints" battling the forces of the antichrist in this cycle. Most Christians think the antichrist is a Middle East or Russian leader. Didn't Putin just stop the Jew (beast) attack on Iran when he crushed Georgia's attack on South Ossetia? (President Mikheil Saakashvili was a Wall Street Jew lawyer arming Georgia with the weapons of the beast). American Christians are the apostate end times people decieved by the antichrist, are they not?

Manifesting Reality from Bible Code
Think of the brain as the hardware and the Bible as the software. The Bible is taught at an early age, it is memorized and installed on the brain hard drive. It becomes the base program, even if a person becomes an atheist or agnostic the brain still has the “installed” software burned into its circuits, literally the indoctrination is burned into the brain circuitry as neural pathways. St. John's end times retribution is a vision he created. He shared that by writing it down and the early Church canonized that text as doctrine. Those ideas in Revelations have become the table setting for our collective experience because billions of minds believe it to be so. So it becomes so because we are creative beings that manifest our experience from our collective thoughts. Revelations is psychotic text manifesting, the deranged vision of a jailed lunatic is our reality because what we believe is made real. So if hundreds of millions, even billions of minds believe in the Bible, then those ideas manifest into the physical realm. That's what is going on, we're doing it, not some imaginary god. Think this is hogwash? I beg you to consider that GW Bush was a manifestation of Evangelical Christian America. Twice this insane man was elected to the highest political office of a first world industrial nation. How was that even possible? Bush even said that “god” told him to attack Iraq. I feel that Mr. Bush started the countdown that will eventually pull the world into WW3.

Each Manifestation Leads One Step Closer to a Final Solution
Just as the Jews receive pogroms time and again as they act out their trauma, Revelations is repeated over and over becoming more accurate with each pass, sort of like an inkjet printer spraying an image so that with each pass the image becomes clearer. We see this phenomenon clearly in the European experience of dealing with the Jews. The seemingly endless pogroms were finally brought to the head

during Hitler's reign. The German Nazi's considered the Jews to be such a problem they initiated a “final solution” against them. The Jews were not only stripped of their money and possessions and humiliated, they were expelled, made slaves, or killed outright. The peoples of Europe are now very anti Semitic because they are becoming more clear about organized Jewry. Most are starting to realize that the official Holocaust is a monumental hoax. Everyone is starting to see clearly that the Zionists are evil and starting to hate Israel and boycott her. As each pass becomes more authentic, Revelations is “unsealed” and “revealed” as humanity approaches the end of the current trauma cycle, so that this cycle will appear more authentic as validation of the metaphors and time table. Get it? We are manifesting Revelations, we are acting out the program, the Bible is like a computer code. As we authenticate Revelations we uncover its' meaning. How can the New Age dawn unless the reigning myths are destroyed? Almost all Evangelical Christians now agree that we are living in the “end times” the time period in which the world organizes against their religion. This makes perfect sense since the Judeo-Christian memeplex is wrecking havoc in this age. The election of GW Bush and the Jewish neoconservatives kicked off the War of Terror on the rest of the world. They staged 9112001 as an engineered pretext to crusade against Islam and American freedom. That will probably lead to bankruptcy and the end of dollar supremacy. So wouldn't it be logical that with the upcoming stock market crash and economic depression that the world might be much less tolerant of those who caused the problem? The mercantile world, G20, is faced with the current economic catastrophe caused by Jewish Zealots running Washington. The world might invent a new global reserve currency taking away America's money supremacy. A catastrophic collapse in trade and USA military empire would ensue. Just as Revelations predicts, Mystery Babylon collapses. (Think about the fact that Christian America allowed and voted for Jews and their goy stooges to rape America financially, can you that those who voted for GW Bush helped destroy America?)

Source of Revelations, Where Did all These Apocalyptic Ideas Come From?
Are you open and fair minded? Then ask yourself this question, where did St. John get his ideas of an apocalyptic end times vision? The proven fact that all of the Judeo-Christian ideas are stolen from others and put down as words of god by Jew liars. So what is the real source of the information? Was St. John the actual author, were there others? Isn't it logical that there are links between Daniel's visions and Revelations because the author borrowed from Old Testament text for the flow of ideas in Revelations? I say they respun the Old Testament story of Daniel's vision to a more modern one matching the Jewish "end times" during Roman occupation. St. John's Revelations is hardly a vision, the text is nearly word for word out of the Old Testament, see the charts in this link: http://www.teachinghearts.org/dre03propcomparenotes.html Fall of Babylon (Ancient and Modern) 1 Belshazzar made his subjects drunk. Daniel 5:1 End time Babylon makes the kings of the earth drunk. Revelation 17:2 2 Belshazzar induced his nobles and subjects to immorality. Daniel 5:2,23 Induces the kings of the earth to commit spiritual fornication. Revelation 17:2 3 Belshazzar and his guests drink from golden goblets. Daniel 5:3 Mystery Babylon in Revelation 17 drinks from the golden cup. Revelation 17:4 4 Judgment was pronounced upon ancient Babylon. Daniel 5:26-28 Judgment will be pronounced upon end time Babylon. Revelation 17:1 5 Belshazzar dishonored God in the worship of false gods. Daniel 5:4,23 Blasphemes God and challenges his authority. Revelation 17:3 6 Ancient Babylon Persecuted God's people. Daniel 1:1-4 End time Babylon will persecute God's people. Revelation 17:5,6

7 Ancient Babylon was built over the river Euphrates. Isaiah 44:27,28 End time Babylon will be built over the symbolic river Euphrates. Revelation 16:12,17:6,15 8 Ancient Babylon's power revolved around a mighty city. Daniel 4:29-30 End time Babylon's power will revolve around a mighty city. Revelation 17:18 9 Ancient Babylon was defeated by the Kings of the East - Darius and Cyrus. Isaiah 45:1-5, Daniel 5:30; 6:28 End time Babylon will be defeated by the heavenly Kings of the East. Revelation 16:12, Matthew 24:27 10 Ancient Babylon attacked God's Sanctuary and people. Daniel 1:2 End time Babylon will attack God's Sanctuary and people. Revelation 13:6, 17:6 11 Ancient Babylon fell in a single night. Daniel 5:30-31 End time Babylon will fall in a single hour. Revelation 18:10,20 12 Ancient Babylon mixed the treasures of God's sanctuary with pagan revelry. Daniel 5:1-4 End time Babylon mixes worship with paganism and spiritualism. Revelation 18:2-3, 9:14,20-21 13 Ancient Babylon ruled the kings of the earth. Daniel 2:37-38; 4:22 End time Babylon will also control the kings of the earth. Revelation 17:5,18 14 Ancient Babylon fell when the river Euphrates was dried up. Isaiah 44:27,28 End time Babylon will fall when the symbolic river Euphrates dries up. Revelation 16:12,19 15 Ancient Babylon fell because of God's prophetic word written by a bloodless hand. Daniel 5:24-30 End time Babylon will fall because of God's Prophetic word as found in the books of Daniel and Revelation. Daniel 12:4,7; Revelation 18:1-2; 14:8

The salutation at the end of REV 22:21 "The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen." is Paul's signatory goodbye. Ain't that interesting? (see Romans 16:23, 2Thessalonians 3:17-18, Colossians 4:18, 1Corinthians 16:21-23 or http://www.topical-bible-studies.org/41-0009.htm). So did Paul write Revelations? I think it's a safe bet that if a Jew wrote Revelations then it's a forgery. Was Paul even real? Were there any actual apostles? What century was the myth written? Is it all total bullshit?

It's all a lie, the Holy Bible is one gigantic hoax of monumental proportions. The evil of the world is being caused by the text, by the believers, by the evil religious memes. Revelations is manifesting right now not because it's true or inevitable but because so many believe the Bible literal. Bible trauma is being acted out, all the world a stage for destruction by religious lunatics. Revelations is being manifested by mass belief. What we believe is made real and we are manifesting the trauma as a way to heal dysfunctional thoughtforms of equating hate to love. Revelations is the time of salvation from bad myth. Revelations is St. John's curse, his apocalyptic ideas made manifest by mass belief. Besides the physical destruction of Nature, humans, and society, the primary thing that gets destroyed is faith in the Jew god. That's what the apocalypse is really about, the purification of the human mind from Biblical memes. Phishna 09 Apr 2009 my other essays found here: http://www.blogger.com/profile/16312560191165755438 quotes from The Matrix Reloaded: The Keymaker: Only the One can open the door. And only during that window can that door be opened.

Niobe: How do *you* know all this? The Keymaker: I know because I *must* know. It is my purpose. It is the reason I am here. The same reason we are *all* here.

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