2 A Unique Solution Oracle Data Integrator employs a powerful declarative design approach to data in tegration, which separates the declarative rules from the implementation details . Oracle Data Integrator is also based on a unique E-LT (Extract - Load Transfor m) architecture which eliminates the need for a standalone ETL server and propri etary engine, and instead leverages the inherent power of your RDBMS engines. Th is combination provides the greatest productivity for both development and maint enance, and the highest performance for the execution of data transformation and validation processes. Here are the key reasons why companies choose Oracle Data Integrator for their d ata integration needs: Faster and simpler development and maintenance: The declarative rules driven app roach to data integration greatly reduces the learning curve of the product and increases developer productivity while facilitating ongoing maintenance. This ap proach separates the definition of the processes from their actual implementatio n, and separates the declarative rules (the "what") from the data flows (the "ho w").

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